EXXXOTICA Chicago and the Explicit Experience.

EXXXOTICA Chicago and the Explicit Experience.


In this months issue of our online publication, we wanted to feature something to the fans that showed why “Pay For Your Porn” is not something that is a chore but something that is privilege. The funny thing about that word, is that may sometimes be associated with something tedious, with way too much effort invested. The truth is though, privilege has many perks and not just that writers, photographers and other behind the scenes people can enjoy about the industry. As a matter of fact, with all that is offered at any EXXXOTICA Expo, the fans of the industry will get something more than any other fan, or any other fan of entertainment when it comes to price. You simply can not get this type of bang for your buck and I would know, I have covered Comic Con from San Diego to New York. I have been to the NFL Experience at two Super Bowls as both a fan and writer and what I can tell you, is that no other industry offers you a chance to meet the people who truly make their form of entertainment come alive. The best scenario I can give, is if you like Megan Fox and you would just dream of grabbing her butt, odds are that will never happen but what if you were a fan of Abella Danger’s? What if your crush was equally as big on her? Well, if you were at EXXXOTICA Chicago in July, you could have indeed had that chance. I spoke with fans there who said they could not believe how sweet, kind and amazing the performers were. Most were these shy fan boys, who came to just get a glimpse of the stars and would have never dreamed they would have been able to get a big hug and cuddle from their favorite starlet and have a picture to take home to show their boys at the next outing to the bar, or back yard BBQ this summer. That is what the best aspect of EXXXOTICA is. You get to meet these lovely people of the industry and more important, they get to meet you. The industry has been long plagued by a belief that most stars would not speak to a fan, let alone give them an experience they would never imagine, that makes a trip to the strip club seem like a trip to Wal-Mart. I for one chose to go incognito on this trip, to see what the fans get to experience. Only a few of my friends in the industry know what I look like, so this was easy to pull off, now what I found was simply too amazing to ever be made up. It was at this convention that you the fan will see, you simply can not make this shit up if you tried!


When you the fan are greeted with great billboards like this, you can’t help but feel you are in for a treat. I don’t want this story to feel like it is promotion, because it is not. I wanted to see how things looked from the fans perspective, not the critics. First off readers, if you have never been to a convention the best aspect is not just the women, it is the women! The typical stereotype in this industry is that the only attendees are men, which it is not. eXXXotica brings out the fan in us all, men women of all shapes and sizes and all colors. I had fun mixing things up and talking porn with many lovely ladies who were just fans, who if they new I was apart of the press would have loved to have had their Polaroid taken. When you see a massive crowd like this, you will see exactly what I mean. Take a gander my fellow male romantics & women lovers, at how many beautiful fans attend this show.


abella danger_exxchic070816_morbid thouights_133
Danger……..as in Abella Danger

Now this is what I mean. This is just the crowd aspect of this expo and as you see, it is a mixture of everything from blond babe, to curvaceous brunette and that is just the fans. I think the one aspect people forget and I am not just talking about picking up women but talking about other like minded people who enjoy what you do as the adult entertainment fan. It is such a wonderful experience. I love talking porn and I love talking about it with women, what can I say, women are fun to watch porn with. I found that to be the most alluring aspect of this expo. I wanted to talk about this Latin cutie Jasmine, who as we noticed we were running into each other at the same stars booths, decided to break the ice and playfully ask the other “what are you doing, following me around?” We stumbled upon Abella Danger’s corner of the woods and noticed a common theme, we both seemed to be hitting up the stars booths who had amazing derrieres. We started talking butts and it was fun to ask who we liked in the industry from the past and present since she was my age. As I got to witness Abella Danger let her get a shot while giving her this amazing hug I was just blown away by how much fun this woman was having. She was getting to fondle Abella Danger, something we all dream about. Needless to say, I can not speak for Abella Danger but it was scorching hot and cool as fuck to bare witness to this and I don’t think everyone is going to get to grab that gorgeous bum of Abella’s but I can’t blame Abella for letting her, for this gal was gorgeous but you have to remember fans, that when a media person in the adult industry hits a convention, they are there to work. We normally do not get to partake in the luxuries and sights you do. All of what is there, is there for you, including my fellow journalists, photographers and people behind the scene. I found it exciting to see Abella engage her fans like she did. She simply made her fans days, every single one. I talked to a few guys who simple could not believe after they met her that it was not like a Comic Con booth were the star just says hello, boots you out and moves to the next person and gets their $25 for an autograph. No see, here at eXXXotica, you get to get up close and personal with you favorite stars and if you show the right respect, you show them appreciation and most importantly, you show them support, you never know what may happen at eXXXotica.

