Italian actress makes good on promise to blow everyone who voted

Italian actress makes good on promise to blow everyone who voted ‘no’ in referendum












On December 5, 2016 of last year we here at brought you the international news story of  Paola Saulino Bell is 27 year old Italian actress and performer , who was born in Naples Italy on July 16th 1989 , who promised oral sex for Italian referendum votes.

The Italian Born actress and model who promised to give oral sex to anyone who voted “no” on a crucial referendum in December is apparently keeping her word. The country voted not to change its constitution in November, and since then, Paola Saulino has completed the first leg of a national #pompatour—”pompa” being Italian slang for “blowjob”—and declared it a success .













The actress Paola Saulino Bell People know Paola as Paolina also, the nickname she uses for her Instagram. who vowed to perform sex act on everyone who voted no in her country’s referendum completes first date of tour saying ‘I’m a woman of my word’ Paola Saulino, 27, announced tour dates in 10 Italian cities in December She posted snap on Instagram, writing: ‘First step of #pompatour is gone! Ms Saulino added: ‘This year is started in a best way as possible’




Saulino, a Naples-born actress and nude selfie aficionado who lives in L.A., made her promise very explicit on Facebook, writing, ” I will practice oral sex with due and careful craftsmanship, thus fulfilling my duty, without losing even a drop of your essence, strictly looking at you in the eye. All this to those who will vote no in the referendum.”






So far, it looks like she’s keeping her word by making at least one tour stop. Saulino wrote on Instagram Sunday, “First step of #pompatour is gone! … A little bit tired by everything is ok. … This year is started in a best way as possible.”






The first of her 10 January stops was in Rome. She’s since announced that the Pompa Tour will continue through February, with 10 more cities on the calendar.














In an Instagram comment, she claimed there were 51 people at the Rome event, although many of the replies are from people calling “bullshit” and asked for photographic proof. One commenter, who claimed to have been there, said it was very “discreet” and that he had to “hand over the phone prior to entering,” so no photos or videos are online.









Saulino has also launched official #Pompatour merchandise, including T-shirts, in case you were wondering whether this was all a big publicity stunt.












Paola asked that any Italian who voted “NO” in the referendum vote complete a “booking form” in order to receive her promised services. So, she’s even got a booking system, y’all. Now, some people are accusing her of creating this whole thing as a publicity stunt (Um – YA THINK?!?), and they want “evidence” of her making good on her promise. I don’t know what sort of evidence they’d find acceptable. I mean, it seems to me if they want proof, there’s a pretty simple booking form they could just fill out to get proof first-hand.

I have to ask myself is this kind of behavior empowering to women or objectifying and anti-feminist? I can never keep up. But in any case, Madonna made a similar promise for folks who voted for Hillary, and I’m just curious about when she’ll be announcing her Pompa Tour.












1 down, 9 to go: Italian model ‘a little bit tired’ after first leg of referendum oral sex tour Paola Saulino took to Instagram to tell her followers after the first stop in “The Pompa Tour” took place in Rome. Despite people questioning the validity of her claims, one seemingly happy recipient took to social media to defend her saying “it’s all true!”












“Of course no one is keen to put photos on Facebook or the internet also because it was not allowed,” he said. Details of how the alleged event was managed at its venue have not been revealed.














Saulino responded personally to criticism on Facebook, telling one critic the ability to give a good “bl*w job” is important as the world will always need them.














The consequences of the referendum are serious, though. Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi promised to resign in December if voters didn’t support his package of constitutional reforms. The referendum did not pass and he followed through on his promise.

The big winner in the referendum was Italy’s populist Five-Star Movement, which is led by a comedian and is currently enjoying the global right-wing wave after Donald Trump’s election in the U.S. Their political opponents disparagingly call them “Trumpisti.”












Saulino told Italian site Social Football that she sees herself as nonpartisan, but “if I had to express a preference, I identify with the values of the Five-Star Movement.”














Italy’s Prime Minister Matteo Renzi resigned after the country voted ‘no’ in a referendum on con  stitutional reforms











The Neapolitan actress began Jan. 7 in Rome and had to stop 21 in Palermo , but the ten dates have not been sufficient. For this 27 year old he has announced a second part of the tour, another 11 appointments, which will start from Foggia 1 February.














When she was asked what was the most embarrassing meeting the Saulino, which welcomes every fan in a private room, she said: ” Once a guy came in and pulled down her pants. But he was not ready for anything. Then he began to cry and said ‘I’m too shy’ “. ” I tried to do my best, but after a few minutes decided to leave because he did not feel at ease .” There are about ten thousand people who sent an email to Paola claiming the reward for voting, and she does not want to disappoint anyone.














As a woman a have to wounder if  Paola Saulino Bell’s aka Paolina offer of  oral sex for Italian referendum votes , is men only or if women are included ? because if  Paola Saulino Bell’s promise  includes both sexes then I am All in!!!


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