July 2016 Interview: Christiana Cinn

July 2016 Interview: Christiana Cinn


Most times, setting up an interview and following through can be tedious no matter what type of writer or journalist you are. I myself have always found that contacting the hottest rising stars in the industry, is simply like trying to catch magic in a bottle at times because of how quickly success strikes in the adult industry. Since 2015, I have had my eye on our July 2016 Rising Star and have been secretly just waiting for her to explode on the scene as she has. Christiana Cinn has something that so few people in this industry do and that is performance and entertainment coursing through her veins. In the first film I ever reviewed of Christiana’s, she was working with a friend of mine and all she could say about her was that she was such a pleasure to work with. It was not only that she exclaimed to me, it was also how well she showed her sex appeal in her performance and the length she would go to ensure her performance was nothing less than stellar. I had a fun time with all this knowledge researching Christiana like any good journalist would and what I found was that Christiana loves to give her fans an insight into who she is more than most performers do. I learned she is also in an amazing band and has played some of the coolest gigs and venues in the Los Angeles area. That is the part that just had me star struck in the most literal of ways, because as it turns out, Christiana is not simply an adult star, model and performer but also carries the title of rock star, singer, songwriter. That is a first in this industry when it comes to an interview for Explicit Inc. I think as fans begin to see more and more of her work, they will see what I have when it comes to a knack for performance and what better thing to have when your job is bringing fantasy into reality for so many people around the globe. So join us on a wickedly fun tour through the life of Christiana Cinn, for I know you will enjoy it just as much as I did.


Don Juan DeMarko: Thank you Christiana for taking  time out of your busy schedule to join us for this interview. I can not tell you how happy we are for all your success here at Explicit Inc. My question with every interview always begins, how did you get your start in the business? I always love hearing about a performers journey to success in the business and how you got here.

Christiana Cinn: Well, I guess I could say, that I got my start in 2012, when I was in beauty school and Playboy approached me. I honestly could not believe it at first and soon there after, they approached me a total of three separate times. I decided to look up this person who contacted me on Linked-In, to see if things were on the up and up and I found out that he was legit. So within two weeks, I got my license from beauty school and I flew out to Los Angeles to shoot for Playboy. Then in 2013, I did another photo shoot with them and I was living in the Bay Area and I simply could not find a job anywhere. I was a fresh out of beauty school student and while I was submitting applications for salons and interning at barber shops and doing all those kinds of things when it comes to work, I gave nude modeling a shot. When I turned to nude modeling I found out that it paid very well in the Bay Area because not many local photographers get the opportunity to shoot a Playboy model. So I began my adventure in that area of the business, then I started doing nude art modeling. One of my art features got a lot of attention, I got to experience almost every side there is when it comes to modeling. Everything from art modeling to fetish modeling and a lot of variations of studio modeling and of coarse, since I was willing to model nude, I began to make a lot more money that I could ever have imagined. Because I had my education in hair and make-up I was able to do a lot more things myself, which really gave me a leg up on the competition. That brings me back to Playboy, while I was still in beauty school and I was building my portfolio. I wanted to be able to show people how much I could add to my portfolio being a certified beautician and make-up artist and show them exactly what I could do in those aspects. So when I was shooting for Playboy, the person who was going to be doing my make-up never showed up. So they asked me that since I was being paid for my time and my scheduling, if I would not mind if they paid me to do my own make-up. So I said “OK, sure!” So I did and the pictures came out great. Later I learned that it was my posts for an artist site that really got Playboy intrigued and when they looked deeper at my profile they got in contact with me and the rest is history. I truly had no intention of being naked at all but Playboy saw my posting on an artists profile and that is what made them want to shoot me. I began to webcam there after and I just began to save, save, save and I moved out here to Los Angeles. 

Don Juan DeMarko: Wow, that has to be one of the coolest stories I have ever heard when it comes to how someone got their start in the adult industry. Have you found that being licensed in cosmetology has helped you to get more work, or have more directors and producers consider you for more roles because of that aspect of your business profile and education?

