AUG 2016 Explicit Interview: Teo and Inna Sirina

Talk about Christmas in July. Here at Explicit Inc. We have a treat for our readers and fans alike in adult entertainment world. Our president and CEO, Bender Cain sat down with not only Teo Sirina but his lovely wife Inna as well.


Teo and Inna (Head)
Teo and Inna, doing what they do best.


Teo and Inna: Just to correct you the name is Sirina not Sirnia

Bender Cain: Teo and Inna, before we start, I want to thank you both so much for taking the time out of your busy schedule to sit down with me and answer a few questions for us at

Teo & Inna: Now, we want to thank you for this opportunity and that you are so nice to us, so lets do it! xaxaxa !!!!

Bender Cain: So lets starts with Teo. How exactly did you and your lovely wife Inna meet?

Teo Sirina: Well that was 10 years ago, she was a waitress in a coffee shop and I liked her so much, that something inside said to me, “Teo, you must do everything to impress her!” I was went 10 days to her job and was begging Inna to give me her number, or go out with me and all the time she refused to. Until in the end, I told her that “I just want 15 minutes, for her to stay with me and I will leave her alone for ever! Well that was her biggest mistake! xaxaxax! She accept and since then we have been together!!!

Bender Cain: This next question is to both of you. How did you make the decision to enter the adult entertainment industry?

Inna & Teo: We wanted to start as strippers in Greece, we did this job for a long time. So they told him (Teo) the only way to take him is if he can make live sex shows. So he come back at home and ask me if I would like to do live sex shows so I agreed. After one year, the company Sirina Entertainment taught us so much for us about live sex shows and we had meeting with the owner and producer of the company. He wanted us to shoot for him. Well in case that we were already doing live sex shows and it didn’t bother us, so we said why not and just like that, we started to going deeper in this industry!!!!

Teo and Inna (Sex Show 69)
Teo and Inna during one of their sex shows.

Bender Cain: Do you think it is more difficult being a couple in the adult entertainment industry that it is being single in the industry?

Inna Sirina: No, I don’t think it is more difficult, actually it is easier, cause any way the people know us as a couple and plus, I don’t mind Teo shooting with other girls. Plus, I love to have threesomes with him and one or two girls. That makes me so horny, cause I can get double pleasure ! So yes, it is easier. In the industry, our relationship is getting stronger, plus all that experience, helps us to keep the fire between us and asking for more sex with each other!!!

Bender Cain: Both of you spend a lot of time in the gym, now I know good genetics is part of it but how much hard work goes into probably be in the fittest performers in the industry? There are few anywhere in the world that match your amazing looks.

Teo Sirina:  Yes that’s true. We must keep in shape all the time. We try to go the gym because its better to more fit and healthy. That was us in the beginning. Now we are thinking after few years, that this is starting to be part of our lives. I mean that you do it cause you like it, not cause you must. Some times if we can’t find a gym, so we just exercise at home or just run outside!!!!

Inna Society 15
Inna Sirina for Society 15

Bender Cain: Now you have both work for the Greek company Sirina. Can you tell me, what was that like working for this company and can you tell us a little bit about this company?
Inna Sirina: Yeah sure. It was the first company that we started with but we love it quick They made us to feel like a family with them and they treat us so good that at one point, it wasn’t relationship like boss and employees, it was like a huge family. We had a lot of fun there. Everyone was supporting us from the boss, to the production assistant, the camera man, the boom guys, all of them. They were so nice with us, so we were feeling how we are in our home!!! The company is the only one in Greece, so it is on the top as you know there, they are just open and have a channel called Sirina.TV So that every one can watch our movies and from there it is a lot of porn stars that they were playing in our movies that were famous and not so famous!!!!

Teo poolside pose
Teo in one of his best marketing shots

Bender Cain: In addition to working for Sirina.TV you recently shot for the DDF Network in Europe, both the company and website, which I am actually a very big fan of, in case they didn’t know! (LOL) What was it like shooting for this company for the first time?

Inna Sirina: It is actually very cool. They make more girl on girl that Boy/Girl/Girl, which makes me feel right at my home. I had a lot of pleasurable moments, as you could imagine. Plus, they had more experience then Sirina TV, plus better cameras. I hope they will keep us for a long time, because I really love them! Plus, for first time I got nominated for an award. I got my first shoots with DDF network, that makes me feel so happy ! So I hope I will win DDF AWARD for Newcomer sex goddess!!!

Inna Girl-Girl 2
Inna in her latest DDF release

Bender Cain: You both recently signed with a new talent agency here in USA. A Little Agency known as Society 15. To be perfectly honest, they are one of the fastest growing agencies in the industry and for those of you don’t know, the agency is owned by the one and only Kendra Lust! So my question is, what is it like to be a part of society 15?
Inna Sirina: It so exciting. Kendra is one of our favorite performers and we can not believe that she chose us to join Society 15. They have done so much for us here in the United States and have taken care of us so well. We feel like a part of a family with her. Our first week they took us to Las Vegas with them and it was like a dream. We had such a good time. Everyone at Society 15 has been so good to us. We will be shooting a video with her end of the month and we can not wait!

