October 2016 Explicit Film Review: The Nosy Neighbor



For some time now, Alan and Bree have been quietly climbing the mountain of excellence when it comes to film production and story in the adult entertainment business. Each year brings something new, tasty and titillating from Girlsway Films. No matter if it is their Girl of the Year contest, or the fan open forum that is like a twitter but better, due to the fact you get to speak to Alan, Bree and the performers directly about ideas and films, they are making a name for themselves. This is our first review of one of their films and as you will soon find out, it is an amazing adventure in the land of fantasy.


Scene 1: Reena Sky, Briana Banks and Melissa Moore



The Set-Up:


First of all, the films score is amazing. Comedic and old school stylish. It plays well when Briana Banks is sneaking around trying to get a ring side seat to Reena and Melissa getting cozy with one another. Speaking of Briana Banks, she is back and makes her presence known from the get-go. This exceptional actress sets the scene up perfectly as the “religious” zealot who sneaks into her neighbors home to tell them how sinful they are. Reena and Melissa are the mother step daughter combo and the chemistry on screen is sexy and beyond scrumptious. The ladies have a lot of lines and the introduction to sex is cool, interesting and this sort of sensual tease where you the fan, are enjoying yourself instead of fast forwarding to the sex. The location is dazzling, the music kicks ass and the story starts things up the right way. You will definitely see why Bree and Alan continually get more and more award nominations with each production they create and display to the public.


The Sex:


Briana Banks has been missed in this industry. Once the action begins, you will see why she is and will forever be one of the most special parts of this business. She is one of the best pussy eaters and my goodness, once you see her in between Melissa Moore’s gorgeous legs you will have your jaw on the floor and your mind in the clouds. All three of these women do an excellent job of grabbing the fans imaginations and not letting go till Briana walks away from the scene when things are all said and done. Alan and Bree, you can tell let the girls do what comes naturally. The sex does not look set-up and phony. One of the best shots of this is watching Melissa Moore get ravaged by Briana Banks once again and Reena Sky sits on her face, showing off this tremendous body and booty. Briana is licking away and you see traces of spit and cum all over Briana’s lips as Melissa quivers and pulsates from the amazing oral. Reena is excellent as the aggressor and what can you say about Briana as the “innocent” bystander, sucked into the mix by the allure of the flesh and eyes. Briana’s acting is legendary, the glue of the mix is Melissa, her seduction of Briana is so yummy and watching her move about from angle to angle with her flawless body is enough right there to get you all hot and steamy. Reena’s sexy body, Briana’s excellent oral and Melissa’s moans of pure pleasure are the perfect start to the film.


Scene 2: Kimmy Granger and Elexis Monroe


The Set-Up:


Having never seen Kimmy Granger in action, I was curious to see what all the hype was honestly. Never before have I been so happy to see something new. Kimmy Granger has been compared to the super models of yesterday when it comes to her looks and I can tell you, she is ten times more beautiful. Her acting skills have been deemed as good for someone with her experience in the industry, I can tell you, they are far better than I ever imagined. Her sex appeal, quite frankly, few modern stars can take the fans on an exotic journey of sex and pleasure like she can. Kimmy Granger is all she is made out to be, quite possibly even more. Elexis Monroe, what else can you say about this MILF except that she is great at what she does. As the horny step Mom, she is provocative as hell, especially when we find out that she is sniffing Kimmy’s panties during laundry duty and getting quite turned on doing so. Kimmy stumbles upon Elexis getting hot and bothered and what comes next is adult cinema at it’s best. This scene has the best set-up I have seen in years, it is possible that you will not be able to take just watching the set-up, let alone the sex without having your pulse go into overdrive.


The Sex:


The sex lives up to the beginning story line. Kimmy Granger lays out a trail of her panties for Elexis to follow to the laundry room. As the scent of Kimmy delicious kitty proves too much for her, we are treated to watching Elexis give into pleasure and strip down on top of the washer and dryer and masturbate while Kimmy watches from behind the door. It is sultry and seductive watching Kimmy seduce Elexis, as she lets her presence known as miss Monroe treats the audience to some amazing visuals. Once again, Kimmy Granger steals the show with her marvelous acting ability and sexual prowess. Her words are beyond enticing, her movements are candy to the eyes and mind and when she finally reveals her super model body, it is just a cherry on top of one of the most marvelous scenes shot this year. The action is kinky, one of the ultra hot moments being when Elexis has Kimmy sit on her face and you can she her lips get wet and sticky from Kimmy cumming all over her face. The tongue action is lethal and the angels to which we see miss Monroe’s stunning body is so well shot, on a washer and dryer to boot! These two put on a show. The editing was picture perfect and when you factor in the passionate kissing, the provocative pussy licking and the performers beautiful bodies, you have the ingredients for one of the hottest and award worthy scenes for this year of 2016. From start to finish, I could not take my eyes off the screen. It did not matter if the ladies clothes were on, or off, they made this scene the hottest of the film and one that I will be recommending for girl/girl scene of the year as awards season gets closer and closer.