Christiana Cinn: I have found that it does give me a little bit of an advantage. Because I already have an education in all of that stuff. I can arrive to shoots with short hair, long hair, blond hair, anything that they want I could do. So I definitely feel like that gives me an advantage. Being as people in the industry are discovering that I am a make-up artist, they know I will save them money, I will save them time, shoots end up taking less time. Also, having to pay another person a wage in order to do something I already know how to do has definitely helped me in the industry in many ways. I have also found that I love to do many other things in the industry that I have discovered through my education in cosmetology.  

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Don Juan DeMarko: Now talking about all this make-up, hair and nails brings me into another question I have had for you for a long time. I have heard that you are a big fan of theater and burlesque? Is there any truth that rumor doll?

Christina Cinn: Is there a truth to that rumor? Hmmmmm, yes, absolutely! (Followed by the most adorable laugh you have ever heard) Absolutely! Absolutely! It started way back in the day. Of coarse it started when I was a child and I would do school plays and I would always get the lead role. I think I always got that lead role because I was always wild, loud and I was always willing to do anything to be on stage and get that attention from a crowd and classmates. I’m sure there will be home videos that pop up one day of me, just screaming and singing, being a little star in the making. Having my Mother make my costumes and do my hair and my make-up, it just meant so much to me, it just always stuck with me through the years. It was from there that I was cast in a bunch of plays. Believe it or not, I was even in The Little Mermaid and that is when I started doing my own hair and make-up. I dyed my hair bright red, it was so fun for me! Then as I got to adulthood, I would go to nightclubs and I would see all the dancers at the clubs and that really fascinated me. It reminded me of such stars and inspirations as Dita Von Teese and there are so many other burlesque dancers that inspired me. It was so much more than just their dancing that caught my eye. It was their outfits, it was how theatrical their shows where. There was a club in San Francisco that I really wanted a spot in. I wanted this spot so bad Don, it was all that I could think about. I had to go through a very pain staking process just to meet the owner and I was able to get, what I think you would call an audition if you will. I went into this interview wanting so desperately to be the face of this club. I called my friends from the associated press, I had a bunch of friends who were photographers show up and we created this great big circus so that they just had to hire me. They had to give me my own show after that. (Followed by that amazing laugh) So from there I began working on my stage show, trying to make things as entertaining as possible. With every crowd, every show, I have found that everything evolves into something different. That is simply were my passion comes from. 


Don Juan DeMarko: Damn woman, you are bad ass! So this brings me into another aspect of your awesome repertoire of skills. You are also a lead vocalist in a band aren’t you?

Christina Cinn: I’m actually not lead vocalist but I am a vocalist. I am pretty much the sexy eye candy on stage, all though the lead singer, he is pretty sexy too of coarse but I’m the hot girl in the band and I think I give the band something it has been missing for a long time. 

Don Juan DeMarko: Wow, I am impressed Christiana. I grew up in Sound View, South Bronx. Which is just a bit away from the roar of Broadway. I love the aspect of song, dance, choreography, vocals, performance and everything else that comes with theater. I find this has heavily influenced my love for all things entertainment. How about you? Have these things shaped themselves into your life and career in anyway?

Christiana Cinn: Oh yes. We watch so many things to draw inspiration and to research. We watch Audrey Hepburn, Fred Astaire, movies like Singing in the Rain. Just everything as a whole, all the theatrics and performance, it is just so big and so beautiful and so entertaining for everyone. That’s something that has always inspired me and something that shapes my performances. I have a friend, she manages a V.I.P. room at a club that featured some amazing burlesque and seeing those girls just really really inspired me a lot. It has lead me into pursuing things like directing and production and script writing in our industry as well.

Don Juan DeMarko: With that Christiana, you walked right into my next question. With all that you have accomplished in this short period of time and all these aspects of where you can go with your career, I would love to know what are your big goals within the industry? What are your huge aspirations and dreams within the adult industry?

