October 2016 Explicit Film Review: Women By Julia Ann

You can not look through the history of this business and find a performer who has done what Julia Ann has. From her unforgettable beginning, to her hay days with Vivid, Julia has always shown the fans that there is no such thing as quitting while you are ahead, or allowing the terms “stale” and “unimaginative” to ever become apart of your repertoire if you are an actor. In her new film Women, we see such a mesmerizing look at the things that make the female form, character and way, simply unforgettable. I will tell you, as I went into watching this film, I was expecting a lot and Julia delivered big time. The cast is the essence of Girl/Girl performers who love women at every single angle and orifice of their being. The film is a throw back to the days of Stuart Canterbury, watching these beautiful women blow our minds in provocative poses, on location, at beautiful, erotic backgrounds and showcasing each performers talents to the max. The end part behind the scenes footage will blow you away. It is the closest you will get to these stars hearts and personas. In it’s first week, this film was the top seller in the land and after I witnessed it’s glory, I indeed found out why.


Scene 1: Jenna Sativa and Julia Ann

“Jenna Sativa steals the show in one amazing opener.”

The Set-Up:


Like a Wet and Wild video from days when Playboy actually featured the female form as Julia Ann puts on full display for us here, you see a sexy, slow, alluring intro to things literally getting wet and wild. The showcase of this film is giving each model a different aspect to come at the fans with the full force that is woman in every way. Jenna Sativa is showcased in a lovely pool wearing only this white top. The music feeds our imagination as we watch Jenna glide across the pool, teasing us at every angle possible. The camera work is stunning and the lead up to Julia and her getting a hold of each other is every bit as kinky, seductive and nerve racking as it is beautiful and delicate, mixed with anticipation as the best adult films ever made only can do. As I said, this scene is like watching your favorite SI model pose in your backyard pool. It sparks the part of the brain that brings up fantasy and day dreams in the best of ways.


The Sex:


As you watch Jenna creep out of the pool to a waiting Julia Ann, we see the camera focus on the caressing and the touch of each beautiful woman. The kissing is passionate, sexy and flavorful in every way imagined. Jenna is always an aggressive performer on screen and Julia allows her to be in every which way possible.


The definition of this scene is sexuality. As you see Julia get Jenna naked, your mind will not only be hungry to see what comes next but you will be dazzled almost to the point of no return with how much these women are into each other. You will find this sex deep, sensual and as real as it gets. One of the yummiest moments, occurring twice mind you that, is were Julia fingers Jenna hard and quick. The shot is visually perfect as it is matched by the sound of Jenna’s kitty getting wetter and wetter as the tempo and speed increase. As each thrust brings Jenna closer to the point of orgasm, you are simply waiting as a viewer for Jenna to either cum or squirt from the pleasure you see on her face and in her moans of pleasure. This is how sex should be filmed, no inhibitions. The lone camera keeps track of each girl, not getting too close and not distancing miles away from the action for sake of a butt shot. The sex is each girl doing what comes naturally and when you see Jenna anxiously get miss Ann to sit on her face, you see how much fun each woman is having. The dialogue is not scripted, the reactions are each woman simply indulging in raw uninhibited girl/girl sex. I thought this opening scene to be one of the biggest breathes of fresh air I have seen in a long time. I will not give away much more, but what I have to tell you fellow porn fans, is that these woman, love women and just with this scene alone, you will be hotter than a Thanksgiving turkey fresh out of the oven and that’s only after round one of this wonderful film.


Scene 2: Ana Foxxx and Julia Ann


The Set-Up:

The Best Kept Secret in the Biz, Ana Foxxx

Once again, we are treated to a delicious strip tease from one of the biggest hidden gems in the adult industry, miss Ana Foxxx. Her red undergarments stand out, like everything in this woman’s performances. The camera captures her swaying to a sexy beat and showcasing every angle of her amazing body. Ana’s smile will simply melt your heart and put you on cloud nine as the teasing comes to a close and you see her and Julia beginning the scene. Once again, the raw take on the situation makes this scene the absolute best. You are treated to watching Julia Ann fondle and caress Ana just the way every single fan in porno land has dreamed of. It gives some validity to the fantasies of many fans in this critics opinion. There is actually a moment where Julia tells Ana she has simply been fantasizing about her legs and tells her that she is going overboard with her obsession. This is simply something never done on film before. It gives off this “fly on the wall” vibe, like we are actually watching something we are not supposed to be seeing in the best of ways. Ana’s beautiful smile is beaming during the entire lead up and start to sex and what follows, is almost too scorching hot to describe.


