July 2016 Explicit Showcase: Society 15

July 2016 Explicit Showcase: Society 15


I have found that the most amazing thing about this industry is how similar success stories are. For instance, did you know that Kendra Lust shares an occupation and educational prowess in nursing, the same as our July 2016 Pioneer Nina Hartley? I find it no mere coincidence that the lovely Vanessa Veracruz, also, is pursuing her nursing degree. They all have this fierce sense of passion on screen, just like the lovely Sharon Mitchell, porn goddess of the 1980’s who also did the same off camera. I guess when it comes to success, the age old saying of “great minds think alike” rings true more so in the adult industry than perhaps in any other form of entertainment. I find that the model of excellence in a booking agency is being able to rely upon not only the upper management and people behind the scenes who we will never know about very much in the adult entertainment industry but also the talent that you hire and the example that you set for them. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Society 15, it is a company founded and started by the illustrious Kendra Lust, a vixen from the coldest city in the country in more ways than the average Joe knows , who spends her time raising the temperature as much as possible for millions and millions of viewers from around the world. In this spotlight, I really wanted to show both fan and performer alike, what the basis and true benefit of the booking agency is. It is far too often that a newcomer walks upon the scene and becomes successful over night in the land of adult films. In a world that rates your beauty as a big part of your success, it is easy for these girls of our dreams to become caught up in all that comes with rising to the top and being discovered. Very few people in the world know what the feeling is like to earn eight hundred, to two thousand dollars for only a days work. Now imagine that you are able to do this every other day for ninety to a hundred days. That is a scenario that can be a dream come true but can quickly turn into a self imposed nightmare just as fast. Add in the fact that the bottom line of the Adult Entertainment Business is that it is truly a business, one that is ever changing and always evolving.

Kimmy Granger 4
Society 15 Model: Kimmy GrangerPhotos Courtesy of Mile High Media

Kimmy Granger 3Kimmy Granger 9

The basis of any business is about profits and supplying something that will be in demand and will reach massive amounts of people. In the world of Adult Entertainment, there are some companies and agencies that simply do all they can to exploit the talent of a new actor, as well as a veteran performer. There are some companies out there that rely upon nothing but the models, they so call represent, as a foundation, while telling them they are nothing more than a replaceable piece of furniture that may indeed tie the room together but can be replaced easily and without hesitation if the mood strikes. I myself as a fan way before I was a writer in this business, can honestly say that the two things that brought me to have such a passion and love for this business were not only the girls that brought my fantasies to life on screen but also the companies that gave me, the fan, a voice when it comes to what I spend my hard earned cash on. In today’s world, the amount of companies that shoot, produce and represent talent is simply astronomical, far too large to even list in this article, even if I were to have a ten thousand plus word count as my assignment to simply name the companies out there. I myself have seen such things that only stay between professionals in this industry but what I can tell you, sometimes these situations and tragedies could have surely been avoided if the talent were represented correctly, if they had someone watching there back when it came to negotiations and what they will and will not do on camera or on stage. This is were this article truly begins. This is were fans and talent alike can see something that perhaps they did not now about the industry they love. From day one of seeing Kendra Lust as a performer, I was simply in marvel of how well she portrayed her characters on screen. I was blown away by how she never did the same thing twice, even after being in the industry for a year. I truly saw this woman, who I could tell simply ate, slept and breathed this industry. Fast forward years later, we are now getting to see Kendra Lust apply that same type of dedication to another forum in the industry, talent representation. As if Kendra did not do enough in this industry as a producer, a director, a contract star, that she added agent into her amazing portfolio and it is in that very sentence that I was simply drawn into creating this article, now she looks out for those looking to achieve success and help them get their. I was able to sit down with the talent of Society 15. From new starlet to tattooed beauty, I was able to truly find out what kind of company Kendra ran and if her excellence indeed transitioned from on screen, to behind the camera in the most major of ways. It was from this aspect that I was able to speak with Randy Quintana, one of the backbones of Society 15 who has helped Kendra to bring a vision of success in representation to reality. It was Randy that allowed Explicit List into the world of Society 15 and as we take you the fan along for the ride, we are damn sure your mind and thoughts on the industry will not be the same after.

Kendra Lust 2
Society 15 Owner: Kendra LustPhotos courtesy of Mile High Media.

