September 2016 Explicit Interview: Lynn Vega

To start out are amazing month of September, we at Explicit Ink thought we would bring you a look at one of the newest starlets in the porn world. The beautiful, always professional Lynn Vega. This beauty hails from Las Vegas, Nevada and as this interview will show, there are few who have a sexual desire in real life as much as she does in front of the camera. Lynn is a new breed of porn star, one who lives the lifestyle and shows just how much she does in every scene she is in, so without further adieu, here is Lynn….

Don Juan DeMarko: I like to start off every interview with learning how you came into the industry. I find that the path all of us took here is very different & we all have a unique story, so I was wondering if you would share yours with our readers?

Lynn Vega: I first started appearing in the adult entertainment industry as a cam model in 2013.  I was looking for a way to work from home while seeking an outlet to explore my sexuality as well.  I didn’t even know cam models were a thing, but once someone told me about it I had to check it out.  Shortly after my first broadcast I was hooked!  The thrill of being watched as I enjoyed my body & the exhilaration of knowing I was bringing others pleasure at the same time felt amazing. 
In 2015 at the Adult Entertainment Expo (AEE) I was offered a once in a lifetime opportunity to film with a professional production company.  I had just gotten to the expo as a fan & the first booth I visited happened to be a lesbian production company.  After chatting & flirting with one of their performers she asked if I would like to be seduced on camera.  What else could I say but yes?  We spent the rest of the convention flirting & building up the suspense for the camera.  The company’s main producer at the show approached me & said it’d be nice if I joined them at the penthouse party later that evening.  The excitement seemed almost too surreal.

I later joined my soon-to-be co-star & we entered the party together.  The night was full of great people & entertainment.  At one point my high heel caught the floor where a drink had been spilt & I took a short dive.  I was so embarrassed!  Luckily I didn’t get injured & instead wound up in bed with my then topless, future co-star.  The night eventually ended when the AVN crew requested the suite to shoot photos for next year’s convention – go figure.  I talked a bit more with some folks & eventually the night ended with an open invitation to start production.  I drove out to California the next month & began what would become an unbelievable journey.

Don Juan DeMarko: I would love to know what has been the biggest surprise in the industry? What was it that perhaps you did not know before, that utterly shocked or surprised you about filming a scene or a photo shoot?
Lynn Vega: I would say the biggest surprise to me about the industry is the amount of paperwork & documentation involved.  When you arrive on set you usually have at least 3 forms to fill out, take photos of your IDs & sometimes sign in on a video recording stating you’re aware of what you’re doing & you’re not under the influence.  It takes 20 minutes sometimes just to get through all of that, not to mention the process of getting tested & then providing or exchanging info with other performers & producers. 

Don Juan DeMarko: What are your goals & dreams within the industry? What is it that you wish to accomplish while you are here in this amazing industry?

Lynn Vega: I’m a simple girl, so I like to keep my goals that way.  I like the idea of making money doing something which I really enjoy, & what’s more enjoyable than porn?  I also like satisfying both myself & fans by creating great scenes.  The fact I get to do it with hotties from around the industry all over the world is also incredible.  I can’t say I’m so ambitious that I want to eventually direct production scenes of my own but the industry is a small one & after what will hopefully amount to a long & successful career, you never know what will happen.  As long as I make the fans happy, enjoy what I do, & possibly be on a few DVD covers, I’m happy. 

Don Juan DeMarko: I think the Explicit Readers would love to know, who is the one gal you would love to share the screen with. I know there has to be one lovely lady above the rest who truly stands out above the others that you have the biggest crush on & are just chomping at the bit to work with.
Lynn Vega: I’ve had a crush on Abigail Mac since I met her at AE Expo 2014. I got a couple of photos with her & have wanted an opportunity to work with her ever since I started performing.  When I met her, being a performer wasn’t even a thought in my mind.  It’s been exciting to get to work alongside other sexy, successful & confident women I’ve admired from afar, but still long for the day to work with her. 

Don Juan DeMarko: I would love to know how the industry has helped you grow sexually, personally or all of the above. I think this industry is something that always propels us to new places in our lives in a good way. I would love to hear how it has helped you to grow in any way.

Lynn Vega: The industry has helped me grow sexually by giving me a safe outlet to explore my sexual desires.  Prior to performing I had only been with a couple of women.  The truth is I’m very protective of my body & it was frustrating knowing there would be metaphorical miles to travel before I felt safe enough to sexually enjoy a woman.  I savor every experience being with a woman so the industry has given me a way to explore different ways of satisfying that desire & in turn I am more confident in my sexuality.  It has also helped me grow personally by giving me something to focus on & strive for.  I didn’t realize how business driven the industry was & all that goes into it. 
Don Juan DeMarko: What are all the aspects of the industry that you get involved in? Do you cam? Do you do personal/custom videos for fans? I always like to let the fans know every way they can see a rising star like you, especially those who have not gotten to see your work & are reading about you for the first time.


Lynn Vega: As I mentioned, I started out camming.  You can still catch me on Chaturbate & occasionally on MyFreeCams.  I’m always trying to find sexy ladies to cam with too.  I have found it’s a bit tougher to get booked for Girl/Girl scenes in the industry so I’ve tried to take matters into my own hands, filming content & custom videos & loading them on my own website as well as other content sites like ManyVids & Clips4Sale.  I’m also out there enjoying one-on-one video dates as well.  Like life, it’s really all about what you make of it & I’m here to make it!

