October 2016 Explicit Icon: Axel Braun

Fast cars, fast woman and amazing cinema. Those are just some of the passions that we know of that dwell within the heart and mind of one of the biggest innovators in this industries history. Axel was the prized pupil of his father Lasse, but it is not that prestigious mark were Axel’s only accolades lye. He also attended Columbia University, were he received his bachelors in Cinema. It can be said, that acting, film, camera work and artistry are all in his blood, but I also believe, that it is a passion for story that has made Axel what he is today. Here at Explicit Inc. we have showcased a look into Axel’s psyche before, so what we wish to show all the fans in this go round, is a look at the man, the icon that continues to re-invent cinema in the best of ways in the adult world.



Axel’s Italian roots are something very important to him. Having grown up with the father he did, Axel could have chosen multiple ways and multiple paths to follow in life. Even at a young age, his love for art flourished as he dreamed of becoming a cartoonist as a child. I myself would like to believe that Axel had his gift for vision since birth. That some things are passed down more so than we will ever know as human beings. Not to get too derailed from our early beginnings in the story of Axel Braun, but I think that one of the best things Mr. Braun has contributed, like his father before him, is change in the industry. Films in the adult industry have always had this edginess to them and not always in a good way. Productions like Behind the Green Door or Debbie Does Dallas were marvelous films that sparked more than just the fans of the adult industry to stop and take a look at what is in front of them, it made the general public aware of what adult cinema was capable of with the right cocktail mixture. Axel Braun is returning this type of glory to adult entertainment. As I sit here and piece together a review of his film Suicide Squad, I’m completely taken back in the best of ways, as to how stylish, how provocative Axel made this film. He brought substance to the roles, he brought out the best in the performers, both sexually and artistically. This is the characteristic, the essence of Axel Braun. As we journey further into his story, I simply believe one day we will all be thanking him for the innovation that will lead to greatness returning to the adult industry in the most grand of forms.

Kleio Valentien, Batman vs Superman XXX, enough said!


Since 2003, very few people in the industry have captured the hardware that Axel Braun has. No matter if it is this continent or another, there seems to be no bounds to were Axel’s films and inspiration reach. It takes a calculated mind to be behind the camera as long as Axel has. Few fans know what it takes to deal with the things a director does, especially in adult entertainment. Good thing for us, Axel possess as strong of a mind as it is artistic. As a member of MENSA and possessing a PHD in Psychology, Axel has earned his place as film royalty in this business, not just inherited it. As most performers have told me, “Axel sets the bar high for everybody. He does not tolerate the things some other people do in this business. Which is good, because it pushes me to be better and to work harder.”

Nothing came easy for Axel in life. Yes, some people do mistake wealth for so many things in life, but one thing wealth does not teach you is how to learn the ropes, how to develop a work ethic, how to have vision and see the scene before a set is even designed for it. Axel learned at an early age that there are many tricks to the trade when it comes to adult film making. He learned how to use a camera to it’s maximum potential as a videographer for his father while traveling the world with him making some of the exotic pictures ever known in the industry. Axel’s father showed him the ways to capture each performers best qualities, how to use light to your advantage and how to make the best with what is available to you, no matter if it is a performer hindering the production or mother nature. When you tally up the things this man had seen before he was 23, it is no wonder he moved up as fast as he did in the adult world, for there have been many sons of legends in this industry, but very, very few have ever done anything close to what has is doing and accomplished.

The lovely Kleio Valentien as Harley Quinn in Batman -vs- Superman XXX

Yes, big budget production did exist before the days of Axel Braun. But much like the man who created the internal combustion engine, Axel simply modified something to be bigger, stronger and faster. In the hay days of Vivid Video and VCA Productions, we saw such amazing pieces of work as Ginger Lynn’s New Wave Hookers and had our drool cups ready for such great Hollywood style dramas as Roommates from Vivid and Dinner Party from Adam & Eve.

The always lovely Carter Cruise, showing of her Super-Skills.

It was at the end of most of these companies glory years, that we first began to see what Axel was made of and what he was going to be bringing to the table. One of my personal favorite moments came when Axel, his father, Alex DeRenzy and Henri Pachard indulged the fans and Fantasy Nights was made, virtually creating something that has grown with Axel as the years have gone on. It was from that moment I think the world saw what Axel was could do with a production. I like to think that it was those moments that gave Axel the incentive to chase his dreams and visions.


