Top 10 Tips To Spice Up Valentines Day!

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Top 10 Tips To Spice Up Valentines Day!

10. Try dinning on an exotic menu of aphrodisiacs Asparagus, honey, bananas and other foods can get you in the mood and help get your blood flowing down to your sexy parts.



9. After dinner you and your other half can enjoy his and her lap dances in the V.I.P room of your local genteel men’s club or you can just watch your partner enjoy their very own hand on lap dance from a sexy stripper





8. you can also take a trip together to your local adult boutique and pick up the latest in sex toys & erotic aids . in Tempe Az we recommend Fascinations and for a National chain we recommend Adam&Eve .









7.Ever played make believe when you where a kid sure you did so why not try it in your sex life with your partner by doing a lil sexy roll playing in the bed room , make interesting with sexy costumes





6. If you are filling a little more adventurous try getting in touch with your kinky side with a lil S&M whips chains let your girl get in touch with her dominant side by letting her take charge





5. If you our your partner want and a whole new level of excitement try and get in touch wiled side with a lil public sex have the excitement is that you just might get caught this is a grate Aphrodisiac


4. How about you and you other half staring in your own porno


3. These suggestions not exciting enough for you try a good old fashion 3 some that’s right introduce your partner to a whole new experience of 3 bodies moving together in complete passion there is also the voyeuristic aspect to consider to this







2. And if you really want to push the envelope you and your partner can always check out the swinger scene or hook up with another couple.





1. Now if my other suggestions are too extreme for you why not try a visit to New York city —This Valentine’s weekend, visit the Museum of Sex, the perfect place for you and your loved one(s). Enjoy the galleries, peruse the store and experience the wonders of PLAY, the Museum’s new cocktail bar and den, for a taste of paradise.

The museum will extend its hours on February 14, open from 10 a.m. until midnight.

The Museum of Sex features a diversity of programming which explores both the breadth and nuances of human sexuality. The museum engages the world’s premiere scholars, artists and visionaries to bring the public the best in current scholarship on social, cultural, scientific, and artistic aspects of human sexuality. In its ten years in NYC, MoSex has built over 15 exhibitions which address a wide range of topics, highlighting material and artifacts from different continents, cultures, and time periods. For Valentine’s weekend, the entire museum will be transformed into a garden by artist Joel Yapching, who will be creating preserved and fresh floral arrangements for your love(s).


Admission to the galleries allows visitors to see four exhibitions on the subject of human sexuality, including the recently opened exhibition “The Eve of Porn: Linda Lovelace.” Visit the MoSex store for great Valentine’s Day gifts, and take a snapshot in the MoSex photo booth. In PLAY, the new den and bar at the museum, enjoy champagne toasts, specialty cocktails, chocolates, oysters, hors d’oeuvres, and 6-course dining packages.


Ticket packages are limited, so book your tickets now at the MoSex website. Choose from one of the museum’s Valentine’s weekend admission packages : ENTRY: General admission to the galleries—$19.50. GET BUZZED: Admission plus Champagne Toast—$26.50. GET SOME PLAY: Admission plus reservation in the PLAY Den with hors d’oeuvres and specialty cocktail—$55. FOR COUPLES: GET BUSY: Admission for 2 plus Champagne Toast for 2 plus MoSex Kit for 2—$77. FOR COUPLES: PLAY ALL THE WAY: Admission for 2 plus Champagne Toast for 2 plus 6 course tasting menu plus MoSex Kit for 2—$236 for 6 p.m. seating or $295 for 8 p.m. seating (price includes gratuity). (Add a preserved rose specimen to any of the above packages for only $15.) Reserve your ticket now at the museum or online


Written By By Teal chandler

Mature Women are waiting for You!

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