August 2016 Explicit Icon: Tasha Reign

Nothing gives a writer a better feeling than to have his subject for an article be a fellow writer and this months Explicit Icon is someone who I have loved each snip-it of text she writes, just as much as every glimpse of her dazzling beauty on the silver screen. Tasha Reign is simply someone who needs no introduction when it comes to fans and industry folk alike, but what I always like to do, is show everyone reading, something that they perhaps did not know and to give them a feeling that they perhaps know what it is like to walk in that subject shoes. So with that said, I can only say, here is someone who defines the term “Icon” miss Tasha Reign.

Explicit Stats:


Years Active: 2010 – Present
Born: January 15th 1989 / Capricorn
Birth Place: Laguna Beach, California United States
Gender: Female
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Height: 5ft 4in
Breast Size: 34D
Typical Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Green
Piercings: Navel

Beautiful Smile Nude

Iconic Story:

Few have ever done what this months Explicit Icon ever has. Being that she is an alumnus of the University of California Los Angeles is only one of her major accomplishments. Being deemed the “sexiest music critic ever.” Miss Reign has indeed taken the industry and the term adult performer to new heights.

Cheerleading Box Cover

Tasha Reign is simply a performer who never seems to stop surprising her fans and peers with the different aspects of what she possess within herself. She has written some of the most amazing reviews that caught my eye outside the industry as an editor in the mainstream world. Her true to life compassion shows in being a larger than life porn star, who still takes the time out of her beyond hectic schedule, to still answer fan mail and personalize her films and portraits that fans invest their time, heart and money in. If you have ever followed her on twitter, you will see a woman who respects this industry so much and pays homage everyday to those who help keep her on top. Fans, former actors and directors in the industry know how much she truly loves those who got her here and I implore you readers, if you have ever had those moments where you were a little miffed by a so called “performer” in this industry stiffing you on a video, or snubbing the chance to meet you at a convention, than this is the star you need to be watching and supporting, because this woman is everything right with the porn world and someone worth rekindling your passion in this industry if you have been jaded.

Fan Appreciation
A shot of Tasha sending back the love to her fans.

As the picture to the left shows, Tasha is not afraid to show her deep, heart felt gratitude to fans. Having graced the pages of Playboy in her Pac-10 days, I think one of her most iconic characteristics is knowing that she has been there, done it, before she even shot her first hardcore scene. It was after that destined to be photo shoot, that Tasha followed up her marvelous Playboy pictorial, by becoming Penthouse Pet of the Month by April of that same year, an accomplishment very few models have achieved after being in the industry for ten years, let alone a few. As you could imagine, it was after those first two successful pictorials that everybody began seeking her out. Since then, miss Reign has had the pleasure of being featured in almost every single major adult publication and had some of the most lovely shots I have ever scene lie in the pages of Club and Hot Video. To say these are tantalizing additions to any models portfolio is an understatement but Tasha did not stop there. In an era were you see many and I do mean many, adult performers say they hate this or they hate, Tasha not only does those things others don’t, she does them with elegance and love.

Penthouse Yumminess
One of Tasha’s many astonishing pictorials with Penthouse

I myself being a critic for so many aspects of this industry can truthfully say, it is those performers who hold close those many venues, that truly deserve the title of “icon.” Tasha not only loves the occasional trip to the gentleman’s club, she has been a veteran performer of the circuit for quite some time. Since 2008, many lucky guys and gals have had the pleasure of seeing her strut her stuff and show off the beauty of adult performance as both a dancer and feature performer.

Feature Dancer Flyer
One of Tasha’s Feature Dancing Flyers for her unique, one of a kind show.

If you have seen the shots from her humble abode, she does indeed have a strippers pole nestled right inside her living room, were she is always coming up with new moves, new shows, always fresh and never watered down. Having seen her show and also knowing many friends who both work in clubs as people looking to make it big in the industry and stars who have already done just that, she simply captivates an audience. She commandeers the mic and simply brings the audience into her world, the true essence of performance. I myself was so caught up in her performance, I forgot I was actually at the club working on reviewing her show. That is what this gal does on a daily basis in all she does. Now most of our readers are familiar with that portion of her amazing repertoire but what many might not know, especially those who have been living on the moon for the better part of a decade, is that is not all this little lady does well.

