Revenge Of A Daughter (Marc Dorcel)

Revenge Of A Daughter (Marc Dorcel)


Genres: Feature, Fetish, Foreign, Euro

Directors: Herve Bodilis & Pascal Lucas

Cast: Nikita Bellucci, Anissa Kate, Cara Saint-Germain, Ines Lenvin, Lucy Heart, Mina Sauvage, Sensual Jane, Pascal White, Juan Lucho, Ian Scott, MAx Casanova, Ricky Mancini, Rico Simmons, Jakub Forman, Luke Hardy

Length: 2 hours 6 minutes

Date of Release: November 2, 2016

Extras: 41 minute BTS

Condoms: Yes

Audio/Video Quality: very high .  cinematic throughout. Impeccably shot footage .



Overview: A film of extremely high production value a that just everything that great erotic cinema is made of , and we would expect nothing less from Marc Dorcel They did a great job with the casting and putting the crew together . The story of a  father’s mysterious death and the dark journey of passion his  daughter must follow to prove the innocence of a innocent and imprisoned girl and bring her fathers real killer to justice.

This is a film of  high-end erotic cinema and a  great piece of erotic film making on a whole new level of cinema that can only come from Directors: Herve Bodilis & Pascal Lucas . The film uses huge luxury mansions spread all across Europe and the directors do an amazing job at showing at  just how large and luxurious and secluded  the massive  estates truly  are with some  incredibly  impressive aerial footage, including a helicopter trip to the Alps. Part fetish film, part pretty girls living in luxury, all captured unbelievably well.


Scene 1. Nikita Bellucci, Pascal White

Pascal is being punished by his  Dom Nikita Bellucci  and she is giving him the discipline he deserves she makes  him lick her slit clean  as she holds him tightly  on a leash like the dog he is . After a little foot licking  she finely rewards him by sitting on his face and giving his manhood a good tongue lashing   . The lighting is very well done with a warm  soft  glow . Once he is good and lubed up she guides his length into her anal passage . He lays there still and motionless, ; as she works herself deftly on his manhood. She reverses position and again take him in her backdoor .  She kneels on a chair so he can pump into her even deeper and harder into her beautiful ass.

Scene 2. Cara Saint-Germain, Lucy Heart, Juan Lucho

Russian sex pot  Lucy and Juan are sleeping as Cara enters  to wake the couple with soft passionate  kisses and caressing on Lucy as the  The ladies are wearing sexy stockings and garters, the room lit with only the natural light of the sun rise. The scene  is erotic soft passionate and tender  Lucy is realy starting to heated up , pleasuring herself with fingers.  Juan wakes and starts licking her  sensitive nipples. Cara then gives  him a  passionate  blowjob with Lucy joining in . Lucy decides ride him in a reverse cowgirl while Cara rubs herself plants wet soft kisses on her. Lucy has an amazing  body that made for sex.  Juan slides right into her . Cara’s not to be forgotten . As her beautiful ass  goes straight up into the air so Juan can  and slide into her pink entrance. She goes into the missionary as Lucy sits behind her holding  her tight as Juan works himself yo finish of on her breast. The three fall into a deep sleep.
Scene 3. Ines Lenvin, Juan Lucho, Ian Scott

Ines is taken to the backroom of a nightclub by an older man who tells her to bend down. A  large cock pokes of a glory hole. She and takes it into her mouth  as she  sucks and jerks on the mystery-mans member .  that leaves her other hand free as another hard prick pokes another hole  just  after the first. She works them both attentively , leashed by the old man. She turns calls him a pervert and spits in his face. Cara and Nikita are also on seen at the club and they peek in on the action which has now turned into three men,  some of more leather-masked than the others, having their way with Ines. She had no problem with having a hard prick  open-up  her backdoor.

Scene 4. Cara Saint-Germain, Max Casanova

In This  Scene we find Mutli-award nominee and winner Anissa Kate kneeling on a table in some very sexy lingerie and we have Ricky and Rico, who are pulling at her hair and nipples when Nikita and Cara appear . Ricky goes to greet the girls and shows them to their rooms levering  Rico behind as he bends Anissa over his knee and spanks her perfect ass while she insults herself at his command. Once they are all together again , with Anissa coming into the room on all fours;  It realy fills as Nikita and her have a strong sexual  attraction to one another that realy heats up the scene , and Nikita starts dominating her with some slapping while Cara has a newly freed piece of hard man-hood  in front of her mouth. Nikita has released  Anissa’s breasts  and pulls them hard while making her sub take her panties off and gagging her with them.

We now find Cara working two cocks with her mouth by now as Nikita strips to get licked. Soon  all of the girls are taking turns getting licked and and pumped . the orgy is very controlled and well done as to be expected form Dorcel
Scene 6. Mina Sauvage, Pascal White

We now find  Mina who is tide and bound on a mattress on the floor of a large cathedral-ceilinged room. A servant wets breasts around her nipples and drips water into her mouth A servant releases  the restraints around her ankles and a figure in solid black bondage gear head to toe starts rubbing his think man-hood on her face. Through the  soundtrack and focused   breathing  adds to the mystique and tension of a very well done scene. Mina’s is set a glow of  her white skin is lit by an overhead beam of light as she kneels to suck the man-hood  being rubbed on her. Now the camera switches to a wide shot showcasing the room, with the two in the center of it as she raises her ass high in the  air and then goes to a closeup of his finger sliding into her tight tittle hole. Her eye makeup is  a mess running down her face as helays next to her so she can climb on to her lover . She is beatuifull in this light She finly finishes him off with her hand.

Scene 7. Sensual Jane, Jakub Forman, Luke Hardy

Jane is teasing Jakub Forman, Luke Hardy takes her large out and Jakub dives into them with his face moving down between her legs. That gets his man-hood fully hard so she works his thickness with her breast as Luke looks on from the sidelines. She takes him into her mouth while staring at Luke and then crawls over to him. Jakub joins the two on a couch and she goes  between the two She’s a true multi-tasker and soon is working  one as she squats on the other . The lighting is very good , making Jakub’s gold chain shine and  sparkle as she romps both men.She gets spit roasted, looking especially cinematic in the wide shot. She licks her large natural breast as the guys finish up on them.


The aerial cinematography alone is amazing and truly breathtaking and would be right at home in any IMAX theatre. The as a whole  cinematography is just as good, going between intimate closeups and much wider shots than you see in the majority of  most other adult other titles.Very few studios realy but as much care in to the production from be gaining to end as Dorcel dose .  The wide shots really show off the architecture of the building and the art direction very well. There’s a long BTS scene which gives you really great chance sense of just how complex and expensive titles like this are to create by watching it. Very well done indeed


Our Thoughts: Wow! what amazing   film making. As always Herve Bodilis and Pascal Lucas put together an outstanding title for the Marc Dorcel studio. There is some fetish wear involved, and dingy nightclubs but that’s not really what’s on display here. You have to understand It is a film meant to be watched all the way through from the beginning to the end so you well have to have a little self control there is a plot that you have to follow to realy enjoy this film .


This film has every thing for just about everyone  BDSM ,anal , orgies hard core boy/girl action  .Revenge Of A Daughter is much more then just a porn it is erotic high-end erotic cinema .  If however, you are a true film fan and don’t mind seven scenes of hot girls steaming  it up your screen in some very hot sex then by all means you’ll love this flick. This film is even something I think couples will enjoy   I Highly Recommend this title! As a woman I realy enjoyed this wonderful masterpiece Revenge Of A Daughter (Marc Dorcel) gets the stamp of approval!









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