July 2016 Explicit Film Review: The Seduction of Nina Hartley

Nina Harltley

From the beginning of the modern era of adult films, few stars can claim fame to the accomplishments of the one and only Nina Hartley. Forever a presence no matter the scenario, Jim Powers simply allowed Nina to do what she does best, lead. Nina Hartley, if you ever get the chance to meet her dear readers, is simply as aggressive, gorgeous and as admirable as your fantasies would dictate to you. Her presence on a set is just something that most just stand in awe and observe no matter if you are the ten year veteran of the adult industry or the performer who is shooting their first scene. When I asked some of the cast to tell me what it was like working with Nina every single person’s response was the same, she is just someone who makes you feel at ease not just because of her performance skills and respect she shows everyone on set, no, it is that leadership she possess that once  you get to witness first hand, you  know you are indeed apart of something special. That is Nina Hartley. That is every role she has ever been in. That is the respect she has earned from the likes of the biggest actors and producers, to the people lucky enough to attend one of her lectures. Just like every warm body filing out of the convention hall or theater after one of her remarkable speaking engagements, the audience of this film will simply be floating on cloud nine, imagining over and over, all the amazing things they have just witnessed. As stated above, Jim Powers does such a great job of turning his vision od seduction  into a reality. If you watch the DVD extras, you will hear a confidant Jim Powers bring out the confidence in the performers with such a cool, laid back, yet deeply serious attitude and character. I find these DVD extras some of the best Devils Films has ever allowed to be added to a DVD. The fans should definitely know that if they want to see one of the closest views of an adult film set, this film will instantly take them there. This film is one long overdue in my opinion. The “Seduction of” series has become something that features a wide range of superstars, from the irresistible Jenna Ivory, to the luscious Skin Diamond. Every single film seems to get better and better and in this particular edition, the big guns of the industry are truly brought out to shine. This chapter features some of the most seductive and sensual MILFS in the industry today. The star power is truly enough to sell this film but what adds so much flair and hype to its annals are the little things. Details that truly go over looked far too many times in this industry. This film simply has the most outstanding acting. The setup just indulges the senses and sparks fantasies in seconds upon pressing play. The casting features cagey, sexy veterans of the industry like Erica Lauren and Payton Leigh as well as unique performers to the industry like fitness guru and club owner Coralyn Jewel and the true lady of fantasy miss Sable Renae and last but not least the newcomer that is sweeping the genre of MILF girl/girl productions by storm, the sexy, sultry miss Kali Karinena. The chemistry every single woman shows is just beyond intense and provocative. The most amazing part of the performance every single woman puts forth, is that they showcase the yummy ways of the older woman, from the seduction of the lady with experience and how with every single move, garment of sexy lingerie and moan of pleasure, just makes the audience take a deep breathe and enjoy a ride that is tantalizing from start to finish.

Payton Leigh 9
The Sultry & Sensual Payton Leigh
Payton Leigh 7
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Scene 1: Nina Hartley and Payton Leigh

The first moments of this film take us on an amazing journey to observe Payton Leigh and Nina Hartley discuss what to do when Payton gets propositioned by her husband to join a threesome with his female boss in order to exercise a little quid pro quo and move up in the business world. Naturally Nina begins with what she does best, which is a little seduction of her own. The acting is amazing to start, as both industry veterans fully bring you into their world full fledged. Your attention will not be able to be diverted throughout this scene. Payton plays the willing student and Nina brings you into her realm of sexuality like only she can. Nina Hartley is simply the best at creating this intoxicating environment with what ever word she utters, every movement of her gorgeous eyes, to her infamous and amazing derriere. Nina Hartley, for being the industry veteran she is, still looks absolutely gorgeous and truth be told, so does Payton. Payton’s body is simply marvelous and the shots of her bending over in order to give Nina the full on view of that delicious booty is simply heart pounding. Both actors provide the perfect movements and the most alluring angles. Nina Hartley sitting on Payton’s face multiple times is pure heaven and I guarantee you will not be able to make it to the second visit  in just one sitting, that is how scorching hot this scene is. Nina simply leads Payton’s character through every motion of sex and I can not get out of my head just the little things on display, like Nina’s easy access panties or the seductive way Payton takes of her bra for Nina to endulge. That type of performance can hardly be duplicated by anybody but the most established and experienced of actors. This scene just starts things off with a bang. I can not imagine that Jim Powers could have things any better than they are on display here. I think the element of both woman playing their roles to a perfection just creates a fantasy within a fantasy. Payton Leigh simply shines bright. It is kind of sad to me because Payton has retired from performing and every appearance she makes, she simply shows us why she is deserving of the title of legendary performer. Some would argue it is impossible to have a bad scene when Nina Hartley is involved but it takes the most unique of performers to add to Nina’s already bold essence and character. Both ladies simply feed off each other. Jim Powers did not get over zealous with the up close shots either, he gives us just enough to entice our fantasy bones. Nina’s derriere is legendary, that is a give in and common knowledge among all true fans of adult cinema. What Jim does is add that perfect angle, that perfect lighting, that perfect movement of the other performers charismatic sliding off of her panties. Those are the things that beyond bring us fans to our knees when it comes to good cinema. This scene will definitely invoke the rip cord of our desires as we head into one of the most amazing scenes and all girl orgies I have ever seen.

