August 2016 Explicit Insider Interview: Alexis Fawx

The time was right for this interview with Alexis Fawx. I think no matter the writer or what he chooses to write about, there are times when things get a little hectic in his profession. Needless to say, we all have those times in our jobs when we need a shot in the arm, a pick me up that just sets all the wrong things right. As things lead up to our interview, Alexis and I began to text and say hello to each other, working out each others schedules to find an ideal time for this sit down interview. Little did I know how much I would need to meet an amazing performer like her when I did. I was fresh off my stint at EXXXOTICA Chicago and was mentally drained. This little lady simply got my heart pumping, my imagination going and surprised me in the best of ways, as to how much a person can love what they do and live the life that so many wish for, which is one of happiness and joy. Now before I get too mushy on all the readers here, you will soon find out that this interview is filled with the most delicious perverted talk, stories of hunting through her uncle’s closet for porno with Ginger and Amber Lynn and the most amazing visuals from the mind of a performer, who I truly believe she loves porn more than most fans do. I will simply say that you, the reader will have the biggest shit eating grin of sensuality that you may have ever have after reading this interview. So with out further delay, let’s get Explicit!


Don Juan DeMarko: I of coarse would love to know how you got your start in the business?

Alexis Fawx: Ok, so how I got started, back in 2010, I believe it was July, I use to be a paralegal at an intellectual law property firm. I just decided one day to quit that because I was simply ready for a change. It was approaching a year that I had been out of work and I was thinking I needed to make some money after taking a break from the grind of life, so I answered a Craig’s List add to be an extra for Dancing Bare, which I have to tell you Don, I have always been a porn watcher, so I was very much familiar with it and I said “..this is easy, I can go be an extra on this, I can have fun and this could be exciting!”  So I went and when I got there, they went through this laundry list of what you can do. This list had things that like if you made out with a girl, you get X amount of dollars, if you give a blowjob you get this amount of money. So I was like FUCK YEAH! I can do this! I had confidence in my skills! I said to “myself, this is something I really like to do, I have watched plenty of porn, I can do this!” So it came time to do something that was on the list, I raised my hand and boom, boom! Here we are!

Topless Brazzers

Don Juan DeMarko: I always like to start things off with all that you do in the industry. Can you tell the fans all the aspects of what you do in the industry? Do you cam, feature dance etc?

Alexis Fawx: Well I do cam, I have been camming since 2010. I have been on and CamSoda as well as streaming with others in the industry. I try to cam as much as possible when I do get a chance. Lately, I have been traveling so much and shooting, that I have not had much down time to just actually get down and cam for the fans. I try to squeeze that in random times throughout my busy schedule. I am also working on building my site and building content for that. Well Don, feature dancing, I have never feature danced on stage but it is something that I would like to start doing as well. See, I dance on my cam shows. I do a total erotic tease on my cam shows most of the time. Me and the fans we get down to some music and I try to always take a different approach to my shows instead of having me just banging it out on cam. I like to tease you when it comes to my shows. I want to fulfill a fantasy and have fun with that, then just do the regular “machine” work, you know what I mean? I’m simply not a machine, I’m a human being, let’s have fun, I want to have a good time? Don’t you wanna have a good time? Lets both have a good time! 

PR Shot

Don Juan DeMarko: I myself am a former soldier, so first off, thank you for your service. I would love to know how that shaped you as a person, a performer and a woman.

Alexis Fawx: Well first off, I was in the Air Force and I really liked it. I excelled at so many things. It simply just built confidence within me, it gave me this incredible work ethic that I have today. I just got so many positives from it. It’s not for everybody and I got a lot of positives from it and I enjoyed my time that I was in. What I use to do, I was a load master. Basically I loaded KC-135’s, I worked with Federal Marshalls, I moved different things in and out of the base. Most of my time was spent on bases in the Midwest and one of my last places stationed was actually right by were you were. How I think it translates to me as a performer, I think it taught me to treat it as a business no matter the aspect in the industry. It taught me things that help me in my career now, like being healthy, keeping that same work ethic I had in the Air Force, no matter if you are doing this or doing something else and carrying things straight through and I think that has always helped me. It gave me a little structure you know? Because sometimes you need structure in life! The amazing thing you learn from being in the service, is that you are a lot stronger than you think you are and you can break down barriers in life with that strength you learn! 

Office Sex Naughty America

Don Juan DeMarko: I would love to know if you were as adventurous sexually in your days before porn? I always ask this because I think fans love to hear about how much the person relates to the character.

