August 2016 Rising Star Interview: Alexa Nova

So many things went through my mind when I first saw Alexa Nova on film. One of the very first things that I did indeed see from day one, was how much Alexa enjoyed what she did for a living. She showed passion in her performance as well as an ability to show a sensual side to her characters just as much as being able to go all out when it comes to the rough, raunchy and kinky scenes. Alexa Nova has caught the porn world’s eye with her amazing ability to get into the most amazing positions that I have seen on film in a long time. She also has this sexy, mysterious side to her. One that I don’t think many fans or industry people have gotten to see. I think it is one of my most thrilling duties as writer to be able to showcase a performer like this to the fans for one of the very first times. So without further adue fans, I will let Alexa take you on the tour that is all the August 2016 Explicit Rising Star Alexa Nova.


Don Juan DeMarko: First off Alexa, I would love to start at the beginning. How was it that you found your way into the industry? I would love to hear the story of what brought you into this amazing business and remember, the longer the story the better.

Alexa Nova: Well Don, while I was working at a property management group as a receptionist for about a year and a half. During that time I was dancing on the weekends in order to make extra money. I was working full time and trying to support myself and my family. I was working this job that was so far away from my house and it was long, very brutal hours too. I was doing all this work and at the end of the day the payday did not equal the effort and hours I was putting into the job. I have always been comfortable with my body and my sexuality, so I figured, why not do porn? The only reason I had not, was that I was afraid of disappointing my parents and what not but at the end of the day, I figured that, hey, I’m an adult, I live on my own, they do not support me, so I self inquired into the industry. I quit my job once I got my first scene and I have not regretted it and I have been doing porn ever since.


Don Juan DeMarko:I have a friend who is set to head to Vegas and start her come back in the adult industry. I myself have noticed Vegas is growing in such amazing ways when it comes to the adult industry. What are your thoughts about the industry in Vegas as a whole? How does it compare to Los Angeles? I know your home is in Vegas and they say home is where the heart is but I think you could shed some light to other performers as to why Vegas is the place to be and what made you decide to call it home?

Alexa Nova: Um, well. I think Vegas is growing because of so many small things. There are no condom regulations for one. Things are not as expensive here in Las Vegas compared to LA. As far as location goes and the cost of living, it is just lower in so many ways in general. I don’t plan on quitting the business anytime soon, so the amount of money that is spent while I get my name out there and work things like content trades with other companies and performers is simply a necessity in my career. 

Don Juan DeMarko: I have in all honesty seen a bit of your work. Dion with Filly Films told me one day that you were the gal to check out as far as up and comers go. I think the first film I reviewed of yours was Licking Lesbians and your scene was with Trinity St. Claire. Filly Films has a very close spot near my heart because of the amazing people that work there, I would love to know what it was like working on a Filly Films set and Trinity St. Claire?

Alexa Nova: Well, It was OK. It was a really quick scene. I can say that one scene is sometimes better or worse than the other, or that one company necessarily has the leg up over another when it comes to production. There are pros and cons to every single shoot a performer does I think, no matter the type of scene you are doing. Like I just mentioned, a big pro for Filly Films was that the shoot did not take long at all, I was in and out, literally in hours. Now, if you look at a company like Evil Angel, there shoots can be a bit longer, especially if it is certain director because they want to get their concept right. Do you know what I mean? 


Don Juan DeMarko: I’m beyond excited to see one of your latest releases, I believe it is entitled The Neighborhood Bush Watch from Little Dragon Productions. With the amount of work you have been getting as of late I am dying to know which of your scenes is your most memorable so far in your career and why?

Alexa Nova: Ohhhh, most memorable. I would have to say, probably the scene I did with James Deen about a year ago for and it should be coming out soon at some point, because he has been releasing a lot of his scenes lately, so I am really looking forward to it coming out. It was definitely the roughest scene that I have done and it was really awesome because I have really good chemistry with James Deen so, yeah. I loved it! It was my first time working with him and it was really just like, yeah! I was really excited. I am usually more excited than I am nervous on set, so it was amazing.

Don Juan DeMarko: I have heard through mutual friends that you are or were a feature dancer? Be it as I am a bit behind the times, I would love to know if you still feature dance? I myself love the performance aspect of a dancer, I think it is something that is being forgotten in today’s adult world. Do you think the same?

Alexa Nova: I definitely enjoy dancing, technically, I have never really been a feature dancer but before I did porn, I danced at a strip club for a year and a half while I was working full time in the real estate game, so to be a feature dancer, you have to have a well known name and have the club advertise with your image, persona and character. I definitely want to feature dance some time in the future but I think I need to grow my name a bit more in the industry, so that club owners see that there is a demand for me. So I want to feature dance, because I do enjoy it but I think it will be apart of my repertoire once the club owners see my name and want me to be there because of the amount of fans coming to see me, not just because I am a porn star or a woman that knows truly how to “perform” at a club. I like the performance aspect but my true love is dancing. I was a go-go dancer before I was stripping.