Briana Banks
The Legendary Briana Banks

At Chicago, there was simply everything a deviant mind could ask for. I seen a cool display on the usage of sex toys by the amazing Chaz Cratton. It was cool to see the way that toys can be a man’s ally in the sack. I think the amount of toys was simply mind boggling. There were sybians and it was cool to watch a star get on one and enjoy the ride, I was in a state of awe when they unveiled the male sybian. To see all the ways one can indulge in their sexuality and I can tell you something out there readers from dating porn stars, that porn stars also have flesh lights & pornos and love getting as kinky with them as you do. So when you see your favorite star, licking her fellow performers fleshlight, chances are that she does have one and she enjoys them as much as you do, if not more. The one thing you will get to see is a few of these stars showing off some of the toys. If you go to the right booth, you will see these models trying out the toys for the company that brought them to the show. I can remember the sight of more than a few fans eyes popping out of their heads as they watched this new starlet whose name I can not remember try out the skinny little vibrator on herself. After which her fellow model came in an commandeered the toy and began to play with her. Now, this was not a live sex show but this was simply white hot to witness and once again, I observed fan after fan walking by and simply having the biggest shit eating grin you would have ever seen. That is the truth of this show, no matter what you thought, or what you hoped it would be, before you walked in the door, nothing prepares you for the real deal, nothing.

Exxx Chic
Just picture this fans, live and up close. This is eXXXotica

Every fan of ever form of entertainment has something they are partial to. Bulls fans will forever say the Jordan era was the greatest of all time, while current fans can see on one but “King James.” In our industry, no other group will compare to the women of the 90’s and as I perused through the crowd I found more than a few familiar friends who spotted me. I got my start during their era and I thought it so appealing as I talked to a close friend how every age group of fan could have their fantasy come true. I saw Briana Banks, needless to say a woman who needs no introduction but I also saw stars like Inari Vachs, who was simply known as the star you got in a production to solidify a top selling film. The amazing Janine was even scheduled for an appearance which you hardly ever see at any convention these days. I tried to wander around and see just how many beautiful women my golden age of porn I could find and I can tell you fans, that I saw at least fifteen stars from my favorite era. Some had these rare collectibles that are impossible to find, even on the internet and for every fan who started young with a love for this industry like I did, it was priceless to be able to walk up to a performer I admired and tell her how much I enjoyed her films. Now I did not tell her I was Don Juan DeMarko and she had no idea what my scheme was with this story but I said fuck it, let me see if I could give her a hug and try and sneak in cheek kiss. We talked for a bit as she signed the poster and DVD I bought from her and I told her that this business could not exist with out her. I saw her cheeks get rosy red and I could tell that she was blushing. She told me that I was sweet but I was not going to stop there. So I flirted a little bit with her and gave her some praise that only a fan would and I asked her what it took to date the girl of my dreams. Now, I went in knowing that would never happen but I was trying to get a kiss remember. She told me she was so flattered that I would ask that and she in return told me that the key to doing that was doing exactly what I was doing and I in return was red in the face. I truly was. After we shared a laugh, because the secret to making an impression with any woman, porn star or not, is make her laugh and I went in for the huge cuddle hug and I got it and my kiss on the cheek. I was thinking for a second that she would be leaving our encounter beyond blown away but it was yours truly who was. I had forgotten what that feeling was like, I really did. It brought back memories of my first convention as a fan at the age of 18. So if you want a fountain of youth, look no further than eXXXotica porn fans!

tanta tate_vicki chase_exxchic070816_morbid thouights_030
Tanya Tate aka “Lady Titan” & the sexiest Cobra Commander ever! Vicki Chase

There is so much to fit into one article that simply can not be done, but I witnessed sexy panels with stars showing off their sexy skills on the mic. There was after parties galore and I even heard one fan saying that a couple was getting married, yes married XXX style with a trip to eXXXotica and then a “recpetion” XXX style at a local club. That I did not get to witness but from having been to many after parties in the business, I have to tell you ladies and gentleman, it is a must attend, because you never know what may happen and if you have the game to do it, you may even get lucky with so many women in the club getting as hot as you are rubbing elbows with the stars. While I was waiting to see Katie Morgan, I ran into three exotic dancers, who were dressed in skin tight jeans, lacy tops and one even had pasties with a fish net top. These gals were gorgeous. They were waiting in line to meet Katie, the reason all three had gotten into the first stages of adult entertainment. I started a conversation with them and once again we went into this amazing conversation of performance and pornos. We had a great time and as we approached Katie, it was so down to earth to see these beauties go crazy, ape shit fanboy,… or girl on Katie Morgan. It was like watching a kid meet their sports idle or favorite movie star. Nothing could match my smile after seeing that and it made me imagine seeing them in an adult film years down the road, which can and does happen because a friend of mine got discovered at one of these amazing conventions and it indeed could happen to you, like I hope it does for those three.