Alexis Fawx: Well, I was a very sexual being when I was young, I was just very comfortable with all that. I was very experimental at a young age. I don’t wanna sound like things were too crazy wild. I was always up to experiment Don, my first girl/girl experience was with three other girls. That was my first girl/girl experience Don and I had that when I was sixteen, well, maybe I was seventeen. The bottom line is, I had a good time let me tell you! I use to hang out with a lot of the older kids, I exposed myself to a lot of that stuff really early in my life and the first time I had a two guy experience was when I was in the military. I like sex and I am not afraid to be that sexual being. That is just who I am Don and when I have to tone that down, you know, when I am in public and I can’t be as flagrant, I am very respectful with people but when it comes to coming on to somebody I have no problem in that department. I have just always been that way. I like to watch sex, I like going to swinger parties to sometimes just watch! I like experimenting with my boundaries and discovering what I am comfortable with and what my body can do? That is the best thing about sex, I learned that I could be dominant and now I love being in that dominant role. So let’s just say, I have had a lot of fun Don, yes! 

Jules Jordan Video

Don Juan DeMarko: One of the hottest scenes I have seen of yours is in Lesbian Seductions 54 with I believe it is Jessica Wright or Shyla Jennings. Rumor is, it might be up for awards this year. I would love to know what it was like working on a GFF set and working with your co-star.

Alexis Fawx: Oh my gosh! I love working for Girlfriends Films! Dan O’Connell is great! So I always get excited when he books me. It’s always fun, the whole team is wonderful. The entire team that he was working for him. Every time I show up, I am always paired with this great scene partner and it’s always awesome when you are in a scene with someone who is also really into girls, who likes working with girls, because it really makes that scene pop off. It allows that passion and what girls like. A lot of women like the sensuality and the softness and the touching where you boil things down and kiss for a while, like tasting each others lips and smelling each others hair and I think that is what is really cool about Girlfriends Films, is that they allow all of that to come out during sex scenes. I can just say that with every person I have worked with, with Dan, it is just always nice and I really enjoy it. I really like doing girl/girl, it’s really fun. I really like girls too in my personal life, so it is just the best. Me, I like working with other performers who are excited to be there. It should be fun, it should be exciting, let’s have fun. To me, if you don’t like girls, don’t sign up for it! Because it makes it hard. Because I like to sit down with a performer and find out what their do’s and don’t s are. I don’t wanna cross any boundaries. I want things to be practical and safe. I also want to know what it is that you like, so that I can do those things and that you are legitimately enjoying it. When you work with someone who doesn’t like a girl, no matter how you touch her, she’s gonna cringe and be like shit! It makes it tough you know? 


Ass All Day

Don Juan DeMarko:  I have also read that you were actually a fan of porn before you got into this business. If so, rock fucking on. Because so few gals are in this business. I would love to know if there is a certain performer that made you want to become a performer? If so who and why & do you have a favorite film of hers?

Alexis Fawx: I think it was more like being young and curious and being exposed to Amber and Ginger Lynn. I was young but what I do remember, it is those names that stick out to me. I mean, I truly remember their names the most. I guess my uncle was a big fan of theirs, so what can I say. At that age it was those names that stick out and I wasn’t saying to myself yet “that is what I want to do.” It simply made me curious and I have watched porn through the years. I think it is a combination of things but I truly believe it was more about the sexual acts for me than one person that I can narrow things down to. I’m such a voyeur, I love watching it. So for me, it was like I love watching this gang bang, I was starring at these girls and getting more into the scenes than the people at the time. Does that make sense? I just love watching it, it’s just fucking great you know. Obviously, if I enjoy watching it and if I truly looked back, I could pick out my old school favorites. All the hotties that caught my eye through out time. So I just gotta say it’s all about the acts, I love double blow jobs and I remember watching my very first one with anal beads and I was just like, Wow! That is so fucking cool. I guess those people who were in it were really enjoying it, because it was their excitement that got me off. I would love to meet Ginger Lynn because that was my first exposure to porn and everything in it.

Reality Junkies (Fav)

Don Juan DeMarko: Now, if I am not mistaken, you started in the industry in 2010? I would love to know if there is any performer you have this giant crush on, were you would do anything to work with them?