Christiana Cinn: There are a lot of companies that I would love to shoot for. I have not shot for a fairly large majority of the major companies that are out there in the industry and that would definitely be a goal, to shoot with as many as possible. Besides that, besides the typical goals that we all have as performers career wise, not money wise, since January 2016, since I became a Penthouse Pet, my goal that has me just really, really pushing myself as hard as I can, is a dream towards working solely with Penthouse, to have an exclusive contract with them and just fully dedicate myself to them at Penthouse. I feel like I have not even begun to show them what I can do. I love the brand, I love the company, I love their cinematography, I love their ideas, I just love how open they are as a company, everything! It is just a perfect fit for me I feel.

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Don Juan DeMarko: Sugar, I do indeed believe that you have ESP, because you are leading me directly into my next question. I would love to know what it was like to be on a Penthouse set and shoot. I would love to hear from you so we can let the fans in on what it is like to be in the presence of such great photographers and minds in the industry. I’m dying to hear your take and story on your pictoral.

Christiana Cinn: Thinking about it just gets me so stoked! It just overwhelms me with such happy, joyous feelings that I think are just contagious to people around me, because I get so excited  just thinking about it. So if you already know me, you know that I will do anything to get that “perfect” shot. Murals are just vessels for artists to express themselves through. So if we want to be good models we have to trust the director, we have to trust the artist that all the effort is going to be for something really good. On the day of the shoot, I had just came up from Budapest and it was October and it was surprisingly cold for Los Angeles. The photographer was just so professional and so spot on. That day I was so tired and he asked me about Budapest and asked my thoughts on the shoot and I said to myself: “This is Penthouse, I have my eye on the prize, there is nothing that is going to get in the way of this!” He then asked me very politely, if I was comfortable, or “would I be willing to get in the pool? But only if you are comfortable with it. If not, we can do something else.”  I said “Absolutely I will get into the pool!”  (Sweet, charismatic laugh) If he would have asked me to get into a pool with a shark in it, I still would have done it! I would have gotten into the pool no matter what! So I ended up getting into the pool and it ended up becoming the cover shot and I was just so happy the way things turned out that day as a whole. I was so glad that I threw caution to the wind even though when I got out of the pool I was so cold I could not even speak, my voice was gone! I tried to talk and I couldn’t, that is how cold that pool was! They followed the shoot with the interview and I was just getting teary eyed because I wanted to give my best and I simply could not talk, I had no voice left!. They told me they could see how much I want this and they told that when my voice gets better, come to the studio and we can finish the interview. I said to myself, “Oh thank God they are giving me another chance.”  So less than a week later I was in the studio and we finished. 

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Don Juan DeMarko: Now as they say, I get to delve into some questions the fans always love. I do enjoy asking this one myself because it is always a joy and experience to see who the stars love and are looking at from afar. Who in the industry are you just dying to work with? Male or female? I would so love to know who has caught the January 2016 Penthouse Pet of the month’s eye.

Christina Cinn: Oh my goodness! ……..Everyone. (Followed by that infectious, sweet laugh) There are so many people. There are a lot of girls actually that I have not had the chance to work with and no matter how much it seems that I request girl/girl no one ever seems to fulfill my desires and everyone just puts me with the boys. I would really, really love to work with so many beautiful woman and one that comes to mind is Dani Daniels. She is just so beautiful and sexy, ….oh my goodness, there are just so many people, I do not even know where to begin. Carter Cruise, Skin Diamond just to name a few. I think the cool thing about porn is that for every ten guys in the industry there are about three hundred girls. I have not had the pleasure to work with that many girls so far in my career and there are so many talented men I would love to work with as well. I also really, really like the European style of erotica and I would love to do more scenes over there if I get the opportunity to. One of the companies I really admire out there is DDF and I simply had a wonderful time shooting with them. It was such an amazing experience. Dorsel is my number one and has been my number one forever!  


