Red Hot Beauty Katy Kiss ExplicitList Exclusive Interview – Jan 2017

Hello My ExplicitList Readers & Followers welcome to an ExplicitList Exclusive Interview with the Red Hot Beautiful AVN Nominee Katy Kiss

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Zee: Hello Katy, thank you so much for taking the time to answer some questions for our readers here at and your fan’s. Tell me about the red hot beauty Katy Kiss – brief background? Katy Kiss: Natural Redhead. Southern Gal; originally from Louisiana and residing in Los Angeles! Currently a Music Production major!
Zee: What made u pick the name?  Katy Kiss: Third time was the charm with the help of my agents at the time.

Zee: How old are you?  Katy Kiss: 23

Zee: How long have you been in the industry? Katy Kiss: Almost a year now!


002-00109Zee: When did you lose your virginity? Katy Kiss: When I was 15, after eating at a buffet in New Orleans!

Zee: How many guys did you sleep with before porn? Katy Kiss: Somewhere around 30 I suppose.

Zee: How many blowjobs did you give before porn? Katy Kiss: Quite a few with whomever I was dating at the time. I love cock in my mouth!

Zee: Are you Bi-sexual? Have u ever been with a girl before porn? Katy Kiss: I am Bi-Curious. I got one girl off before porn and then made out with a girl, at a college party!

Zee: Is there anyone special in your life? Katy Kiss: There are very few special people in my life.

Zee: How did your friends and family feel about your decision to become a starlet?
Katy Kiss: I didn’t have the choice to become a starlet. I was nominated by AVN!

Zee: So what was your first scene like? Were u nervous or turned on?
Katy Kiss: My very first scene was a Blowjob. I was ultimately excited!


75-1Zee: What’s your favorite position? Katy Kiss: I really love being on top because I’m in control and can usually cum while also playing with my clitoris.

Zee: Do you have any favorite scenes? Katy Kiss: I love anything because every scene is so out there and kinky of course!
Zee: What companies would you like to work for? Katy Kiss: I have worked for majority of the most desirable companies and have yet to work for Digital Playground.

Zee: Who is your favorite co-star so far? Katy Kiss: I say Manuel Ferrara!

Zee: How do u feel about your AVN 2017 nomination for best VR sex scene? Katy Kiss: I am SUPER excited for the fact it is a New Category and my nomination was for Solo VR!

Zee: How do you interact with your fanbase what social media do you use? Katy Kiss: I share my fans posts and encourage them to send fantail because I will reply! I use most forms of social media. Contact me on
Twitter: @katykisscontent
Instagram thekatykiss



Zee: What do you like sexually? What gets u really wet & horny? Katy Kiss: Dirty talk and being teased with wet fingers! Zee: What is your ultimate ambition working in the industry? Katy Kiss: Run a few successful websites including my Official site!



Zee: Finally what can our readers here at expect from the red hot tigress Katy Kiss in the future?

Katy Kiss: Stay tuned! I am working on a few projects and hope to win awards for this years nominations!
Zee: Thank you very much for your time Katy all the best with the AVN Awards 2017 in Jan









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