Explicit Icon Showcase: Katie Morgan

Explicit Icon Showcase: Katie Morgan

You didn’t Know?

Only if you have been living in Siberia have you not heard of Katie Morgan. Either there or the moon perhaps? This blond bombshell has been featured in everything from news shows, mainstream magazines and films, to her wonderful late night series with HBO where she shows us the ropes on sex and the industry. This months icon is someone who has been re-inventing the term “porn star” for many years and for you that are unfamiliar with her work, be prepared to meet one of the most fascinating entities in the adult world.

REally Young

Katie Morgan and I share the same birth date and to get astronomically 70’s for a second, it is the water sign she possess that I think shows so many reasons as to why she is still bigger than ever and still can hit any city in this amazing country and be spotted a mile away for an autograph. From having met her in person a few times, the last being a mix with a wonderful Pokemon Go session and interview at TeXXXas the Show in Houston. I can tell you Katie is one of the approachable people in the business. A woman who truly loves all the small things in life. I think one of the most amazing things is that she was in this business about three years before I got my beak wet in just the design aspect of the business. During that time, in the early 2000’s porn was not the internet giant it was. Yes, porn has always been a staple of this industry but at that time, we did not have cam girls, massive pod casts, social media. Katie Morgan began her journey to the top, the old school way, by word of mouth and giving the industry something it had never seen before.


Young Katie

Katie Has been compared at times to another performer who entered the industry a bit before she did, named Sindee Coxxx. Now both performers were seen as these blond bombshells who some critics said had an average look but always put on a performance that wowed the audience bigger than some of the biggest names in the business. Now this was all during the time of Jenna Jameson selling her website for record dollars and stars like Jenna Haze and Sasha Grey beginning their careers as well. I don’t think Katie is given her just due as being a performer who not only did what she did during Jenna’s time, the biggest porn star the world has ever known, no she also outlasted so many other women and men in the industry who had mainstream acting talent like she did. Katie Morgan is that dark horse, the under dog that everyone is rooting for, the big difference being is that she quietly ascended the throne as possibly the biggest star that is in the industry today. With no signs of stopping either, for as our monthly reviews will show, she is still filming and making fantasies come alive with fans.

Early Career

Katie did step away from the lime light after her success and now that she is back, the story I always liked hearing was about how she got into the business. If I ever get to sit down with her for Explicit, the thing I would love to know, is what is it like being a true Hunter S. Thompson of the industry? A rebel, a woman who has always played by her own rules and succeeded at it. The rumor is and I can’t state this is fact until I got it out of Katie’s mouth, was that she was caught with one hundred pounds of weed crossing the Mexican border before she shot her first scene with the amazing Ed Powers. I think it takes guts to to what she did. I am not one to look either way at anyone in this life but when we live in an era where the bad guy is glorified in mainstream movies and we are fascinated with things we should not know, Katie Morgan was simply doing things her way before she even took off her bra for the camera and bad guys were cool.

Just Gorgeous

Katie Morgan has always been known as that go-getter. While she was paying off a debt due to her legal battles, she did some of the hardest worked known to man, she was a waitress, a clerk and I do believe that she was even the manager of a pet store. You name it, Katie has indeed done it. Not too many venture that path to stardom like Katie did and I think it shows in her success that if you do indeed want something and you have a dream, you can accomplish anything and I do mean anything. Katie managed to do all this while attending college and furthering herself in more ways than one. In this months addition of the smartest porn stars in the world, Katie was my pick as the star to be featured because of her general knowledge of everything and her experience with everything. I think Katie would be the first to tell you that not everything is taught in a book when it comes to intelligence and knowledge. Being that Katie graduated from high school at the age of sixteen says a lot of that big beautiful brain of hers.

Stripper Heels

So for those of you who were indeed on the moon in 2009. Before Katie Morgan met her amazing hubby, she had indeed had a plan of only making a few films and then getting out of the business and finding another amazing road to walk in life. This says so much of a woman raised in a conservative religious household that was watched over by a father who was a pasture. Katie began her journey in this business by sheer guts and will, calling a friend who had legit connections and taking the first step herself by cold calling producers and agents as if she were a determined wall street banker. This is what landed her with Ed Powers and the rest is in the books. I have seen Katie shoot with the most amazing directors from Mike Quasar to every single giant entity at Wicked Pictures. No matter the scenario, Katie brought out something that attracted fans. We can’t say if it is perfect image as the girl next door, or the Hollywood blond but what we do know, is that Katie is indeed a master performer. A woman with over 270 films under her belt needs no description as to how good an adult performer she is.

Threesome Action

With that being said, we will focus a bit on her acting. Which is what led her to one of my favorite roles that she played. Herself, in Zack and Miri Make a Porno. Also the place she met her hubby, see, love does indeed exist in Hollywood. It was from there that Katie begun to appear with Time Warner and HBO showcasing her amazing talent and speaking ability in Pornucopia. One of the best porn documentaries ever made. It was here we saw exactly what Katie could do in front of a camera. She was crisp with her lines, she indulged in every aspect of production and that is what led to her famous HBO specials were we learned that Captain Morgan is indeed now our favorite drink here at Explicit Inc. I can remember seeing her nude on that stool and wondering how and hell she was going to pull this off and she simply killed it. To me, it was far more powerful of a performance than even the one man show “Tyson” that tours today. It was raw, funny, insightful. It poked fun at the industry but it also gave insight few fans knew and gave critics a lesson in humility that there are genuine, honest, smart people within this industry who are just as successful, compassionate and alluring as a so called “mainstream” performer.


It was from these shows that fans kept demanding more and more. It is also where Katie created this amazing character we see today and she did it all while she was retired, spending a five year honey moon with her husband simply enjoying life and discovering new parts to herself and her capabilities in entertainment as a whole. After her rave reviews from people at Entertainment Weekly and Rolling Stone online for her HBO work, she soon started indulging in talk radio, something she excelled at beyond anything I thought possible. My favorite work of hers was on The Wanker Show, where she indeed presented a very captivating show. For a few years, she was simply doing radio her way and it was always an adventure. Her unforgettable voice got her there but it was her keen mind that kept her there. She has blazed a trail that saw her on Howard Stern showing off her big beautiful brain and if there is one thing I hope to see for Katie, it is return to radio, that is how damn good her show was.

Katie Amazing SmileAss Hot

As if you have not seen enough from this little lady, it was ll around this time that Katie Morgan begun circling the globe and feature dancing. Once again, staring fear in the eye and walking away the victor. This is not something easy for a performer let me tell you. Most women in the industry, they start out as dancers then evolve into film. Katie had the most unorthodox way of making her way into the business, everything was backwards. What I can tell you, is that I never had the pleasure of seeing her dance but while I was in Texas for the last convention I saw her at, a friend of mine who has been in this industry for 25 years told me he caught her show and it was beyond wonderful. He said it was alluring and sexy and once again he said he did not think she was capable of it. I think is what makes Katie our monthly icon. It is that everyone, myself included, never thought she was capable of accomplishing what she has.

Just WowNo Make-up and looking amazing

The truth is Katie’s biggest strength lies within her belief in herself because I can imagine she has been the under dog her whole life. I can imagine she is indeed someone who has scratched and clawed her way to the top but that is who she is. That is why she is inspiring a whole new generation of woman to chase their dreams with a belief in themselves. So to end this amazing adventure on a high note, I can only say that Katie is indeed one in a billion and I am simply glad to say she is on the good guys side, showing the world truly what a “porn star” is capable of.



September 2016 Explicit Icon: Katie Morgan

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