October 2016 Starlet Showcase: Carter Cruise

The dawn of a new era has come to the adult industry. Well, to be honest, it has been here a while but perhaps there are some of us who have not seen it. It is a time of a new breed of performer, like our October starlet Carter Cruise. A woman who not only takes our hearts, minds and souls on a ride with what we see, but also with what we hear. Carter is something that has yet to be defined in the industry and as we hope to show you, this gal is doing things few have ever tried.


Carter Cruise and Piper Perri

Carter’s Explicit Stats:


Years Active: 2013 – Present
Born: April 24th 1991 / Taurus
Birth Place: Atlanta, GA United States
Gender: Female
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Height: 5ft 4in
Breast Size: 36C
Typical Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue
Piercings: Nipples, tongue, navel, ears

In our last months issue, we were researching the women in the industry who simply stand out with their beautiful minds as well as their beautiful bodies. Carter here, she is definitely a woman who possess both to the maximum of the definition. The thing I do not think most fans may know though, is that her biggest strength, her number one quality in this writers opinion, is the way she faces fear head on and says “Fuck You” to those who try and tell her she can not do something.


The stories I have heard from friends in the industry have simply astonished me. “Carter has some fire to her but she does things that other women don’t in this industry, she simply asks for opinion, even when she is the biggest star in the room.”

This is a reoccurring theme with Carter I have found out, she is always studying, analyzing to see what works best and how she can deliver the best to her fans. I have been told when she got into the industry, it was in scenes with some of the most veteran of male talent but what really tickles my fancy, is that she be befriended Teagan Summers and learned all that she could from her, which shows in every person, when I asked them to describe her while writing this story. One director’s said “She is always on time to a shoot, never hung over, or looking to step out of bounds with others. She is a good actress and she looks to her co-stars and the crew to make the film the best it can be.” One of her recent co-stars told me, “Carter is not what I expected when I met her, she was more. I could not imagine she was the person that she is, professional and outgoing but willing to do what needs to be done in order to make things great.”

Explicit Filmography:


  • The Turning, Girlsway, 2015 – This film gets our top nod because it showcases all that is Carter. Excellent acting, super steamy sex and a style that fits the woman that she is. Alan & Bree really did their homework creating this film and Carter is a huge part of it’s success. One of the hottest threesomes ever filmed.
  • Inside Her Ass, Mike Adriano Media, 2014 – The reoccurring theme here is that when you cast Carter in a film, it gets nominated for award after award. Her opening scene with Mike Adriano is said to be one of the hottest anal scenes among all us critics and I will not disagree one bit.
  • Lesbian Adventures Older Younger 6, Sweetheart Video, 2014 – This film is one of the best girl/girl films ever made. Dana Vespoli’s scene is stuff of legend, only to equaled by one of the hottest girl/girl pairings ever: Carter and Dana DeArmond. Two of the best actresses let everything fly in this scene. The sex is mesmerizing and these two simply show the world what lesbian sex should be like on film.



  • Mommy & Me 10, Filly Films, 2014 – In a genre that she has helped to elevate to the next level, Carter and director Tanya Tate showcase her acting abilities just as much as her sex appeal. Her scene with Tara Holiday is simply jaw dropping.
  • Cruise Control, Wicked Pictures, 2016 – An Axel Braun favorite, has become and Axel Braun staple now. In her first film while under her exclusive contract with Axel, her acting, her nastiness, her provocative nature, has never been captured so well. Do I see another best actress award here? Perhaps.
  • Second Chances, New Sensations, 2014 – Winning her both AVN & X-BIZ awards for best actress. This film showcases another side of Carter. Yes, the sex gets steamy with co-stars Chad White and Brenden Miller but the true story of this film is how Carter managed to take a film and carry it on her back. Any actor will tell you, that romance is the most difficult to shoot in this industry, you must not only turn the fans on when it comes to the sex, you must be able to please them with good story and actors that can pull off the belief that the actors are couples. This is Carter’s must see film, it leads us to the next part of her story, one that just keeps getting better and better.



