October 2016 Showcase: Small Hands, Musician, Poet, Performer

Male talent in the industry has had a history of being overlooked time to time. From the outside looking in, the male actors of this business tend to not always get the “just due” that the female performers do instantaneously in most cases. As my boss and I pondered who would be an actor that breaks that mold of “traditional” male talent in the industry, we both in a matter of seconds thought of and looked to Small Hands. He is a man who has become known as a huge part of Burning Angel in more ways than one and as I hope this article shows, he is anything but you typical actor in an anything but typical industry.


Small Hands doing the “dirty work” in the business, with Abigail Mac.

The days of the past were not always the days of glory when it came to male talent in the adult entertainment business. Directors, performers thought that back in the early days, we only wanted to see the geeky looking, skinny, beyond average looking male star because that is who the “higher ups” thought were the only viewers of porn. Little did they know the audiences they were reaching. The demographic these days features a wide array of people and personas who indulge in the voyeuristic pleasures that are adult entertainment in film form. This has finally been noticed by directors and the head honchos at the head of these big film companies. They have found out that fans want to see beauty at all angles. They want to see a male star that has the rugged good looks to match the girls of everyone’s dreams that are their co-stars.



One of the most fascinating sides of Small Hands, are the things than got him into the industry. We sat down with him and hammered out some quick questions on all things adult with the “Punk Rock” Porn Star.

Don Juan DeMarko: First off, I would love to know how you got into this industry? I think there are so many paths taken that land people in this amazing business, so what was yours?

Small Hands: I got into the industry through my lovely lady, miss Joanna Angel. I never actually had any aspirations when we started dating to be a performer, nor did I ever even consider it until Joanna suggested, (told me I didn’t have a choice) that I should totally have sex with lots of girls on camera for money all the time because …well….it doesn’t matter!  When Joanna Angel TELLS YOU TO DO SOMETHING YOU DO IT!


Don Juan DeMarko: I think the age old bias of male talent only being there to showcase the girls is gone. Yes, this business is based a lot off of the beautiful women but I think today’s male performer is finally getting that credit they have so long deserved. Today’s male actors are bigger, more muscle bound and yes more handsome. What do you attribute this change to? Do you think more women are watching porn these days and want to see the stars like you more and more?


Small Hands: I honestly don’t really think about this much or care haha….I’m just happy to be up in the mix!  Sometimes I actually don’t know why anyone would want to focus on me since I’m the opposite of “bigger, more muscle bound, and more handsome” … I’m more like…. Average, with an average bod, and not very handsome…but lots of tattoos and good hair! ….I guess that gets me by!  If more women (or men or any human for that matter, a fan is a fan) want to see more performers like me then all I can say is I’m flattered and thank you!


Don Juan DeMarko: This is such a cool irony that both the stars I am featuring in our spotlight sections grew up in religious households. I will ask you what I asked Cindy, do you think that a strict upbringing aided you more in wanting to pursue the “forbidden” things in life a bit more? Do you think it made you want to explore your sexuality even more so? I had to ask this because my belief was, being a guy who grew up the same, is that not being able to indulge in the little things, like women, lets say, made me want to discover them sooner than I should have, perhaps too soon. Lol. What is your take on that analogy?


Small Hands: I’ve always been a very sexual person, and for many years with my upbringing I was basically taught that any sexual thought, urge, impulse, or instinct outside the context of a “Christian Marriage” was wrong, evil, and condemn-able …That’s pretty heavy for a horny 15 year old boy to walk around with and get beaten into his brain!  So yea, maybe my upbringing had a lil bit to do with this path I took 🙂

Don Juan DeMarko: Dude, you so rock that you are a graphic designer. That is how I got into this industry ten years ago. I still use those skills in my day job but I would love to know do you still do the occasional design for your wife or any of the girls or guys in the business. Now part two of my question, speaking of stuff we all did before the industry. What is your favorite part of being a musician, how do you compare that to the demand of acting and performing in the adult world?

One of Joanna’s and Small Hands many cam shows strictly for their members. Always putting on a show. 🙂




Small Hands: Thanks!  I am the editor, art director, and graphic designer for Burning Angel, so If I’m not performing, you can bet I’m in the office editing a movie, writing/recording a soundtrack or score, or designing a movie box cover.  It’s a full time job on it’s own!  I also do freelance music,  design and editing for other (non-porn) clients, etc.

