Feb 2017 StripClub Showcase Club Pink Paradise

Pink Paradise Paris 

Address: 36 Rue de Ponthieu, 75008 Paris, France

Hours: Open today · 10:30PM–6AM

Phone: +33 1 53 75 87 54

Admission 30€ / per person

VIP Admission 50 € with 1 Drinks of your choice (at the bar) and 1 table dance

Pink Ticket 35€ (1 table dance)

Drink at the bar 20€

ll Bottles purchased at the Entrance will result in free admission


Dan Daily chef editor for Explicit List here Pink Paradise in Paris France in one of the most exquisite clubs I have ever been. And that is saying a lot since I have worked in the adult nightclub industry for almost 18 years now. I started my career in the the strip club business in London England. I eventually found my way to Prague Czech Republic and worked the strip club scene with two of the best in the business Bender Cain and Heath Zairrick.

I have worked in the strip club business in 6 countries I now manage a club in Chicago Illinois with my lovely wife. A few months ago I made a trip to Paris France with Bender Cain and Harlan Wells. And of course we had to stop by Pink Paradise in Paris. Let me tell you now the club has a very nice decor, upscale brightly lit and very comfortable.


When it comes to sex, nobody does it quite like the French. Still, despite a long history of erotic entertainment at places like the famous Moulin Rouge and other cabarets, and even the nude performances from groundbreaking dancers like Josephine Baker and Isadora Duncan, France entered the modern strip club scene relatively late. In fact, the first modern strip clubs (with dancing tables and private lap dance booths, etc.) did not open in Paris until early on in the 21st century. However, places like Pink Paradise Paris





Located in Paris, PINK PARADISE Striptease Club is the ultimate strip club destination in France’s most famous city. With an open dance floor and a variety of private and party rooms— not to mention some extremely talented performers—At Pink Paradise, the girls show off their finest assets on the tables, in a voluptuous setting. Men like to gather at Pink Paradise for bachelor parties or for a little hot after-work. But beware, the entrance to Pink Paradise is very select and the credo of the establishment is to promote eroticism without ever falling into vulgarity.



Just steps from the Champs Elysees in the center of the Golden Triangle, the PINK PARADISE Striptease Club was created by Cathy and David Guetta in 2002. They opened the doors of this Cabaret Parisian with 40 International dancers in the style of an American Lap dancing club but with a parisian touch which attracted a high class and celebrity clientele. It was took over in 2004 by Joanna and Muratt Atik who continued the success of the Pink Paradise brand by making it one of the most famous Striptease Club in the world through Press, Tv, Calendars, Tours, Books and much more. It has become the most famous of all Parisian Striptease clubs, more popular than any other table dancing club in Paris.



The is done up in carpet in pink with leopard velvet armchairs, central staircase in transparent glass, light podium, quietly closed private rooms By curtains of glass beads: the decoration is planted. You are in a world apart.

But I warn you now you better have deep pockets to spend very long at Pink Paradise but if you have cion to spend it is well worth it.The club is a medium sized venue with enough pretty dancers for all guests. Entry is a steep 45 EUR including two drinks. Dances are paid with tickets known as Pink tickets Pink Ticket 35€ (1 table dance)

The wait and bar staff are very friendly and knowledgeable. Unlike Bender I am a drinking man so I’ll tell now the bartender was very good he was able to make anything I asked for. But as I said the drinks are a bit pricey but it’s worth it as I said.

As for the Dancers well they are easily some of the most beautiful and talented exotic entertainers anywhere bar none.Thousands of Striptease dancers pass through its doors every year from every corner of the globe attracted by its success and wanting to be a part of the Pink Paradise story. casandra, Catalina, and Vero = A1 100% sweethearts!


The ” Pink Tickets ” is our currency within the club, it can be used in exchange for Table dancing or Private dancing with any of our Striptease dancers plus also for Drinks and Bottles…



The Dancers at Pink Paradise are very skilled on the pole. I’ll tell you as some who has worked in the strip club business as long as I have nothing ruins a night out more then rude or aggressive dancer but not the case at all at Pink Paradise the Dancers all of them were very pleasant and friendly no pressure at all. As for the private dances I ended up getting several Oliva was amazing.

The Dancers at the Pink Paradise also do a great stage show. I have seen a lot of stage shows in my time I’ll tell you they really but I lot of time and energy into making sure you as a customer have a unforgettable experience

Our thoughts here at Explicit Pink Paradise In Paris France is a very well ran club with a great staff, and amazing Dancer that work very hard to make sure you have a unique experience. The atmosphere is very clean and upscale the music is fun and upbeat so Pink Paradise Paris definitely gets the Explicit list stamp of approval and I will be definitely be visiting again on my next trip

Showcase written by Dan Daily

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