Now some would say this “Pirate” has done more than just plunder our hearts and pillage everything we thought we knew about what an adult film star should be. The reality of the world is that this psychology major did more than that. Carter is a real life version of all we dream about when it comes to women in the industry. She pledged a sorority, which is beyond amazing and something that hits home for me because my Alma mater was the first to have them in the nation’s history. (Take that Harvard!)  I guess the angle I am trying to come from here, is that Carter not only plays a sorority babe, she was one. Carter’s characters not only show this deep lust for women, she has one in real life. Carter is simply the real deal in this industry. Carter told Cosmo online that “she always wanted to be in the entertainment world” and I am so glad she chose adult cinema as the stage were she showed us all what she is about. Carter has been a performer of some sorts in many different forms of production, since she was very young. Carter has seen things few ever have in this industry. She has met musicians, CEOs, Business juggernauts, people of supreme influence in the “real” world. That is what impresses me the most about Carter Cruise, she sees past the bullshit of that label, that doing porn is a “stigma” because as anyone in this industry will tell you, we are all about business, success and growth. Carter is a shining example of that.


Like her collegiate counterpart across the country Tasha Reign, Carter stepped up to bat for the lovely Belle Knox during her hardships at Duke. Carter is one woman who I know understood what Belle was going through. It speaks volumes that miss Cruise did what she did, in a time where the world was and still is, barely beginning to understand the adult film performer and more importantly, give equal right and respect for those people who embrace their sexuality and do not shun it.


Carter carries on a tradition and progression that people like Nina Hartley started, with a look into what we truly do in society to those who understand sexuality and do not fear it. Carter went on to say she was “disgusted by how society treated an 18 year old woman for being sexual.”

It is those actions and words, that will echo forever once we do get our act together as a society and learn to accept the people of the country and this world for what and who they are, human beings, no matter what they do as a chosen profession. Carter has said before she could write about just one years worth of experiences in the adult industry and it could fill up a book. With her wide range of skills that stem from her knowledge and compassion, this writer truly anticipates what could be in store for us as fans, as we witness the marvelous things she does, just like with Belle Knox. To end the story, writing is not the only thing this beauty has when it comes to her artistic abilities and once you get to see all she is capable of, you will forever see how unique she is.


If music is the soundtrack of our lives, than Carter Cruise is the DJ spinning the beat to it. Carter has laid a groundwork that will continue to see her until she is old and gray no matter what road she takes. As most women leave the adult industry, most have this fear of what will be, Carter, she sees this only as the beginning.



Her DJ skills are something that grow and grow each day, just as her business sense and networking connections do in all things entertainment. You can routinely see Carter on Twitter talking with music mega stars about deep issues, calling out transparent answers to dark questions from some people. Carter’s way of life is something to be celebrated and as we see her continue to delve into unknown worlds such as fashion, larger acting roles and adventure, I have to admit that there is something inside of me that does not want her to go, because porn needs a woman like this. Porn needs the headstrong person who does not take shit off anyone and sets the bar to a level that has never even been attempted since days of the past. The future is unknown, that we all know, but one thing is certain in the life and that is Carter Cruise, she will make a mark that no one ever has quickly, no matter where the winds of destiny take her.

The October 2016 Explicit Starlet: Carter Cruise

Photos Courtesy of Mile High Media, Jules Jordan Productions and Naughty America

Don Juan DeMarko

I have been in the adult industry since I was indeed a young history major out of college. I attended a "Public Ivy" located in Williamsburg, Virginia. I have a multiple degrees & certificates including one in graphic design that led me to this wonderful and amazing industry. I started as just a lowly consultant for a design firm in Los Angeles that led me to introductions with some amazing people in the adult film industry and the rest is history. I have fulfilled work and helped to write publications for some of the biggest names in music, sports and film but my passion, the place where I truly call "home" because it is where the heart is, lies within the adult entertainment industry. I am an XRCO Member and I always like to say the art of making "fantasy become reality" is indeed something that takes the effort of many people, from all likes & spectrums of this amazing world. It is indeed those people and the fans of this industry that drive me to always show the beautiful amazing side of this industry few know but many dream about.

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