September 2016 Explicit Insider Interview: Natasha Nice

September 2016 Explicit Insider Interview: Natasha Nice


Bender:  Okay Natasha, you and I have talked on the phone which a lot of people are jealous about, it’s seriously that you and I get along pretty good and we met at AVN last year so when I told you last week over the phone you would be featured as one of the world’s smartest porn stars stars what was your reaction?

Natasha Nice: I was totally excited and honored and then I felt unworthy lol.

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Bender: All right now let’s take a step backwards Natasha, when did you start in the industry for those that don’t know?

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Natasha Nice: I started almost 10 years ago. I think I shot my first scene sometime in September 2006. Whoa. It was a solo video and then I soon after did a boy girl for Red Light District

Bender: You took some time off from the industry, what made you decide to return to adult entertainment?

Natasha Nice: I realized I had never been happier than when I was doing porn. I found myself asking “then why am I not in porn if I enjoyed it so much?” For a long time the answer was family. I moved to SF and realized life is too short to live it for somebody else. In short, yolo.

Bender: Now when you did make your return it was with quite an impact. You signed a 5 picture deal with award-winning director Greg Lansky. How did this come about?

Natasha Nice: I’m tempted to say that I attracted it with my mind, ha ha, because when I was perusing online to see the present state of the industry, I noticed Tushy and Blacked and thought how cool it would be to shoot for Greg? I didn’t think it was in the cards yet though, because I saw a lot of new faces and wasn’t sure if there was still room for me. Then I signed with an agent (LADirect). One of the first calls that came in was from Greg and the rest is history 😀

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Bender: All right Natasha, now what was it like to work with such a talented director like Greg Lansky?

Natasha Nice: The shoot itself was great. I’m generally a more energetic performer but Greg’s style is much softer than the norm. It was interesting to contain myself for a change and when I saw the end product, I felt very satisfied.

Bender: Natasha, in addition to your recent work with Greg Lansky, and, what other companies amd websites have you shot with since your return to the industry?

Natasha Nice: FTVMilfs/FTVGirls, New Sensations, Naughty America, Immoral Productions, B.Skow, Elegant Angel, Lethal Hardcore, Rodney Moore, Reality Kings.

Bender: So Natasha, you also have a website as part of the to Puba Network, can you tell us a little bit about your website and what makes it different?

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Natasha Nice: Puba and I actually just redesigned the entire site. I was trying to move away from the young girl image and make it sexier for what I like now. I changed the color scheme to bring out my eyes and redesigned the logo. It has a magical touch now I think. Go check it out.

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Bender: Natasha, as I said we’ve had a few talks over the phone, you’re a very focused woman but not just on the adult entertainment industry, you’re focused on your education and other aspects of your life. So since your return, because as we all know a lot of the girls, they get in the business and there’s a lot of partying that goes on and it really seems like you’ve gotten that out of your system what are your thoughts?

Natasha Nice: Balance and self awareness are everything when it comes to that I think. I truly believe that “we’re never gonna survive unless we get a little crazy” and maybe it’s only because I went thru it that I know my limits. School doesn’t really permit for much partying. Not at the level I’m at anymore at least. I tried programming drunk once. It was a disaster. All linear and ordered thinking goes out the window lol. If I do drink, it’s generally wine at the end of the day or if I’m at a restaurant.

Bender: All right Natasha, of course you’ve done some Anal scenes, most notably for, so would you say anal is something you’re into in your personal life? I really hate these questions to be honest, lol, the whole anal question thing then but you know the fans love them, so in your own words can you tell us?

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Natasha Nice: I definitely have anal moods lol. I like doing it in my bathtub. Everything just gets so juicy. I like DP’ing myself while I’m in the tub and then peeing while the toys are inside me. The pee runs down my butt cheeks it feels very warm. I haven’t done enough anal scenes yet though so ask me again in a few months 😛

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Bender: Okay, now it’s of course time for some questions as everybody knows I really hate these questions but we love our fans so we have to ask them. You’re originally from France. So you may not know this, French girls have always driven me crazy. The first two wives were French. What is it about French girls that drive men crazy?

