August 2016 Pioneer: Adam Glasser, the Amazing Seymour Butts

August 2016 Pioneer: Adam Glasser, the Amazing Seymour Butts


The icons and pioneers we have featured on this site have done some marvelous things for this industry. Very few have done what Adam Glasser has. Adam is one of the key people responsible for the growth the industry and it’s beginning mainstream acceptance. It is not just his amazing reality show, or his wonderful films that showcased a woman’s derriere in ways that lead to a massive social phenomenon of, in all honesty, the acceptance of big butts and a beauty that none of us had ever seen before Adam Glasser. Adam shares something in common with yours truly. He is a native of the Bronx, New York and has always been someone that I looked up to when I first got into this industry. Add in the fact, his birthday falls one calendar date behind mine and that is truly something special to this old school, “what’s your sign”pick up line kind of guy. It was trips to that local neighborhood video store that showcased the Seymore Butts empire of films to me as a bright eyed eighteen year old. “Buttman” gave gonzo a glory that few directors and performers had before him and not many have come close to achieving after him. Adam Glasser was our pick at Explicit List for our monthly Pioneer Spotlight because he fought the good fight for porn. Much like Larry Flynt and Max Hardcore, Adam was faced with a consistent bullying from the state of California. Most people forget that Adam faced that pressure from a governor that was only the second to ever be recalled in United States history, Gray Davis. Seymore Butts faced a court case where we has charged with pandering because of an award winning girl/girl scene that featured fisting in the most scrumptious of ways. Something that I believe many fans and people in the industry have forgotten about. It is facing that unrelenting pressure and standing tall for what he loved that makes Adam our Pioneer for the month of August and we at Explicit Inc. would love to take you down through memory lane in the adult world so that we will not forget about those great people that came before us and fought the fight for all us to enjoy what we do today, no matter if you are a performer or a fan.

Box Cover

First things first. When you choose to make pseudonym as funny and comical as Seymore Butts, you damn well better be able to produce at every facet of the industry and boy did he ever, a name that he chose because it reminded him of a school yard joke when he was a kid in the Bronx. That statement in itself tells me that Adam had no fear of accomplishing his dreams. He came from an era of porn that is long gone but build the road that so many take to porn stardom every year since. Adam’s version of porn was something very much considered old school even in his day but I believe that is because people did not know what they had at that time. Porn was entering an era of going from your ugly male performer picking up the beautiful girl next door, to the handsome, dashing pizza delivery boy who became iconic in the 1980’s and 90’s. Adam began his acting career in the 1980’s when icons like Ginger Lynn, Nina Hartley, Debbie Diamond and Sharon Mitchell were beginning to set the world on fire for the female performer of the industry. Adam always had this unique look compared to other performers of his time. To me and this is strictly opinion, it was Adam who opened up some doors for later performers who had a look that almost matched their female counterparts. Adam had that look of the native New Yorker, with the curly hair, the casual build, that was by no means buff or intimidating but was not the twiggy, skinny as a bean look, that the performers had before him. Sure Seymore had an impressive manhood but it was how he utilized his gifts in his performances, that caught John Stagliano’s eye to put him in his Buttman series. It was soon after, Adam was shot in this scene and witnessed his first amazing experiences of being on a porn set that he decided to pick up a camera and attempt to make a film himself.

Profile shot

Adam did what I implore so many to do. That if they have what it takes at a convention, take your product, take your passion, spend some money, create a good product and get your ass and your revolutionary product, what ever that might be and get down to a convention of any sorts. See if it catches someone’s eye who will financially back you and who has the same love and passions you do. Adam did just that. In 1992 he took his first film that he shot with the money he had made doing a little of this and a little of that, down to Las Vegas and looked for someone to distribute and simply view his product, his film. It was right then and there, once he caught the right producers eye, that Seymore Butts was born. Glasser was a star in his films from time to time and was a performer that did that end of the bargain more than exquisitely, proving his worth in form of 2000 Night Moves Award for Fan ‘s Choice Best Actor. He had something that fans could not look away from. His films had this gritty look to them and just like all early starters in this industry he used the basic equipment to get the job done. Once he began to achieve his success, Glasser did not give up his grittiness. He continued to shoot with the same equipment he had that got him to where he was. With a camera that could get those up close and personal in every film he directed. Adam indeed was an amazing performer but anyone who has seen his films, or had the amazing luck to work on one of his sets, knows that his true passion was always behind the camera and in the direction and creation of erotic art that stands the test of time and features performers who still work in the industry today.