The Sex:



It is one of the sexiest things to see the starlets go after each other with the zeal of a fan. It is something so rarely seen in the industry. Julia wants a piece of Ana from the start and what ensues during the sex part of the scene, is jaw dropping hot. This chapter wins the award of Explicit Choice for best scene of the film and it is the raw chemistry these two have, that and Ana Foxxx may in fact become one of the most memorable starlets who have ever graced the industry.


I have reviewed many films that include Ana Foxx this year and I have yet to see a less than stellar performance. It is one thing to have that desire that fans have, to see her get ravaged by her co-stars, it is something her fans always tell her is what they look forward to on twitter, but I think the best part of her performance capabilities is how well she returns the favor to her co-stars and takes her performance to the next level by how well she flips the script and simply has us all with our jaws on the floor as she takes command of the scene. This romp with Julia Ann is no different. Ana shows why she is in the top five in the industry when it comes to girl/girl performance, she licks Julia’s pussy to point of explosion, you will be doing the same as you observe the action as well. The flow to which scene thrives on is hypnotic and when the scene ends you will be in another realm of that style trance, after what you have just witnessed, that is how sensual and steamy this scene is. The end shot of Julia pinning back Ana’s leg as she goes in for one last taste is just what the doctor ordered and a perfect climax to an almost perfect scene.


Scene 3: Julia Ann and Karla Lane


The Set-Up:


Now, few times do I ever say this, but what is in this scene is something that needs to be done more in adult films. We open the scene with Karla Lane showering and teasing the camera. Karla is one of the sexiest BBW stars and one of the fastest to ascend to the top of her genre. 2016’s BBW of the Year really showed one of the most forgotten about angles when it comes to sex and film: anticipation. As you see her get nude and lose her top and bottoms while in the shower, she gives off this sense of anticipation that only a woman can. As the scene starts we catch her giggling with joy as Julia teases her. This scene is one of the most realistic you will ever find in adult films. I truly enjoyed seeing these two go at it and mainly see Karla show off a desire and attraction that is hardly ever seen in adult films. She talks to Julia, telling her about her passions, desires, how easy she can cum, it is one of the coolest and once again, most realistic angles I have ever seen an adult film take. I hope this sparks more and more directors to allow what Julia did not just in the scene but this film to become apart of a hew aspect of adult films, scenarios and scenes. It is truly something untapped.


The Sex:


The sex just makes things even better and once again, the real aspect of both women exploring each others bodies, will remind you about your last sexual escapade with how much they have fun with each other. The sex is not forced, it is something casual, that builds momentum like a freight train. The true winning factor in this scene, is that you feel like you are the person participating in the sexual adventure. For instance, Karla begins to let Julia do what she pleases and she cums instantaneously many times and any person that has pulled out their girls hitachi and used it as an ally in a sexual encounter will love the look on Karla’s face when it touches her swollen clit and she giggles and moans with passion. That is something so real, something never seen, but something that should be, for it is what makes sex great in real life and in the adult film world. Those small moments Karla puts on display during this scene, are simply cooler than cool. Karla’s performance puts us right there in her shoes, getting to have our way with Julia and vice versa. Again, on the flip side, Karla devours Julia Ann from head to two, licking her pussy the likes I have not seen sine the legendary Jeanna Fine did in Where the Boys Aren’t 7, it is that kinky and that lustful and wet. Julia compares Karla’s performance and love for feet to one of the kinkiest souls in the business Dana DeArmond and everything that is done to Julia through out the climax will have you keeled over, gasping for air. This scene is worth the price of admission and so much more and getting to have that moment in film where you see the starlets as gitty as the fans, that is something that is way beyond priceless.