Don Juan DeMarko: Now don’t kill me here, I am just trying to validate a little research. I read somewhere in a profile of yours that you described yourself as a “hippie loner” in your younger days. I would love to know, if you are willing to share, what was life like for you back then. I can not picture you as a loner but that is the beauty of discovering things about people, I’m just dying to know what Alexa Nova was like in those days.

Alexa Nova: Well, when I was younger, I did not hang out with a lot of people. I partied like most people did when they were that age. Experimentation is something I think everyone does at that age and I am no exception. I was actually pretty permiscious from the age of thirteen to fifteen. So I did not have many female friends because a lot of girls disliked me because their boyfriends had a crush on me, or liked me in some way, or we had hooked up. It was always something like that. So girls simply hated me and I did not mind being by myself and I actually prefer to be by myself. It didn’t really bother me that I was not hanging out with people. I have definitely learned over the years that you have to be content with yourself before you can ever be content with other people that you let into your life. 


Don Juan DeMarko: Now to add another part to that question, how has the adult industry changed that person? How has Alexa Nova grown as an independent woman in this industry? I think people believe we are all just a bunch of lunatics in this industry but since we first started talking on twitter, I see this deep sophistication that seems to grow with you everyday. I always say this industry has lessons in life, business, love and self control. I am once again dying to know what Alexa Nova has gained through this amazing industry?

Alexa Nova: It has helped me grow to understand who I am even more. Finding out things that I do and do not like. That I don’t think I would have discovered if I was not in the industry and it’s not just sex I speak of. I have been having sex for nine years now and I have discovered that I like BDSM over the last two years and that is a fairly new discovery, which I have grown to really enjoy. It is so great that I have gotten to experience it with professionals on camera. I think performance wise, I think I have gotten a lot better with my acting, because I was not comfortable at all with my acting when I first started and it was because I just did not have confidence in myself when it came to acting in scenes. So there was a part of me that dreaded that in the beginning. I just simply wanted to get to the sex part but the more I have shot, the more I like the acting part of a production. 

Don Juan DeMarko: What are your dreams and goals in this industry Alexa? What is it that you wish to accomplish and discover within this amazing industry? I think every woman has a goal when entering this industry whether it be money or being able to say you lived the adventure. What are your goals now that you have found this amazing success so early in your career?

Alexa Nova: Well Don, I simply want to perform as long as possible and as long as I still enjoy it and of coarse, people still enjoy watching my scenes. Maybe eventually that will lead to producing and directing once I get a big enough name and brand in the industry. I just simply plan to take my career as far as I can and if I do quit, I think I will go back to real estate but so far I really enjoy being in this business and I do not plan on quitting anytime soon! I have to say, I would also like to win an award at some point as well. 


Don Juan DeMarko: Now, to switch gears back again, rumor is in the industry is that Evil Angel has grown quite fond of you. I think that says a lot because they are such amazing producers of fantasy. They seem to always be on their A game no matter the film. What can we as fans expect to see on the horizon from you and Evil Angel? Of coarse I would also love to know which side of the industry do you like better? The fetish hardcore aspect? Or perhaps the soft girl/girl type romantic performances?

Alexa Nova: I do like elegant and glamorous but I also like hardcore and BDSM. I actually have not done that many sensual scenes at all. But I like both, I like hardcore that is shot beautifully. I have shot with Kink about ten times already, I shot for Hard Tied recently. I guess you can say I really like bondage. Bryan Gozzling and Markus Dupree they are all my favorite as is James Deen, because the fuck very similar to one another and they like it rough and I really prefer that.

Don Juan DeMarko: As wonderful I think that big old brain of yours is, I am personally just dying to know what you do for fun outside of the business. All sex aside, what is a passion that Alexa Nova has that the fans and industry do not know about.

Alexa Nova: I wish I had a more exciting answer for you and the fans Don but my hobbies are things along the line of catching up on my sleep. I love sleep. The only times I do really go out is when attending drum and bass shows. Other than that, I am pretty much a homebody, I love just hanging out at my house. Oh, I do like to dance recreation-ally on occasion. Oh,… well of coarse I listen to music but I figured that was a give in with my dancing. Drum and Bass is my favorite, duh Don, it’s actually a sub genre of EDM but it’s not like fist pumping, steady beat music, it’s considered broken beat. There is simply such a unique side to it all. It’s kind of like dance hip-hop. I guess you could say I’m just a huge fan of bass music in general. 