Kendra LustKendra Lust 3


When I sat down with Randy Quintana, he simply wowed me by one amazing sentence. “It is the fans who make this industry. It is the fans, whose opinion matters most.” I could not agree more. He told me, “Kendra is always looking through the sites, checking out DVD online retailers, checking out the scenes that come out from fellow performers and last but not least, always takes the time to answer every single one of her fans requests with not just a smile but an actual scene.” I asked him what he meant by that and he said: “I don’t think it is any secret that Kendra loves her fans. When they ask if they can see her in a certain type of role, or if they request she look at a certain performer to see if she would like to shoot with them to fulfill a fans fantasies, she always comes through and honors her fans requests.” He went on to say that, “she is always looking to get better, to stay fresh and make sure that not one fan misses out on the request to see her perform for them, in a manor that they came up with themselves.” I was beyond speechless hearing this from Randy. I was simply taken back by how a woman who has almost half a million twitter followers always finds time to honor each fans requests as to how they want to see the starlet they love on screen. Randy went on to say, “…it is the fans who truly are what make this industry. We like to show them that they are as important to us as we are to them.” I asked him where he developed such a wonderful outlook and he simply said: “..from Kendra, she is my rock, my wall to keep me upright in times when the world shakes.” He told me that “…seeing her work as hard as she does and all she does, simply inspires him to give as much as he can, to not only the fans but the amazing talent we represent at Society 15. This is not an easy job Don. This is a job that requires constant work to be successful and ensure that the talent is getting the right bookings, that they are being treated as fair as can be and that they have all the opportunities we have had to be successful and make a name for themselves in this industry.” That is exactly what Society 15 does. They ensure that the beautiful Lily Lane has the opportunity to herself, become the next Kendra Lust. Society 15 does what so few do in this industry when it comes to young talent, they treat them like they are, the possible future of the industry instead of a shot in the dark that only has a one in a million shot to make it in this industry. I think one of the best description he gave me as to why I think they are so successful as a company, is the fact that ” we [Society 15] treat each gal that we get the chance to represent, as they next big thing. Because the truth about life and this industry, is you don’t know who will one day go from being your employee, to being your boss.” This is a statement that can withstand the most vigorous tests in any line of business. As we got deeper into our conversation, I wanted to get a feeling for what exactly a talent agency helps a model to do and how they help them to climb the latter with assistance opposed to being on their own.  So I found my first of many willing beautiful actresses who were simply dying to tell me what Society 15 had done for them.

Cali Carter 3
Society 15 Model: Cali Carter

Cali Carter 4


I thought I would begin with the cream of the crop, the most tantalizing star in the Society 15 stable and that in itself proved to be a dilemma but a good one. With a roster consisting of such amazing female stars like Jada Stevens, Lily Layne, Cali Carter and Veronica Rodriguez I thought perhaps I would research the male talent and that would be easier, but it wasn’t, especially with the huge signing of Greek god Teo Sirina to their line-up. I was able to finally just say to myself who is one of my favorite ladies in the business who has always had a great reputation with every company she worked with as well as having that raw sexuality, mixed with the ability to always put on an amazing performance. It was with that criteria I came upon the beautiful Kimber Woods. I had asked all the talent what it was that brought them to Society 15 and Kimber had a story that just blew me away. She said:

I had known of and admired Kendra Lust for a very long time before she approached me to be a part of society 15. Kendra Lust, to me, is someone I can look up to. She’s an amazing performer, business woman and mentor. She is everything I hope to be as I mature as a woman, and everything I wish to be as a performer and business owner. Our relationship formed late last November. I had wanted to be a part of Society 15 for quite a while, but at the time, I had very low confidence because no agency, up until that day, had wanted me. I remember being so starstruck when she DM’d me on twitter and asked me for my number and I was damn near speechless when she actually called me. She told me they had been looking at me for a while and if I wanted to sign with them, it honestly didn’t take much convincing at all, I knew from the start that Kendra and Society 15, were without a doubt the right match for me. 

