Donald Trump defends sexual predator head Roger Ailes

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Okay I recently wrote an article about Donald Trump and his hypocrisy 4 his plan to form a presidential commission too bad pornography. Once again I’ve decided to write about Donald Trump and I’m starting to wonder if the Presidential nominee and his hypocrisy has any bounds are limits whatsoever. He recently defended former Fox News head Roger Ailes who has had a list of Fox News employees come forward accusing Ailes of being a sexual predator do 2 years and years of sexual harassment most notable among these women have been Gretchen Carlson Megyn Kelly and many others.


More than 20 women have accused Fox News chairman Roger Ailes of sexual harassment incon Prudential conversations with the attorneys of former Fox News host Gretchen Carlson her legal team stated the accusations have poured in at a steady clip by phone and email since Carlson filed an explosive sexual harassment suit against Ailes in her lawsuit Carlson claims that Ailes propositioned her for sex and then filed her when she refused.


Gretchen Carlson filed her lawsuit on July 6th 2016 shocking the media world with claims that Ailes one of the most powerful Executives in media sabotage her career after she rebelled against him Carlson was with Fox News for 11 years as an anchor the former Miss America was removed from a highly rated Fox and Friends show in 2013 fired from the network in June the two events Carlson claims were part of a series of retaliatory and vengeful humiliations.


” I think you and I should have had a sexual relationship a long time ago and then you’d be good and better and I’d be good and better’ Ailes has said according to the lawsuit among other offenses set out by the suit Ailes was accused of ugly Carlson in his office and asking her to turn around so he can view her backside.

Megyn Kelly the Undisputed star of the Fox News lineup has also accused Aisles of sexual harassment two investigators 21st Century Fox hired to conduct an outside inquiry.

Fox News host Andrea Tantaros has stated Executives at Fox News new Roger Ailes harassed her sexually as well. The former Fox News host claimed she was retaliated against and eventually booted from the cable news giant after complaining of repeated sexual harassment from Fox News Chief Roger Ailes.


Now Fox News I will admit has some of the sexiest women in TV journalism today if you can call Fox News journalism the network tries to portray itself as the moral holier than thou voice of the people and I will have to give it to them they have some of that most attractive women in journalism such as Megyn Kelly and Andrea Tantaros among them. Rumor Has It that Fox News has claimed I have not researched this so I am stating that it is Rumour here save this point that Andrea Tantaros was released from Fox News do to her recent book tied up in knots cover being too racy and not being approved by the news agency.


But with over 20 women as of yet claiming sexual harassment from the Fox News head Roger Ailes including Fox News & star reporter Megyn Kelly and many others dating all the way back his time working on the Mike Douglas show.


Roger Ailes has long had ties to the Republican party including working as a media consultant for Richard Nixon Ronald Reagan and George HW Bush end for Rudy giuliani’s first campaign for mayor of New York. Oh and get this Roger Trails was even given a forty-million-dollar severance package from Fox News wow Rupert Murdoch.

You would figure the Republican Party would distance themselves from Ailes but no not so at all the Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump you know the same guy that possibly leave nude photos of his wife to the New York Post the same guy that appeared in Playboy Magazine Stadium if you need Viagra you’re wrong the wrong girl also the same guy that has made a promise two religious organizations to fight pornography so it’s no wonder that Donald Trump has stepped up to defend this sexual predator.


As reported in the Washington Post also in an interview on Meet the Press Trump defended his longtime friend the sexual predator Roger Ailes the same man being accused by 20 plus women female journalist I might add that were employed by Fox News during Roger Ailes his time there.

Here’s what Trump said and once again this man I just don’t get it he’s a complete hypocrite this is my opinion but I’m welcome to it just like you’re welcome to yours. Trump’s had a history of making sexist comments two women demeaning them and devaluing them so it’s no wonder that he defends Ailes and here’s what he had to say ‘ I can tell you that’s some of the women that are complaining I know how much he’s helped them, and even recently. And when they write books that are fairly recently released and they say wonderful things about him. And now,. All of a sudden they’re saying these horrible things about him Trump said in an interview with NBC’s Meet the Press on Sunday evening it’s very sad because he’s a very good person I’ve always found him to be just a very very good person and by the way I’m very talented person look what he’s done so I feel very badly.

What is a quote directly from Trump on NBC’s Meet the Press he’s basically sympathizing with a sexual predator with a 20-year history of sexual harassment Roger Ailes is basically good Bill Cosby a republican news. And Trump defends him sympathizes with him but that’s no surprise because Trump has made very sexist comments about any woman that disagrees with him he just has a different opinion.


Now look I’m not anti-republican I’m not anti democrat the Democrats had their fair share of controversy over the years including Clinton’s extramarital affair with a certain intern and let’s not forget the sexual Misadventures of the most famous political family of all time the Kennedys which I’m not a supporter of is what I’m against is hypocrisy. I know that must sound contradictory from someone who makes his living writing and objectifying women in the adult entertainment industry but not one time and ended interview or any personal interaction with the adult entertainment Professionals of this industry has why are my staff ever acted in an inappropriate manner I will tell you that if I ever find out that any of my staff act inappropriate 2 NE Entertainer in his business head will not go unpunished without consequences.

The biggest problem with politics today is the hypocrisy and Donald Trump our current Republican Presidential nominee just maybe the king of hypocrites for his support of Roger Ailes. In my denying of the women at Fox News are extremely attractive am I denying that I myself might have pleasured myself while watching Fox News I mean have you seen Megan Kelly but that is no excuse for a man and Roger Ailes position to abuse his authority or his position by deliberately causing emotional mental damage to these women regardless of how attractive they are


Written Bender Cain

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