September 2016 Explicit Insider Interview: Lexington Steele

The World’s Smartest Porn Stars had to feature this amazing man of the industry. A “hardened” veteran of the silver screen, who needs no introduction and has won award after award in the adult entertainment world and continues to do what makes him a pioneer, create good films and always give fans what they want. He sat down with our editor in chief Bender Cain for a one on one interview.


Bender: Before I start< I just want to say thank you so much Lex sitting down with us here on to answer a few questions for our readers and your fans of course.


Bender: Now as you know, you are being featured in our Pioneer showcase article as one of the world’s smartest porn stars. What were your thoughts when I informed you, that you would be featured as one of the world’s smartest porn stars stars?

Lexington Steele: My thoughts on being named one of the industry’s smartest porn stars, made me think of the other people regarded as such. It is most appreciated to named among such an esteemed group. People should know that performers have whole lives and identities outside of their adult media. My inclusion may surprise some, but for many it is no surprise.

Bender: Now Lex, you graduated from Syracuse University, a very prestigious school. You double majored in History and African American studies. Now if I’m not mistaken, those degrees really don’t go with the adult entertainment industry so what what happened?


Lexington Steele: Having finished college with a BA is American History, the XXX industry has not had much use for my academic accomplishments. My former career, as a Wall Street investment adviser, a stock broker of close to 6 years, had no use for my degree either. My arrival to the industry in 1998, was all to do with chasing a dream. It all worked out.

Bender: Now after you graduated college, you spent 6 years in the stock broker in New York, what are the biggest differences between the big big business of stock trading and the adult entertainment industry?

Lexington Steele: There are innumerable differences between the business of finance, as I experienced it, and the world of XXX media. Primarily, as a broker, I promoted and sold  financial interests in publicly traded corporations; as a pornographer, producer, director, performer, I promote and sell pieces of pleasurable recreation, if you will. For me, it has been as much about the business of XXX, as the sex of XXX. But I would not discount one or the other. It all has made me who I am.


Bender: Okay Lex, you also own mercenary Motion Pictures, what other projects do you have?

Lexington Steele: I established Mercenary Pictures in 2003 and maintain the company to date, with over 250 titles still viable in today’s market. Since 2013, my new media has been produced by Lexington Steele Productions, in association with Evil Angel, with 40 titles available today. Over the last few years I have published a magazine, Black Diamonds, created and hosted 3 live streaming video podcasts, produced a weekly comedy show in Los Angeles, and married my lovely “Canadian Amazon,” Savana Styles. It has been a thrilling period over the last few years, the good and the challenging. 


Bender: Lex, you have been around the industry for quite a bit now. How do you go about spotting new talent?

Lexington Steele: Casting talent for my productions has always been the most important ingredient when producing a Lexington Steele movie. The task has been made so much easier by the fine work being done by the industries exclusive talent management companies, like OC Models, as well as, the work of Public Relations specialists,like Erica The Rub, PR.

Bender: As a director and producer, what would you say is unique about your approach to the adult entertainment industry?

Lexington Steele: Honestly, I can say that my media as a producer and director, my not be considered tremendously unique. Where I have established market strength and value, is by displaying an adherence to quality and consistency. Consumer have always been rest assured when purchasing my brand that they are getting their money’s worth.

Bender: I’ve read somewhere that you’ve also praised fellow adult film star Rocco Siffredi as a performer. My question is, I know there’s a lot of competition between the girls in the industry but how much competition is there between the guys in the business?


Lexington Steele: Much like the fraternity of brotherhood that exists among professional athlete, male performers in the XXX business are generally congenial and supportive of one another. It is the realization that we are integral members of a very small society of individuals who have contributed to the creation of this media over time. We have a tremendous amount of respect for each other as male performers because we understand that there are challenges and difficulties in doing what we do. The competitive nature of the men in this business makes it a competitive business, not the business that makes us competitive.

Bender: As one of the world’s smartest porn stars, which clearly you are, in your opinion, what is the state of the adult entertainment industry today?

Lexington Steele: The state of the industry today is one of inherent challenge. Those that think the “house is on fire” and have a “let’s get out now” mentality, will be the ones who will not be around when things return to prosperity. Some business cycles take longer to subside, for better or worse. Being one of the last men standing is about market viability and ability to change with the times. The industry is not as healthy from a fiscal standpoint compared to a decade ago, but the consumers create a demand that guarantees their needs will be facilitated. Additionally, the industry has a number of legal issues that may set precedent over the next few years. So this is a very exciting time to be in the business of adult media. This is my 18th year and I enjoy each day in my office or on a set.

Bender: I recently read a quote online from a female performer “when you ask a porn star about big cocks, a big cock is Lexington Steele that shit is frightening, it’s not going anywhere near the vicinity of my body” -Stoya. What is your response to that?


Lexington Steele: Many of the women in this business are fantastic at the act of sex. Some of these women can operate with men equipped with larger tools, such as myself. For those that feel they need to avoid me or my size, it does not bother me at all. Frankly, in today’s xxx industry, there is no avoiding size anymore. Most of the men are well, to extremely well endowed and that is where porno has developed.  Better technology.  Bigger performers. 

Bender: You have kind of a trademark yell in films when you end your scenes. How did this come about? It’s very reminiscent of Tarzan in some ways, at least that’s what it makes me think of. So what is the story behind it?

Lexington Steele: Part of my responsibilities as a performer is to convey a sense of enjoyment when having sex with my counterparts. The most important time to finalize the enjoyable experience is by exclamation at the cum shot. When I began doing scenes, I decided that being cool through the cum shot sequence was not for me. It is important to me that the consumer is aware of just how enjoyable the experience was. What I do for a living is not rocket science,  but it is not an especially easy occupation, either.


Bender: All right, a lot of people think they can do you do for a living. Almost every guy on the planet, this is their dream job, they think they can be the next big male performer. Which is not true, it takes something special, not just having a big cock but it takes something upstairs. You have got to really turn things out. I couldn’t do what you do and I do well with the ladies. So what are your thoughts when someone tells you they can do what you do for a living?


Lexington Steele: For those that assume they could replace me at my job, I encourage these men to be better than me. Make your own opportunity and go for it. But the business is not about doing one great scene, it’s about being consistently good. Many men could do well once or even a few times. As I said earlier,  this is my 18th year and I have withstood the test of time.

The man…..the myth……the legend: Lexington Steele

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