Alexis Fawx: There is actually a lot. I would love to work with Johnny and Kissa Sins as a couple or even me and Kissa. I have not gotten to work with a couple. I mean, there is a lot of people that I haven’t worked with that. I’m looking forward to working with them hopefully in the future but off the top of my head, hitting both a male and a female, I just simply want a couple, because I love threesomes. To me that would be pretty fucking perfect. Because I can’t tell you just how much I LOVE THREESOMES and when people are really into that, I just love it! I actually finally got to meet Kissa and Johnny Sins in Chicago and I was so excited. Don, I am such a nerd, when they both came up to me, I was like YAY! There both so awesome and he is such a beautiful person from the inside out too. I am always anxious to see what people are like. You can’t always trust everything that is on twitter but when people do project a very positive vibe and they say beautiful things, to me that is pretty awesome. I really like that in another person. Kissa and Johnny are not airing their dirty laundry at all on twitter, I hate it when people are negative, that is just so not my style. So they are the two I would pick they are just simply awesome people! 

Reverse Cowgirl

Don Juan DeMarko: OK, gotta mix a fan question in here and there. I would love to hear exactly what type of person you go for in your personal life. I have heard you are a party person and life liver like me. I also think it is every fans dreams to date the porn stars they follow, so how does one pick up & catch the eye of Alexis Fawx?

Alexis Fawx: Well, I’m definitely not a partier. I mean on occasion but I am pretty laid back most of the time. Hmmmm, so what I go for in my personal life. I love intelligence, I like someone who can carry a conversation. I love when meeting someone and we can have an actual conversation not just small talk riddled with innuendos and such and such and they can only send me a dick pic but could not speak to save their life. I like a person with humor, because I love to laugh, I love a person that can laugh at themselves as well. Someone who is secure and confident and that shows through but not someone who is overly confident. Someone that can be comfortable in humility as well. So that can truly be any person. I simply like good people, I like people who have a good vibration and definitely like someone who likes to travel and someone who does not get bored when they are alone. Because to me, I don’t know how anyone could be bored alone. If you are bored and you are alone, that is something I just don’t get. Someone who I’m attracted to is someone that secure enough to be alone and doesn’t get bored. 

Helmet Bad assery

Don Juan DeMarko: I can only imagine the places you have seen in your life. Where are some of the greatest places you have traveled to in the industry? Also where would your dream shoot take place?

Alexis Fawx: Well when it comes to travel in the industry, I have traveled to LA, Vegas, Miami, so I actually just love love to travel period. I actually just got back from Costa Rica, which was actually beyond amazing, it is definitely one of my favorite places now. I have volunteered in places like Cuzco and other places in Peru once and a while. I still have the whole world to see man, there are just so many beautiful places. To pick out one favorite place, it comes down to just every time I travel and I travel to a lot of places by myself, which has been a really beautiful experience. I get to go to all of these places and have these adventures. With each place I visit, I come back with something just so special and to say that just one place stands out or that one place is better than the other is simply not fair. I pick up art from each place, like in Peru, I got seven paintings from this amazing visionary artist that I met. I have these amazing pieces of street art from Puerto Rico and all these hand crafted instruments from all these different countries. I just love to explore, I love to learn different cultures. I love to meet people and eat with them. Language is only a barrier if you allow it to be, people can communicate in other ways, you know what I mean? As long as you got love in your heart baby you communicate anywhere in the world. 


So the other part of that question as to where my dream shoot would be, it would have to be near a beach or something like that. Something really sexy, salty and sweaty. I don’t know. You gotta have an ocean in the background and it’s gotta be hot in more ways than one. A place like Tamarindo would be perfect, it has the most beautiful sunsets. It would be so sexy and serine. I just don’t know. If I want it to be sexy or raunchy.

Don Juan DeMarko: Now, after that question. I would love to know if there are any fantasies you have yet to fulfill onscreen?

Alexis Fawx: I haven’t been DP’d by two dicks. I have not done that in my personal life either. I have had a toy in my ass and a dick in my pussy but I would not count that as a real DP because it was a small toy. I’m talking about the real thing is what I would love to experience, two cocks and I would love that. So I do wanna give that a try. I think a gang bang would be really hot too and I just love to watch them, so much so there has to be a point where I get to get into that element and be that person who partakes in one. 

Don Juan DeMarko: I don’t think most fans know a star can’t really cut too loose when they are shooting. They are following a directors direction. My question is what would you film & do if you got an opportunity behind the camera, to do what ever you wanted and make what ever film you could with an unlimited budget?

Nasty Threesome

Girl on Girl

Alexis Fawx: Hmmmmmm, let me put some thought to that. Now that would be exciting. Definitely what ever it would be, there would be a lot of eroticism to it. I will have to get back to you on that one. There is just so many things. I would have to put some thought to that. 

Don Juan DeMarko: OK, More fan questions. A friend told me you are a movie person like me. I would love to know what is your favorite film? I also would love to know if you’re a reader as well? I always ask this as a writer because I love talking movies and books.

