Interview with live Jasmine and Studio 20 Cam model Eva Devine

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This month here at Explicit  we have another great interview from live Jasmine and Studio 20 Cam model Eva Devine so please enjoy.

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Dan ,Eva how long have you been working as a webcam model? ( Eva – Long ago, in a galaxy far, far away… Kidding. I’ve been a cam model for almost 2 years. It’s a wonderful job.)

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Dan,So tell us Eva what did you do for work before becoming a webcam model? ( Eva – I was a kindergarten teacher.)


Dan , How did your family and friends feel about your decision to become a webcam model? ( Eva – I’m blessed with a wonderful and very supportive family. I have a few close friends that are very open minded and I can talk with them about my job. )

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Dan ,So Why did you pick Live Jasmin? ( Eva – Since from the very start. The guys from Studio 20 saw my potential, and advised me to pick Live Jasmin. Advice well received.)

Dan,What made you choose studio 20? ( Eva – Lady Fortune was on my side. This is a funny story. I was at a job interview for another studio near by, but I mixed up the address. It was a little awkward when the lady from reception saw me all lost in space, but after a little talk we sort thing out and become one of the #girlsfromstudio20.)



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Dan , What is it like being part of the Studio 20 family?( Eva – It feels like a family, indeed. They know how to talk to you, how to offer their help and how to raise your moral on a bad day. I feel blessed to work with such wonderful people.)

Dan,Tell us about your website? ( Eva – Yes! I am really happy about my website. I even got nominated this year at AW-Awards for Best Solo Website category. I’m always trying to add more content every week. I also like to write blogs and I was really glad to see that I can do that on my site. Basically, I try to give my members wonderful experience. )

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Dan,Eva your Twitter account says you are a Ballet addict can you explain please? ( Eva – I practiced ballet when I was a little girl. My parents were very determined to give me a good cultural education. Needless to say, I was a very passionate ballerina until the age of 17. After that, I quit ballet and focused more on my studies. The flame never really ran out though. From time to time, I take private ballet practice. )

Dan,So Eva I understand that you are fitness enthusiast, so tell us how you keep your amazing body in such great shape? (Eva – I try to live a healthy life. I go to gym 3-4 times a week, I eat healthy food, I do yoga (it helps me to find my inner peace). From time to time I like to swim.)

Dan ,Eva what makes your webcam show different from others? ( Eva -I think my attitude. I treat my members with respect because I want to be treated with respect. I dance with them, play games, talk about a lot of interesting things.)

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Dan , What do you like the most about being a cam model? ( Eva – I like the fact that I get to earn money and to have fun at the same time.)

Dan , What do you like the least about caming? ( Eva – Trolls. )

Dan , What do you do for fun when you are not working? ( Eva – I try to learn new things like snowboarding or riding a bike. )


Dan, What is a typical day like for you on cam? ( Eva – I get to work early in the morning, I log in after one coffee /tea, I dance, I eat, I get to have fun with my members, I post on twitter, talk with other models and have fun. )


Dan, Do you have any guilty pleasures?  ( Eva – Yes! A glass of wine from time to time! )

Dan , What is the worst pick up lines you have ever heard? ( Eva  I’ve done a clip about this with Rebecca000 and Devious Angel, you can find in on my website under “Worst Pick up lines” – Let me give you my top 3, please: 1.Is your dad a terrorist? ’cause you sure are a bomb” 2. “Is your dad in jail? Because if I was your dad, I’d be in jail” (wrong on so many levels). 3. And my personal favorite (not): “Do you like fitness? How about fitness dick in your mouth?”.

Dan,What is your favorite sexual position? ( Eva – All of them! I love sex, I love having sex and every position has its charm.)

Dan, How can your fans keep up with you and your career what social media do you use? ( Eva – Darlings, you can find me on Facebook and Twitter @EvaDevineOff and, of course, on my personal website – )

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