Website and cam promo

The future of the industry has been said to be many things and web camming is one of those arguments to be made about the days ahead in store for the adult world. Tasha Reign has been one of best performers when it comes to making things airy and new for her fans. Her cam shows are always done with the most amazing equipment and always showcase not just herself and her love for own sexual being, but that of other amazing women in the industry. Women that simply knock your socks off at every angle. She is always shooting new things for her website, always editing, always planning out her next rendezvous with her fans at an expo. It is her deep wit and amazing mind and dedication that I can imagine spends endless nights editing her content for her web site. Those of you who are members already know, but a visit to her site is simply something to stand in awe of. A total work of art, completed by a true to life art lover. It is within all these different views of the performer Tasha Reign, that all of us Explicit Inc. unanimously said when asked, who is a true “icon” in today’s industry and if those were not reason enough, maybe this next venture of who she is will be.

Her Political Side
Always the “political” mastermind.

As a performer who truly eats, sleeps and breathes this industry, one of Tasha’s most amazing moments, was when she took up her pen in the style of Silence Dogood and offered support to a Duke University student and fellow industry member who was using her earnings to pay for her tuition. By uttering these famous words on the Huffington Post site, she showed true valor: “In an ideal world, you would be able to openly and fearlessly state your stage name, or even your birth name; however, it seems you are not as lucky as me to have gone to a school which celebrates your diversity and sexuality… I want to apologize for all the ignorant, fearful comments your schoolmates at Duke are unloading on you… Your peers have degraded you, misrepresented you, judged you, and made you feel unwelcome at an institution at which you seek a higher education.”

These will be words that echo through time with Tasha and the industry, because it is this truth that makes her even more deserving of her icon status. Tasha has always been a person to never back down to critics of the industry and shown so many people that it is OK to embrace your sexuality, your beauty and your way of life, if you enjoy the things she does and I do and that most do, who are reading this article. As with pioneers and icons before her like Nina Hartley and Alexandra Silk, she fights for a sex positive world, where the beautiful women of this industry and the world are not broken down by a society that truly seems to think it knows what is best for everyone else, especially those in the the adult industry and fans of it and how they embrace that beauty.

Threesome with Aaliyah Love


It is also along those lines of speaking her mind for the better good of her fellow industry members, that Tasha voiced her opinion on copyright infringement and theft that has literally put a strangle hold on today’s films, performers, directors and personal of the adult industry. Being one of the very few performers to publicly voice her opinion on the subject, it showed not only that her fearlessness has no bounds, but neither does her love for this industry and all those who make the magic happen with in it.

Ass in the air (Younger) 2

That dear readers, is what an “icon” truly is and as the famous phrase goes of legends never dying, the ways to which Tasha has begun a movement and voiced thoughts from her amazing heart and mind will be something the next generation of performers will be in debt to her always. It is all those selfless acts that have truly impressed this writer and historian. Because it is only in the face of a challenge that an “icon” steps forward to lead those who are leaderless and be a voice for those who are afraid the speak their minds. Having used her voice on some many different forms of media for the better good of the adult world, Tasha never seems to let that be what she dictates her being or use it as a hold over others. She has rubbed elbows with Dave Navarro and spoke her mind about these very issues with him, not an easy thing to do as those who have actually met Dave Navarro know. She has faced the spotlight numerous times and always seemed to use fear as her ally, not her enemy. She has used her fame for the benefit of others instead of herself. As we approach a very uncertain path to where the industry is headed in so many ways, it is people like her that I think will champion the call to bring the adult industry to heights it has never been before. Call me optimistic, call me a positive pansy ass, but one things you can not deny, Tasha has simply brought a good change to the industry and focused a very positive view of the adult world that has never been there. She is a woman who goes against what every critic believes is the stereotype for every person who makes a living within this industry and as we approach a changing of the guard in our country in the upcoming elections, we are also facing a wave of new hew phenomena, that many people have never thought possible within the realm of fantasy that is called adult entertainment. It is an age of legitimacy and business ethics that is quickly making it’s way to this world I love so very much and I indeed have faith in an amazing outcome, knowing that a performer like her speaks for those need it most and truly is the face for for everything that is right about the industry we so very love. That is why she will not only forever be a revolutionary to the fullest extent but also a true icon in terms of what word truly means.

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August 2016 Explicit Icon: Tasha Reign

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