October 2016 Explicit Insider Interview: Lotus Lain

How to introduce miss Lotus Lain as one of our October Explicit Insider interviews? Well, for those of you who have never seen a film of hers, she is one of the most passionate stars I have ever seen. A woman who is very deserving of scene of the year in many different genres. But, it is not just her sex appeal that is so tantalizing to the senses. It is her acting, her writing and her way that seems beyond extraordinary. Lotus Lain has skills that few do in the adult industry and as we here at Explicit love to say, it is only our marvelous company that will bring you a side of the performer you may have never see and with Lotus Lain, I figured I was in for a treat, as are you, as I sat down and asked her things I felt she had never heard before. Enjoy!

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Don Juan DeMarko: First things first miss Lain. I would love to know how you got your start in the business. I think the ways to which we find ourselves in this crazy, wonderful industry is just the best of stories to tell.


Lotus Lain: I was always very interested in sex & sexuality & porn. I used to read erotic & perverted stories & comics when I was younger. I had also stripped before when I was in my 20’s. The next level of the sex industry was always calling me, like Total Recall, I kept feeling this pull towards the industry. With every partner I fucked, whether male or female, I kept feeling like this sexual powerhouse, too powerful to interact with the likes of these common folk. I was even told by several different partners over several years that I should be in porn because I was that good. So in 2012 I returned to stripping to meet the strippers that did porn that could guide me into the industry. That happened & I shot my 1st scene with who was my agent at the time, Lee Bang in Kimberly Kane’s apartment. He was sweating & pumping with all his might & I remember fingering my asshole so I could actually cum. 


Don Juan DeMarko: Miss Lain, one of my favorite questions to ask a star, performer, woman of your intelligence, is how does the woman behind the character differentiate from Lotus Lain? Are they one on the same? How do they differ? I find this the most fascinating angle of those, who acting is their profession.

Lotus Lain: Lotus Lain is the hyper sexualized, dramatic extension of myself that I cannot express safely anywhere else except within the realms of porn. The person behind the character, Lotus, is more down to earth, less glamorous, more calm, reserved & private. Lotus has been a vessel for my freedom of expression. The two selves can be one in the same at times, but mostly I like to keep them separate. 


Don Juan DeMarko: One thing that I think this industry does is grow things that are both amazing, beautiful and strong within an individual. I would love to know how this industry has shaped or charged you as both a person, a performer and an independent woman?


Lotus Lain: I am less dismissive of other people’s feelings. I am more in tune with my own. This industry exposes one to so many differing body types, odors & skin textures that I was, in a way, forced to confront my own issues within myself. I was willing to accept the flaws & fallacies of my coworkers who I was to have sex with; so I had to accept those faults within myself if I was to share my body fully & comfortably  with them as well. I am way more intuitive to peoples varying needs now too. I can feel that most, if not all, people just want to feel integral, important, & not embarrassed. So I do my best now even in every day interactions to give people the feeling of importance in their place in this world.



Don Juan DeMarko: I find that so many women can just turn on a switch and jump into the roles that they are given to play. You miss Lain, are indeed one of my favorite performers. I would love to know if you are as sexually aggressive in your personal life as the characters you play? We at Explicit List and our readers would just love to hear a story of one of your craziest sexual encounters in your personal life if you are willing to share?

Lotus Lain: That’s the thing, I have always been more sexually turned up than any of my partners prior to porn. Its the reason why so many of them from my earliest fucks at age 18-19, to my more recent pre-porn fucks around age 28-30 have told me that I should do porn. Ive been many a dudes 1st woman to make them cum from a blow job– so many women out there are giving lazy BJ’s, but then so many men are giving out trash dick too so its a double edged sword! Anyways, a funny story is this guy who was 1 yr younger than me in HS remembered liking me back then (I had no idea who he was, still didn’t) but as a 20 something year old, he was fine & definitely fuck-able. So we didn’t have anywhere to fuck so we’d just meet in this massive Home Depot/Walmart parking lot & fucked in his SUV. And I remember trying to get him to fuck my ass, but he was scared idfk. He also said he wanted to fuck me with his older brother, which also never happened because IRL yall fools are too scared! That’s why I turned to porn! I ain’t got time to front with the BS’ers that wanna “feel” freaky but don’t wanna “do” freaky stuff.  


Don Juan DeMarko: I would love to know, what scene would say best describes and defines you and your career so far? What scene is it out there in the land of adult cinema, that just screams Lotus Lain and that every fan out there must simply watch in order to see you at your best and most provocative?