Bender Cain: Some people may know and some people may not know that I happen to be very good friends with Randy Quintana and Rita Ruiz, who help run Society 15. What is it like working with and having a staff like that to support you and help grow your career?
Teo and Inna: They are very nice to us. Since the time we signed, they have helped us plan everything and have explained everything very nicely. Rita helped us with planning our new movies here in the US. Kendra and Randy also introduced us to so many people in the industry, so we have made so many good friends. They are great. We trust them all!

Teo & Inna (Greece Promo)
Teo and Inna’s Greek Sex Show Promos

Bender Cain: Now, you have both met Kendra, she’s a good friend of mine once again, (exactly, shameless name-dropping but who cares? LOL) My question is, you guys have met Kendra, in your words, what is she like? I am kind of biased when it comes to views on her, I think she is amazing! I want your thoughts on Kendra Lust?

Teo and Inna: Well, she is amazing and so lovely. She treats us so nice, plus the thing that we loved most, was when we saw that she was talking to us like a normal person and we liked that . In other words, she is not cocky, she doesn’t have hers nose up. She is just a normal woman with different work, the same that we are. So just like that, she made us love her even more!!!!

Bender Cain: You guys recently took a trip to Las Vegas for the first time, where you ended up at the Sapphire Gentleman’s Day Club pool opening, with Kendra Lust, along with Nina Elle and some of the other staff at Society 15. What was this experience like?

 Inna Sirina: Can I just  say, it was the best party ever! They had a very nice looking night club with a good looking stage that can make you feel good enough to go and dance by the pool even you have never done that before and what can I say about the pool party at the Sapphire’s the next day is wow! I can say that was so fun, nice and wonderful, that it makes you forget hows quick time passes with the perfect program of the two DJs from Hard Nox, dressing like boat captains. The songs that they played, they are still in my head, like Champagne Shower. The company of Kendra and Nina was the icing on the cake!!!! I hope some day I will have the opportunity to go there again and why not to perform also xaxaxaxax !!!!

Inna and Nina Elle XRCO
Nina Elle and Inna Sirina at XRCO

Bender Cain: On your previous trip, you both attended X-BIZ Miami. I heard that people were kind of upset that Inna didn’t win the bikini contest that year and quite honestly so was I, even though I wasn’t there. So Inna, what was it like entering the contest and what was your thoughts on the X-BIZ Miami show last year?

Inna Sirina:  The show was amazing!  It was very fun to participate in but I felt I was a strong contender and was very disappointed that I did not take home the title. So many people called me and told me I should have won but I am grateful for the experience!!!!!

Teo and Nina Elle XRCO award
Teo Sirina and Nina Elle at XRCO





Bender Cain: This next question is for you both. The two of you shot in Greece and you have shot a few other places around the world. Most recently, you both worked and Hungary for the DDF Network. So my question is, what do you think the difference is between Europe and the US in the adult entertainment industry?

Inna and Teo: Yes, that is true. We have been to a lot of places like Thailand, Honk Kong, Macau, Bali Germany and a lot of countries in Europe. Well,…. we just can say till now, what we have seen, is that here in USA, we have much more opportunities and we hope that we will have a lot of contracts and shootings!!!!

Bender Cain: Teo, you recently met a good friend of mine, the one and only creative genius, the man known simply as MimeFreak. He is the lead director and creative force behind Archangel. What are your thoughts what do you think about MimeFreak?

Teo Sirina: xaxaxaxax He is very funny guy, he can makes u lough a lot!!!

Inna DDF 2 (Clit)Inna DDF

Bender Cain: I know you both have talked to some other big studios here in the US and you can’t really give too many details but what studios do you really want to shoot with the most?….Maybe give me your top 5 picks?

Teo and Inna: Of course Archangel, New Sensations, Naughty America and Zero Tolerance and all the Manwin companies!!!!

Bender Cain: Okay, you guys got to meet one of the coolest chicks on the planet Miss Nina Elle. What was that like? because I can tell you, she rocks!

Teo Sirina: She was so full of energy all the time. She was having fun, jumping, dancing and making us feel warm and happy. She can make you smile, even if you have had a bad week. Besides that, she is just a shining bright star at the end of the tunnel. She can make you feel like that!!!!

Bender Cain: If you guys can work with any performer in the US right now, what would your top five be? I know that kind a difficult question but who do you want to work with the most?

Inna and Teo: Of course the best! Kendra Lust, Kimmy Granger, Cali Carter, Abella Danger, Nina Elle and Veronica Rodriguez!!!

