International Starlet Showcase: Jasmine Jae

Now Explicit readers, we switch gears to the international scene, where the American eye seems to go astray and lose track of the amazing stars around the globe. This month, we are featuring the biggest star in the UK as our International Starlet Showcase. Jasmine Jae needs no introduction anywhere in the world but what you may not know, is there is more than meets the eye with this British beauty.

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This months continued theme is of coarse a celebration of the worlds smartest porn stars. The definition of intelligence is the ability to acquire and apply knowledge and skills. Jasmine Jae does that first and foremost in all she does. A very calculated business woman who is as opinionated, voiced and understanding of everything that goes on in front of the camera in adult entertainment, as well as behind it in so many ways. There are very few adult actors who can claim the feat of knowing the corporate world like Jasmine does. Jasmine held the position of marketing manager in the corporate world, a position that requires as much strength as it does knowledge and prowess. After some time, Jasmine grew board of consistently making others shine and jumped head first in to the adult industry, and thank goodness for that because the fans where jumping for joy from the moment she stepped foot in front of a camera. Jasmine is exactly what defines the world’s smartest porn stars. Directors like Barrett Blade have said that working with her and Ryan was simply a pleasure. I do see why.

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Years Active: 2012 – Present
Born: August 31st 1981 / Virgo
Birth Place: Birmingham, England United Kingdom
Gender: Female
Ethnicity: Multi-Ethnic
Height: 5ft 8in
Breast Size: 38E
Typical Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Hazel
Tattoos: Virgo symbol on right belly; swoosh on lower left back
Piercings: Navel; Clit; Nips
Implants: Yes

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Explicit Filmography

3rd Shot

  • Love Your Tits, DDF Productions, 2016
  • Guess Who Gets the Cum?, Porno Dan Presents, 2016
  • Boob Day Voulme 6, Cum Loader, 2016
  • Sexually Explicit 9, Skow for Girlfriends Films, 2016
  • BusteDDD, Cal Vista, 2016
  • Real Housewives 25, British MILF Entertainment, 2016
  • Nacho’s Sex Illustrated, Nacho Vidal/Evil Angel, 2016
  • Unplanned Orgies 27, Porno Dan Presents, 2016
  • Hotwife Bound, New Sensations, 2016
  • Made to Tit Fuck #2, DDF Productions, 2016
  • Cum Snorting Fiesta, Immoral Productions, 2016
  • Keep Calm and Fuck Me, Private, 2013
  • Sharing is Caring, Digital Playground, 2015
  • Anal Craving MILFS, Le Wood/Evil Angel, 2016
  • A Gonzo Story Creampie Virgins, Skow for Girfriends Films, 2016
  • Suck Balls 5: MILF Edition, Jonni Darkko/Evil Angel, 2016
  • She’s Gonna Squirt 2, Brazzers, 2013
  • Real Houswives Volume 20, British MILF Entertainment, 2016

4th Shot

  • Romantic Aggression 3, PornFidelity, 2016
  • Annika’s Fuck-It List, BAM Visions, Evil Angel, 2016
  • Big Titty MILF Shakes 13, Immoral Productions, 2016
  • Fuck A Fan 27, Immoral Productions, 2016
  • MILF Cock Teasers, Jonni Darkko/Evil Angel, 2016
  • Rectal Workout #2, Mike Adriano Media, 2016
  • My Sister is a Smoking Hot MILF #3, Lethal Hardcore, 2016
  • Pure Sex, DDF Productions, 2014
  • Evil Anal 23, Manuel Faerrar/Evil Angel, 2016
  • Big Tit Anal MILFS, BAM Visions/Evil Angel, 2016
  • My Hot Wife’s Black Bull 2, New Sensations, 2016
  • A Hot Wife, Is a Happy Wife 2, New Sensations, 2016
  • London Bangers, Wicked Pictures, 2016
  • Full Anal Service 2, Mike Adriano Media, 2016
  • I Blackmailed my Step Mom’s Ass, Kevin Moore, 2016
  • XXX Euro Trip Volume 3, Immoral Productions, 2015
  • The Brother Load 8, Jules Jordan Video, 2016
  • Casting Couch Auditions Volume 2, DDF Productions, 2015
  • The Girfriend Experience, Daring Media Group, 2016


Explicit Accolades

5th Shot

The one amazing thing you will learn porn fans, the more you read about “porn lifers” as they are called in the industry, is that they possess something that few do in any line of work. In the adult film industry, it is easy to say that this woman got a part because of her looks, or that she landed head first into the industry because of her immaculate beauty. Jasmine Jae does possess all of the above but as she has stated in many interviews, it is her mind, intelligence and business sense that has been put to better use in the adult film industry, than it has in the “hollow and boring” corporate world as she once explained.

6th Shot

No, Jasmine Jae is something that redefines the term “Porn Lifer.” As she stated about using her degree more in this industry as her own boss than her previous job, shows that we will be seeing a lot more from Jasmine Jae. This is a woman who shoots all over the world and has one of the busiest schedules of any porn star on the planet.  Jasmine has seen the world and she actually spent a bit of her child hood in Houston, Texas. I would have never guessed it when hearing her beautiful English accent. Her publicity and ability to make her fans think and inquire is unmatched in the industry. One of my favorite looks into her character is how she has never fully divulged her multi-ethnic background, which I think is genius as a porn fan. It makes the average fan just day dream about where her provocativeness comes from, where her sexual appetite originates. I think all fans of the business have fun in the wonder of knowing where the ladies of their dreams truly gain their ethnic, sexual charm from. I as a critic, see this as genius move to show the sometimes old fashioned views that run this industry, that there is value in mystery and seduction and that an actress can play any part and show the audience that they may not have ever dreamed something so grand could come from something so mysterious.

If you did not know Ryan Ryder was her husband, where the hell have you been? The chemistry these two put together on screen is simply marvelous and I am not talking as husband and wife, I am talking about performance and captivation of an audience. It indeed tickles my fancy to wonder what this “porn lifer” is going to do with her husband by her side. I smell production company on the grandest scale. It is that combination of minds and wisdom that has brought us to showcase Jasmine this month here at Explicit Inc. Jasmine since the beginning, has showcased a growth in her acting that simply reminds me of such amazing British performers as Nici Sterling and Kiss, one of the forgotten performers from years past that simply stole the show in every scene she did, in every genre. Jasmine possess a kind of combination of the two. she brings this pop to the set that simply has you watching no matter how well the film is done production wise. It was within the amazing circles she runs in, that she met Keiren Lee. From first introduction she wanted in on everything that is the adult industry. Keiren pulled some strings and got her onto her first set and the directors simply stood in awe as to how well she performed as a newbie. Not one bit surprising to this writer.  She took to every scene effortlessly and as her bio will show, she showcases herself in every role from MILF, to damsel in distress, to the submissive wife and even the dominant step Mom. These are roles not as easy as a fan would think to portray. This takes a bit on the actors part to make scenes believable and Jasmine since day one has been throwing down like a pro in every obstacle. As we end things on a high note, I can not help to think what this beauty with a masters degree has in store for us in 2017 and the rest of this year. 2014 was her first year nominated for an AVN award and with award season coming fast I don’t see that as being the last time she is nominated if not more in the future. So here is to brains, brawn, beauty and business, for that is what truly defines Jasmine Jae!

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September 2016 International Starlet: Jasmine Jae

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