Natasha Nice: My guess is the accent and the attitude. Maybe the style of femininity? I dunno you tell me….. what drives you crazy about me ?

Bender: Natasha, I almost forgot you’re also part Cuban, that’s a hell of a combination, very combustible. You must have not just a lot of passion in your sex life but in everything you do, due to your heritage alone. What are your thoughts?

Natasha Nice: Yes I definitely have a lot of energy spilling out of me at times, lol. I would say the passion comes most from my Cuban side. My French side is more mindful. Historically, both cultures are very tough and experienced revolutions each on their own end. I’m very proud of where I’m from.

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Bender: You actually grew up in a very religious home. What made you decide to enter the adult entertainment industry in the first place?

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Natasha Nice: Religion. Just kidding. I mean sorta. I felt a pull towards porn. And I didn’t feel much stopping me.

Bender: How did your family and friends react to your decision to enter the industry?

Natasha Nice: Most of them have been respectful enough to “agree to disagree.” Though I can tell some of them look at me different. My parents were and are completely against it but like I mentioned earlier, that’s not my business. I care a lot about people. I just don’t care about their opinions.
Bender: What’s your favorite sexual position?

Natasha Nice: In movies I prefer missionary. In real life, I looooove to grind on a man.

Bender: In your personal life you prefer male or female sexual partner?

Natasha Nice: Men! Women are so sexy but we don’t have cocks 🙁 I need cock!

Bender: Now, I’m sure you appreciate your fans. What is the best way to approach you at a convention or something along those lines?

Natasha Nice: There’s no best way. I wanna see the real person. I like some star-struckness (hehe) if it’s genuine. Also, candy.


Bender: We know most of the fans are great but you have you ever had any bad experiences with fans?

Natasha Nice: I don’t consider the assholes to be my fans. I consider them entitled little bitches. My fans are awesome and they’re fun to talk to.

Bender: Natasha do you have any guilty pleasures?

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Natasha Nice: Candy. The chewy, gummy stuff mostly. Like Haribo Smurfs. And sour candy.

Bender: Natasha, as I said this month’s special edition of smartest porn stars. you are currently attending a University. What is your major?

Natasha Nice: Computer Science. It was international business at first. But then I fell in love with marine biology but always wondered what I would do with that degree. Then I found computer science and it felt right. I like to call it the new business degree. lol

Bender: Do you have any hobbies outside managing your website?

Natasha Nice: Well I just started writing more consistently. I read quite a bit too. Besides that I would say kickboxing is my main hobby and sometimes when I’m in the mood I draw

Bender: Are there any performers that you haven’t worked with that you would like to work with?

Natasha Nice: Jean Val Jean. He’s dreamy ?

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Bender: If we were going to get to spend the day with Natasha what could we expect?

Natasha Nice: Oh well I would plan something nice of course! Maybe we could go swimming in the ocean and rub each other down with oil ?

Bender: Okay Natasha, if you could describe yourself, would you say you are a geek or a goddess?

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Natasha Nice: I think goddesses are more composed than I am hahaha. Although I wouldn’t mind having a foot worshiping sex slave who lets me suffocate him with my pussy.

Bender: All right Natasha, as I said we’ve spoken on the phone a few times. Between  now and during our last conversation, we talked about you writing it monthly article for us here to explicitlist com. What can your fans expect?

Natasha Nice: They can expect to read my thoughts on the following topics: sex, performer rights, religion’s impact, freedom & liberty, and of course Porn ? and equality.

Bender: One last question. We talked a lot about the things in our conversations. We have talked about your career very much. So how can your fans keep up with you and your career? What social media do you use?

Natasha Nice: Your best bet is to join my website ( or to follow me on Twitter (@benicenatasha). And now you can read my articles on (author name: NatashaNice)

By Bender Cain.

Special Thanks to Ivan Puba and The Puba Network

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“Painting pictures with words”….and some. The marvelous Natasha Nice

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