Inna Towel
Inna Serina at her best

Bender Cain: All right, as I said, you guys are both represented by Society 15. how exactly did you connect with Kendra and her agency as two of the hottest free agents from Europe?

Inna and Teo: Actually you Bender as a friend in this industry, you helped connect us with Randy and after we talked with him, we new that Society 15 was the right agency for us!!!!

Teo Spank Cover
Teo Sarina in one of his many sex show covers.

Bender Cain: This is something that I did not get to ask in my last interview with Inna. So I’m going to ask you both now in Greece. You guys work live shows. Let me clarify a little bit, Live Sex Shows at clubs. Can you tell some of our readers here at exactly how this is happening? To see a Live Sex Show, I have seen a few in my time but most people in the US never get to experience something like this for themselves. So can you tell a little bit about this?

Teo and Inna: Yes sure. So we make live sex shows at strip clubs. The costumers are coming in the club and they know what time is the show. The sex shows always start with performers playing a part, like Inna is a police girl and I am like her prisoner. Then Inna starts to search Teo all over and can’t find anything. Then she forces him to fall down and going with her big M16 gun to a chair and fall to sleep and that time Teo gets down of the stage and starts to steel wallets or phones, after that a Siren sounds wakes you up. Inna she is trying to catch Teo and retturn back the stolen items to the crowd. Teo steals her Gun and pushes her on the ground after that takes her clothes out and starts to make sex with me!!! Most of the shows are funny and comical and after the performance part we start the sex part !!!

Bender Cain: As I mentioned before, I have had a pretty good relationship with you guys, could you tell our readers here at about our relationship and your relationship with

Inna Sirina: Yes, that is true we love Explicit Inc. so much. I had a very nice interview with the company two years ago and I loved it,  because the questions were not boring like they usually are with some companies. I was so happy to finally get to say something else, not all same things that I always say, because they ask me the same things over and over again in some interviews. Since then, we have kept in contact with each other and have a nice conversations all the time. since I started to follow you all, you all keep me in touch whats happens in the adult industry!!!!!

Teo (Black and White Artsy)
Simply Teo and Inna…….

Bender Cain: Of course you are both experiencing the LA area for the first time. What would you say is the coolest thing about your visit to Los Angeles so far?

Teo Sirina: Yes, we are here for first time in LA. Here they have beautiful trees and there is  green grass everywhere. There is a nice ocean, mountains, with two words to describe it, amazing nature! Plus the people are not rude they are so kind and friendly!!!!

Bender Cain: This next question is for Teo. You and I have had this talk before. A lot of guys think they can do this job easily. They think they can be a porn star but we both know that just can’t happen easily. Only 10% of the male population could be a performer in the adult entertainment industry what are your thoughts on this?
Teo Sirina: Yes that is the dream of all men I think but let us be realistic here, it is the most difficult job and I don’t mean like just physical, I mean really psychical. There are 10 out of 1000 guys who can “make it” in front of other people who are watching you. While everyone expects you to get hard and to do your job right. I have seen many, many men that say they are going to take a pill or two Viagra or Cialis and they think that they will be superman but nothing happens and they go home embarrassed! I can say that this has happened to me, some two or thee times and the feeling, it is not nice!!! So everything is in your mind and if you know how to control it, it’s OK. This is not like having sex at home with some girl, or your wife, so yes it is very hard!!!!

Inna Sirina All White
Inna in all white

Bender Cain: Another question for both of you. So as I said, you are a couple madly in love. How do you keep passion in your personal relationship together?

Inna and Teo: We think we already answered this question earlier. The adult movies help us, also we try something new all the time. So if the sex is always different in our personal life, we are very passionate and its very intimate the connection that we have when we are behind close doors. When we perform for the camera, or an audience, we do it to put on a great show and since we are connected personally, its easy to enjoy doing it for you all to see. So our experience and suggestion to others in the industry is to try something new all the time. Toys, games, why not, to share passions with another person? I try to share Teo with another woman and I like to, so it’s like my fetish and to be honest with your your other half.  You can never lie when it comes to that, we never cheat because we do it together!!!

Bender Cain: You both have a huge social media following. So how on social media, can your fans and our readers follow you? To keep up with what’s going on in your career?

Inna Serina:  Usually Twitter, Facebook and I just made a new Instagram cause they shut down the last one that I had before. Teo uses only Facebook most times. He is not so into the social media. He likes the more the personal connection with people!!!!

Bender Cain: As you know, you both are two of my favorite people on the planet and that’s no bull. I wish you both all the success in the world and thank you so much for taking the time out of your busy schedules to answer some questions for our readers hear at Explicit! –

Teo and Inna: No we are thank you Bender. We are so grateful and enjoy that you have been so nice with us and gave us the opportunity to have another interview for

Teo and Inna (Sex Show QB Pose)
Teo and Inna Sirina Ladies and Gentleman…….

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