June 2016 Explicit minds the world’s fittest pornstars

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Hello Explicit Nation Bender Cain president and CEO of Explicit Enterprise here it’s summertime and what do you think about when it comes to Summer other than barbecues 4th of July and beaches. You think about Beach Bodies and we’re going to take a look at some of them best bodies in porn. Okay so here is our top ten Hardbody pornstars.

1, Kendra Lust


I don’t know how Kendra does it how she keeps his amazing chiseled Hardbody while balancing her career as an adult performer winning three Awards this year alone in the best milf category Kinder’s also a contract star for two of the biggest companies in the industry today in addition to running an Empire which includes her own talent agency and her own production company.


In her mid-thirties Kendra has been placed into the milf category don’t physically she’s in better shape than most of the younger performers in the industry she has more drive and passion than most people I have ever met in any industry including the adult entertainment industry we here at explicit happen to have a very close relationship with Kendra she’s considered family and I’m sure she thinks the same way about us. She has a drive a passion and professionalism and she takes that into her workout.

2. Alina Henessy


Number 2 on our list is my good friend Alina henessy otherwise simply known as henessy. Every now and then on the WWE you will see the Bulgarian Brute Rusev and his manager Lanna and of course the WWE bills Lana as the ravishing Russian I got news for you World Wrestling Entertainment there is only one Ravishing Russian and Maddie’s Alina henessy. Hennessy is a true workaholic with a passion and a Lust For Life.


When henessy is not working on her personal website are working for Jul models as the company’s lead talent manager she can be found mountain biking bungee jumping surfing or skydiving that is when she’s not in the gym working on one of the best butts in the business.


Okay if we all know I’m an ass man and I’m a great friend of henessy but she also Sports some amazing apps that is obviously due to her yoga routine.

3. Nicole Aniston


Nicole Aniston is a true California Girl with a hard Beachbody if you grew up in Temecula California.  we’ve got a little bit of History here with Nicole at explicitlistcom. Nicole was the very first interview ever on explicitlistcom I wish I could say that I was the one that conducted the interview but I wasn’t my partner Nelson did.


Nicole spends quite a bit of time in the gym and in the kitchen cooking some very healthy meals. He is in amazing shape could easily Grace the cover of any female fitness magazine in the world. the former Penthouse Pet of the year. Also has a great love for animals.

4. Inna Sirina


Okay I’m probably starting to sound a little biased here since I am actually on good terms I’m close friends with all of the lovely ladies featured in this write up. Inna Sirnia is a gorgeous Greek goddess with a superb ass that seems to be chiseled out of granite. I asked her how she got such an amazing butt and her answer was lots of sex and lots of squats.




Inna spend hours upon hours in the gym toning her already amazing body to be honest she’s a genetic freak I mean it’s just good genetics but she also puts a lot of hard work into maintaining her amazing figure.

5. Sasha Rose


Sasha Roses is an amazing adult performer from Russia she entered the adult entertainment industry at a young age with that teen look that seems to drive everybody crazy. As adult performers Sasha has always had a hardcore Style European girls are known for with a sweet and innocent look. So she took a Hiatus from the adult industry for a little while. And when she returned she came back with a brand new look and new found energy.




Sasha Rose spends hours upon hours in the gym working on CrossFit and strength training. She has really transformed her body into a work of art with a lot of hard work and discipline do diet and Fitness.

6. AJ Applegate


Okay once again I’m sounding kind of braggadocious I’ve had the opportunity to meet AJ Applegate 820 16th AVN Expo and let me tell you she was a total sweetheart., she’s one of those girls you hate to see her leave but you love to see her walk away God that’s horny, what is the truth AJ has one of the best booties in the business.


Before entering the adult entertainment industry AJ was personal trainer she is a certified Zumba instructor which No Doubt help shape that amazing ass of hers in fact her butt is so amazing she was cast and Archangels Productions the booty queen AJ Applegate has an amazing all natural body with an Exquisite ass that can stop traffic.

6.. Cail Carter


Cali Carter is it gorgeous hard bodied blonde bombshell with ass for days She’s Fit and toned. Cali has an amazing body she obviously spends as much time in the gym as she does on a porn set.

7. Alexis Fawx


Alexis Fawx got a late start in the adult entertainment industry starting somewhere between 2010 and  2012 is gorgeous all American Girls served our country in the US Air Force before deciding to take it all off in front of the camera in the adult entertainment industry. Alexis has an amazing body a flat toned stomach obviously she takes spends a lot of time taking care of herself and working out and it was just a no-brainer that she should be featured in this article as one of the fittest pornstars.

8. Kleio Valentine


Kleio Valentine is a total punk rock princess once again here I go bragging but I had the chance to meet her at AVN last year great girl great personality we follow each other on Twitter and I’ve even written about her here on explicitlistcom. No lot of people think that being a pornstar easy work but you have to stay in great shape and keep that bedroom body going. Kleio Valentine it’s one of those girls that works out to the point of exhaustion believe me I’ve seen the pics on Twitter after her workouts.


And you kind of have to because he is also one of those girls who love junk food like pizza so you’ve got to burn it off she’s got an amazing body that she works very hard for and we appreciate that okay I’m going to put my tongue back in my mouth now.

9. Nina Dolci


Okay I’ll be completely honest on this one I’m not very familiar with Nina’s work as an adult Entertainer but when I told my friend over at XXX PR that I was going to write an article on the world’s fittest pornstars he suggested that I take a look at me now and when I did I was blown away this girl must live in the gym.


Nina Dolci is a personal trainer in addition to being an adult Entertainer she has a figure that is that Perfect Blend of muscularity and straight sex appeal.

10. Ashley Sinclair



Ashley Sinclair is a Southern Belle from Tennessee who has one of the most chiseled bodies in the adult entertainment industry winning several Fitness contest she also has won the most beautiful smiles in the industry we could think of no better way to end this article then with Ashley Sinclair herself.


Written by Bender Cain President and CEO of Explicit Enterprise

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Bender Cain is the President & CEO of Explicit Enterprises holds a masters degree in Psychology. Cain has over 20 years in the adult night club industry, working as a bouncer, DJ, manager, and consultant. Cain has traveled the world over, working at some of the best and worst strip clubs. Cain is also a professional boxer, MMA fighter and promoter . His duties here at ExplicitList.com include writing for the site and the day to day operations of the company .

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