Julia & Missy


Scene 4: Missy Martinez and Julia Ann


The Set-Up:

The always amazing, Missy Martinez

Julia Ann shines brighter than ever behind the camera on this one. The planning to get a woman of every aspect of fantasy was spot on genius, especially in the grand finale. Missy Martinez is a very outspoken actress, a performer who can capture your attention with her wits and words just as much so as her perfectly chiseled body. The music that goes with Missy’s opening dance of seduction fits in so many ways. As you watch her undress you simply see in her character and movement, that something delicious is in store for the end. We see Julia waiting in red, as the scene goes almost instantaneously into the girls rubbing, caressing and fondling each other. This scene once again features something so provocative about the female form and way. Each woman simply touches the other with this lust that you know is leading to something explosive. Missy’s hands never stop moving throughout and when you see these two kiss, it is something beyond yummy. All though this is the shortest scene in my opinion, it still packs a good punch with an excellent intro.


The Sex:


The dirty talk is drop dead sexy in this scene and the build up that has you itching to see Missy just lick Julia up and down is the stuff legends are made of, but first, the thing that makes this scene the perfect end to the film, is how Missy also delivers that same hunger, fun and anticipation that Karla delivered in the previous scene. You can tell in her eyes that Missy is a fan of Julia Ann’s and that for her, this had to be a once in a lifetime opportunity to work with such a legend of the screen. That ladies and gents is what delivers the goods in this scene. It is Missy smiling at every corner, it is the ladies sharing these playful insights into what they like when it comes to sex. The angle of simply a realistic journey into sex and women is just the perfect fantasy come to life in this scene. Both ladies light up the screen with their gorgeous bodies, the panties that Missy has on, are the accessory along with Julia’s entire red attire that comment the scene into that realm of day dreams that has everything right from the smallest detail. Watching Missy get fingered as she rests in Julia lap as she puts her fingers in her mouth is heaven dear fans.


The true creme de la creme comes with Missy finally getting her turn. The pussy licking is passionate and one of the coolest angles and I hope it was not scripted, was watching Missy take off Julia’s panties, smell them, then as she is about to dig in and lick like there is no tomorrow, you see her stick her nose in Julia’s kitty, enjoying that sexy scent that only a woman can give off. It is hot and realistic. The sex is simply to die for, you will get off guaranteedm but the part I think that showcases this scene the most is said in the end, when Missy tells her that “if they bottled your pussy juice, I would buy it.” This is the definition of this scene and film, something showing of a realistic view of the stars, doing what we do when we buy their films, enjoying sex with the most carnal of passions and character.



The Explicit Bottom Line:

This film is a one of a kind of 2016. It has something I have never seen in adult films except at the amateur level and done in the most amateur of ways. This films showcases women at their best when it comes to erotica, kink and pleasure. This is not your fast paced romp through lesbian sex, this is not a slow, sensual romantic film either. No, this is something in a category of it’s own because of how much the women display themselves, their characters and their hearts and passions in this film. You get this genuine sense of how much these women love sex, it is both mind blowing and cool as hell to see in an adult film. This is not the ladies playing characters, these are the women behind the characters giving you the fan, a taste of what sex is almost truly like with them. The entire film showcases women at every angle. The addition of Karla Lane simply was the icing on the cake in terms of the showcase of all women and how beautiful they are in all shapes, sizes, colors and ways. This film has almost everything in terms of the attraction of everyone to that wonderful thing in life known as Woman. Aside from a few editing mistakes, this film is almost spot on flawless and after learning this is just the first of many views Julia will be taking us on with her new website and new concepts, I am simply feeling like a fan who has just discovered the porn industry for the first time, that is how wonderful this film is, you will see the essence of what makes these women the girls of our dreams and why indeed that thing known as Woman, is simply the most beautiful of things.


Women By Julia Ann

Don Juan DeMarko

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