Fashion brand Eckhaus Latta sales Sex

Well we have all herd the old saying  sex sells, then fashion brand Eckhaus Latta’s sales are about to go through the ROOF. (Beware: That link is Not Safe For Work , but so is this one, so you obviously don’t seem to care about that.)

Why so, you ask?

Well,  the fashion provocateurs Eckhaus Latta, known for their gender-fluid runway shows and clothes, debuted a spring 2017 features nothing but a bunch of pictures of models of all sorts of genders and races shagging  in the expensive designer clothes.

The risque campaign depicting couples having sex. Though the especially naughty parts are pixelated, couples are explicitly seen participating in a range of sexual acts while wearing pieces from the line. the clothing company announced the launch of the raunchy new campaign with the Instagram post below of a girl lying spread eagle in bed as her partner simultaneously finger-blasts her and kisses her neck.

Screenshot of real couple hooking up as guy fingers girl with her legs spread wide open.

And it only gets racier   from there The full spread can be viewed on Eckhaus Latta’s website. Paper reported the partners of all different ethnicities and sexual orientations are real-life couples. There’s this one of a chap getting a handy from his partner

White guy and black girl hooking up with his penis blurred out.

Every photo from the shoot (which was shot by Korean photographer Heji Shin, who photographed a sex-education book for teenagers back in 2011 , directed by Eric Wrenn Office, styled by Avena Gallagher, Sam Muglia is responsible for the diverse casting.and produced by Frank Seidlitz) features a different couple in a different sexual position. There’s this one of yet another lucky bloke getting a handy from a hot girl.

Couple hooking up with man's penis out but blurred.



There’s this one of a girl giving a guy a nosh


Woman giving blow job with her dressed pulled down.

There’s this one of a couple banging as the guy grabs his girlfriend’s bare arse.

White couple hooking up with girl on top as guy grabs her bare bottom.

There’s this one

Asian couple hooking up
There’s this one of a couple mid-anal.

Gay couple hooking up in bed

And finally, there’s this one of a couple having spoon sex.

Couple having spoon style sex.


After Hood by Air collaborated with Pornhub last fall, using X-rated photos to promote a collection isn’t that shocking a move. But are those crop-top sweaters really airy enough to leave on during sex in the middle of May?


Article written by Dan Daily





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