Explicit Insider Interview Jennifer White


Thank you Jennifer for taking the time out of your busy schedule to sit down with us here at Explicit to answer some questions for our readers

Paul, Now Jennifer You entered the adult entertainment industry in 2009 right what has changed between now and then for you in your career in the industry entertainment industry? – Jennifer  Probably the most obvious, becoming a “veteran” after starting off as a newbie. But there many blessings that come with that. I have gained some of the greatest and most loyal fans on the planet! They are amazing and without them, I truly believe I couldn’t have stayed relevant in this industry for the entirety that I’ve been in it. And I plan on making them proud by continuing to do big things in the future!


Paul,  How does your family and friends feel about your decision to enter the adult entertainment industry?  – Jennifer My family and friends are all extremely supportive in my decision to enter the adult industry.

Paul, Do you have any one special in your life? – Jennifer I do! I’ve been happily married for 7 years now and also have a girlfriend who is relatively new to the industry but is already doing amazingly well! His name is Deacon and her name is Avi Love.

Paul, You are from Southern California right, so what is the so Cal life style like for those that don’t know?  – Jennifer I am from so cal! For those who have never been, it’s amazing weather accompanied by beautiful scenery. I’m blessed to have grown up in such a gorgeous place.


Paul ,Since it’s summer time you have heard the Beach Boys song California girls how well would you say that song describes you?  – Jennifer I would say that I relate to that song purely because I was born and raised in California and love going to the beach and wearing skimpy clothes

Paul , Staying on the topic of summer time what does summer mean to you?   – Jennifer To me, summer means slutty clothes and theme parks

Paul ,You are featured in are featured as our starlet showcase this month in addition to ranking pretty high on our list of top porn-stars from California and our list of best ass’s in the industry so how do you feel now you are being featured not once but four times this month on explicitlistcom  – Jennifer Wow! That’s amazing! I feel so honored to be recognized at all, let alone 4 times! That’s fucking awesome!


Paul,Let’s talk porn for a minute. You have been recognized for your work in the industry with multiple award nominations and wins since getting into the industry what is it like being recognized for your hard work – Jennifer  I feel truly blessed to have made a successful career out of simply being me. An extremely open sexual being. I truly love what I do.


What is a typical day on the set like for you getting ready behind the scenes stuff etc? – Jennifer  A typical day on set for me consists of, getting my hair and makeup done, picking out some sexy wardrobe, then stretching out my ass to prep for a big cock to be shoved in it!

Paul ,How much work goes into creating and managing your brand?  – Jennifer I can honestly say that i put in countless hours every day working toward my brand. From social media, to shooting, making appearances, to filming and editing. It’s all very important if one wants to have longevity in this business.



Paul ,What is your favorite sexual position? – Jennifer I love getting fucked with my legs behind my head

Paul , I know that you have done anal what would you say your most hard core scene has been so far in your career? – Jennifer  I’d say the most hardcore scene I’ve done to date, is the 50 guy cream pie I did for Devil’s Films. (Which was also nominated for ‘most outrageous sex scene’ at AVN)


Paul, What did you like the most about the adult industry? – Jennifer I love the fact that I get to make lots of money doing my favorite activity!

Paul , What did you like the least amount the industry?  – Jennifer  I’d have to say, the thing I like least is the fact that politics in the adult world are inevitable, and unfortunately it can be unfair and even cruel at times.


Paul , Do you have any new projects coming up that you would like to tell our readers here at Explicit about? – Jennifer  I’m pretty excited about the fact that even without any tattoos, I just shot an amazing scene for burning angel recently. I’ve been a huge Joanna Angel fan for years so I was honored I got to be in her movie called Jews love Black Cock




Paul , What is your favorite scene so far?  – Jennifer   I just shot a brand new scene for analized.com directed by James Deen featuring me and Prince Yahshua. It’s fucking amazing!    


Paul , Is there anyone you have not worked yet?   – Jennifer  I have not worked with Romi Rain yet… I feel like she would be a lot of fun and not to mention, she’s gorgeous!



Paul , Do you have any funny or embarrassing stories? – Jennifer  Hmmmm well there was this one time that I was giving a bj and I was shoving my head down so hard I ended up puking….. all over him!! he was such a good sport about it but I was so embarrassed! Looking back, I feel like, if you’re suckin dick so hard you puke, all that means is you’re trying pretty damn hard to get that dude off, and that’s one hell of a compliment lol


Paul , Now you have shot both girl/girl and boy /girl scenes so what do you prefer? – Jennifer  I truly love doing both.



Paul , Now of course you have an amazing body so tell us Jennifer how do you stay in shape?- Jennifer  Ooo thank you! I go to the gym about 2-3 days a week and I pole dance on top of that. Keeps me in great shape!


Paul , When you are not shooting what is your typical day for you?  When I’m not shooting, I’m usually traveling, feature dancing, or editing movies.

Paul , Do have any guilty pleasures? – Jennifer Getting Double Penetrated and French fries



Paul , What is your favorite aphrodisiac? – Jennifer  Definitely chocolate


Paul , What is the kinkiest thing you’ve ever done off set?- Jennifer I’ve gotten gang-banged by 7 guys I had just met at a club a few years back. Was a lot of fun! I loved it!





Paul , Jennifer thank you once again for taking the time to sit down with us here at Explicit we have one more question. How can your fans keep up with you and your career and what social media do you use?- Jennifer It was my pleasure, really! Thank you! I’m definitely on Twitter and Instagram the most but I do use Snapchat on occasion and the handle is the same for all 3 social media outlets: @xjenniferwhitex

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