The Worlds Best Anal
Prince Yahshua in Seymore The World’s Best Anal

Glasser always had that eye for the amazing shot as you see above. He was a pioneer in the markets of squirting, anal and sex globe trotting as I like to call it, where he would shoot in these beautiful locations, treating us fans to these amazing babes making our fantasies come alive in places like Spain, Roamnia, Canada and Costa Rica. In his early work, the gonzo style of Adam’s eye was really in focus when it came to his films. The snappy art on his box covers and the perfectly timed stills were something to marvel at in an era where the cover did not do all the selling but the lone starlet did who graced the cover. Adam Glasser really turned things around for hardcore kink. Soon, patrons of adult book stores and tiny Mom and Pop video shops began to notice that the gonzo titles where starting to take over the shelves where once only the feature film reigned supreme. Adam really opened up the doors for such companies like Evil Angel, Blacked, and other hardcore companies that made sex and performance the vocal points of their cinema. Glasser knew something others didn’t when it came to marketing every star he worked with. Any person can tell you in this industry, not everyone who passes through it, can put on a great scene, that is just fact but Seymore Butts figured out a way to make every person he shot with, look as if they are having the time of their life, which is not an easy thing to do, ask any director in the industry today.

Box Cover 5
One of Glasser’s “Globe Trotting” Adventures

It was at this time that he was really gaining steam, that he began to push the envelope even more. I remember I would see the most amazing sights in a Glasser film. Things like a performer making another cream and I am not talking the guy, I am talking the girl. He was notorious for having scenes cut down when they turned them into compilation films where once you saw something extreme, it no longer existed in the second cut of the film. One occasion I remember was watching Missy orgasm all over her co-stars lips and we are not talking squirting but the full fledged amazingness that can only be seen usually in the real world and are never shown on film. In those days, you would commonly see a scene that was shot by one company, purchased by another, then used on their compilation disk. It would be the equivalent of buying a Wicked Compilation DVD and finding a Archangel scene in the mix. It just does not happen now a days. It was that massive exposure that I think brought Adam to face his greatest challenge at the time. A battle with the state of California for obscenity. A thing most modern pror fans will not remember, nor should they, because back then, news like this was not nationally broadcast. It was still the days when the most risque thing you could see on TV was Real Sex on HBO at about 2 in the morning. The State of California versus Adam Glasser, was an attempt to do what many critics have tried to do since the dawn of the motion picture camera. Tell us fans and people of the industry that our passions are wrong and that we are not “normal” people but criminals because of the passions we have when it comes to sexuality. Very few in the adult industry have faced what Glasser did that year and what the end result proved to be, was that times indeed can change with fight.

The Family Business
Glasser on the red carpet for his ground breaking reality series Family Business

The court case would have been the first scene in the state when it was scheduled to occur in 2002, since 1993. Glasser was facing a bullshit charge of obscenity and pandering for his film “Tampa Tushy Fest Part: 1” for a scene that featured two gorgeous starlets engaged in a rocking girl/girl romp that ended on a remarkable note, seeing one performer get fisted by the other. Which was vintage Seymore Butts material. Gray Davis was starting to feel the pinch from a very big meltdown in California revenue at every facet of the game economically and in this reporters opinion, chose the adult industry as a way to perhaps jump start some revenue in a small way by allowing a slue of charges to be filed within that time against the adult industry to try and safe a huge deficit left by corrupt politicians. The state alleged that his film was too hardcore and that the actors in the film could in no way be enjoying themselves and that the action was forced upon them by Glasser. One thing that always made me scratch my head from having so many friends in the lesbian community, some who are porn stars, some who are not, is that fisting is indeed part of the sexual passions of those in the community and it is not something as taboo as people think. Glasser defended himself, saying that not only where the performers consenting adults but were enjoying the scene, which I think could have been proven to a jury of his peers, being as the film won a fucking award for how good the scene was. Give or take, the fisting act was a contributor towards Tampa Tushy Fest winning the award but as any performer will tell you, it is the scene where each party is really into the action that really shines and wins an award. Deputy City Attorney Deborah Sanchez had no idea what she could have been in for. Glassers attorney was prepared to present scientific evidence of the pleasures of fisting in a sexual manor and the fact that there were no depictions of violence, or abuse, I truly believe that Glasser would have won the case at a higher level. Most do not know the money it takes to face a charge like this and Adam did what few have ever done and he brought the state of California to a mutual meeting ground and settled or plead before the case could go to trail. This led Adam to be viewed in the industry and free speech coalition as not just a pioneer but someone who stood up against the threat of those who choose to be blind to the the wonderful thing known as the adult entertainment industry. Glasser soon paired up with the Free Speech Coalition and began helping others who where facing such hatred and unrelenting bullying from the state and local media.

