Interview with studio 20 cam-model Devious Angel

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This month we here at Explicit sit down with biggest star in the web-cam industry the beautifully Devious Angel of studio 20 and Streamate

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Dan So do I call you Devious or just Angel?
-well call me D.A. :)) This way you will have them both. People ask me a lot if I’m more devious or angel …then I notice that they confuse devious with naughty …I think I’m devious if you are rude with me , unpolite. But if you are a true gentleman I’ll be an angel.
Dan Now so tell us just how did you come up with your stage name?
– You can all see my size. And everyone used to cuddle me and call me “Angel”. After I grew up, my mind was more creative and so I became the angel and the devil all in one.
Dan What did you do before you became one of the world’s biggest cam models?
– Well I studied. My plan was to finish college and already have the money to open a business before I finish college. Student loans are not sexy. Doing it by myself and being financially independent is sexy for me.

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Dan How did your family and friends feel about your decision to become a cam model?
– Well once I explained to them how this works, once they also see what it’s about, they start understanding. I really think that after someone actually sees what a camgirl does and how much work this is, their perspective over the job changes.
Dan Is there anyone special in your life?
– Everyone that’s in my life is special for me. I like to keep special people nearby
Dan You are from Romania what is that makes Romanian girls so different from other girls.
– Hard question here. In general East European girls have a special beauty 🙂 and I’m not saying that because I’m Romanian. I think this question would be more appropriate for someone form a different region.
Dan What is a typical day in the life of a cam model like?
– I wake up at 4:30 – 5 AM. I start my shift at 6 am . I work 10-12 h /day .Then I run to gym and then home tired tired tired :)) ….

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Dan What do you do when you are not caming?
– When I’m not caming I’m trying to do activities that relax me like traveling, reading, going to the movies, shopping..But my favorite activity of them all is to spend time in bed sleeeeeeepingggggggggggggggggggg LOL
Dan Why did you pick live Jasmin to feature your show on?
– Because I knew it promotes my type of model. And also because it’s one of the best websites to work with. Right now I’m working on Streamate. I am trying other websites as well.

Dan How do you get along with the other cam models ?
-I get along very well actually. Mutual respect is very important in this business as it is in any other business. There is room for everyone and as long as you mind your own thing and are being nice I see no reason why cam models wouldn’t be friends.
Dan Now you are also a part of the Studio 20 family. What made you choose Studio 20?
– As I told you, I like working with the best. When I began with Studio 20 I was a kid, I had no idea I would ever get this far and this famous in the industry. Having people that support you and believe in you is really important. And I got this from Studio 20.

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Dan Studio 20 has chosen you to represent them at cam shows and in other media. What is it like to represent such a great company?
– I must say it’s a great experience for me to represent such a big company with a big history behind it. I’m glad and honored to be part of this. For me it’s not like my job or the place I work.. here are my friends and they are the only family you can pick 🙂 I’m a part of #girlsfromstudio20 squad and it’s the best squad anyone can be in.
Dan You have won several awards for your work as one of the leading webcam models, what is like to be recognized for your work?
– I’m really happy for winning the awards because that means I am the best at something , because that means people love appreciate and respect what I do. But I have to say that’s not all on me. I don’t think I could have done it alone. I have a big big team behind me : the support team, marketing team and the PR.

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Dan What is your favorite sexual position?
– LOL. My favorite sexual position.. can sleeping on your face be counted as a sexual position? LOL. I’m not going to divulge that information.
Dan What would you say your best feature is?
– I’d like to think that eyes are my best feature but people keep staring lower.. LOL
Dan What is your favorite aphrodisiac?
– Hmmm.. I find myself being attracted by a manly scented perfume.
Dan What is kindest thing you have ever done?
– Oh, I can’t tell you that. I’m always getting myself involved in different charity events.
Dan Do you have any guilty pleasures?
-I have no guilty pleasures ..I think people shouldn’t feel guilty for things that please them 🙂

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Dan If you were stranded on a desert island what is the one thing you would take with you.?
– The only thing I would take with me on a deserted island would be a knife.
Dan What is the worst pick line you have ever heard?
-I heared so many pick up lines that I don’t know which one is the worst. I actually had a video about this with LA Girls. You can watch it on my website.

Dan What do you think it takes to be a successful cam model?
– Being real, being honest, Not faking your mood or attitude. Not being a puppet. People love girls with personality nowadays …

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Dan Okay one last question how can your fans keep up with you and your career what social media do you use?
– I’m more active on Twitter 🙂 I just love that place 😉 first thing I do is posting on my Twitter @DevioousAngell when something happens ..and also my personal website which won Best Live Cam Model Personal Site 2015 at Live Cam Awards in Barcelona.

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