Interview with studio 20 & livejasmin CamModel Sasha Red .

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Thank you so much for taking the time out of your busy schedule to sit down with us here at to answer some questions for our readers.

Nelson, Now how did you come up with your stage name? Sasha I’m not sure, I think it was the thrill of the moment. I just really liked the sound of Sasha, imagining it on men’s mouth/lips and also Red which for me means sensuality, love, mystery. So in two words, I summarized me.

Nelson,So Sasha how long have you been working with as a cam model? For about 3 years now

Nelson, Ok Sasha what did you do before you became one of the worlds biggest cam models? Sasha , I had no plan whatsoever to do anything, I didn’t know what I like and what I’m good at. I kind of discovered myself on camera.

Nelson, You have an amazing body what do you do to stay in such great shape? ,Sasha I think it’s just great genetics, haha! I rarely go to the gym and that’s just to refresh my mind and state of mind, really. That does it for me. But I do try to keep a healthy life, I watch my eating habits.

Is there any one special in your life? No, just work. Sasha Red is all about work.

Nelson, How do your family and friends feel about your decision to become a cam model? Sasha I was a bit afraid to tell them since we have a lot of misconceptions here, in Romania, but I went with it as they could either accept me or no. They chose to accept it and now we have a better bond than ever.


Sasha you are from Romania what makes Romanian girls so special? I guess their openness to things, to everything in general, their ability to listen and show you a good time .Did I mention their natural beauty?





Nelson, Ok now so what is like to be a part of the studio20 family? It’s an experience, I’ll tell you that. You never really think that you can find warm and yet, professional people in a field like this, but these people are. Always supportive, always there, friends, yet co-workers! It’s the perfect combination between fun and work.


Nelson, Why did you pick livejasmin to show case your talents? Sasha It’s really the place that makes me feel at home and yet, keeps challenging me.

Nelson,  So Sasha What is your favorite sexual position? Sasha A passionate reverse cowgirl.

Nelson, Are you into women in your personal life I’m not saying no, but…hmm, not saying no.

Nelson, So Sasha what turns you on? Sasha Talking during sex in general, specific instructions and of course, someone who knows what a vagina is.



Nelson, What is your favorite aphrodisiac? Sasha Intelligence.

Nelson, What is the worst pick line you have ever heard? Sasha Girl, is your dad a terrorist? ‘Cuz you’re the bomb….

Nelson, Now Sasha what can someone expect to see on your webcam show? Sasha I will sum up the experience in 2 words: sensuality and intensity. You imagine the rest.

Nelson, I know you are into cars so what is your favorite car I drive a McLaren Benz? Sasha I love Audi’s shape, its forms and aerodynamics, but the muscly BMW does it’s number on me too

Nelson, So Sasha you have been nominated for numerous awards in the cam industry what is that like to be recognized for your work? Sasha Just like in any other domain, it’s amazing to know that people actually appreciate and want to reward your work. So yes, it’s great!

Nelson, Do you think it is important to master bate? Sasha
Of course it is…It’s important for anyone to know oneself. How else can you please someone if you can’t please yourself?

Nelson, Now Sasha I know you have been to events such as the cam awards with some of the other cam models how well do you get along with the other models at studio 20? Sasha Like I said, we’re like a big family, we share opinions, experience and it’s always lovely to interact outside of work, to really know one another.

Nelson, What is the kinkyist thing you have ever done in your personal life ? Sasha I’m not that kinky in my personal life, but I did do a threesome.

Nelson,  So what is the kinkyist thing you have ever done on your webcam show? Sasha Double penetration.

Nelson, Once again Sasha thank you so much for taking the time to answer some questions for us here at but one last question how can your fans keep up with you what social media do you use?  Sasha Thank you for your invite, I do appreciate it. My fans can follow me on Twitter: @SashaRedCars on Facebook: , Instagram: SashaRedCars and join my personal site






















Thank you So much once again Sasha for taking out of your very busy schedule to sit down with us here at Explicit You can follow Sasha Red on twitter http://@SashaRedCars

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