California School District Fails To Pass New Sex Ed

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California School District Fails To Pass New Sex Ed Program After Parents Protest


The program would have abided by new California state laws and addressed LGBTQ identities.


Sexual education in America is in a sorry state. In fact, teens are getting less sex ed than they were 10 years ago. Currently, only 24 states and the District of Columbia require schools to teach sex ed, only 13 states require sex and HIV education to be medically accurate, and many sex ed programs fail to address the LGBTQ population. And while some parents are making an effort to improve the sex ed offerings at their children’s’ schools, others are resisting progress.

lets take a look at how poor Sex ed in public schools effects our children when they head off to collage .

  1.  Despite the numerous assemblies and classes young people attend regarding safe sex, sexually transmitted diseases remain a growing problem in the Show-Me State. Missouri’s STD rate ranked as one of the highest states across the nation. According to the Center for Disease Control, the state came in 11th for reported gonorrhea cases and 17th for chlamydia cases in 2011. According to the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services, over 7,800 cases of gonorrhea were reported in 2011, a number that has steadily increased since 2009. Of the reported cases of gonorrhea in 2011, over 4,000 came from people between 15 and 24 years old.
  2. 5 Colleges with the Highest STD Rates

1. “Attorneys Stop University”

This school of “Barbies and Kens” tops the list with the most cases of STDs, but filed a “Cease and Desist” letter, so just watch the video below to see these sneaky little devils! Known for having some of the most aesthetically-gifted students and an infamous reputation for being a downright party school, these students know how to have a good time, but clearly are not too concerned about

2. University of Iowa

Deemed the “number one party school” by the Princeton Review, there’s no surprise that the University of Iowa makes the list of colleges with the highest number of STDs. According to this source, the state of Iowa had an outbreak of chlamydia, syphilis and gonorrhea with the highest per capita in 2007 and the numbers translate into the university. UI may be one of the best schools in the Mid West for higher education, but certainly lack in the low STD category.

3. Florida State University

According to a student attending the university, Florida State collegiates are no strangers to STDs. FSU’s county, Leon County, has the most STD cases of any other in the state and has the third highest STD percentage rate in America!

4. University of Alabama

The University of Alabama may have an impressive football record, but their sexual health scores aren’t exactly first-rate. Sexually transmitted disease cases for chlamydia, gonorrhea and syphilis in Alabama are nearly double the national average.

5. Auburn University


Broadly reports that so many parents in California’s Cupertino Union School District protested a new seventh grade sex ed curriculum that the school board failed to pass it. More than 150 parents attended a school board meeting on Tuesday, the San Jose Mercury News reports, and nearly 4,500 people signed a petition to reject the new curriculum, which contains definitions of anal, vaginal, and oral sex. The petition referred to the curriculum as “age inappropriate” and that “the scenarios described in the curriculum are designed to increase curiosity on different sexual behaviors in immature minds.”

The new program was designed by Health Connected in response to the California Healthy Youth Act which was passed last year, requiring school districts to provide “integrated, comprehensive, accurate, and unbiased comprehensive sexual health and HIV prevention education at least once in middle school and once in high school.” The law states that the education must “recognize different sexual orientations, and be inclusive of same-sex relationships,” which the current curriculum, that dates back to 2003, doesn’t do.

“All of our old curriculum our videos were very heterosexual oriented,” teacher Kristina Everhardt told a local CBS affiliate. “Not just heterosexual-oriented but very male-female. One of our movies literally that I showed in 7th grade last year implied that boys were only looking for sex and girls needed to protect their virginity.”

Experts stress that sex education is crucial in preventing unwanted pregnancies, avoiding STDs, and maintaining overall health, and supporters of the new curriculum believe it does just that. “You cannot teach somebody how to not contract HIV or any other STI (sexually transmitted infection) without telling them how one contracts an STI,” Barbara Wooley, a 20-year educator in the Cupertino Union school district and member of the Human Growth and Development Task Force created last year, told the Mercury News. As for the complaints that the new curriculum is not age-appropriate, Wooley said, “You don’t get your vaccination after you’ve been exposed to a disease. We hope with every fiber of our being that our seventh-graders are not sexually active but we also know in reality, it’s going to come to a point where they need to know this information.”
This is not a realistic view today in fact it is completely out of touch with reality .Today People are becoming sexually active at a younger  younger age then ever before .you can blame it on media you can blame it on anything you wont but without progressive programs like the blame can only be placed on the parents .

I had a friend of mine who is not in the adult industry in fact my friend is restaurant owner tell be about his 12 year old son who discovered Pornhub a pornography tube site that lets the viewer view free hard core porn these tube sites have no child protection such as paywalls . So of coarse my friend had to have a talk with his son , now nothing against my friend but he should have  had the talk sooner . I then I told my friend how I work to keep adult content away from my own kids , yes because I review porn for a living I have to work extra hard to make sure my kids are not viewing adult content .

with kids becoming more and more curious the more important these programs become . These  programs are also important to teach tolerance and acceptance to other life styles such as the LGBTQ community.


If the new curriculum had been approved, Mercury News reports that teacher training would have begun in early April. But, because it didn’t pass (the board voted 2-2, and a majority was required to pass), the sex ed program will likely remain as is for some time, until the board can assemble another task force and go through the process of creating and vetting another new curriculum that meets the state law standards.


Written By Dan Daily

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