Alexis Fawx: Well, yes and yes Don. One of my favorite movies, I actually read the book before the movie, which is a Clock Work Orange by Anthony Burgess. He is the one who actually got it put on film. Of coarse his novel is very classic style and it is simply one of my favorite movies and favorite books. I love really great films that have amazing cinematography. I like any film or book that is a little off the wall. Something that is a little different and a little twisted. Do you remember Blue Velvet? I really like Blue Velvet. I also like American Psycho and I read the book before the movie. I love Christian Bale, I think he is a hottie, I would fuck him in a heartbeat! If he gave me the opportunity I would be all over that. 

Don Juan DeMarko: Is there anything else you love to do for fun? What is a night on the town like with Alexis Fawx? Are you a club/bar person? Live music person?

Alexis Fawx: Wow, I think my night life would be more like built around like a two to three hour dinner. With great conversation, wonderful people, excellent food. That is where I would actually drink some nice wine that paired with the food well. To me that would be the perfect night to just go out and do something like that. Dinner parties are where it’s at, I love those things. I love going out to eat as well, that is always fun.


Don Juan DeMarko: I always like to ask this question because for all the fans that buy their porn and follow you, I think they would love to know what scene defines you so far as a performer in the industry? What film should we watch that shows Alexis Fawx as she was meant to be shown?

Alexis Fawx: Wow, I think it is still coming. If feel like things are just beginning. I started in 2010 and I was contracted with Bang Brothers for so long, it is almost like I just got started again. There is so much I feel that is still coming. Like it is slowly coming together and each piece is apart of me. I don’t know if it is all of me quite yet. Maybe when I get that showcase out, that will show a lot more of me than anybody could quite expect. I like to push my boundaries and limits. I like to cut loose and do what ever I want. When I get behind the camera that is definitely going to be what I am going to do! 

Don Juan DeMarko: Being as you have done so much as far as careers go, I would love to hear the industry has shaped you as a woman and a person since your arrival?

Alexis Fawx: Well I feel very liberated as a woman. Doing what I do does instill confidence. I carry confidence into what I do but I think you can gather confidence from each performance. I have done a lot of different things and I came into this industry a little older than most gals do, so there were not a lot of things that I had to figure out when it comes to myself and my confidence and who I am. I think everything that I have done has helped build upon that confidence. It feels good to also learn more about your sexuality and you limits, like learning I could fucking squirt was awesome. It feels good to be a woman and it feels good to be me. I’m very happy to be where I am, I am very happy and I feel very blessed and I am very thankful. Everyday I wake up and I say thanks and show gratitude in one way or another. 


Don Juan DeMarko: OK, pervy fan question. One of Explicit’s fans wants to know, who is the best female kisser in the business. Well, besides you of coarse.

Alexis Fawx: Man I hate narrowing it down. I like real kissers you know. I like girls that are into girls. Like just give me that tongue. Let’s get into this shit you know. I simply can’t narrow that down, there are so many like really good kissers. Mmmmm just love kissing girls, with the tongues touching and the wetness, it’s just like Oh my God. I love that. There is some hot kissers in this industry and if there is just some hot kissing in the beginning they will get my juices rolling and I will be like lets roll. 

Don Juan DeMarko: In Closing doll, do you have anything on the horizon that we simply can not afford to miss as fans?

Alexis Fawx: Let’s see here. Be on the lookout for more stuff, I’m shooting all the time. There are a lot of new releases that are coming out. I was just on the cover of Sexy House Wives 6, I was just in Mike Quasar’s first Wicked Film and I have two scenes in that upcoming release. There is more stuff coming out at the end of week, there is always new stuff coming out, so be on the look out! There is also Tanya Tate’s new film that I starred in, wow, there is so much coming out. I think next time you have to forewarn me so that I can tell you everything that is coming out because I almost forgot that her film just came out too. Which is a good problem to have no matter how crazy that is, it is just so exciting and really cool. I also just worked with Tanya on a Girlfriends Film. Plus Don, I am just getting back from tacking a hiatus, so there are more adventures coming. I still have not done anal yet, so there is eventually going to be some anal that’s going to happen. It’s either going to happen this year or next year, so I really need to sit down and plan that. So to all my fans, be patient and be on the look out, there are so many new things coming your way! 

This is………Alexis Fawx…… the only place I can see her in after putting up with my talkative ass for three hours….. In Paradise. Thank you so much Alexis for enduring as long as you did, we at Explicit Inc. can not thank you enough!







Don Juan DeMarko

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