It was from these stylish moments, that Axel got a chance to work for a heavy hitter in the Italian market. As Braun translated a series of big budget American films to the Italian market, he saw a path that few every pick up the scent of. Braun saw that there was more he could be doing and that the path to success took more and more than he had ever thought. Only he knows what truly drove him, but after that series of events, Axel gained enough confidence, gained enough of what he needed to step in front of the camera for his first solo project. In the Adventures of G-Man, Axel took his study of the female ejaculation to a whole new level. Being the keen student he is in all things, years before, Braun took to his studies hard when it came to female ejaculation and translating it on film in the most provocative of ways. He spend many hours researching the subject, looking for a way to bring something so magnificent to the big screen. What all this started was the beginning of something beyond grand, something so big, I think only Axel could see it at that time.


Kiera North in Peter Pan

As Axel started his time behind the camera with VCA we began to see what this artist was capable of. His films like Book of Lust were something so unheard of at the time. Axel had earlier written a film called Uncontrollable Lust with his Father on their final collaboration. The content of that film, the dialogue was simply a standard that I believe was established during those times in the 1990s. Axel’s style is always something that is “down to earth”, he loves to make things dazzling to the senses and nerves, for his audience and as hard as he works to capture the viewers attention, he brings out the things that we take for granted and never knew we loved as viewers, just like his attention to female ejaculation proved years earlier.

Axel and Riley Steele, doing what they do best.

One of the best Axel Braun film’s I have ever seen is The Squirting Adventures of Dr.G #2. It starred Ann Marie and Daisy Chain and one of the things I remember most about this film, was seeing Daisy used in a way she had never been before. Daisy Chain had been a starlet who got the roles of the “bad girl” and was never cast in something sensual or alluring in my opinion. Axel had her open up the film and the shots were intoxicating and not just in a provocative manor. Being a fan of Daisy’s I saw something new and fresh, which had not been done in a while with her. I believe that is what I would put as my definition of Axel Braun. He is a person who brings things to our attention, which we never think about. He makes us scratch our heads in delight as to what is possible in adult films. To performers, he adds a strength and longevity to their careers, if they have the focus and will to chase their dreams like he has. As the last years best picture winner showed us, in his production of Peter Pan, if you put the right ingredients together, their is no critic that can refuse a taste of what Axel Braun offers, that is not opinion, that is simply fact as the awards he received prove.


As we wind this spotlight to a close, I can’t help but think of what influence Axel will leave the biggest mark upon when he leaves this business. To me, it will forever be his flawless editing skills. He is the man who will never have a film that has those missed cuts of directors direction, or those camera pans that show a performer not in the “zone” during a scene were their eyes are wondering everywhere. Some directors have told me that “fans don’t give a shit about those little things. They are watching two people fuck and that should be enough for them.” This is what separates Axel from everyone else and puts him in the status of legendary.

Vicki Chase as Tiger Lily in Axel Braun’s Peter Pan.

It is that attention that will continue to inspire others in the business. I can not count how many of these performers have told me, that after coming off a shoot with Axel Braun, that “This is everything I expected making films to be and have only now experienced that with Axel.” Those are words to live by when it comes to a performer. Seeing and hearing those things makes me see, that Axel has as much love in the things we do as fans, performers and sexual creatures who simply want the things we desire like anyone else in life. I can’t believe there will be one day where we do not see an Axel Braun Productions but I think that by the time that age arrives, we will be seeing a new industry as we know it. Something more accepted in the eyes of our critics, something that also includes the times of excellence and wonder that came to the forefront in the days of when Axel started in this industry. As the parodies keep coming out from Axel Braun Productions I do wonder what is next for Axel, what type of original thriller is he going to bring to us next. If I were to make a bold prediction, I can foresee Axel being the first director since Gerard Damiano to bring audiences around the globe to see a piece of his mind on film that simply can not be avoided. I see Axel as being the guy that will cross that barrier and once again show society that there is a beauty to adult films, that there is something that our critics are missing. Being a man who can write, edit and hold the camera like only he can, I believe it will be sooner rather than later that we all get to see this amazing dream of the future come true.

The mind that is Axel……..
The Living Legend, Explicit’s October 2016 Icon: Axel Braun

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