September Explicit Insider Interview: Ryan Riesling

September Explicit Insider Interview: Ryan Riesling

As our monthly theme of the world’s smartest porn stars begins, we had to focus on a woman who has been taking the porn world by storm. She has a keen direction to where she sees her career going and with her beautiful, open mind as her guide through this industry, I am sure there will not be many who do not know the name Ryan Riesling after everything is said and done. So let the show entertainment commence.

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Don Juan DeMarko: First off Ryan, I would love to start in the beginning. How was it that you found your way into the industry? I would love to hear the story of what brought you into this amazing industry and remember, the longer the story the better.

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Ryan Riesling: I have always been interested in adult, ever since I learned about it as a teenager. The glamorous, beautiful women, the free-spirited performers, the kitschy themes… it all fascinated me. I would have dove right in at 18 years old, but I knew it was a big decision and wanted to at least get my Bachelor’s degree before making any major life decisions. After getting my BS, and starting my MS, I still wanted to do porn, so I began researching agents. I figured “I’m 24, I still want to do it… and I’m not getting any younger!” I found an agency I loved, OC Modeling, and flew out to LA and the rest is history 🙂

Don Juan DeMarko: I would love to know all aspects you indulge in within the industry? Do you cam, feature dance, etc. What are all the ways fans can endulge in the one and only Ryan Riesling?
Ryan Riesling: Primarily I do porn, but I occasionally webcam. I recently did my first feature dance gig and LOVED it! I loved connecting with fans and entertaining live, I would totally do it again. Make sure to request me at your favorite clubs! I also love going to events, and plan to attend AVN this year.


Don Juan DeMarko: What were you like and what did you do before you got into this amazing industry? I think fans love to see and understand the person behind the character so to speak when it comes to performers
Ryan Riesling: Before the industry I was a college kid and heavily involved with the video game community. I was also a stripper! During the week I would attend classes during the day, dance at night, and go to video game tournaments or dance some more on the weekends. It sounds exciting, but it was so routine to me, ha ha!

Don Juan DeMarko: Now to add another part to that question, how has the adult industry changed that person? How has Ryan Riesling grown as an independent woman in this industry? I think people think we are all just a bunch of lunatics in this industry but since we first started talking on twitter, I see this deep sophistication that seems to grow with you everyday. I always say this industry has lessons in life, business, love and self control. I am once again dying to know what Ryan Riesling has gained through this amazing industry?

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Ryan Riesling: Oh, what a tough question! I think I grow every day as a person in this industry. My entire life, if I’ve wanted something — I’ve worked hard to get it. Adult entertainment was one of the first times I ever experienced “You can do everything right, and still be told “no.” There were certain projects in the beginning that I wanted so badly, but I just wasn’t right for them. It was a huge lesson in patience and not giving up on yourself. You can’t pout or let it destroy you. You just have to accept these things and move on, find your niche and support in this community and run with it! I’m getting better at it every day. In that way, it has placed a big dose of reality on my plate, ha ha!


I’ve also grown to become more confident and secure. I knew I wanted to be in this industry for years, but I wasn’t exactly sure who I was, or what I wanted. Over the past year I’ve learned my strengths and faults, pushed myself to become a better performer, and have come to really enjoy the skin I’m in.

Oh, I’ve also learned a LOT about finances and savings. They don’t teach you that in college, ha ha!

Don Juan DeMarko: What are your dreams and goals in this industry Ryan? What is it that you wish to accomplish and discover within this amazing industry? I think every woman has a goal when entering this industry whether it be money or being able to say you lived the adventure. What are your goals now that you have found this amazing success so early in your career?

Ryan Riesling: So, this is weird but, I died once. When I was in college, I was in the hospital a lot for a kidney disease that was difficult to diagnose, let alone cure. Eventually I went into cardiac arrest and died momentarily. When I was saved from that, and eventually when doctors figured out the rare disease I had and I started to live a normal life, I realized “If I really wanna do this porn thing, I should do it. Life is fragile, and I’ll regret it if I don’t at least try.” So now I live my life to the fullest. I know a lot of people say that, but I really do. I gave up everything to do porn — a very stable relationship and potential marriage, a stable career, research and PhD opportunities, and I’ve never looked back once. I guess you could say one of my goals in the industry was just to actually DO it at all.

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Now that I’m in, I wanna do it all! I see so much inspiration and so many challenges to overcome every day. I want to do every crazy sex act, I want to play awesome roles, I want to be a bad ass spokeswoman for the industry. My goal is to just be successful, and to live out my dream of being a happy and healthy porn performer.

