September 2016 Explicit Calendar Girl: Cristi Ann

From first glance of this blond beauty, I could tell there was something unique about her. This native of Miami indeed has the look of something exotic, alluring and mysterious in a way that from first glance, will simply have you trying to find out more. I had the opportunity to meet her at an adult convention about a month ago and I simply must say, her mystery factor was something that did not compare to the real person. Our September Calendar Girl is something that goes beyond intrigue and mystery. 

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Her calling card is her amazing body. Now fans, directors and producers, if you have not seen this woman’s body, you simply have to pay the price of admission just to see her “body” of work. She is a chiseled specimen, a true sight, that is seen not very often in this industry. There are few women I could compare her to in the industry. She is almost like a mix of Kobe Tai and Johnni Black. Sexy, dedicated to her craft, as her external beauty shows and someone who will spark your imagination and day dreams from first glance.


The mystery behind her beauty is one of exotic origins. Cristi is half Vietnamese and half Cuban. Which her casting in the upcoming film ‘Forked’ proved to be, simply a mixture of such delectable elegance. Cristi has been active in the industry since 2015 and as each month goes by, it seems her capabilities as a model and actor seem to be ever growing and expanding. Since her first film with Bang Bros. she continually wows the crowd and catches the eye of bigger and bigger directors and producers. Some of Cristi’s most well known work by fans would have to be LeWood’s Anal Finishing School. A wonderfully shot film from Evil Angel and visionary directors Francesca Le and Mark Wood. I think Francesca saw something in the young starlet, that has just soared like a rocket since the films release. Fans alike have come out in masses to support this hard bodied beauty and as more and more people become aware of the assets she possess. The amount of dedication she has to her work and her fans wants & requests.

A sneak peek at her upcoming film Forked with co-star Jenevieve Hexxx

Explicit Info:


Years Active: 2015 – Present
Born: April 10th 1992 / Aries
Birth Place: Miami, FL United States
Gender: Female
Ethnicity: Multi-Ethnic
Height: 5ft 2in
Breast Size: 34D
Typical Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Brown
Tattoos: Red lips upper left leg; Heart upper right leg; Snake on left ring finger
Implants: Yes


Our Explicit Choice Filmography:


  • Real Anal Lovers, Evil Angel, 2016. This Mick Blue directed picture is one of Mick’s best pictures, as well as one Cristi’s best POV angled movies. Now this is not a pure POV film, rather a kinky look at exactly how great a performer Mick Blue is but also the different aspects of Cristi’s kinky range. This scene has a DP shot with Cristi throwing a toy in the mix before her anal grand finale. Must see cinema here.
  • Lesbian Fantasies, Airerose Entertainment, 2016. This girl/girl sensual fantasy is one of the highest rated films on numerous sites of Cristi’s. She takes direction from one of the most sensual directors in the market, Derek Dozer. Here scene with Goldie Rush is one of the hottest lesbian gym fantasy scenes I have seen in a while. Amazing visuals of one of the baddest bodies in the business.



  • I Want My Sister, Digital Sin, 2016. To show her versatility, we really showcased this film as one of her must sees. Cristi shows her ability to play a different style role in this film. Her scene with J Mac is sizzling. If you are a boy/girl only fan, this is the scene for you. The positions are amazing and as I said before, Cristi shows a side of her acting that makes this critic want to see bigger, deeper characters and roles.
  • Pure Volume Six, Airerose Entertainment, 2016.This was another amazing step for Cristi being paired with dynamo Will Powers. The amazing energy on screen has made this another must watch scene. More Derek Dozer amazingness
  • LeWoods Anal Finishing School, LeWood/Evil Angel, 2016. This is her creme de la creme, Cristi’s must see film in my opinion. The eye of the directors mixed with her performance capabilities is simply amazing. Her and Mark Wood simply made this film, which says a lot being how new to the industry this beautiful woman was at the time. She shows a very provocative look into what we will see more and more of in the future, I do believe. Buy this film people!


Cristi putting on one amazing show at one of her feature outings.

When you chalk up the fact that this beauty was the offspring of two sprinters, you can see where she gets her athletic body from but I think, this is where she gets her dedication as well. Her hard work shows in her stage shows as you will see in this article. When I saw the fact she has a pole in her own humble abode, it proved just how much she put into her feature dancing. Her stage show is erotic and flashy. From others that have seen her do her thing, they all said exactly what I am about to, “she simply catches the crowds attention, she makes you turn your head and once you do, you have to get a better view of exactly what is going on, because what is right in front of you is the epitome of what erotica, performance and sensuality are supposed to be.” A fellow writer and photographer at a convention said that: “she is a throwback to the things that made a gentleman’s club the place to be when it came to adult entertainment back in the day.” I whole heartily agree. Cristi is just beginning her journey in the adult world and as I continue to see more and more of her work, I can’t simply wonder what she will be getting into in the future. I see great things ahead.


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The Explicit Bottom Line:

This lovely woman has just begun to blossom in the industry and one thing as for sure, a woman who has this kind of work ethic, this kind of sweet, charming personality, can only continue to get better at what she does. She gets this spot during our month of “The World’s Smartest Porn Stars” because this gorgeous babe also has strength of mind, being a college graduate and earning a degree that few people get. Her field of expertise in her studies, gives me a deeper respect for her and when I learned of all she did before porn, I just knew we had to fit her in an issue that showcased mind as much a beauty. For that is what defines this amazing newcomer to the industry.

Our September 2016 Explicit Calendar Girl: Cristi Ann



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