Lotus Lain: It’s too hard to reduce myself to one scene that defines me. For submissive Lotus, my favorite scene was my 1st at Kink.com. It was for ElectroSluts & I was Domme’d by Lea Lexis. Her voice, her presence, her respect for me as her scene partner, all built up to this amazing orgasmic crescendo that I am still impressed by to this day. I overcame my fear of electrical noises & sharp pain in that scene. For Dominating Lotus, my favorite scene was for Severe Society & Eden Alexander in which we did various scenes of humiliation on male performers; making them suck each other off, BDSM torture & of course strap on fucking them. When dominating, I truly enjoy being psychologically twisted. For Lotus having regular boy/girl sex I liked the scene I did for Always Bet On Black (forget the production co, but the director was Mike Quasar) I fucked D.Snoop & our connection was so strong, the sex was so hot & passionate; it was the closest thing you’ll ever see that depicts what its like to have sex with me in a real life relationship.


Don Juan DeMarko: I would love to know what a night on the town with Lotus Lain is like? It seems that you and your girls get into some amazing adventures, I would love for you to walk us through here at Explicit, what a party night is like with you, if you are willing to share.


Lotus Lain: When you’re rollin with me you gotta be ready to laugh & let loose because I’m always telling jokes & talking shit about everybody & everything. I’m always smoking hella weed, vaping or passing out edibles so we’re all high at the same level. I am not above sneaking in a flask full of liquor to get turnt at half the cost. I just like to be spontaneous above all. So when my energy is up I’m all over the place. I may be dancing in the intersection w/some college boys or telling an old man off that tried to touch my friends butt. I don’t play that when it comes to violating me or my friends though. So whether its security not lettin people in because of dress code or other girls starting shit, I always have my friends’ backs.

Don Juan DeMarko: What is it that you love to do most when you are not on set? What can we always expect to find Lotus Lain partaking in, or indulging in when the cameras are turned off and it is simply your time to rest, unwind and recharge?


Lotus Lain: I’m big into spending time with loved ones, so there’s that. But I also like discovering rare groove music from the 50’s-early 90’s. I like spinning records, learning how to mix for fun. I like going to food & drink festivals. I love trying new restaurants. like cooking when I have the time to make it a Food Network quality meal. I love finding new ways to consume cannabis aka weed. Smoking is always gonna be my “old skool” favorite method of partaking, but lately I’ve been enjoying various strength edibles, drinkables, capsules & most exciting– CBD’s! 


Don Juan DeMarko: Now, I have noticed you and Ana Foxxx have quite a very close bond on set. Are you both very close friends outside of the industry? How did you meet and I would love to know, what is it that gives every scene you two are in, just this natural flow and look that fans, producers and directors, simply can not look away from?

Lotus Lain: Well we are best actual friends now because of our porn connection. We 1st met on set at Penthouse in 2013 & we both giggled @ how fun porn is & the fact that we both had bangs (at the time I did). Fast forward to XRCO Awards in 2014 & I was still rollin solo: no crew; while drunk, Ana & I met back up with some other girls & we were like “do u wanna blow this popsicle stand?” (Aka the awards show “after party” lol) and from there we went on to party on our own in & around Hollywood areas. So that was the start of our beautiful friendship. As far as why we get along so well, I think it has to do with the fact that we hoe the same & joke the same. Hoes of a feather really do flock together. We have similar hoey tendencies when we go out, similar hoe thoughts, similar reactions to all sorts of situations. After weeding out a couple of weird hoes here n there, we now know who our crew is: Me & Ana? + featured guests, hahahah!


Don Juan DeMarko: One of my favorite films of yours is Between The Headlines from Filly Films. I simply love acting, OK, I love watching beautiful women have sex with each other too, lol. But I would love to know what it is like to be on set of a Lily Cade film? She seems like she is such a talented writer and director. You were cast perfectly in that film as were all the ladies. I would just love to hear about your overall experience making that film.


Lotus Lain: Being on set with Lily Cade, you better bring your A-Game. She will not put up with a lazy performance, lest that performer wanna get fucked hard by her as a punishment for not putting out properly. I love Lily, she is a force to be reckoned with. She pushes you to do your best performance & sets you up for success, hence her casting me alongside legendary, Nina Hartley. She wants actual acting in her films which is why I love being in them so much. A director that cares about quality, cohesive story telling, chronological order of events, is truly rare in this industry, so for that, she is a stand out in her field. There’s definitely gonna be a lot of laughs as she is funny, abrasive & has all the inside scoop on whats what in the industry. She has always been & will always be one of my favorite people in this industry who I am truly fortunate to have met. 


