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We here at Explicit have heard Some say that virtual reality is the greatest thing to ever happen to the adult entertainment industry, that it will save the flagging industry, and that it will soon be the primary method for consuming porn. Others insist it’s a passing fad, a shiny new gimmick, and that it will never become as popular as two-dimensional clips.


To get to the bottom of the issue, we reached out to Daniel Peterson, the force behind the site With over a half million page views a day and climbing, is fast becoming the destination hub for VR porn, with Daniel quickly become the go-to source for all things virtual and kinky.

Daniel explores the possibilities of a virtual future and more in one of our most intriguing interviews to date.


When did you first hear about virtual reality?


I grew up in the 90’s when virtual reality was the hottest thing around. I was sad that it fizzled away into nothing and once again became only a sci fi dream. Then in 2013, I stumbled across a Youtube video of a grandma trying out a vr headset at the kitchen table, and my world changed.


What is it that makes VR so appealing to people?

The possibilities for VR are unlimited. Science fiction writers have done well in exploring the possibilities. We’re still far from truly advanced and mature virtual reality, but we can be sure we will get closer and closer to that every year.

Why did you start and why?

Quite early, I saw the virtual reality was coming. I knew that someday there would be millions of people searching for vr porn, and that domain was a gold mine. Now I get to work with virtual reality every day and run one of the most influential VR sites out there, it’s really a dream.


What makes your site different than other sites out there?

For one thing, all the competitors only have VR videos, while we have all VR porn, including games, apps, images. VR videos are great, and we are second to none in that area, but VR is ultimately about much more than that. We also have a VR blog going back 4 years. We are real VR enthusiasts and you can sense that when visiting our site.


In the last decade, adult entertainment has seen a steady decline in sales due to piracy and other factors. Do you believe that virtual reality porn can save the industry? Why?

There is definitely money in VR porn. Virtual reality is still new enough that the producers are able to largely control the distribution of their content.


And the technology and content is improving all the time. We’re far away from a mature market. This means that if you want good VR porn, you have to pay for it. And this will be true for years.


Contrast this with standard video porn. There is already enough free content out there to last thousands of lifetimes. And the stuff produced this year is pretty similar to the stuff produced a few years ago, so there isn’t as much demand for the new content that producers are trying to sell.


However, VR porn isn’t immune to the market forces that affect standard porn. There is a race to the bottom occurring, with producers allowing more and more of their content to be released for free. Though this will always be their older content, using older virtual reality technology.



A lot of regular people we talked to are interested in learning more about VR porn, but don’t know where to begin. Can you recommend an affordable way to get started for the curious newcomer?


I’d recommend getting a VR headset for your smartphone because it’s the cheapest and easiest way to virtual reality. This means GearVR if you have a Samsung Galaxy, DayDream if you have a Pixel phone, or Cardboard for almost everything else. If you want to get into high-end computer based VR, you should check out the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.


What kind of advancements do you foresee happening in VR in the next five or ten years?

Five or ten years is a long time in VR, it’s a rapidly changing field. Sometimes I have to stop myself from thinking day to day. But I think it’s a sure bet that VR quality, content, and user experience will be approaching amazing levels by that time. This means you would simply put on a cool looking pair of VR sunglasses and you could enjoy your wildest fantasies as easy as you could use a smartphone today.


Do you foresee VR Porn overtaking non-virtual reality clips, in terms of popularity in the next few years? Or do you predict the two will co-exist? Virtual reality porn and traditional 2-D fare?

The two will coexist for some time. People still like to look at pictures even though they can stream videos. But I think that vr porn will continue to take an increasingly large share of the market. It’s not a new niche, it’s a new medium. And it’s a medium that is clearly superior to all previous mediums in some fundamental ways. For one thing, you can simply simulate any other medium in VR.


How has VR changed over just the last few years?

There have been huge changes over the past few years. VR was still science fiction in 2012, it basically didn’t exist outside expensive, niche use-cases. Now, in 2017, all the tech giants have major VR pushes, including Facebook, Google, Sony, etc. And there are literally millions of VR headsets out there in the hands of consumers now. The market is still very young, and there will be huge progress made in the coming years.


What’s next for VR porn?

It’s getting better and easier to use all the time. I’m so excited about all the new high quality fully standalone virtual reality headsets coming out soon. These will have no wires, no removable phone screens, nothing to set up. The technology is progressing as predicted.


What is the most popular post on your site?

We put up a free full video on the front page and kept it there for weeks. That holds the traffic record.


What’s next for you and

Things are starting to get pretty crazy. We’re already at a half million page views a day, and always growing. We have some exciting things in the works. version 1.0 was my virtual reality fan blog. Version 2.0 is the porno tube you see today. We are currently working hard on version 3.0, which will take things to the next level.

Interview By Dan Daily

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