Archangel Cover (K.Woods)Evil Angel Cover (K.Woods)Digital Sin Cover (K.Woods)

It takes a lot to convince the beautiful women of this industry that they are indeed the women of our dreams. I found that aspect so amazing that Kimber shared with me. She touched a cord with me, she was singing my tune when it comes to people you look up to. I think the amazing thing that Kendra Lust brings out, is that feeling of being “star struck” in every woman and man who helped with this article. I myself could not believe miss Woods would be star struck by anyone with her amazing filmography that includes some of the most amazing films from such companies as Digital Sin and Archangel. All three of which just put out a scene with Kimber in them. As her celebrity grows in this industry, I found it humbling to know a woman who is achieving success, was being scouted by a woman who never stops when it comes to perfection in every aspect of them game. This made every word ring true that Randy Quintana told me about dedication and Kendra always keeping up on what fans want and who is not only the hottest woman climbing the ranks in the industry but someone who would reflect that excellence as a representative of the performers they work for. That is what is so amazing about Society 15, it is run by a performer and I can only imagine that makes for a wonderful work environment. That is the type of boss anybody would love to have in this world and that is the type of representative that these performers of the adult world deserve in this modern age of XXX films. It is not too often a woman of Kimber’s status is corralled by the agent not vice versa. Yes, in this industry, most performers would love to be on the Society 15 roster, or any agencies for that matter but when a star like Kimber Woods says she was simply taken to her knees with marvel and joy when Kendra came calling, that, in itself, is simply what once made this industry great. Those words show such a bond between agency and client, because in today’s world a woman needs an agency in my opinion, that is just fact. Some companies I have heard will not even take a look at a guy or gal without representation. I had to get the word from Kimber to see if there was some validity to my feelings on that subject. She told me:

Being represented is extremely important in this industry. There are companies that won’t even look at you twice without an agency. I myself, was self-represented for quite a while and it made things so difficult. Being part of an agency can really open so many more doors and take your career to levels you never knew possible. However, I would like to give credit to those performers that do self-represent and do a wonderful job at it, I know how difficult that can be.  Being part of Society 15 is so valuable to me, I don’t know where I would be without them honestly. They take care of me in a way that I don’t think anyone else could, they have been so caring and amazing I couldn’t dream of being anywhere else. 

Society 15 Model: Kimber Woods


I think it is with that statement, that Kimber not only gave us an insight into the industry but also showed how important it is that fans tell these companies that put out such amazing films, who they want to see in a film, making our fantasies come to life. Kendra Lust is not the only one who takes the fans word for what it is and pays attention to what they want, so do the amazing companies that show the “good” side of porn as Kimber put it to me. I think everyone knows that every job has a side that is not as good as the other and that their are people in every industry that get eaten up and spit out daily because they can not handle success or hard work. The porn industry seems to get so much more flak than any other form of entertainment for obvious reasons when it comes to it’s “dark” side. In my opinion, the dark side is something filled with producers who do not care about talent. Companies that claim to be their for their talent but only care about making themselves money and worst of all, fellow performers who simply would not be a responsible human being, even if they were flipping hamburgers for a living, let alone starring in adult films and making a thousand dollars for six hours worth of work. I think many successful models like Kimber began like she did and as anyone can tell you in a successful market, whether you work on Wall Street or are a Jewels Jordan contract star, no one will show you the ropes when it comes to the big time. No one will want to walk you through things when it comes to success. I really wanted to know what had changed for Kimber after she signed with Society 15:

Things for me have been quite different since I made the decision of signing with Society 15. Starting off in Florida wasn’t exactly wonderful, I had agencies and companies turning me down left and right, and honestly I had lost hope and was about to quit porn all together. That is, until, I signed with Society 15. Coming all the way to LA from Miami was scary. but once I got here, and I saw how different people treated me because I was with Society 15, it gave me so much confidence. My career, it has been taken to new heights thanks to Society 15. My perspective on this industry has changed so much, I finally got to see the good side of porn, and I learned that there are amazing people in this industry. I can never thank Kendra and her team enough for believing in me and giving me this confidence that I have now. I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for them.

