August 2016 Explicit International Star Spotlight: Anne Melbourne

August 2016 Explicit International Star Spotlight: Anne Melbourne


Our searches around the world for the most beautiful women on the planet to showcase to you, our readers, has brought us “down under” in more ways than one. The continent of Australia has recently faced some big issues when it comes to porn and everything “adult industry” oriented. As we approach our countries general election, we thought, what better star to showcase, then one that resides in a place changing so much politically due to something as wonderful as what the performers do in this amazing industry for the simple purpose of entertaining the masses. As much as we take for granted sometimes that amazing thing we call freedom, here at Explicit Inc. we wish to showcase a star that simply never falters in the face of a countries adversity,….. miss Anne Melbourne

Black and White (Feature)
Black and White beauty from her website.

Explicit Stats:


Years Active: 2011 –  Present
Eye Color: Green
Measurements: 32-24-34
Gender: Female
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Height: 5ft 4in
Breast Size: 32c
Typical Hair Color: Brown
Weight: 116 lbs.

PR Shot

Black and White (Feature) 3
Another exquisite shot from her website:

It has been something I think Americans do not see enough of. The international star who simply is never known because of an ocean of distance. In this stars case, many oceans. Anne sets herself apart from other starlets in the industry by her laid back personality and indulgence of all things fun and sexy. Anne has stated more than a few times that she simply “loves sex” and that there is nothing better. I think that is something very difficult to display as a performer in the “land down under.” One of the strangest aspects I found when researching this beauty, was that porn can only be sold in the northern territories in Australia and all though in today’s world it is rarely enforced depending on who you ask, it makes a person scratch their head as to why a law is still in place if it is not enforced? The answer I think is deeper than we see on the surface. In Australia things are not as censored as say, South Korea, were porn sites are 100% blocked by the government, giving a real, true to life face of that fictional character in many known books known as “big brother.” In 1984, Australia adopted laws that prohibited the importing of pornographic material, making it difficult for an entire nation to see and view what we are so privileged to as American’s to endulge in. I simply have to ponder where the Aussie beauty developed her passion for everything sexy, voyeuristic and erotic. If you ever have the chance to visit her site, you will see that she indeed enjoys what she does so much, that she offers a part of pleasure come to life in many forms. Anne was indeed a very difficult subject to research because of how much you can not find of Australian porn. She is known for having a giant hit in the 2011 Jewel’s Jordan film Undiscovered Cuntry.

One of her hard to find lesbian scenes, that can be found with a little gumption.

From the scenes that can be found on the American market, a fan can see a very true sense of raw sexuality and a “nastiness” to her scenes in the best of ways. Being as Australia has very few porn producers, it is still not as common as in the states, the amount of women who cam and put on website shows for their fans is few and far between. As a matter of fact, I have indeed heard that one of the producers in Australia is about to set a documentary of sorts about the adult industry there and I do see this lovely lady as one of the featured people. Anne is a woman who been doing this longer than most people think and one of the biggest shout outs I give to the Australian performers, is that they seem to stay in the industry a lot longer than most performers in other countries, including the states. I have seen that the performers in Australia seem to be grasping the control of their own content in a much broader way than here in America as well. One of the best ways the American porn fan can see Anne Melbourne is to watch the content of performers like Lucie Bee, who puts on one of the sexiest shows of girl on girl action. Aussie Fellatio Queens showcased one of the most amazing scenes with the both of them, doing what they do best. She will also be featured in one of the countries biggest adult kink magazines Black Label, a magazine that features so much as far as eroticism goes, mixed with both extreme and seductive pictorials. It is like a mix of both types of Hustler Magazines, added in with a sprinkle of old school men’s magazines like FHM.

Reverse Cow Girl

Yes Explicit fans, this international beauty is indeed one starlet who can make all your dreams come true in more ways than one. I hope that she continues to stay in the business as long as possible and with great new conventions starting to make their way to Australia, I think it is only a matter of time before we truly get introduced to the Australian beauty. One thing is for sure, it is performers like her that are making waves in the modern world for those critics in her country who wish to keep porn as a forbidden taboo to the masses. As the global porn revolution continues to grow stronger in so many different countries, I think that we are about to get the introduction to this beauty that so many have been waiting for.

August 2016 Explicit International Starlet: Anne Melbourne

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