Pure Fun
The fun you can only see at eXXXotica
Cali Carter
One of the hardest bodies in the biz…..Cali Carter

If finding strippers in the crowd is not enough for you, you can find them lining up to win the Ms. eXXXotica Competition. I mean some of the most dazzling women you could imagine were competing for some cash but also a shot to be at next years show, signing some scrumptious 8×10’s for the crowd and experiencing what the stars do. I think it is the ultimate taste of what it is like to be a star. I also sat in on a couple of workshops, one was about what it takes to be a porn star, the other was about how to become apart of the industry and start your own business no matter the aspect, websites, cam shows you name it. I saw friends who were hip to what I was doing with this story and they allowed me to remain incognito but I remember a fellow writer telling me that she attended a convention and met some amazing folk in the industry that were conducting shops just like the one I sat in on and I could not help but think of her as I witnessed these veterans of the industry show fans how they too can make money in this business and meet the stars they worship, just like my friend did. She is living proof that you can attend these conventions and learn the insight on how to break into the industry and maybe even do what I do someday, or better yet, become a porn star themselves. I found that portion of that seminar so great to hear. Stars letting fans know how hard it is to be in this industry and their war stories to reach the top. I saw many eager faces to give things a shot and that is truly an opportunity only found at adult conventions. No other convention can offer that type of offering to a fan, that is no bullshit!

Annika Albrite

As this amazing story comes to an end, the only thing I can tell you about this experiment is that it was indeed like turning back the hands of time. I don’t want to get nostalgic but as a writer who has covered the car conventions of Detroit and Denver, the guy who has covered Comic Con since it’s started in my hometown years ago I have to tell you nothing compares to an adult convention. Nothing! Going to eXXXotica was like going to the Detroit auto show only if you were allowed to get into the car and test drive them down the block. I found such amazing people, my favorite part being the swingers lifestyle experience. It was basically a place were couples could enjoy a whole floor of a hotel to themselves, to enjoy their lifestyle with other couples. I saw a couple I met who had access to the stars in a VIP area and once again, having many friends in this industry who are swingers, I could tell they were having a blast talking with the couples in the industry. I found that the sexiest part of the time I was there. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see couple getting cozy together and I can only imagine the fun that they had once the party was over and they had a whole floor to themselves. I wondered if any of the couple were able to talk another porn star couple into joining the fun, which is not as far fetched as you would think dear readers. Stranger things have happened, hey rock stars indeed do the same thing, so why can’t porn stars hop on that bus as well?

Vicki Chase Car
Vicki Chase proves she is “built for speed.”

The fan experience is a must attend. It is not just a bucket list item that needs to be on every person’s itinerary, it is something that must be experienced annually for it is ever changing. This is my sixth version of eXXXotica I have attended and I have found every single one is different. You get to grab a bag, collect ads and brochures of the hottest stars, newest companies and products just like any convention but you get so much more. You get memories that will indeed last a lifetime and I am so glad that I did this experiment because being in the industry as long as I have, you begin to forget about the things that got you here. You forget in this day and age of 10,000 starlets that it is just one that can get your desire and love for this industry to become something worth while in life. Now that may sound cheesy or dumb to a few people but it is that thing exactly that led me to become a writer in this industry. I am living my dream because of these ladies and I can not thank them enough for that. So if you want to sum up eXXXotica and adult conventions, the only thing that comes to mind is……..living a dream.


EXXXOTICA 2016,……..were dreams become realities! (All photos supplied by EMM Report)

Don Juan DeMarko

I have been in the adult industry since I was indeed a young history major out of college. I attended a "Public Ivy" located in Williamsburg, Virginia. I have a multiple degrees & certificates including one in graphic design that led me to this wonderful and amazing industry. I started as just a lowly consultant for a design firm in Los Angeles that led me to introductions with some amazing people in the adult film industry and the rest is history. I have fulfilled work and helped to write publications for some of the biggest names in music, sports and film but my passion, the place where I truly call "home" because it is where the heart is, lies within the adult entertainment industry. I am an XRCO Member and I always like to say the art of making "fantasy become reality" is indeed something that takes the effort of many people, from all likes & spectrums of this amazing world. It is indeed those people and the fans of this industry that drive me to always show the beautiful amazing side of this industry few know but many dream about.

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