Rodney Moore Project Releases New Music Video of Anthem for Sex Workers

Monday, August 15th, 2016



Rodney Moore Project Releases New Music Video of Anthem for Sex Workers

Chatsworth, CA) When porn legend Rodney Moore isn’t in front of or behind the camera, he spends a lot of his free time making music and highly entertaining music videos. His latest, “Freedom Isn’t Free” is an anthem for Sex Workers. Rodney wrote the song, produced the track, and plays all the instruments.

The video for “Freedom Isn’t Free” is a montage of porn stars, prostitutes, strippers, pro dommes and more superimposed over Rodney’s playing. It’s definitely a time warp with some of the images stretching back to vintage “working girl” photos from late 1800s. It’s a who’s who of many familiar faces like Sasha Grey, Betty Page, Ginger Lynn, Nina Hartley, Marilyn Chambers, Jessie Jane, Ron Jeremy and many more. You will find yourself trying to see how many of the faces you can identify, and singing along to the catchy tune with the lyrics flashing across the screen.

Mark Kernes, Senior Editor at AVN, watched the video and commented,” I LOVE THAT SONG! It is PHENOMENAL! It’s something whose time not only has come, but was long overdue! Sex workers have needed something like this for a long, LONG time!”

“Sex workers deserve respect,” says Rodney Moore. “I originally wrote this song because I remember when I started in the early 90s there was still a real fear of going to prison for obscenity just for making a movie of people having sex. Now, there’s a thin line between what porn shows and what you see on HBO, Showtime, etc.

“For prostitutes though, jail is still a real possibility, continues Rodney. “Everyone wants their porn but we still don’t get any respect for creating it. Pro dommes and strippers don’t break any laws, but are still looked down upon by society in general.”

“Musically there’s a definite revolutionary Beatles and Byrds influence, with a prominent 12 string Rickenbacker guitar solo similar to the Byrd’s ‘Eight Miles High.’ Please watch the video, give it a thumbs up, and leave a comment.”

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In 1992, award-winning director and performer Rodney Moore entered the adult biz shooting couples and amateurs, and over 800 titles later; he continues to be a force to be reckoned with. Known affectionately as The King of Cream, he’s been nominated and won several AVN and XBZ Awards, in addition to making the AVN Hall of Fame in 2006 and being inducted into XRCO Hall of Fame in 2013.

Before adult, he was a musician and still continues to make music, including his recent EDM track entitled “Only with the Lights Out” and his highly original renditions of other people’s songs that he posts to his YouTube page

Back in the early 80s, he produced two disco hits by an artist named Salazar. He’s produced an album of Meredith Brooks (famous for her song “I’m a Bitch”), in addition to working with jazz great Kenny G and rapper Sir Mix-A-Lot. In 1985, he wrote, arranged and produced a charity record in the same vein as “We are the World” called “Give Just a Little,” featuring local celebrities performing that raised money for the local food banks.

Join Rodney Moore’s official mega site at features hundreds of pretty girls and something for everyone, with classic sites like Scale Bustin Babes, Horney Hairy Girls and Monster Facials. The mega site also includes Rodney’s music, trailers, live cams and much more. Keep up with everything Rodney Moore by following him on Twitter at @rodneymoore22.

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