September 2016 Explicit Film Review: Kittens -vs- Cougars 10

What happens when you pair one of the most iconic directors in the history of adult cinema, with one of the current stars in the industry, that in this critics opinion, is the next icon in the industry? You get pure bliss, magic and wonder. This film from Zero Tolerance and Mike Quasar simply showcases his directing skills to the max. Mr. Quasar’s best films are always the ones with deep plots, long lines and true acting but what I think Mike is never given enough credit for, is how he can shape the “all sex” films into something delicious and dazzling. I went into this film thinking it would be more like his features. Even though it is not, it has a balance of sensuality and performance, mixed with scantily involved performers, who all indeed steal the show. From the trailers of his upcoming work, to a very delicious slide show that showcases provocative enough positions to make you lose your head right then and there. This film was perfectly sculpted in every which way. I can tell you, that if you just watch the slide shows and the trailers, you will be hot under the collar instantly and may not even make it to the film itself, it is that scorching hot. So strap in as we take a tour of younger gals dominating older beauties and vice versa and you will see why this film is worth your hard earned money at the end of the day.


Scene 1: Katie Morgan and Lucy Doll

Katie Morgan and Lucy Doll.

The Set-Up:

The bringing together of two of the loveliest voices to ever talk dirty on screen was pure genius by Mike Quasar and Zero Tolerance. Katie Morgan and Lucy Doll sizzle to start the show off big time. Both ladies have this “girl next door” voice and look that is as sweet, cute and dreamy as they are sexy and alluring. There is no true set-up to this scene, simply passionate kissing and the yummiest of dirty talk exchanged between the two. The scenery is great, the ladies go at it on this over sized love seat, which gives the viewer and director adequate area to see all the action, from every angle. The ladies appearance is dynamite, they did not go too heavy with the make-up and lingerie. Perfect touches in these angles of production.


The Sex:

Katie Morgan will forever be a girl of our dreams. She simply knows what we like to see. Lucy is fairly new to the film scene but she shines and holds her own with one of the biggest stars to every grace the industry. Both women flow well together. Mike’s angles of Katie Morgan’s booty and her going in to start the action with Lucy with her panties slid down her legs is simply vintage Quasar. The kissing to set up the sex is passionate. The highlight for me, was simply watching Lucy in action. Her voice adds so much to the kink, especially once Katie starts licking her kitty till she can’t take it anymore. Mike Quasar throws in some vintage angles of up close pussy eating, something very few directors do these days. No matter if it is Katie or Lucy, the up close shots are amazing, especially when Lucy gets Katie on all fours and just buries her tongue deep in Katie’s gorgeous kitty. The action goes just the distance in order to wet your whistle and these ladies simply let their actions do the talking when it comes to everything in this scene.



Scene 2: Cherie DeVille and Elsa Jean:


The Set-Up:

No matter how you get Cherie DeVille, directors are quickly learning you capitalize on having her do what she does best. Cherie’s acting ability, her charm, her seduction and sex appeal are on full display in this scene. Paired up with one of the hottest new comers in ages, this scene simply has everything. Cherie seductively seduces Elsa. The dirty talk is just arousing beyond anything you can imagine for a scene and film that are purely all about sex. Cherie’s body just looks more amazing in each film she does, a credit to her dedication to always be the best, even in the gym. The sex takes place on the couch, one of my favorite types of scenes and Elsa adds the finishing touches by simply letting her co-star ravage her from the get go.

Cherie DeVille and Elsa Jean

The Sex:


The sex is outstanding. The ladies simply steal the show in this film with positions, up close shots, as well as some distance perspectives that showcase their incredible bodies, in every way possible. Watching these ladies get each other naked is a treat and half. When you add in Cherie’s role as the aggressor, the end result is movie magic. Once again, bravo to Mike Quasar for adding in the up close shots, one of the best angles in this scene is watching Cherie DeVille suck Elsa’s pussy lips with pure pleasure and then looking up into Elsa’s eyes as she indulges and moans with pleasure.


As she makes Elsa purr and purr again, we are treated to Elsa getting hot under the collar and having Cherie sit on her face and then put Cherie on her back as she returns the favor. Once again, in another close up shot that will have you going wild you get to see Elsa on full display and Cherie lets her take the reigns and simply end the scene in the best way possible. This is the Explicit Choice for hottest scene in the film and for all those fans who follow the stars, you already know, seeing this pairing is worth the purchase price of this film anywhere you can get it. The kissing is steamy, the seduction will have you going mad with lust and watching these two put on the best of shows is simply what makes this business what it is, the things of pure fantasy and wonder.

The Explicit Choice for Hottest Scene of the Film.

Scene 3: Kendra Lust and Sara Luvv

The Set-Up:


Films are simply never cast this well. You have Sara Luvv who is the glue of every film she is in, with her great acting and amazing appetite for sex. Then you have Kendra Lust, the best of the best, A-List material from day one. That ladies and gents, is a recipe for excitement. These two waste no time in the scene with dialogue at all. The kissing is intense and pleasurable. The ladies are both in these amazing bra and pantie sets that have your mind racing, wondering what’s underneath. The ladies are really into each other, as they kiss, neck and lick each other all over. You see them fondle, caress and squeeze each other with this hungry anticipation. I guarantee, you the viewer, will be screaming to get them naked in the best of ways. Mr. Quasar let the girl’s do their thing and it translates into an opening that is so intense, yummy and provocative that you may just get too hot & heavy before their clothes even come off.