Don Juan DeMarko: Well, now time for some fan questions. I would love to know miss Lain, are there any fantasies you have yet to fulfill in front of the camera? We would love to hear what they are here at Explicit List, if only so we can see your fantasies fulfilled just like you do for many others in the world.


Lotus Lain: I wanted to do a reverse gang bang on a guy with his boring girlfriend as the cuckold. I like taking typical porn scenes & adding an unexpected twist to it. I also would love to dominate a petite girl with strap on fucking, forced licking & pleasuring until she squirts & falls into sub-state. 

Don Juan DeMarko: You are such a great writer. I am a huge fan of your writing and the artistic ways you can express yourself. Do you see yourself in the future perhaps stepping behind the camera and either directing or writing, or possibly both?

Lotus Lain: Yup, I would definitely love to do both. And thanks for the compliments on my writing. Its the one thing, if any, that I’m still nervous about revealing to the world. But everyone’s feedback has been making me feel really good about it. I’d actually really love to do interviews of  fellow performers & write for industry magazines. 


Don Juan DeMarko: I don’t think most fans know that a performer can not always cut loose sexually when they are shooting a film. They are following the directors guidance and vision. I would love to know, what would be your dream shoot? Where would it be, who would it involve and of coarse, what kind of scrumptious sexual scenarios would you create?


Lotus Lain: A dream shoot would be close by to drive to without traffic, it starts at 10am, makeup artist is bomb at doing black skin, director isn’t unorganized, no one is stressed or late, there’s a table full of healthy snacks, fruits & water, production company provides wipes, lube, clean towels, the shoot house owner isn’t a perv tryna buy privates w/girls getting ready, my scene partner is sober & ready, body is clean & not stinky, knows how to shave properly, knows how to please a woman properly so I don’t have to pull out the Oscar worthy acting performances, performs like a professional & cums on queue, we wrap before 5pm, get paid cash in full, scene partner has their own ride & doesn’t ask me for one, director is cool & follows back on twitter & does a cool shout out, bye everyone?? That was the perfect shoot!


Don Juan DeMarko: As many amazing stars that you have worked with, I would love to know if there are any performers that you have yet to work with that you are just dying to share the screen with? Who is Lotus Lain’s crush in the industry both male and female?

Lotus Lain: Crushes are difficult & usually based on an idealized fantasy of who one hopes their object of desire to be. With that said, most of my pre-porn crushes have proven to be other than what it is Ive desired. So after meeting some great performers in real life, my crushes have changed. My guy crush is Damon Dice because he’s not only fine asf he’s cool & respectable asf too- which is HUGE for me when it comes to interacting with male performers. Right now I have 3 girl crushes; Kira Noir, Cadence Lux & Rizzo Ford. All very different ladies that Id love to fuck in many different ways! For me, the thing with crushes is I only have them if I know the people want me back. Unrequited crushes start to make me feel stalker’ish & awful. So with my porn crushes its always on people that I know want me too. 


Don Juan DeMarko: As we wind down the interview, this may sound like a repetitive question but I love to ask this of every performer. What are your dreams and goals within the industry? What is it that you want to be known for and accomplish with your time in the adult film industry?

Lotus Lain: My dreams are literally coming true before my eyes. Ive written, I’ve acted, I’ve had the chance to direct my own custom scenes, I’ve gotten paid for doing something that comes naturally to me, and I am also bearing witness to the shift in our industry where us performers are banding together to make this industry work for us– the people that make it what it is. Id like to be known for being as real as possible in a pretty smoke & mirrors industry. Id like to be known for broadening the spectrum of classification for us women of color in porn. Id like to be known for being an advocate for our industry & a responsible representative of who we, porn stars are & can be to the outside world. 


Don Juan DeMarko: Miss Lain, I would love to know what future projects we need to be on the look out for? We would love to know what conventions you might be attending, what films are on the horizon and what is next for the amazing Lotus Lain?

Lotus Lain: More writing! More BDSM scenes. More collaborating w/other performers on their projects as well. Conventions actually end up costing the performer money out of their own pocket, so I may only be doing the major ones from now on such as AVN & possibly DomConLA next year.

Don Juan DeMarko: Is there any last quote, message or phrase you want to leave your fans and our  readers with? We can not thank you enough for sharing your time with us today miss Lain, you are simply one of the hidden gems of the industry and a star that always shining brighter and brighter, day by day.



Lotus Lain: Thanks, that’s very sweet and thoughtful of you to say. I appreciate your well thought out questions that I can tell are not generic at all. You’re a true fan for sure & I love that! My final quote would just be to live your most authentic self, love yourself & don’t put up with people that don’t value you or want you to change. Just be you. 

October 2016 Explicit Insider: Lotus Lain



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