13Don Juan DeMarko: What is the biggest annoyance in the adult industry?
Lynn Vega: I would say the biggest annoyance for me is people who don’t carry themselves professionally when it comes to time.  I’m someone who arrives to set on time so it’s frustrating when people don’t because then I, the rest of the crew, & the studio are potentially sitting around losing out on money to be made.  I hate wasting time & sitting around doing nothing, unless it’s in a hot bath!
Don Juan DeMarko: Can you tell us about your greatest experience on set? I think the Explicit fans would love to hear what scene, what shoot just stands in your mind as the greatest time on an adult film set.
Lynn Vega: I think I’m still waiting for that scene that really stands out in my mind as nonstop fun.  Sex scenes are great, & my first was especially memorable, but I’m still hoping someday I’ll get that scene where the talent all clicks & we have a great time cracking jokes, doing our thing, & keeping everyone happy. 


Don Juan DeMarko: What type of female attracts you in both your personal life & on set?
Lynn Vega: I’m attracted to women that are confident, fit & have a fun personality. I’m all about people’s energy & how we vibe.  If I meet a woman & I instantly want to be touching her then I know she’s someone I want to get to know more.  I love that pull you feel when there’s an attraction & I can’t keep my hands to myself.  I’m a very affectionate person so if I like a woman my hands will usually be gently brushing against them somewhere.
Don Juan DeMarko: What was the wildest thing you have done outside of the industry when it comes to sex? Would you be willing to share a wild sex story with the fans that you experienced before you got into the adult world?
Lynn Vega: I was having a Boy/Girl/Girl threesome with a woman who squirted & I couldn’t get enough of it. I thought I was going to drown!  The whole experience with her was very hot & it was the most positions I’ve ever experienced in that dynamic. 

9Don Juan DeMarko: What is your ideal type of sexual situation?
Lynn Vega: Since I’m bisexual I love being with a man & woman at the same time.  There’s just something about having my face buried deep in a beautiful, beautiful pussy while feeling his thrust from behind.  I find the whole situation so fulfilling.  There’s so many movements, sounds & pleasures happening all at once.  It’s beyond compare. 
Don Juan DeMarko: What is the absolute favorite thing to have done to your body?
Lynn Vega: Short & sweet, I love the feeling of getting a nice hard smack on my ass & then having it caressed.

Don Juan DeMarko: If you had an unlimited budget, what would be your absolute dream shoot? Where would it be? Who would it star? I would love to know what kind of sexy scenario you could come up with in your dream shoot!

1Lynn Vega: My dream shoot would be by the pool in a sexy Caribbean location with Abigail Mac & Kissa Sins!  I can only imagine the things we’d do to each other.  Maybe I’m naïve, but I’d like to think we’d get lost in each others bodies & the scene would make itself. 

Don Juan DeMarko: Do you have any fantasies that you have not yet lived out in your personal life, or on screen in front of the camera?

Lynn Vega: It’s the world of porn, so there’s always something new & interesting to check out & desire.  To be honest, I’ve thought about everything from a simple Girl/Girl scene with a porn star I’d love to be with to a full blown gang bang or reverse gang bang.  The temptation is limitless.  What is limited is the scope in which my character lives.  My fans have been very vocal that they like me as a Girl/Girl performer & I like it that way too.  I’m not ruling anything out, but only the future can tell what’s to come.  

Don Juan DeMarko: Would you say that you like more romantic sex, or to do you like the wham bam, rougher than rough style sex.

Lynn Vega: It all depends on the mood.  I think most girls will tell you they like it soft & sensual with a lot of build-up like I sometimes do, enjoying pleasure for hours on end.  Other times I like it rough & to the point, more of a quickie.

Don Juan DeMarko: Aside from being a bad ass when it comes to sex & fantasy, do you have any other skills that the fans & industry does not know about?

Lynn Vega: I was a pretty good ice skater in my teens, but it’s been a while since I’ve been on the ice.  It’s not like I was going pro, but it’s definitely where I get my legs from. 
Don Juan DeMarko: Are you nervous before you perform? If so, how do you calm yourself down or get yourself in the mood?
Lynn Vega: It’s a natural reaction to be nervous or anxious when you meet someone new.  Now imagine meeting that person, getting naked in front of or with them, & having sex with them, all while others are watching.  It’s pretty nerve-wracking!  My only go-to is to try & find out whom I’m shooting with ahead of the scene & develop a report with them beforehand.  Then when we meet it’s kind of like reuniting with an old friend – an old friend you’re about to have sex with (laughs). 

Don Juan DeMarko: How do you spend your time, when you are not on set?

Lynn Vega: Considering I try to make a living showing off my body & having sex, I think it’s my responsibility to put the best product out there.  I’m constantly finding myself at the gym, the spa, the masseuse, or out & about making clips & scenes.  If I’m staying still, something is either wrong or I’m about to go to bed.  I’ll take the occasional vacation here & there, but lately I’ve found that’s just another opportunity to show off the goods.


Don Juan DeMarko: Is there anything you have on the horizons coming up that we simply cannot miss as fans & in closing, is there anything you want to say to all your fans out there?

Lynn Vega’s Newest Release: In Stores September 1st.

Lynn Vega: I recently came back from a few Go-See meetings in California. For those who may not know, a Go-See is when you meet with a company, usually a producer, & they tell you if they like your stuff or not. I won’t go into details of the meetings but I will say it became incredibly apparent that studios are shooting the girls their fans request. I’d encourage my fans to troll Twitter & the web to ensure their favorite producers are ringing my name during their next casting call. Otherwise, fans are welcome to check out my website,, where I add all official links to my work & even sell some online. I’m also very happy to announce I’ll be on the cover of a DVD – Pussy Crazy 2 by Little Dragon Enterprises. It’s the first of hopefully many more to come in my career! Thanks for continuing to support my journey & thank you, Explicit, for the opportunity to do this interview.

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One of the fastest shooting stars in the business, the always scrumptious Lynn Vega

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