Scene 3: Elexis Monroe and Alison Rey


The Set-Up:



As you get further into this DVD, we are treated to an amazing look at Alison Rey’s acting ability. She plays the troublesome step daughter who is getting ready to ditch school and hit the beach, but first, she has to get past her step mom by faking an illness. Elexis Monroe stars in the scene as well and as you watch Alison do her thing, you can’t help but be impressed by how well she speaks her lines, gives into performance and sells the audience on her characters concept. She is a beautiful young woman as well, with one of the most gorgeous natural looks and bodies in the industry. Miss Monroe once again captures our attention with these sexy nylons, gorgeous skirt and delicious over all look that will have you panting to see the action begin. The true spotlight is on Alison. She is such a great actress, I see why she continues to get bigger and bigger roles and as the film moves to the sex portion of the scene, you the fan, are in for something so sensual, it will have you doing more than just tugging on your collar as the heat is turned up.


The Sex:


Elexis punishes her step daughter for her deception as she busts her trying to play hookie from school, she seduces her into sex by telling her that “she will tell her Dad about her behavior unless….” It leads to watching Alison get naked and devoured by Elexis, who, as in the scene before, simply takes the reigns and makes things look so wonderful to the audience. As she licks her breasts and gets Alison naked, you see just how much went into this scene with the actors. The chemistry sizzles and Alison really gets the audience going with her amazing portrayal as the innocent school girl being seduced and taken advantage of. Alison has a bright future in this industry and Elexis adds in that addition of the step mom just enjoying every second as she enjoys Alison in so many ways. Her girl next door looks are stunning but her amazing body is on full display. The vantage points and views of Alison’s sexy legs simply take center stage. The women seem like they are having fun through out and as the sexual encounter intensifies, you see Alison show her passion for what she does. She will have you begging for mercy once the heat is turned up to high. The image that is stuck in my brain and will be in yours, is Alison and Elexis in a very well shot 69 position, showcasing both ladies equally, giving the fans exactly what they signed up for. All though Elexis does not give as steamy of a performance as her scene before, it is her astounding ability to switch roles and simply allow her co-star to enjoy the ride that makes this scene so hot and sexy. After seeing this one, I am really looking forward to seeing both ladies in even more films as I believe you the viewer will be as well.


Scene 4: Tiffany Watson and Briana Banks


The Set Up:


When I first saw Tiffany Watson, I will be honest, I saw that beautiful “girl next door” as I am sure most do, but after this film, I saw simply a knock out, dazzling blond that was every bit as hard bodied, sexy and stimulating as the biggest blond names in the business. Shades of Serenity come to mind when seeing this models amazing body. Her character portrayal as Briana Banks step daughter is well enough played to give the viewer that little extra oomph, to make the set-up believable. Briana shines like only she can, showing off her skills once again as the now antsy MILF just waiting to show off her newly gained liberal view on lesbian sex with Tiffany. Both women show this adoring attention to each other, with soft kissing, a little caressing and a ton of teasing to the viewers. As you see Briana very anxiously get Tiffany naked, this perfect ten body is put on full display. Even as I write, I can not get this beautiful blonds frame out of my mind, that is simply how much she devotes to her look and her physical attributes. It is simply a big highlight of this film. As you see Briana get naked in return, your mind is feverishly pumping on all cylinders as the sex that follows is without a doubt, is some of the best older/younger lesbian sex seen by this critic in 2016.


The Sex:


I can not express enough how much Briana has been missed when it comes to girl/girl scenes. Within moments of the action, we see Briana’s tongue going in and out as she fucks Tiffany’s gorgeous slit with her tongue. The action is slow but as Tiffany’s character gets more and more into the moment, you see her begin to show her lust for women in the best of ways. Tiffany’s magnificent derriere is the center of attention as she moves into striking position to return the favor to Briana after some of the most amazing oral Alan has ever shot. She begins herself, to get a little fast paced and the action that follows is must see cinema. Tiffany and Briana’s time was a little short in my opinion. I would have loved to see them go at it a few minutes longer but as they say, time flies when you are having fun. Briana’s voice and the charm it brings to a picture, is simply what fantasies are made of. Briana has always had that and she does not miss a beat making it apart of this scene and film. When you add in Tiffany, you get a recipe for exactly what a porn fan looks for when they go to watch a scene with two gorgeous blonds, that’s the truth. It is amazing actors, enjoying sex that brings out small details, like Tiffany’s tongue ring and Briana’s sexy tongue length and gaze into her co-stars eyes during the sex. The scissoring will send you into heaven as the scene ends, but from start to finish, this scene will keep you going and has a brilliance all of it’s own.


