Explicit Rising Star Showcase Harriet Sugarcookie


Explicit Rising Star Showcase Harriet Sugarcookie

December 19, 1995                           sign Sagittarius

Height 5 feet and 1 inch                  Hair Black

Weight 114 lbs                                   Ethnicity Asian

Measurements 32D

website  http://harrietsugarcookie.com/?CA=946646-0000&PA=2499981

Twitter https://twitter.com/HSugarCookie

Instagram https://www.instagram.com/harrietsugarcookie/

Google + https://plus.google.com/+HarrietSugarcookie

YouTube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFrIFGxXscbUOl8OxrAatgQ/videos


Harriet Sugarcookie (born December 19, 1995 in Hanoi, Vietnam ) is the stage name of British an independent pornographic actress /producer , cam-performer  , adult-model and lifestyle blogger. Years active 2013

This months Rising-star showcase is one of my ultimate girl crushes Harriet Sugarcookie ,  O my god I just screamed with excitement when my boss Dan told me I was to write a showcase article featuring Harriet Sugarcookie .Harriet Sugarcookie is the blueprint of a 21st century porn star. The petite teen Asian beauty with the cutest British accent from London, England. Harriet has a very strong social media following with a 83.7k in twitter followers , she has been featured in AskMen, FHM,GQ Unilad and the Dailystar as well .

Harriet Sugarcookie is a self-described nerd who has parlayed her fresh-faced girl-next door charm into an indie prestige lifestyle brand. Her website, like her life, is chock-full of tech, film, fantasy football, pop culture, personal musings, advice columns and amateur hardcore reality porn with her closest friends, girl crushes and fellow porn-stars from around the world. The bespectacled ingenue – and former awkward ‘ugly duckling’ has blossomed into an industry award nominated & winning independent company boss who calls the shots on the production and distribution of every aspect of her site’s personally-managed content. As much as she loves sex, you can find her playing the latest video games, cooking up a storm in the kitchen making some of her favorite Vietnamese food from her childhood, or stuffing herself on burgers and sushi while out and about in central London.


Harriet Sugarcookie is definitely the girl next door who you’d want to fuck all night, letting your dirty mind guide you through the most erotic and passionate evening and then, next day, introduce her to your parents while she’s in good girl mode because her smile alone could win them over.

Harriet Sugarcookie was born in Hanoi, Vietnam and moved to England when she was 5-years-old. Her mother married an Englishman and has lived in the UK ever since. Sugarcookie began webcamming at the age of 18 after a roommate posted a few images of her on Reddit.

The now 21-year-old has built up her own website and works as an independent porn star. Her rise to fame all started when a housemate posted pictures of her on Reddit when she was 18. The pictures got some pretty good responses. not one to let opportunity slip by Harriet soon started posting more pictures that were getting more and more revealing. Someone suggested that Harriet should look-into webcamming and she thought why not? So she did that and it went really well. People started began asking for videos. She thought that if she was going to make videos, she might as well create a website to host them on. she figured if I had a website she could put other stuff on it too like a blog.Harriet has worksed as a camgirl for three years now (as of 2016). She can be found on the websites MyFreeCams and Chaturbate. Harriet can be seen at most adult industry conventions and expos around the world , meeting her fans and hangout with other stars in the industry.


Sugarcookie hosts two YouTube channels; on one channel she interviews people from the porn industry, on the other channel, Porn-stars Play Games, she plays games like Hungry Hungry Hippos with porn actors; she explains the rules, plays with the actors and then the game is rated based on its fun factor. Harriet likes comic books and video games and she goes to comic conventions.





Our thoughts here at Explicit on Harriet Sugarcookie is an amazing porn-star, producer webcam performer  and you-tuber The petite porn princess has taken the adult industry by storm . She has a very loyal fan base . Harriet Sugarcookie is a geek goddess   in our book she is out spoken intelligent and sexy as hell  Harriet Sugarcookie  gets Gets the Explicit List Stamp of approval!








Showcase written by Teal





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