It has indeed been said, when you can not come up with an original set of words to summarize something amazing, steal from someone else and go out strong. I can’t say enough just how amazing Kimber’s words are. She basically gave validity to something I had always felt about Kendra Lust and Society 15, that they go beyond the barriers of the industry that so many critics hold all of us in the adult entertainment world to. I think it is that excellence that will be with each performer forever, even after they have left this wonderful business to pursue other dreams. It was at this time that I realized why Society 15 has kept it’s list of clients very small. It is not because the desire for every woman to want to sign with them isn’t there, no, it is because Society 15 wants to be able to take care of every client, in every way possible, which in all honesty is difficult when you have a roster of seventy plus people. It is just impossible to pay attention to that many clients and give them the attention their career and goals in the business deserve. Kendra has such a range of talent in the Society 15 group. From girl/girl performers to legendary adult superstar DJ’s, there is no scene that can not be done with this line-up of talent. I think that also shows the true virtues of having a performer as your agent and boss. Most fans will not know this but many producers do not book people based on what they shoot no matter how popular they are, or how well their films sell. For instance, most agencies try and stay clear of a girl/girl only performer because most feel they simply can’t get enough work or money out of them in my opinion. A bias I hope that leaves the adult industry soon, because just like I learned with the fetish community in this industry there are many many things that indeed float the boats of others that we will not understand unless we look at things through their eyes. Kendra gives these ladies and gentlemen a fair shake by knowing what it is like to go through that scrutiny that most fans will never know when it comes to the struggles of a performer trying to make it in this industry. It is truly a passion for this industry that makes the best performers and I believe that is exactly what Kendra takes into account above anything esle when signing talent to her roster and that is simply how things should be done in this industry. Those are the things that should be rewarded.

Jada Stevens 3
Society 15 Model: Jada Stevens – Photos Courtesy of Mile High Media

Jada Stevens 2Jada Stevens 4

I have found, that the more you get to know these amazing performers in the industry, the more you simply just stand in awe of what you can learn from them if you actually take the time to see the person behind the character. It is no secret that Lily Lane has helped me on almost every article in my young writing career. With Lily, I see so much of Kendra inside of her. No matter the occasion, she always shoots me straight and always goes the extra mile for someone else in the business. I knew I had to get her take on things. For Lily is always cast as the tattooed bad girl in most films but the person that I am slowly getting to know, is just the sweetest, most honest of souls. I think most fans would be shocked in a good way, as to how much she goes above and beyond for everyone she encounters, from fans, to her fellow stars in the industry. It was at this time I saw exactly what Randy told me in our conversation about this article about selecting the best women in this industry. That is exactly what Lily Lane is to me. I think in all honesty, as I looked through out the Society 15 roster, that is what I saw in every single person and I believe that is the change and message this industry needs in a company. I asked Lily to give me some insight as to her journey that brought her to Society 15, she simply had this to say……

Ok so at the time I decided to sign with s15 I was a free agent. They drew me in because I figured since Kendra herself is a performer, she knew what talent expects. I was a little hesitant at first though. But after thinking about it for a few weeks, I decided I would give them a shot. I liked how they wanted to keep a small roster, which meant that they wouldn’t get overwhelmed, hopefully work hard for each one of their girls. I also liked that they didn’t make you sign your life away with super long contracts.

Priya Price
Society 15 Model: Priya Price

This statement simply says more than meets the eye. It shows how much Society 15 has grown with the times. Something I don’t think fans would like about this industry is that some companies who are not even up to par with the worst of the worst, love to sign a newcomer to a contract that simply allows them to do nothing. Which is not a good thing, especially when the company can not find them any work once their seedy reputation is discovered. I myself find this one of the worst aspects of this business and one that I did not wish existed but it does. I have had so many friends tell me about how if they had only known better once they got into the industry, they would have never allowed themselves to be suckered into what seems like a lifetime contract. Companies that do this, keep the talent who simply bust loose like a shooting star with a scene that captures a fans eye and gives them instant fame, a huge disadvantage. Because now that a star has caught fire, she can not shoot with anyone else and not only are hindered from making a living doing this amazing job but also never get a change to see the beautiful, amazing, fun side that rewards talent and does not punish them, or keep it to themselves. I think that many ladies in this industry who simply gave up after trying and become travesties of this industry are not all bad, or suckers or sheep. No, I think that they just never had the opportunity to see that a company like Society 15 exists. I don’t think it is the performer that is purely to blame when you see in the mainstream news that a “poor young girl” was eaten up and spit out by this industry. No, I think a bigger part of the blame goes to these companies that have no true business sense. Have no true desire for this industry and most of all have no desire to be responsible with something as amazing as turning “fantasy into reality” for millions of people around the world. I spoke with more than a few stars who were not apart of Society 15 and all had simply amazing things to say, even models who have not been apart of an agency for many years. I decided to look at an outside perspective to see how much Society 15 influences those outside their walls.