Sexy newcomer Kali Karinena
CJ 01
Vivacious Coralyn Jewel
Nina Hartley 17
The amazing Nina Hartley


Scene 2: All Girl Orgy with Nina Hartley, Kali Karinena, Erica Lauren, Sable Renae and Coralyn Jewel

The setting begins in the lustful extravaganza with Nina Hartley calling over all her girlfriends to partake in a book club. Once again, the story leading us into the action is marvelous. One of the most unbelievable traits of the one and only Nina Hartley is her ability to improvise, her gift of acting on the fly no matter the situation. During the long take of the set up, you can see that within the dialogue, Nina catches her verbiage and still makes the scene looks flawless, even when you think she is going to stammer with a line, which she never does thanks to her incredible acting ability. That is something that very, very few people have ever possessed in all of entertainment. It is why Nina could run circles around most of the “mainstream” stars of the world of film and television as far as acting and improvisation goes.  It makes this film soar to amazing levels in the land of fantasy and sexuality. As we get to see all the gorgeous ladies gather around for a little book club reading, we get to see these amazing women in the most gorgeous of attire. The way of which all these performers seductively get each other undressed will be enough to make your top pop. It is simply fun to watch all these ladies play. As Kali Karinena told me, “It was truly one fun filled afternoon.”


As it starts with every orgy scene, the build up is the key to success and this film has the most amazing set up of any film I have seen in 2016. One of the two biggest eye catchers for me was seeing Kali Karinena get undressed displaying this magnificent body mixed in with what could be the sexiest pair of panties ever seen in an adult film. Kali is one of the most gorgeous new comers to the adult scene and as her popularity grows, so does her prowess of film. I have had the pleasure of reviewing a few of her first films, as she begins what I believe to be an amazing career and every time I see Kali, she simply adds another type of weapon to her sex arsenal on screen. Her acting skills are amazing and her sexual allure on film simply gets better and better with each movie she is cast in. This was her first time working with Nina but you would have never known it, especially the chemistry the two perform with when Kali is giving Nina what for, with this amazing strap on dildo in the end climax. Nina said “Princess Kali was simply amazing fucking my ass.” It showed on screen. As a matter of fact, the chemistry with all these woman simply made this orgy flawless from the aspect of editing all the way to dialogue and camera angles. When the action begins, we see a whirlwind of female introductions as Nina has her way unwrapping her presents one by one. Each woman simply has a stunning body. Lady Sable Renae will have you drooling once you see the clothes come off. Her body is that immaculate and all natural. Industry veteran Erica Lauren simply knows the ropes and every take on her performance, is simply fun and energetic, because that is what she is in this film. She brings this wonderful sense of comfortableness with every girl in the scene when it is time to take advantage of them with her tongue along with many other things. She makes the other actors comfortable and it meshes the woman’s characters in this amazing ball of kink and lust. I think we miss out a bit on her sexual performance because she did not get enough one on one camera time but it is hard to call that out as a flaw in an orgy scene.

Orgy 2

Now, when it comes to introductions, the woman that simply steals the show is Coralyn Jewel. From the moment you see her gorgeous body revealed to the audience, your heart will simply be racing. She has this erotic sway to her movements and motions. Watching her get undressed will have you begging for mercy before the action begins. She is a master of performance and when you add in Jim Powers eye for the angles, you get to see this sexy camera pan as she takes her bra off while Nina runs her fingers and tongue across her luscious cleavage and nipples. I simply must say again, Coralyn stole the show in this scene. It is at every angle that this woman will capture you attention in this movie, guaranteed. The moment when Nina finally gets her on her back and commences to devour her amazing kitty will be too much for any one to handle, it certainly was for this critic. Coralyn told me, she”simply had the best of times” and “was not even aware she would be shooting with Nina until all the cast met before the scene, to go over the goodies.” I think that says a lot about this woman’s performance capabilities.