Don Juan DeMarko: Wicked cool doll. I think that is going to be my twitter campaign to get you working with these stars and companies you want to shoot for and with! Now my next question kind of goes along with this style of fan question. Are there any fantasies that you have not yet fulfilled on stage in front of the camera or off?

Christiana Cinn: Oh my gosh, of coarse! One of my fantasies that has yet to be fulfilled, is that I would love to join the “Mile High Club” that has would be amazing. One of the fantasies I have yet to fulfill in front of the camera as well, is having sex in a castle like a princess. Like full fledged royalty, I would just love to have sex in a castle. I mean you have no idea how very, very badly I want this fantasy to come true. Maybe Dorsel can take us all to a chateau in France and make my dreams come true. (Sweet, sexy laugh)  Those are two things I will say for now that I really want to happen. 

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Don Juan DeMarko: I love it doll. Thank you so much for sharing that. You know the questions with us just seem to continuously flow into one another. You know for all your accomplishments and stories in the industry, I would love to hear how the industry has shaped you as a strong, empowered, sexual woman? I just see you as someone who gets something good from everything they do in life. So I’m once again dying to know how the industry has shaped you as an independent woman.

Christiana Cinn: Hmmmmm, how the industry has shaped me as an independent woman? I have to say it started with my first shoot with Playboy. At first when I saw the pictures, I was a bit nervous as to how they would some out. I was thinking: “did I look good/” and after I got to see the published work, it gave me this new feeling of confidence within myself. I began to see people recognizing me more for my modeling and it just felt really empowering as a woman. Then, when moving on to do more types of erotic work, it made me more confident to also choose what I wanted to do and to see how valuable my voice and my opinion is with what I do, not just in the industry but in everything else in my life as well. It gave me a voice to choose what fits with me. Then when it comes to Penthouse, they simply had so much going on and just that entrepreneurial/business aspect and the company being run by Kelly Holland a very strong, smart business woman, it just makes me feel so much girl power seeing a woman like her do what she does with that company. It made me see that their is nothing that can hold us back as women and it is something that basically pushes us all forward in my opinion. Seeing her and getting to experience all of that it just simply makes me feel more empowered than I ever have before. I really like how the industry is showing that, I really do, because it shows our strength. It shows how something can be about woman and I want to see more of that in the future. 

Don Juan DeMarko: I dig it doll. I think that is something so beautiful about our industry that the critics never get to see, I really do. I think the empowerment of women is such a great thing in our industry that has just begun and the future looks so great in that aspect to me. Moving on to more great fan stuff, I would love to know how Christiana Cinn Spends her free time. What does she do to unwind with such a busy schedule and your career taking off like it has.

Christiana Cinn: Well, when Christiana Cinn is not being Christiana Cinn, one of the main things I love to do during my down time is to tweet my fans,  I am also on this new app called SUPE, it is one of the best apps ever created, because I actually get to talk with my fans one on one and I can really get to speak with each of them individually and send them personal messages and videos over the app. My name on SUPE is: ChrsitianaCinnXO I am “Suping” a lot as of late but what I really, really, really like to do when it is just “me” time, is read. I just really love to read. I love exploring new places, like visiting a new city. I love the little things, like trying the food in a new city, I love to endulge in the nightlife. During the day, I love to go to museums, check out the big amazing parks in a new city and seeing how other people just live in all the cities big and small. Actually during some of my free time, I wrote a song and my band actually wrote an entire rock opera. I simply looooove music! All of this is just apart of something I truly love, which is connecting with the fans.

Don Juan DeMarko: That is amazing insight. Being as I write in both the adult and mainstream industries, my curiosity has me wondering if you like fiction or non fiction?

