October 2016 International Starlet Showcase: Tanya Tate

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It is something not coincidental but more like an aligning of the planets that “Lady Titan” A.K.A Tanya Tate takes her place in our coveted section of tributes to performers who have traveled abroad to make a name for themselves in the adult industry in October. As awards season fast approaches, we here at Explicit Inc. want to show the fans and industry people alike, something that they may not know about an actress, director, cos-player, model and writer, that is changing the world of porn as we know it forever, miss Tanya Tate.


Tanya’s Explicit Stats:


Years Active: 2009 – Present
Birth Place: Liverpool, England United Kingdom
Gender: Female
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Height: 5ft 6in
Breast Size: 34F
Typical Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Green
Tattoos: Heart and wings on pubic bone
Piercings: Navel


Life long soccer fan, WWE super-fan and comic book super hero. What of all these accolades best describes Tanya Tate? I thought about this long and hard when writing this article. Writer, director, actor or advocate for the rights of her fellow directors and performers? No, I think the title that best fits Tanya, is a woman for the people. Her fans, her colleagues, her friends and her critics. There is very little Tanya has not accomplished in the adult industry and yet she continues to test herself in her roles and characters she portrays on film. She consistently looks for a new challenge and sets new goals for herself year by year. Her latest directorial odyssey Girl Fiction from Smash Pictures, showcases her continual push for excellence in directing. The film features an amazing cast, a wonderful look into the world of women praying upon each other and a presentation to the fans and critics that is absolutely flawless.

Tanya Tate’s award nominated Lesbian Family Affair 3

Explicit Filmography:


  • Mother Daughter Exchange Club 44, Girlfriends Films, 2016Tanya Tate and Cadence Lux put on a show fans had been begging to see for years. This is one of Tanya’s best scenes and it features so much more than just a sexy encounter with a younger woman.
  • Girl Fiction, Smash Pictures, 2016 – Tanya’s latest directorial masterpiece, features her in one of the hottest pairings in girl/girl film history with Jenna Sativa. The film features some of the best toy play and little bit of sex appeal for all style fans.
  • Lesbian Performers of the Year 2016, Elegant Angel, 2016 – Pat Myne brings out the best in every girl, in every film. Pat’s pairing of Tanya and Sasha Heart, is something you must see to believe. This scene is one of Tanya’s highest rated by fans of 2016.
  • Cheer Squad Sleepovers 15, Girlfriends Films, 2015 – In one of her most excellent romantic roles, Tanya and Samantha Rone are featured in a scene that was rumored to be one of the favorites for girl/girl scene in 2015. This film features Tanya doing some of her best acting work and showcases her versatility and range.



  • Lesbian Family Affair 3, Filly Films, 2016 – The front runner for girl/girl film of the year, Tanya shows her growth as a director, featuring some of the best laid out scenes, mixed with amazing pairings and wonderful actors. Both her scenes in this film are some of the hottest ever filmed.
  • My Haunted House, Digital Playground, 2012 – In one of her best acting roles, Tanya is paired with the legendary Evan Stone and the mixture of these two icons, is beyond intoxicating. One of her best films of all time, it is a must see for any Tanya Tate fan.
  • Mother Lovers Society 14, Sweetheart Video, 2015 – Tanya has had many films with newcomers. In this scene we see Abby Lee Brazil, about a year and some in the business, learning the ropes and having a great scene as only Tanya can bring out and to the table with a new performer. One of Tanya’s hottest office scenes ever.


Explicit Accolades and Insight:


With a 2013 X-BIZ MILF Performer of Year trophy under her “utility” belt, you would think there is not much this Liverpool native looks forward to in the day, but with having one of the greatest online presence in the adult industry, Tanya takes her time to always give the fans something that they can’t help but just walk away smiling from. No matter if it is her member exclusive shows, or the fact she is one of the few stars who you can call up, send a kinky message to via text, or buy a signed film on her website, on e-bay, or at a convention, this super star does it all and there are very, very few mega stars who go to that length. Tanya’s greatest impact on this modern industry is how much she cares about her fans. Every time I look to see what the fans are saying, they all say the same thing, “she never misses a date.” “She always takes care of me as if I were her only fan.” It is simply amazing in this critics eye, to see how different a star and person Tanya Tate is. Now, the tricky part in this spotlight, was finding out something that this lovely lady did not already let her fans know herself. Now that would take some digging.


Now most would be able to guess it but I was actually shocked to learn Tanya was a secretary before she became and adult entertainer. What was shocking to me, was I would have guessed something more off the wall as her chosen profession, even before porn. It is not too often you learn that a person gains so much in their life from their work in adult films. Tanya has since become a proven model, a writer in one of the biggest adult magazines in the UK, writing a column for Ravers DVD, becoming one of the most well known PR people for her peers in the industry with her company Star Factory PR, a company that is simply a standard for professionalism when it comes to interaction with the adult media. When you combine all of this with what she has done in film, you simply get recipe for success that can translate into any industry if a person is willing to do what Tanya does. One of her co-stars Jasmine Summers once told me, “Tanya is the best, she is simply one of a kind in this industry and I am so proud to have said that I worked with her and that she is someone I will always look up.”  That says it all ladies & gents.


Tanya’s literary genius was forever solidified with her book Tanya Tate: My Life in Costume. It offered a look into her Comic inspired life. It showed a woman who took her readers and fans on a journey through the things she loves the most. Tanya’s many loves of all things comics led to a partnership in creating a line of her Lady Titan character figurines and has led to fans being able to discover something I think the world of her for, her social advocacy for the industry we all love.



Spending much of her time between the UK and Los Angeles, Tanya has seen so much in the terms of censorship that few artists have. Her fight to end some of the most ludicrous laws in the United Kingdom that censored a production companies right to film and show a woman “squirting” was one of her most inspiring moments. If that was not enough, Tanya also has a bone to pick with some very harsh words from fellow actors who know nothing about the part of the industry she is in and claims that they do when it comes to piracy. Tanya has also spoke out on Measure B with the Free Speech Coalition and she is consistently aiming to make performers aware of what our critics look to silence, in an industry where product is demanded by fans not forced down their throats like the critics believe. Tanya has shown more so than ever with this battle and the one in her native UK, that many industries are run by men who do not see women as equals, who look to silence what they do and be their only means of what they can and can not do with their bodies.


Tanya Tate reaches a new horizon in the adult industry with every step she takes. Tanya is bringing awareness like few ever have to this business, showing our critics that there are women of virtue and valor in the ranks of the porn world. Tanya will be the first to tell you about her geeky side and it is that passion and love that inspires others. Like the story I told of the amazing young starlet Jasmine Summer’s view of miss Tate, she offers something that so many women, so many men can look up to in this industry. Outside of the business, she shows so many people it is ok to be who you are and to indulge in the things you love as long as you don’t hurt others, well, unless of coarse you are WWE superstar Sheamus, then Tanya gives you the right to endulge in beating others senseless. No, we were at Explicit Inc. can not thank Tanya Tate enough for all she does within this industry and even though there are not many ways to say thank you the way we truly wish to, what we can do is shed light upon one of the most amazing women to ever walk the earth and show a side that will one day change everything about how this industry is seen. 🙂

Our October 2016 International Starlet Showcase: Tanya Tate

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