Don Juan DeMarko: As wonderful I think that big old brain of yours is, I am personally just dying to know what you do for fun outside of the business. All sex aside, what is a passion that Ryan Riesling has, that the fans and industry do not know about.
Ryan Riesling: I love bird watching! I also cook, love going to the gym, and spending time with my friends and family. I’m an only child, so I’m very close with my parents and we travel the world a lot together when I’m not working. So, cooking, being outside, hanging out with friends and family, that’s what I enjoy doing. Lived experiences are important to me!

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Don Juan DeMarko: Are there any fantasies that you have not yet lived on the screen that you would love to partake in? This am dying to know because of your lifestyle. Because I always say life is about living out every fantasy, sexual or not, that is simply living. So I’m curious to know if there is that certain something you have just been wanting to indulge in but perhaps not had a chance to do on film?
Ryan Riesling: My biggest fantasy is an awesome credit score. Haha! No, seriously, I’m trying to pay off a lot of medical debt and a couple loans!

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My biggest sexual fantasy right now is doing an airtight scene in porn. I haven’t done a DP yet, so I have to put it on the back burner, but it’s definitely something I think about when I masturbate. In the mean time, I also really wanna do a MMF three way! OH — and how could I forget? A reverse gangbang. Like, five girls on one guy. That sounds so fun to me! It could be about a virgin freshman college student coming to school for the first time and being corrupted by some slutty girls in his dorm… hmmm…

Don Juan DeMarko: I can only imagine the places you have seen in your life. Where are some of the greatest places you have traveled to in the industry? Also where would your dream shoot take place?
Ryan Riesling: I’ve traveled all over the world in my free time! My favorite place is Capri, Italy. Outside of the industry, I really do love Los Angeles. It’s so different from North Carolina where I’m from. I love the weather and the lifestyle and the scenery. Hopefully I can move there one day!

My dream shoot would be located in a beautiful mansion overlooking an awesome beach… maybe somewhere tropical like the Bahamas. Wall to wall windows and lots of sunshine, that’s my happy place!

Don Juan DeMarko: I don’t think most fans know a star can’t really cut too loose when they are shooting. They are following a directors direction. My question is what would you film & do if you got an opportunity behind the camera to do what ever you wanted and make, what ever type of  film you could with an unlimited budget?

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Ryan Riesling: I think about this a lot, actually! If I were a director with an unlimited budget, I would make beautiful, high-society porn with super hot tattooed chicks. I love doing gonzo — do not get me wrong. But every now and then I would love to do the “pretty” feature stuff! I would totally make that with the “alt” looking girls! I would write cheesy romance plots and throw a bunch of BDSM and gangbangs in it, stuff I’m into.Keep in mind I know nothing about production, so it would probably suck and no one would buy it, LOL.

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Don Juan DeMarko: Are there any performers in the industry that you are just dying to work with and have not yet had the chance to? No matter if it is male of female I would love to see who has caught you eye and perhaps why they have gained your admiration.

Ryan Riesling: I’m super in love with Adriana Chechik and her super talented butthole. I would love to do some weird anal stuff with her! I’m also a huge fan of Holly Hendrix. I would love to do a scene with Toni Ribas, too. Oh, and one of my bucket lists is to definitely have Kieran Lee in my ass at some point. Hello, your asshole totally goes up in property value momentarily while his $1M penis is inside of it!

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Don Juan DeMarko: What do you have lined up here in the near future? Is there anything that the fans simply can not afford to miss?
Ryan Riesling: My website! I can’t say too much, but be on the lookout for an awesome official Ryan Riesling web site coming ASAP!

Don Juan DeMarko: Is there anything in closing you would love to tell the readers and all of your fans?

Ryan Riesling: Thanks for supporting me and taking the time to read this! Come check me out on Twitter and come say hello!

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The always amazing, Ryan Riesling

Don Juan DeMarko

I have been in the adult industry since I was indeed a young history major out of college. I attended a "Public Ivy" located in Williamsburg, Virginia. I have a multiple degrees & certificates including one in graphic design that led me to this wonderful and amazing industry. I started as just a lowly consultant for a design firm in Los Angeles that led me to introductions with some amazing people in the adult film industry and the rest is history. I have fulfilled work and helped to write publications for some of the biggest names in music, sports and film but my passion, the place where I truly call "home" because it is where the heart is, lies within the adult entertainment industry. I am an XRCO Member and I always like to say the art of making "fantasy become reality" is indeed something that takes the effort of many people, from all likes & spectrums of this amazing world. It is indeed those people and the fans of this industry that drive me to always show the beautiful amazing side of this industry few know but many dream about.

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