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Thanks to our friends at Studio 20 this month we bring you a great interview with one of the hottest new webcam models today on Live Jasmine . She is crazy,sexy cool ,she has been nominated for AW summits  best new cam model , she is Aubrey Nova

Paul ,Hello, Aubrey! How are you, well I hope? Thank you so much taking the time to answer some questions for us here at Explicit.
(- Aubrey ,Hello, Explicit list and thank you so much for this interview. I feel honored!)

Paul, you are pretty new to cam modeling, tell me when did you start camming?
(Aubrey-Yes, indeed, I’m a newbie. I’ve been camming for a half a year now.)

Paul, I understand that you are a bit of a Fashionista? (Aubrey,
-Umm..who told you that? haha ….Don’t tell anyone. It’s a secret. I’m joking.
Yes, I absolutely love fashion and as you can see I have my own style.)

Paul, What did you do before you became a cam model?
(Aubrey Nova-I used to work in a corporation, also I’ve been doing some Marketing jobs but things changed and here I am.)

Paul, So, Aubrey how did your family and friends feel about your decision to become a cam model?
(Aubrey Nova-My family and friends know about it and they’ve been supporting me ever since. I’m a really lucky girl.)

Paul, Do you have anyone special in your life?
(Aubrey Nova-Yes, I do have. My crew, my homies as I call them. Kiss you all!

Paul, You are from Europe. Where did you grow up?
(Aubrey -Yes, I’m from Romania. I used to grow up in a small, peaceful city but that wasn’t enough for me and my hyper energy.)

Paul, What is it like to be a part of the studio 20 family?
(Aubrey -The girls from Studio 20 are truly like my family, you know. We’re all like a big loving family here. The support and tech teams are great and the Marketing department helps me with all these social media stuff: how to write a blog post, how to update my personal website and so on.)

Paul,  What made you choose studio 20
(Aubrey-Studio 20 is the biggest and most professional camming studio in Europe and why not go with the best team out there?)

Paul, What is a typical day on cam like for you?
(Aubrey -If I had to choose just one word to describe it, that word would be ”fun”. That tells everything about my usual day online.)

Paul, What is your day like when you are not camming?
(Aubrey-Besides clubbing, buying clothes and the usual beauty routine, I like to sleep.)



Paul, now I understand you were recently nominated for best new cam model, so what was it like to when you heard the news?
(Aubrey  -It was a huge surprise, I wasn’t expecting this. My members and my fans nominated me and this makes me really happy because it shows how much I’ve grown in a few months. It also shows how much my homies love me!)

Paul Where can our readers find your webcam show?
(Aubrey-They can find me on LiveJasmin and my personal website

Paul ,Do you have any guilty pleasures?
(Aubrey -Sure I do. Candies.)
Paul,What turns on?(Aubrey- A man’s sexy attitude!)

Paul ,What is the kinkiest thing you have ever done?
(Aubrey-The kinkiest thing that I’ve done hmm … I think it happened last summer. Imagine me, naked, tied up, blindfolded, on the rooftop, with a beautiful view of the city and the rain kissing my skin. Why the kinkiest? Because of the mix of feelings! I was a bit scared of the height, I couldn’t see anything but I just felt that intense pleasure.)

Paul,What makes your webcam show different than others?
(Aubrey-From my point of view, every person is different in a way or another. Every person has something special, something beautiful that defines them. I think I have that sex appeal and sensuality.I like to be different every day and I don’t have just one style because I think that would be boring. Today you’ll find me like the girl next door, but probably tomorrow I will be a lady who knows exactly what she wants and just gets it. The way I act in front of the camera depends on my mood. So, watch out when I’m on the prowl )

Paul,Will you be attending the AW summit in June?
(Aubrey-Yes, I will. Can’t wait for it. I’m so excited to meet everyone. It’s a great opportunity for me.) Paul ,See you there !

Paul,How can your fans keep up with you and what social media do you use?
(Aubrey-I love Twitter. All my members are there and I can talk to them even if I’m at my home, I’m outside with my friends or I don’t know, I’m doing a bath… It’s awesome to know that you are appreciated and my followers on Twitter shows that to me every day. Thank you all, guys! You are awesome!! But I also have a facebook page and a personal website.)

Once again thank you so much for taking the time to answer our questions for our readers here at
(Aubrey-Thank you as well!

This interview is sponsored by Studio 20  


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