Meet Paola Saulino the model who promised sex for Italian referendum votes

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Who is Paola Saulino? Meet the model who promised sex for Italian referendum votes


Who is Paola Saulino and what did she promise Italian model and actress Paola Saulino has promised to reward Italian voters ,that voted No in the country’s referendum with a sex act.


Paola Saulino Bell is 27 year old Italian actress and performer .  who currently works in Los Angeles. Wikipedia does not have a profile on her , but from the information I was able to gather . Paola Saulino   born in Naples Italy on July 16th 1989 she had  moved to Rome  and then to Los Angeles to realize his passion for film and theater.


People know Paola as Paolina also, the nickname she uses for her Instagram. She has known for her direct way, using her body and her thought to express herself, her ideas, her sexuality, her freedom. She says: “I want to make people free with the example of my living”


The patriotic Neapolitan regularly posts revealing nude selfies on Instagram for her 96,148 followers and claims to be a big fan of oral sex.In one picture she is seen protecting her modesty with a scarf belonging to her beloved football team Napoli. She has 37,573 likes on Facebook 8,132 followers on twitter including the entire staff here at



Ahead of the Italian referendum on Sunday December 4, Paola vowed to give Italians who voted No a “present” in the form of pompa, which is Italian slang for oral sex. Her x-rated offer comes after Madonna promised to give sexual favors to anyone who voted for Hillary Clinton in the US election.


This is No public relations stunt by another porn star no not all. The young actress studied at an acting school in Rome and then took part in a short film that was presented in competition at the 2015 Cannes Film Festival . Soon after she was hired for two Argentine productions. The big screen debut was in the previous year (2013) in the film titled ‘Me Crazy’ by Fausto Brizzi, but with a secondary role. she has also been cast in the following film rolls First House on the Hill (post-production) Waitress , Frank and Ava (filming) Alida Valli Phonebook (pre-production) (rumored)


An actress who promised to perform sex acts on Italians who voted “No” in the country’s referendum on Sunday will apparently make good on her word.


Italian actress Paola Saulino, 27, has posted a set of “tour” dates throughout Italy for the month of January in which she will reportedly keep her word to perform a sex act on “No” voters.



Saulino, who lists her current address in Los Angeles, has nicknamed her tour the “Pompa Tour.” According to the UK Sun, “pompa” means “pump” in Italian and is also a slang term for oral sex.


In a post to her Facebook page over the weekend, Saulino said she would visit a number of cities in Italy, including Rome, Venice and Milan, to make good on her promise. The poster for the tour features the actress posing suggestively while licking a lollipop.


Italy voted decisively Sunday to reject changes to its Constitution in what was a victory for populists and a staggering blow to the European Union, and Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi resigned immediately following the vote.


In a racy post last month, the actress maintained that she was serious about honoring her promise. “I’m not kidding I just want to thank you in my personal way,” Saulino wrote. The actress’s Facebook post says interested parties must fill out a “booking form” to be considered to met with her.



Saulino’s promise is reminiscent of U.S. pop star Madonna’s offer of oral sex for those who voted for Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton in the country’s presidential election. The singer did not ultimately follow through with her promise.


The Euro plunged to its lowest level since March 2015 following Sunday’s referendum.  the change would have shifted power in Italy’s Senate and concentrated more power in its parliament. The “No” vote was expected to provide a boost to the populist Five Star Movement and its leader, Beppe Grillo.



Well normally I would be against the buying of votes and tanting the Democratic process. But not in this case Paola Saulino has definitely got our vote.

Written by Bender Cain


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