October 2016 Editors Choice Showcase: Lily Lane

For me, I guess you can say I have a soft spot for Lily Lane. That is what it may look like on the exterior anyway. The true method behind my madness is that I have a sound respect for Lily Lane. I see a woman who does not go with the flow of societies “theme park ride” way of living life and working within this business. I see a woman who is dependable to me as a writer searching for a story just as much as she is to directors who need her on set in a flash. I see a woman who is there for the people in her life that matter most. Lily Lane is the closest thing to a person like myself in this industry, which says a lot about her not about me. This is her continued story brought to you by Explicit Inc.



Lily’s Explicit Stats:


Born: August 12th

Gender: Female

Typical Hair Color: Brunette

Height: 5’3″

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Black

Measurements: 32DDD-25-37

Weight: 118 Lbs.


When I first talked with Randy Quintana, I asked him what he thought about Lily Lane. His answer, sent a shock wave of emotion through the telephone and I could see without seeing, that his face had lit up and he was smiling from ear to ear. “I love that girl!” He exclaimed with the deepest admiration in his voice. We began to talk about her and how she is there professionally, mentally, physically in all she does.


She has one of the biggest, if the not the biggest heart in the adult industry. Lily has a sense of things you would never think could ever come from an adult actress. I guess that will forever be the stigma we face as people in the industry who love sex, enjoy what we do and are every bit as normal as the average Joe walking down the street, especially performers. I myself after getting to talk with Lily a few times have begun to see exactly what Randy and others see. It is something much deeper than I could have ever imagined and it was not until I approached one of my favorite people and actors, the infamous, always imitated never duplicated actors known as Small Hands, that I saw how much love this woman brings to the industry.

I asked Small Hands: “What is something you would love to say to and about Lily in our feature article on her for October?” His response:

” Lily Lane is not only one of my best friends, but one of the sexiest and dirtiest performers in the industry! Is it wrong to always get a boner when one of your friends come around? …. if it’s from Lily, NO WAY JOSE! “
Lily sparks that kind of humor, love, emotion and safety from all her friends. I in all honesty could fill up three articles with just quotes from people wishing to say what she means to them and to return a smile that she gives them always. All though it is hard to go into detail on a performers life for obvious reasons. The things that Lily would not mind others knowing, is that she is simply a liver of life, a person that takes care of everyone in her life and always tells it straight. I think she has this sweet timidness to her persona but that is understandable. What I do like about this southern California beauty is that she reflects her personality on screen so much. She takes risks in front of the camera, she tries to never do the same thing twice and like Small Hands said, she is simply one of the kinkiest actresses on the planet, which takes us to the part of her feature that showcases her in her best of roles.
Explicit Filmography:
  • Anal Ink, Evil Angel & LeWood, 2016: In one of the best scenes of her career, Lily gives absolutely one of the best anal performances of 2016. Chriss Stokes and her light up the screen. If you want to see Lily at her absolute nastiest, this is a must see film for any fan.
  • Making the Band, Burning Angel Entertainment, 2016: This 2016 AVN nominated film has it all in terms of Lily. Not only do you get to see her in an epic threesome with Xander Corvus and Tommy Pistol, you get to see her rock the mic with an epic performance, in one of the best orgies I have ever seen filmed. Lily is amazing, her appeal never stops in a scene that features the top performers in the world.


  • Twisted Fantasies 3: Leather & Lace, Devil’s Films, 2016: In this visually stunning scene, we get the pleasure of watching Lily bring a kinky twist to the “art department.” This film shows some range of Lily’s abilities and it showcases her erotic qualities best in this critics opinion. Jake Jace simply goes blow for blow with Lily and the end climax is one of the hottest ever filmed.
  • Naughty Amateurs 6, Combat Zone, 2015: In one of her highest rated films by critics all over the globe, fans were in store for a treat, when once again, Lily stole the show and made the entire film hers. Lily’s scene with Lloyd Platinum is considered the best of her career by many fans. Lily shows some endurance to say the least in this film and she also shows the lengths to which she will go in order to make a scene sizzle. No matter if this is your kink or not, Lily grabs you by force in this film and literally keeps your eyeballs fixated on her, no matter how hardcore the action gets.


After showcasing some of her most heralded films, I honestly had to sit back and contemplate the character that is Lily Lane. In all my thoughts as I wrote this article, I tried to think of previous performers who could compare to Lily, there are not many. She has this hunger for sex in her scenes that compares with the legendary Nikita Denise, crossed with the late great Missy with a tattoo twist.


She has this look that can go with any role, one of my favorites being her character portrayal as a school girl along Ramon Nomar in Burning Angel’s I Fucked My Teacher. It was this film that actually inspired me to write a look at the tattooed performer in the industry. It was always abuzz how reliable Lily was and is. It seriously struck me big time when her and I collaborated on another interview and also when she did not want to be apart of of another. It was this deep honesty within her that really caught my attention as a writer. Lily will tell you how it is but in a way that is honest, not in a way that would ever make you think she puts herself above anybody in the world and that is so rare in the adult film industry. This Southern California beauty has a heart of gold and it did not surprise me to find out from some mutual friends, that she considers herself a homebody. It is such a neat thing to see a beautiful person show how much a stereo type is simply the worst of things in this world. Most would see this woman for the first time and by external judgement, think here is this wild partier, who is a creature of the night. In fact, she hardly ever drinks, she does not even smoke cigarettes. Lily’s “cool” comes from other means. I think that is the thing that continues to make Lily grow more and more each year in this industry. With one of her biggest roles coming up in the recently released, Cindy Queen of Hell, I think directors and producers alike are going to see even more so, that this woman breaks the mold in many ways of what we can expect from a performer.lesbians-landscape-3

I did use a bit more girl/girl shots in this article, well, because I think Lily would dig that more. She is a true, deep lover of women like I am myself and it shows in every scene she does. Jason from Inked Angel’s has expressed that “she simply keeps doing things better and better.” The award nominations at this years last Inked Awards Show proved that. As the age of the beautiful tattooed woman dawns upon us, I think we will be seeing Lily have more and more nominations begin to pile up. One thing is clear, Lily has the brains for this business, she utilizes all that she is better than most performers, but it is her lack of fear and her hunger for passion and lust that will take this wonderful woman to the next level of adult performer status. I will be the first to say it here, Lily is going to do something that no one ever has and with all that she is, all that she portrays and all she follows through with, the only question that is really on my mind is how big of a trophy case does this woman have on stand by for the thing known as her bright, beautful future.


October 2016 Explicit Editors Choice Showcase: Lily Lane

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