My favorite part of being a musician has always been touring and playing live.  My favorite thing on earth is playing live shows.  Biggest difference between music and porn is I can play in front of 1,000 people drunk off my ass but I can’t do that in porn.
It was simply amazing getting to read through Small Hands answers to some questions I laid out before him. It is always the best part of an interview, when you transcribe and put the words on paper so to speak. One of the funniest coincidences that hits home with me when it comes to Small Hands, is how graphic design got him in on everything that is adult. Some of the most romantic stories I have heard in this industry are ones that talk about Small Hands and Joanna Angel finding one another and falling for each other. A mutual friend of theirs told me, “he wooed her as he designed some things for her, being he is one exceptional graphic designer.” Now that is something that goes beyond fiction folks and it makes sense being that Small Hands is also a very talented musician and anyone who has a musician as a friend knows, those guys have a way with the ladies. There is just something about a musician and contrary to what any outsider would say, bass players are usually the guys who are the life of the party and have the most wit and intelligence about and within them for some reason.
Now if romance was not enough to make to check out this amazing actors work, one listen of his amazing music skills will have you discovering a new respect for this guy. A former bass player and background vocalist for the punk band Fenix-TX, Small Hands has lived a life of entertainment few have. Once again, he and I share a similar background of seeing the music industry before the adult industry. My admiration grew for him immensely when I found out about his ventures before adult cinema. When I first saw Small Hands on film, I was hesitant before hand about how good a performer he could be. Fast forward some time later and the fact that he is a musician shows a dedication to a craft that very few have in this industry, let alone life. It was those pain staking hours practicing and practicing that got Small Hands to the places he wanted to be with his music. Most would never know the time it takes to master that art, let alone the time it takes to become a successful and sought after adult performer. It now is no surprise to me why he gets cast in the roles that he does, because not many can understand the term “performance” perhaps as much as Small Hands does. So I had to find out more about this side of him.
Small Hands and the scrumptious Alexis Fawx
Don Juan DeMarko: Now being as I see you have so many talents, I am dying to know, what are some of Small Hands, hidden talents? I have met many people like you and coming from a family of musicians and artists I can tell you have a ton of amazing skills the fans don’t know about. Can you share one? My guess is that you are secretly an amazing writer.
Small Hands: I have written many albums, songs, etc  and I also contribute sometimes to the scripts with Joanna, so I definitely love writing in addition to the other stuff.  Other secret talents include making fucking legit guacamole and shoulder rubs.
Don Juan DeMarko: I think it is so amazing that you and Joanna found each other. I love the story of how you both met. What is the best thing about working with your love everyday. I mean, it would just knock my socks off to work with the love of my life, doing what I love for a living but I would love to hear your view.
Small Hands: The best thing about working with my love every day is….working with my love every day!  Except when we argue over who is going to make the coffee and boil the eggs in the morning, shit gets serious then.
Don Juan DeMarko: Now of coarse, I would love to know if you would be willing to share an ultra kinky sex story outside or I should say, not in front of the camera for the fans. I would love to have the Explicit Inc. Readers hear about the adventures of a male performer when he is not in front of the camera. Long or short, kinky or straight forward. I think fans would love to step into your shoes for that particular moment of you are willing to share.

Small Hands: Last year on my birthday morning, Joanna woke me up with herself and another lovely female performer in lingerie blowing me.  I had morning breath and was a little hung over, and the dogs kept trying to get in on the action, but they were kind enough to let those issues slide, cause I was the birthday boy!  We had sloppy morning sex and then I think we high-fived and I made the girls coffee. The struggle is real.


 Being a man in this business who has seen almost all that the entertainment can throw at you and still be smiling and still be as gracious a person as he is, says a lot about the man known as Small Hands. I once had a friend I took with me to cover a convention, he was my photographer and right hand. He is a man like Small Hands, someone who has done both work in the music industry and in the the adult world. He told me, “the professionalism and the way the performers are there for each other has porn stars far surpassing rock stars. Porn Stars are up here and Rock Stars are down here as far as professionalism goes.”  That says so much about this industry we love, especially in terms of how performers are misjudged and the overall view of the industry. It is people like Small Hands that continue to change the stigma and view of performers. As you hear stories of this amazing guy, you see the respect he gets from so many women in this industry. He is one of the most down to earth and reliable people in the business. I say this a lot about female talent as well, but he is a throw back to the past, a time when the industry was different and he will be there when things change for the better once again and it is due to the way he carries himself on and off the screen. In closing I asked him:
Don Juan DeMarko: Is there anything you want to tell your fans? Is there anything you have upcoming that we simply can not afford to miss as fans. Sir, it is indeed a pleasure and an honor. Thank you for taking time with us and sitting down for this interview.
Small Hands: Thanks for chatting!  If you only watch one more porn movie ever in your life, make sure it’s CINDY QUEEN OF HELL !  Our big feature that we just finished for Burning Angel!  It involves orgies, dps, a sweet 80s inspired soundtrack, black rubber fist dildos, corny jokes, pentagrams and SATAN!  Something for everyone!
……and that dear readers is what Small Hands brings to the table. It is why he is the showcase performer and person of interest for this month. He brings something so valuable to the table, it is only blossoming more and more as each day goes by with what is ahead for him and Joanna. One thing is for sure, the road ahead is going to be interesting for these two. But with the character that is within the actor known as Small Hands, I as a writer and critic of this industry, feel that it is indeed in the best of hands with him going into the future of this business!
Our October 2016 Showcase: Small Hands

Don Juan DeMarko

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