Scene 5: Alexis Fawx and Scarlet Red


The Set-Up:


Improvisation, it is something all actors face. It is a necessity of performance to sell a character. Alexis Fawx is one of the best I have ever seen at this. She does not miss a beat what so ever and makes this scene her own from the beginning. Scarlet Red, she has this enthusiasm that I have never seen die since her first film. If you have seen these two glittering beauties before in a film, you know what I am talking about, paired together, they will merely make more than your infatuation increase as each second ticks by on the DVD player or video viewer. Alexis has your attention from the get go and when we learn that she has been “sexting” the wrong step daughter and we see a curious Scarlet Red enter the scene, what ensues is something that defines Girlway productions: Magnificence, lust in it’s true form and a conclusion that gives you your moneys worth in one scene. As you watch these ladies in white get things started, the performance is so enthralling I seriously doubt you will make it through this scene in one viewing.


The Sex:


The kissing is passionate, need I say more. A true secret of the business, is if you want to see if two woman actually love women, watch how they kiss. A woman will go all out to lock lips with another when they are attracted to one another and watching Alexis slide her tongue all over Scarlet’s lips, neck and eventually down to her breasts will make your heart pound in an instant. On the flip side, watching Scarlet eat Alexis’ pussy in the first jump from set-up to sex is afar, something so sexy, especially when you see her looking into her eyes and having Alexis grind all over her face. The dirty talk is so provocative, but the true stand out in this scene is how well the girls show lesbianism at it’s best.


Scenes like this are what the standard of girl/girl films should always be measured by and never are. All I can say is, you know it is a beyond phenomenal pairing when the girls can make you enjoy something you don’t like, for me, it is scissoring, but these two ladies make it look intense, wanted and pleasurable. Some of the best shots are watching Alexis and here amazing boobs bounce up and down for the camera as she rides Scarlet’s tongue. The camera work is the best, the editing is even better as the scene moves to a new frame and position. The moaning, the women, they all move like clockwork. Alexis Fawx may possibly have the best body in the business, there is not one flaw on her. Alan’s camera work is simply astounding in this scene. Scarlet Red always gives the fans something charming and real with her scenes. Her facial expressions as she gets pleased by miss Faux’s tongue will have you squirming in your seat. It always gives this forbidden sensuality when you watch Scarlet and her with Alexis, is simply every fans dream come true. This scene is scorching hot, it was beyond difficult to not pick this scene as the hottest in the film, especially with moments were Alexis sits on Scarlet’s face and the two of them can’t simply stop touching each other all over they are so hot for one another. One of the best angles is when Alexis finally gets Scarlet on her back side, we are treated to Faux’s ass in the air and what a site it is, as she sticks her tongue deep inside Scarlet. This look of pure lust comes over Scarlet and she moans as only she can. This scene is worth your investment in this film alone. The combination of talent, vision and performance is out of this world. The sex in this final chapter is by far one of the better ends I have seen to a film in a while. It ends perfectly not leaving feeling let down or cut short.


The Explicit Truth:


As you see the credits role and you watch name, after name go by, there is a sense of something marvelous in this production. The angles that the film crew are responsible for, were spot on. The acting, the performance of the ladies is the stuff that porn is made of, especially when it comes to girl/girl cinema. I heard a producer once tell me, “girl/girl films are just there to fill in the gaps, give the fans a niche, nothing as spectacular as hardcore.” I think they needed to sit down and watch a production by Bree and Alan, so they could see lesbian erotica they way it was meant to be shown to the fans. I was impressed with the location and sets, I loved the story of it all. The sex is down right mouth watering and the best part of it all, is that you simply do not feel shorted when the film ends. This is one amazing production. The trailers that are included are enough to get you off by themselves, then you add in some commentary that shows the girls kicking back on sets. It shows the girls as they are, Kimmy eating a salad, keeping that gorgeous body healthy. We see Alison Ray give some amazing comments, showing off her beautiful brain as much as her striking body. There is a reason Alan puts the time into making his films and scenes. I in the beginning was skeptical, but after seeing this wonderful film, I have to say don’t change one thing Alan, keep your standards as tight as possible, because you have a winning formula for success. This film will show fans a little bit of everything girl/girl and from the casting to the editing, everything was put into place to give the fans something they deserve and boy, does this film deliver in that department.



Don Juan DeMarko

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