September 2016 Explicit Starlet Showcase: Kendra Lust

“From the coldest winters come the warmest souls.” That was a favorite quote of a great writer I once knew that I met in New York. This statement rang so incredibly true the first time I met our starlet showcase performer Kendra Lust. Kendra is on this months feature because of her big, beautiful brain but there is also a deep seeded sight and wisdom that comes from her heart as well. I was talking with Vicki Chase at TeXXXas the Show a few weeks ago and she said that she simply had to attend The Society 15 party, when Kendra threw caution to the wind and let the chips fall where they may by becoming an agent in this crazy, difficult and amazing industry. I was blown away by Vicki’s statement and I had known why Kendra draws this type of emotion from others in the industry and fans worldwide.

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To this old reporter, nothing is as difficult, or as trying on one’s life as trying to pay for college. Kendra is a bit younger than me and one of the coolest angles I heard about her climb to the top of the mountain was how she danced in a gentleman’s club in order to pay her tuition pursuing a career in medicine. First and foremost I don’t think many people give today’s performers their due diligence when it comes to someone paying for college by camming, or by dancing, or if they are skilled enough, acting in adult films.

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I had written a story about how a huge performer in the industry went to bat for a college student who was paying for her tuition by working in the adult industry and I thought to myself, what did Kendra have to go through in her day? Times were not as open, free minded as they are now. Of course we do not live in a utopian society but there had to be some strain on her character to go to school five days a week and then dance nights and weekends to follow her heart and dreams of a career helping others in the medical field.
The theme I seem to get from every single one of the performers we profiled this month in our presentation of the “world’s smartest” porn stars, was that each person is this incredibly hard working person. Kendra, may indeed be the hardest working of them all. I also believe that her character rubs off on all the men and woman she works with and meets in the industry. That is what draws us to her, it is the fact she has been there, she has done it and she is still smiling, still always taking time for her friends, fans and colleagues. I would have loved to have seen Kendra’s bedside manner as a nurse to say the least.

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Being a guy who was sickly as a kid and later as a soldier, I saw the inside of a hospital enough to last me a lifetime twice over. Pursuing that career takes heart, it takes strength but what most do not figure,  is that it takes something that is unspoken and indefinable to take care of others. You have to be willing to put everyone else behind you and put your needs last always, that includes your family. Kendra did this for seven long years, in Michigan, something very, very few have the heart, let alone the mind and stomach to get through even one day of.
I think Kendra’s passion has always been here for this industry. I can only imagine her personal outings when it comes to sex, rock and roll and fun. Kendra lives her life to the fullest and maximizes each day. I have written about her before. But the one thing that keeps producers, directors, investors coming back is that her mind of hers is always working. After shooting for Brazzers in her first couple months in the industry, she got bold and started getting her name out there first hand.

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Her lack of fear and confidence in herself, shows a strength of mind that is not discovered through books but through work and firsthand experience in facing everything that can come at you. It led Kendra to shooting different styles, different genres, discovering a side to herself that perhaps she did not know, the ability to act her ass off and make every single person with just one glance foam at the mouth.

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You hear the term ………”The next Jenna Jameson” so much in this industry. I guess legends indeed never do die or fade away. Much like Isiah Thomas or Steve Yzerman in their respective sports, everyone is compared to them. What I see with Kendra Lust the thinker, is that I do not see Kendra trying to become the next anybody, Kendra is simply showing us, the world, who Kendra Lust is. That statement is bold in the adult world. For I think everyone, no matter how new they are, or how much of a grizzled veteran of the shoot they are, they are always looking to be within mention of Jenna Jameson and her spotlight. When I first saw a Kendra Lust film, I saw this beautiful older woman who defied that convention. She did things uniquely, she actually shot things like angles of her panties being wet in a girl/girl scene, or her dominance of a dominant male star, things you never see in a film. It is common to see Kendra’s co-stars tweet her after a scene and just tell her how smitten they are and not in terms of drawing interest from the fans but genuine passion and admiration for working with her. I don’t think I have ever heard a bad story about Kendra Lust. I don’t think I have ever seen a man or woman in this industry, with just one mention of her name, simply not have their faces light up with joy, chomping at the bit to express their respect for her. Kendra Lust is simply setting a new bar of excellence for herself and this industry. She is changing things in the best of ways, always looking to make the industry better. This is why in fifteen years, we will all as journalists still be here writing but saying, who is going to be the next Kendra Lust? That is the impact and legacy she is already creating within the industry and it starts in so many areas.

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Kendra has begun an amazing adventure with her production company. Lust Army Productions features some of the most amazing women who have the potential to simply follow the foot steps of it’s founder. We already know about Society 15’s excellence in the industry and with performers but this month’s theme is innovation and power of the mind when it comes to intelligence and be it Kendra’s schooling is in medicine, it may as well be in business as well after she has just launched a new type of “sexual” supplement called Entice.

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This supplement is Kendra in a bottle. A wonderful new product that is designed for him and her. Doing what I think Kendra wants her fans to experience, the full vestige of sex and all the wonderful places it can take you. It is genius that she has created something that will once again, give pleasure to the masses. Entice increases blood flow in men, allowing us stallions to truly take our lady fairs for the ride of their lives and it also increases sensitivity in the female version, allowing the ladies out there to add even more zest to the the big “O”! The natural combinations add to a increased pleasurable mood in the both versions of the pill. I think Kendra truly wants her fans and non fans to have “The Best Night of Their Lives” because it takes more than a keen business sense to develop this idea. I think it goes back to her training as nurse and a passion for generally wanting to help others in any way possible. Kendra has applied the things that made her successful in her previous line of work to her adult job. She has used that compassion to not only grow a successful empire but to also share the wealth with all those around her, from her peers to her fans. In the month of the world’s smartest porn stars being featured, Kendra goes beyond this list. She is in a category all her own. She is pushing the boundaries of what we know and expect as fans and she is innovating the way that we see and engage in adult entertainment. Now that ladies in gentleman is simply pure genius!

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Now rumor is, Kendra is pursuing her masters, which does not shock this writer one bit. It does not surprise me to always know Kendra is seeing the “undiscovered country” that is the future before the rest of us do. I sincerely hope Kendra stays in this industry for a long time and becomes a “porn lifer.” Kendra has mastered everything she does since she was young. She was homecoming queen, she was captain of the varsity basketball team and we already know of her collegiate accolades. From her time beginning just by web camming, she grew into a force of nature in this industry.

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She continues everyday to not let fear be what holds her back but what drives her. I mention these things of her younger day because of how well a timeline it shows of a woman who took beauty and ran with it, took physical attributes and did something with them. Then in college, took her big brain and beautiful heart and mastered something she was passionate about. Now, we get to her adult career, a place were she uses all of those thing accumulated over time, to simply give the general public Kendra Lust. The future is always unknown but one thing is for sure, with all that Kendra has accomplished, it is evident that this intelligent porn star, is not done by a long shot.

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Our September 2016 Explicit Starlet: Kendra Lust


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