The Sex:


I could understand if some critics thought the girl’s kiss and touch a bit too long in this scene, not this critic though. The kissing leads into some intense oral. Add in when you have performers of this caliber, every movement, every action, is just done in the most alluring way, leaving you speechless every ten seconds. A definitive way to demonstrate this is when Kendra slips her panties off while eating Sara’s pussy with a hunger and fiery passion. Then the camera angle shifts to show Kendra’s amazing backside as she makes Sara cum.


This is a scene were the sex is so good, the angles are just a bonus. The sex is so hot you could just set the camera to show only one view through out and this scene would still melt an ice box. Kendra’s sexy way she leads Sara to eat her pussy, is just ecstasy in film form and will have you sweating and needing some refreshment after. As always, Sara knows how to make her scenes shine. She simply always does what ever it takes to make you drool from second one in her sex scenes and watching her get devoured is a real treat. Kendra adds in the perfect zest to this combination, especially when it is Sara’s turn to get a piece of the action.


The aspect is sensitive and sexy. Kendra has never looked better and watching Sara lick her from top to bottom may have you loosing your mind and other things as well, before the girls even get naked. Kendra Lust gives the performance she always does, sexy, sultry and beyond tantalizing. Once again, the huge plus factor in this scene, is the up close angles, where we see Kendra Lust go in for the kill by having Sara sit on her face while creamy white cum is dripping from her gorgeous kitty. The pulsating movements of Kendra once again steal the show as Sara reverses things for the grand finale. It was so hard to choose between this scene and Cherie DeVille’s as top scene. The cover girls do an excellent job of mesmerizing the senses. You will not be feeling short changed by the time you get three quarters of the way through this film.

Kendra Lust and Sara Luvv

Scene 4: Ryan Conner and Bella Rose

Ryan Conner and Bella Rose

The Set-Up:

Making her triumphant return is Ryan Conner. Yes, she made her way back from an over decade hiatus in 2015 but this has been simply a wonderful 2016 for Ryan. Miss Conner has always been a staple of how things are done in front of the camera, especially with girl/girl films. Bella Rose is brand spanking new to the scene. She has a very captivating “girl next door” look, capped off with her gorgeous blond locks and her incredibly petite frame. Bella is steadily gaining her ground as a performer and it is simply amazing when a young performer is paired up with such a wise industry veteran like Conner. It makes for a sexy scene, even though there are tiny bumps in the road here and there. I think Bella’s lack of experience in a scene is not a problem in this film, the kissing that leads to the sex is good, the outfits of both women are indeed “dreamy” but it is Ryan’s veteran prowess that simply leads things very anticipatory into the sex. You simply get a sense that Bella is about to get dominated by the other woman and it leads for good setup in this, the grand finale.


The Sex:

If you have not seen one of Ryan Conner’s films, shame on you, she is a marvelous actress and a woman who understands seduction and captivation of the audience better than almost any performer who has graced the silver screen. She brings this charisma and aggressive attitude to all her scenes. In her triumphant return to adult films this year, I am so glad to see that she has not lost a step in the seduction department. Her body is amazing, she captures the essence of the MILF role with her gorgeous beauty, amazing breasts and her always wicked tongue. Bella Rose is no slouch either in the looks department. Her small frame and gorgeous looks, just add to the film in the best of ways. There are moments were, I would not say, she has the deer in headlights look but has a stammer here and there. This is common with any new starlet. Ryan was the perfect choice for her partner, because she leads the action and helps mesh things in the most sexy way with the young actress. Ryan’s pussy licking skills are heavenly, some of the kinkiest action in the entire film is watching her just stretch out Bella’s gorgeous pussy lips, as she quivers with excitement. Of coarse, as with every scene, the angles are once again the huge showcase, especially at the end of the scene where Ryan grabs Bella, spreads her legs and we see this provocative POV angle of Bella just devouring Ryan’s pussy, as she looks up into her eyes while her entire mouth is just buried deep in her kitty. I’m getting hot just writing about it. Ryan’s dirty talk is a huge plus in this scene, as it is with every scene of hers. She does not get crazy with her words, she adds the perfect touch with it all. I would have liked the scene to be a bit long and the film ends on a bit of a quick note but after it is all said and done, things were done up to par indeed.


The Explicit Bottom Line:

You can not go wrong with this much star power. The veteran performers of this film steal the show and give you your moneys worth from second one. The angles and film work are splendid and all though there were a few editing snags, it is nothing that truly derails the sex, the setup or the film. Mike Quasar adds in just what the fans want. It is as if he is reading the viewers mind, as he takes them on a trip through a sexual fantasy. The things you want to see around each corner of the journey are exactly what you wanted to see. The big bonus I think is the casting. Elsa Jean, Sara Luvv and Lucy Doll add so much to this film. They complete it in a way that they fit the mold like a Lego piece, in the vision that is Kittens & Cougars 10. Not forgetting Bella Rose, she adds this innocence to the climax that showcases a bright future for such a young starlet if she keeps studying the aspect of performance, which she indeed did great for one of her first films. All in all, this film passes the test and is very much worthy of your hard earned dollars as a consumer of the best thing on earth, adult entertainment.


Kittens & Cougars 10 from Mike Quasar & Zero Tolerance



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