Sable Renae 3
The elegant Lady Sable Renae

edited 02Kali_and_abbey_rain

Coralyn has this seductive voice, sexy and sultry. It reminds me of the starts of such amazing actresses as Shayla LaVeaux and Rebecca Love in the industry. Coralyn also sports this gorgeous ensemble that is a character within itself in the film, as you see her move from angle to angle showing off her amazing body. The action in the orgy scene simply flows so well, add this in with the fact every single one of these ladies love woman and you will see how much you are in for a treat with the purchase of this film. I think Jim Powers captures the perfect essence of why we love films with older woman and always have and always will. There is something you simply can not get with younger women that you do from these lovely ladies. Every single one has this confidence that radiates on screen and for anyone that has been with an older woman, this film has an essence of what makes the older woman and a sexual rendezvous with her, the things fantasies have been made of since the start of time. All the woman enjoy this scene in so many ways and no matter if they are jokingly playing, or getting hot and heavy with some of the most luscious anal action, they simply show us in the most alluring manor, why the MILF genre is simply the best on the planet. I think that is what is at the core of this film. It portrays a very kinky look into lesbian sex with the older woman and with Nina Hartley leading the charge you know that the orgasms will be real, deep and frequent.

Orgy 3

The overall best thing about this film is how well all the ladies mesh in this amazing orgy. There are moments were the girls are playfully joking around and they indulge in just taking the moment to have a laugh together and the action, as well as the fantasy, do not suffer for one moment. When the action begins, you see Nina get to take her turn licking and sucking each woman, then the girls get to do the same to her. That is your typical orgy set up when it comes to adult film. The thing that separates this amazing film, is how well each small detail is given it’s just do. The ladies acting is not over the top and no one seems left out of the mix when it comes to the kinky sex of the film. The attire of each lady, the way they get playfully naked, the pussy licking and the rubbing that turns into amazing toy play, it is all done to perfection. I say this many times about the one and only Nina Hartley, that is, if a new performer wished to see how you put an audience in the palm of your hand and put on a show no one will soon forget, all you have to do is watch a Nina Hartley film. The part of the scene were Nina has each gal put on black gloves in order to engage in some anal play is simply amazing. So much so that each gal I interviewed for this film said they could not forget the part where Nina pulled out these black gloves from her purse. Nina’s preparation was something all the ladies had a chuckle at but in all seriousness, that is Nina Hartley. That is how much she loves sex and this business. The action goes from licking, to kissing, to sucking, to anal play, to toy play, then back to kitty licking. The lack of a script will just make any fans blood start pumping. Nina and friends show just how much toy play can add this scrumptious zeal to a scene when it is done right. Watching Kali Karinena jump with excited as she is pleasured with tongues and toys is simply heaven. The attention that is payed to Nina is exactly what the premise of this movie is and it is nice to see that Nina does not let herself be the only focus of the camera and director’s eye. Her and Sable Renae show this sultry connection and you will be in heaven watching each lady get a chance to lick on Sable’s incredible nipples. Every woman brings something amazing to the table and you will be smitten while watching each and every one show off the incredible attribute they bring to this amazing orgy.

Erica Lauren 2
The Legendary Erica Lauren

Sable Renae 2

All in all, this is a must see film. These vixens simply know exactly what it is that strikes a person’s mind when it comes to the fantasy that is an orgy. Nina starting things off as the friend helping the other friend to learn how to eat pussy is simply the definition of this movie. It is perfectly timed, it is perfectly acted and the sex is just beyond perfection. The newcomers do not miss a beat and the veterans simply show why they are the legends that they are. I can not remember if a “MILF” film has ever featured this many stars of the genre, doing things this well. The ladies of this film all enjoy sex to the fullest. You do not see a lack of vigor or enthusiasm or effort. You do not see these ladies break character once and that ladies and gentleman, is exactly what an adult film should be. When you see the action simply end very abruptly at the climax, you will simply be standing in marvel saying, “Wow, I can’t believe it is over.” Because that is what a good film entails. That is what movie magic is at any level. Those moments were you simply do not want things to end because you have become lost in the moment, the performance, the world that these artists have created for you. That is the feeling you will get from this DVD. It is films like these, that I guarantee, you will watch over and over again because of how certain aspects will get stuck in your head. For me, that part is when Kali is fucking Nina from behind with this massive strap on and Coralyn Jewel is playing with Nina’s nipples as she is on all fours on the couch getting pleasured. All while in the background Sable Renae and Erica kiss deep and passionately. Those are the visuals that will be stuck in your head as well if you buy this DVD. This is one of the best Devil’s Films productions I have seen in a bit and it is also one of the best “Seduction of”…series films ever made. I seriously implore every porn fan to check out this film. It has something for everyone and even if you have a doubt about anything that may lie on the surface with this film, your faith in my review will be rewarded within about ten minutes of pressing play. That is how amazing and unique this film truly is.

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Orgy 4
The Seduction of Nina Hartley From Devil’s Films


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