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Don Juan DeMarko: I am doing a spotlight on Society 15. I think the aspects of an agency are amazing when they do great things for a performer. I also have a deep respect for the woman that self books, or I should rather say, has the wisdom and knowledge to self book successfully. I am dying to know, what would you say to the performer who is looking to self book successfully and is their any advice you would give to them being as the you have achieved leaps and bounds in a short time in this industry.


Alexa Nova: Yeah, well let me try to phrase this the best way. Self booking has gone pretty well for me so far. I feel like agents are good when you first get into the industry because you do not have any connections of your own and you do not know how things work and you need someone to be there to stand up for you, like in moments were someone would try and take advantage of you because you do not know how lets say a contract works. So I definitely think that agents are good when you are new because otherwise, it is not as easy as you think when you first start in this business. To my knowledge, directors usually try and avoid going through an agency, unless they are looking for a new girl that they can not find anywhere else, or if they are really established girls that there is a demand for. I think most people do not want to pay the extra $100 for a booking fee if they don’t have to. Of coarse a good thing about self booking is that you get to keep all of your money, rather than giving a percentage. But that comes with more work if the performer is willing to invest. You have to promote yourself and put an effort to contact people. I think it is great, because you are personally in control of getting your name out there and getting bookings for yourself. So I just feel more comfortable that if a call comes in for a job, an agent could recommend someone else instead of me. This way people can just come to me personally and I can focus on managing myself the way that I would. 


Don Juan DeMarko: Are there any fantasies that you have not yet lived on the screen that you would love to partake in? This am dying to know due to your lifestyle, because I always say life is about living out every fantasy, sexual or not, that is simply living. So I’m curious to know if there is that certain something you have just been wanting to indulge in but perhaps not had a chance to do on film?

Alexa Nova: Ummmm, Yes, yes and yes! Oh my, I would first make it a really rough DP scene, I really want to do a DP scene in general and I plan to at some point, as soon as possible this year. I haven’t done a scene with two penises at the same time! Not even a fake and real one at the same time Don! I definitely want to, I just have not had the situation come up in real life because not that many guys are comfortable doing that and being naked and that close to another guy.

Don Juan DeMarko: I want to say you just finished your first year in the business? Is this correct? As your star just continues to rise and rise are their any performers you are just simply dying to work with. I am dying to know who the amazing Alexa Nova has a crush on in the industry and would simply go ga-ga over if she got to work with them.

Alexa Nova: Well, …..there is a looooooooong list of female performers that I want to work with. As far as guy performers, I just recently worked with Mick Blue and that was pretty awesome! I really wanna work with Manuel Farrera for sure. I just love a guy who is real and down to earth and just dominant sexually. In my personal life that is just the best when a guy is sweet and nerdy and just dominant sexually. They don’t have to be these mean, macho type guys. Ok well, when it comes to women, the main women I would want to work with is Katrina Jade. Or, …..Riley Reid, ……or both. 


Don Juan DeMarko: In closing, is there anything you want to say to the fans and what do you have lined up here in the near future? Is there anything that the fans simply can not afford to miss?

Alexa Nova: Oh yeah. Well Don, there is a new Evil Angel DVD from Aiden Reilly coming out that is called Soaked and Choked. It is an anal, squirting movie. So that is pretty awesome and fans simply have to see my scene in that film. I just think that scene came out pretty great. There will also be another Evil Angel DVD coming out that is a little secret at the moment with Evil Angel, I can tell you it is a great scene. I also have a scene coming out with that has me and James Deen sharing the screen, well, I am hoping that it will be coming out very soon. I also did an anal scene with James Deen Productions with Markus Dupree, which was really, really awesome. So I have some great scenes coming out that I think my fans are really, really going to enjoy because of how much I enjoyed making them. I just wanted to say thank you Don and say thanks to my fans and it was so great getting to talk with you. 

And with that, concluded one of the most amazing interviews done here at Explicit List that I got to conduct. Alexa Nova simply has a laugh that can melt and iceberg. Talking with her was like sitting down and talking with an old friend. That is just how sweet and amazing this little hottie is. I strongly recommend that any fan who has not seen her work, to give it a gander, because in an age were so many in this industry are just here to collect a paycheck, it is amazing to see a woman, who does indeed love sex, love performance and loves this business and her fans. I hope we get to see more of her on this site personally and I hope you the readers, enjoyed that amazing ride. I know that I did.

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The Galactic Anal Princess: Alexa Nova. Be sure to follow her on twitter @AlexaNovaXXX and visit her amazing site at






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