Chrsitiana Cinn: Actually I like both. One of my favorite authors is J.K. Rowling. I think it is so cool that the things she writes about, have brought her so much success and so much happiness, now she is just such a successful woman. I was at Harry Potter World at Universal Studios and I just thought to myself: “All of this came from one woman’s brain!” Now she is giving that gift of happiness to so many people and millions readers of all ages. It is amazing that her imagination brought so many people together to this one place. She is almost like a female Walt Disney. From an authors stand point I am just really, really inspired by her. She is truly one of my biggest heroes.



Don Juan DeMarko: I love hearing about heroes doll, I really do. I think that is something that all people should use as motivation in life and it is amazing to hear who your inspiration is. OK, I have a few more questions and one of the biggest is, what do you lined up on the horizon that we as fans, simply can not miss?

Christiana Cinn: Well of coarse. My band and I will be performing an upcoming show at Crazy Girls in Hollywood, right off of Hollywood Boulevard. That is the club that is owned by David Arquette, so we will be performing there. Then the 7th, 8th and 9th I will be in Chicago for EXXOTICA and I will be at the Porn Star Tweets booth. Then on July 13th through the 16th I will be at Gold Club Centerfolds in Sacramento. Then on the 22nd I will be at Sapphires for one night only! Then after that, I will be playing the Lancaster Music Festival on the 29th with my band. Then the day after that, I will be at a charity event, one that is for a really good cause, called Vice is Nice and it is open to the public. My band will playing that event too. That is Kelly Holland’s big event and I am really looking forward to that. I also have some more stuff coming out through the adult industry as well and I do believe that all of that will drop next month to the public and my fans. I actually got the gig with my lead singer by stealing him from one party and telling all the people there, that I would bring him right back. We ended up going to meet with Kelly at a party and we talked about all that we are doing with the group and the style of rock that we perform mixed in with this burlesque and opera feel to it and she said why don’t you all come out and play at Vice is Nice and we got so ecstatic! I think it is going to be so amazing to show off our music and creation to everyone there. I am super excited to perform in front of the people attending such an event. 

Don Juan DeMarko: Damn girl, you indeed have a busy month ahead of you. I’m so happy to see you doing so well when it comes to this aspect of your career. If you have time for a few more questions I would love to get your input on an article I am writing.  I am doing an article on Society 15 and I would love to hear from one of the fastest rising stars in the history of this business as to what you think are the benefits of both having an agency represent you and also the benefits of self booking.

Christiana Cinn: Well first off, I just have to say congratulations to Kendra and Randy and everybody with the team at Society 15, I think they are amazing people, who represent an amazing company. I am all about empowering other people and supporting other performers and I think it is simply great what they are doing. I think when it comes to the subject of an agent, any agent for that matter, I think the key is having a good rapport with the talent and the companies the talent would like to be booked with. I think that is just the best of things and it leads to good things for everyone. It gives the performer the opportunity to say that they want to do this, or they want to do that and it gives them a freedom to choose their path a little better in this industry. I think having an agent in the beginning of a person’s career would be great to help them get their foot in the door and to help them figure out what is going on in the industry as a whole in terms of who they would like to work with. Once somebody has a goal in mind, it depends on what it is and how the agent can help them to reach that goal by doing things one way or another and if someone does not help you reach that goal, then you have the knowledge to find someone who does. That is empowering because people change agents, that is just a fact all the time. Mainstream actors change agents all the time. It all depends on where the talents sees themselves going and knowing what direction and how someone can help them achieve that goal once it is decided.

Don Juan DeMarko: Is there anything in closing you would like to say to your fans to end things on an amazing note that only a person of you character can?

Chrsitiana Cinn: Oh yes indeed, in order to find out when my band is playing be sure to go to www.hotsauceholiday.com, like us on facebook and you will be able to see our entire schedule. You can follow me on Instagram and Twitter. Both are @ChristianaCinn You can e-mail me with any questions, booking information, custom video requests at CinnersUnite@gmail.com and my new SUPE app handle is of coarse ChristianaCinnXO

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