3 reasons from 3 cam models for being one of them

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3 reasons from 3 cam models for being one of them

Okay we asked our Friends over at Studio 20 if they could give our readers some advise on the web cam industry. More importantly we wanted to know why someone would want to be a cam model .

Wikipedia reminds us that “cam girl” is an Internet term for women who are featured on webcams. This term is used for women who earn money by broadcasting, entertaining and performing on webcams, either from homes or studios. Oh, well, but why should you work in this industry? It’s worth it or not? We’ll find out the answer, from 3 of the best cam models.

As you probably know, being a cam model is a career that a lot of girls aspire to have! Am I right? To be honest, of course there are hundreds and thousands of reasons for you to want to become a cam model, but I’ve managed to cut it down to just… 3!!! 3 reasons from 3 cam models, as a response to the question “Why should I become a cam model?”. Enjoy it!

1. Eve Thompson, worked before in a huge Casino. Now, she earns up to six times more than before. And she’s truly happy. Why she chose this job? Look what she told us: “The majority of us get into a job because we have bills to pay, right? Ok, by being a cam model, those bills will be a thing from the past. In addition, you get paid just to be yourself!! And what could be better than that? 3 years ago I was working at a huge company, but my freedom was… restricted. Working as a cam model , I found that the secret of happiness is freedom and the secret of freedom is courage…”  You can follow Eve on twitter http://@EveThompsonOff

2. Aubrey Nova. Her height is very small, but her dreams are soooo high. Most of the time, her head is somewhere in the clouds, even if she’s down on Earth, apparently. She loves to be on the spotlights and she has a billion reasons to be there. She’s simply brilliant and she’s the kind of person you would like to met. Why she’s a cam model? As she said, “We are all just dreamers, in an endless Universe, right? I chose not to dream my life, but to live my dreams… So this is why I chose to become a cam model. I can live all my dreams and buy whatever I want, because I’m a fashion lover and most of my money goes on clothes… ” You can follow Aubrey Nova on Twitter http://@AubreyNova

3. Nataly Grey is the type of person that anyone would want to have as a girlfriend. Why? She’s confidant, she knows the best advice, she’s a good listener and the list goes on forever… “The road to success as a cam model is long and maybe slow, but for sure it’s worth every single step. You will interact with all kinds of people from all around the world, which is so beautiful. Of course you can’t change how people treat you, but you can change your lever of perception and you can change how you react to it.”

So, girls, don’t forget that happiness is not being afraid. Stop being afraid of what could go wrong and start being positive about what could go right!

Of course, no one says that it will be easy! It’s not as easy as turning your webcam, wearing sexy lingerie, dirty dancing and taking off your clothes, but for sure that every single second as a cam model is awesome. It’s definitely up to you to decide if it’s a good idea or not .. You can Follow Nataly on twitter  http://@NatalyGreyStar

Are you ready? Lights, Cam, Action! 🙂


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