Callie Klien 2
Society 15 Model: Callie Klein

I spoke with Christiana Cinn, Penthouse Pet of the month January 2016. She told me:

” I just want to give congratulations to Kendra and Randy and everyone at Society 15. I’m all about empowering other people and supporting others when it comes to this business. I think it is a really cool that when it comes to agents, that a good rapore is established the way it seems to be with them. The relationship between the talent and the people that they get booked with is very important in this business, especially when you are starting out. When someone is first starting out an agent is very important, especially when it comes to getting their foot in the door.” 

I think that is such an amazing thing to hear from a woman who has accomplished so much, in a short period of time in this industry, who is giving on honest critique from the outside of a company. This is exactly what I would find when I asked every person in the industry about Kendra and the staff of Society 15. It honestly makes me see that amazing new starlets like Callie Klein are simply going to have the change to grow in so many ways in this business. Callie Klein has a very unique story to go with her signing. Mainly being that as most people are getting their first job at a fast food place or at a retail operation, Callie is instead indulging in adult films. Not an easy task and something that I have seen many industry veterans say that a young woman is not ready for. Me, I beg to differ. Because this beautiful young woman has indeed held her own with some very great players in the game, actor and director alike. I also like how much zeal this cutie has for her age. Most are over the top and she has this cockiness that is mixed with subtle respect. Every time I have spoken with her on twitter, she simply always is on point with helping me out with a story, so I can only imagine how her shoots have gone. I think Society 15 helps models so much entering the business like her. I think when a model/performer has someone like the Society 15 staff helping them to build a repore with others, it gives them a positive insight as to how business operates in general. For all the critics who bash our industry and say nothing good can come out of porn, this is simply the scenario to show them how wrong they are. I have seen Callie willing to learn the ropes from her peers, I have seen her let people know she does not know everything about this industry yet, even despite being represented by the magnificent Kendra Lust. A a business man myself, I find that so amazing, as to how this Scottsdale Arizone cutie carries herself. I think perhaps a lot of Kendra has rubbed off on her. It shows not only in her performance but her interactions with fans and friends in the business. As we once again bring up all the negative documentaries that try and show this industry for something it is not at heart, we get to see this amazing company doing everything the exact opposite.  I see a woman like Callie Klein soaring to new heights even many years down the road with what she takes away from Society 15. It is a deep belief in my heart, that if we had more Society 15’s in the market, the critics would not have as much ammo to use against the industry when it comes to “horror” stories of women being taken advantage of. Yes this does happen in the adult industry but in all honesty, it happens in every industry. There is no industry on earth that is immune to the bad apples that seem to always be the poster child that represents a company or industry when life gets hard. The truth of our industry is, that their are unnamed heroes who never get the recognition, or media attention that the companies that do nothing but wrong do. The truth of our amazing world of porn, is that their are strong, hard working, compassionate, respectful souls that work in this industry, whose goal is to make the industry better as a whole and help performers learn what it takes to not only be successful in the industry but to be sane in life by accepting the beauty of what you do and having pride in it as well. That is what best sums up Society 15 to me. They are the people that never get the credit they deserve and I hope you as fans, see how valuable your voice is and that you see that you have the opportunity to make things better for the stars you love not just by  by supporting their efforts but by giving them constructive feedback, because the right people are indeed listening, Kendra Lust and Society 15 are proof of that and in the end, I do believe it will be their ways that finally get the industry, the recognition and respect it deserves. So to end things, I will let Kimber give her words to you, as to her sight and mine on Society 15:

“Society 15 is the epitome of excellence.”


Society 15 Logo
All Society 15 Logos and graphics provided by Randy Quintana


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I have been in the adult industry since I was indeed a young history major out of college. I attended a "Public Ivy" located in Williamsburg, Virginia. I have a multiple degrees & certificates including one in graphic design that led me to this wonderful and amazing industry. I started as just a lowly consultant for a design firm in Los Angeles that led me to introductions with some amazing people in the adult film industry and the rest is history. I have fulfilled work and helped to write publications for some of the biggest names in music, sports and film but my passion, the place where I truly call "home" because it is where the heart is, lies within the adult entertainment industry. I am an XRCO Member and I always like to say the art of making "fantasy become reality" is indeed something that takes the effort of many people, from all likes & spectrums of this amazing world. It is indeed those people and the fans of this industry that drive me to always show the beautiful amazing side of this industry few know but many dream about.

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