Add for the family business
Family Business. A show that will go down as a stepping point in the way the outside world sees ours years down the road.

Adam’s next great achievement to me was the birth of his amazing televison show. Now most fans who love it now, see it as something that showed porn stars doing what they it does best. Yes, I will agree with most fans that it indeed does but something else I think that show did and just as history has shown us in past, is break ground so much, that we will not recognize it’s significance until years and years down the line. Adam Glasser did, what I wish more people would do, show the life and normality of those of us in the adult film industry. Adam shined a light on the fact that we are all people too. Living life, trying to survive. Looking for love and being judged by so many people in so many different ways. That show featured some of the best qualities of the adult industry. Like how performers watch out for each other during tough times. How family can do anything when they stay together and except the path that has been laid before them. One show that will always be burned into my memory, was watching Adam go on date after date and seeing all of these beautiful women, who where everything the same as the porn stars I know. Sexy, successful, hard working but considered ‘normal” because they worked a “normal” 9 to 5. Every time Adam laid down the fact that he was in the porn industry, they were looking for the exit. This is something everyone who has ever been in this industry has experienced. It is something I found so impressive that he filmed, because he did not do that to show the sexiness about our industry but more so the truth about the “real” world and how are judged so harsely by the people who do not take the time to meet and learn about a person who works in the sex industry. I think Adam knew what he had in his series and all four years showed some of the amazing things about the adult world. To me Adam Glasser will be known as that amazing fella looking for love, left at the empty table of the world we all face in the industry, because someone from the outside judges us and tells us what we love is bad and wrong for us. Once again, Glasser put up a fight for us in ways that will forever be apart of this writers passion for the industry and passion for free speech and understanding.

How To Eat Pussy Like a Champ
Nina Hartley and Sunny Lane in How To Eat Pussy Like a Champ
How To Eat Pussy Like a Champ Box
One of the most downloaded films to date.

Yes, there as so many modern reasons why Adam Glasser deserves to be in the XRCO hall of fame, one of the fastest directors to ever reach that accolade. In the years that followed Adam began to embrace the ability to let other performers show what they could do. One of his best films features one of Nina Hartley’s most memorable scenes with Sunny Lane. That lone scene has been downloaded, pirated and watched by the millions. I don’t think I can go one day on twitter without seeing someone post a link to it on some sight. That film was just amazing. It featured amazing aspects at what is at the heart of every true porn fans heart. To be better lovers. To achieve what the stars already have, the ability to take the woman of their dreams home and be able to pleasure them to an extreme satisfaction while indeed getting off themselves, plain and simple. Glassers look into the amazing aspects of the porn world where indeed the perfect send off for him. Once again, being the true pioneer in gonzo that he is, he showed us all that there are different aspects to this industry and the people within it. As most people can tell you who are in the business, the things you liked in the beginning, will not always be the thing you like the next day. Sexuality is an amazing thing that has no ceiling, it has no actual limitation but to what your heart’s desire is. Adam showed the world that embracing sexuality, making a living at it, is not the tragedy everybody thinks it is. Adam Glasser is a pioneer for being the first to show us as true souls on this world and one of the last men to take on giants who are simply hypocrites, who seek full control of everything and everyone. I myself feel indebted to Seymore Butts, because he is a person that will be the ground breaking phenomenon that will one day make us as “mainstream” as the “mainstream” entertainment world and only then will we truly see the value and the compassion of the man named Seymore Butts, …………….Mr Adam Glasser.

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Enjoy the retired life, you have earned it good sir. August 2016 Explicit List Pioneer Adam Glasser

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