July 2016 Explicit Insider Interview: Nina Hartley

At times in this amazing industry, there are simply moments were a performer, a company, a film simply bring you to your knees. Ironic as that phrase is when it comes to my opinion about the one and only Nina Hartley, I must say I was rather intimidated to talk with her. It is the feeling I guess anyone would feel with someone who has changed their life in some way, no matter if it be big or small. The delectable Nina Hartley was indeed the first woman I ever saw in a “dirty” magazine when I was a bright eyed youngster and it was her that also gave me the desire to pursue a dream of writing and working in the adult entertainment industry. Since her amazing debut in 1984, Nina has simply captured more than just our hearts and minds with her work and passion for this industry, she has also been someone who has used her love for sex to show us all the proverbial ropes when it comes to sex and passion in our own bedrooms. For most readers out there, I am sure just like me, you had moments were the mood struck you right and you felt like including your significant other in your indulgence and love for adult cinema. I don’t think it is just romantics these days that love to spice things up in their own relationships with a little voyeurism of the amazing performers of this industry, as they make our fantasies become realities. I can remember the first time I got a girl I was dating to go with me on  trip to the adult book store in order to build up a little lust before getting adventurous in the sack. The girl I was dating at the time was a bit shy and unsure of her sexuality. She was timid when admitting she loved watching others have sex almost as much as I did on film. It was at that moment every guy freezes and wonders: “Ok, what film do I buy? Do I buy the outrageous off the wall film? Like an orgy or threesome tape? Do I buy something kinky that may spark other emotions and desires in her like a girl/girl movie? Or do I play it safe with a couples or a feature film with massive story and aspects of intrigue or even comedy to lighten the mood to the destination I wish things to end up at?” It was during this time I saw one of Nina Hartley’s “How to” videos. It was a girl/girl pairing that was about how to get your girl off by licking her kitty until she would not be able to take things anymore and will be roaring to have her way with you afterwords. I thought to myself, “Ok, this is a can’t miss, it’s Nina Hartley and her co-star is simply drop dead gorgeous as well, so I’m gonna test my luck.” To my surprise, my girlfriend told me she loved watching two girls go at on film as well and also knew who Nina Hartley was as well and before I could even bring out my big shit eating grin for hitting the jackpot, she was already walking up front to the clerk to buy the movie. Needless to say, you can only imagine how the rest of the night went. Long story short, it was so amazingly seductive and kinky to watch Nina, not only show these amazing fingering techniques I still use to this day, thank you Nina, but the film also showed Nina just getting down and enjoying every aspect of demonstrating every single technique. She would honestly show methods that would turn your lady into butter with enough emphasis and enthusiasm. The film was more than a how to video. It was this mixture of erotic performance and teaching mixed with the yumminess that every adult film fan has when it comes to the films they love. I think that is the thing that simply just blows my mind about Nina Hartley. She has the charisma on screen that is just beyond anything else in adult film. She has the most amazing acting ability out of any actor that has every graced a silver screen before or after her. Nina also possess this passion you see in her eyes and voice. This confidence in who she is and what she does. For every performer who has simply done this job for a paycheck, Nina Hartley has always been the one where you knew no matter the genre, you were getting a dynamite film. With all of those emotions and experiences, I began pursuit to meet and talk with the most legendary performer in industry. What I found and what I experienced was simply one of the most amazing conversations I have ever had with another human being, let alone a performer in the adult industry. Nina Hartley simply did more than take my breathe away and it is on that note that I would love to take you the reader along on the ride, so you can experience exactly what I did, when I got the chance to interview the one and only Nina Hartley.

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DJ DeMarko – I want to dive right into things Nina, ……I have to ask this because I am such a huge fan of the industry in all aspects and because it is what first introduced me to the lovely ladies up close and personal in the business and that is the gentleman’s club. What was it like working in San Francisco back then as a dancer and performer? I can only imagine due to the wonder of that city.

Nina Hartley – Oh it was a lot of fun. Pretty much anything went when in came to girls performing together and creating lesbian hardcore scenes, right out of the bat live! Performing sex live for an audience is still one of my favorite things to do, it was just a lot of fun. I use to go to nursing school five days a week and was dancing one day a week and then once I started making movies my junior year, I would add in another night on the occasional weekend. Then when I graduated with my nursing degree in 1985 I went into making movies full time. I got my license, I got my degree, then I went into movies full time. So my first film was 1984 and I went full time in 1985 and I have been doing it ever since, plus feature dancing and vocational writing gigs and teaching at universities. So sex education as a nurse is were it is at for me.

DJ DeMarko – My goodness, that is just amazing insight Nina, because my best friend in the world she has been a dancer forever and I have always appreciated that form and that beauty that comes into the performance of an exotic dancer who loves her job and simply works hard at creating an amazing performance. I think it is an art that is so undervalued in today’s adult world.

Nina Hartley – True it isn’t but it use to be, that, well at least until the internet, that a woman had to already herself, be a little unusual to even consider such a job as being a dancer or a porno person or anything like that. This wasn’t something were you would grow up and say “hey I think I want to become a porn star.” Well since the internet, the idea that a person can “grow up and be a “porn star” has taken hold, so you get women who think, “oh come on, how hard can it be?” Which most come to find out it is anything but easy, no matter how sex positive a young person thinks they are. Our culture is very insidious when it comes to imparting sexual information and unless you are already exhibitionistic or bisexual, or just odd, making porn and dancing is going to be extremely stressful, because in the first couple of weeks it is exciting or scary and then, all your training, all your conditioning around sex and sexuality comes up when you are in a sex business environment and it’s simply not good for everybody. It’s good for who it’s good for and it is not good for everybody else. To me, it was good for me. 

DJ DeMarko – Amen to that. There is such a truth to that statement. I found that most of my good friends in the industry, who have both left and stayed for this reason, had something that brought them into the forefront of the industry and dazzled their eyes but they did not have that deep passion for it. Were did you initial journey and influence take you?

Nina Hartley – I always knew I had this unusual side. Before I knew that porn existed, video porn that is, I hard certainly seen written porn, I had seen books and magazines, especially when I was at Berkley. It was very in the forefront of underground comic book stores or the used book store I use to go to. There was a book store that had an erotica section, I use to really sit there for hours and read these dirty books. It was the 60’s and the 70’s in Berkley, so the idea of self acceptance was forefront of the discussion of the day. My parents were also never religious in that manor, so I was never had to worry about my soul, hell or eternal damnation and of coarse sin and the 70’s stated to me that sexuality is natural, embrace it, understand it and I learned “oh, I am not a monogamous person.”  Cool! So if a person has a more conventional type of sexuality, than porn will be a very difficult job for them. If they are at heart monogamous or not that exhibitionistic, than sex work is really difficult and I have seen people over the years who have crashed and burned because they thought sex work was easy and thought they could make a lot of money, they thought it would be fun and it turned out it was not a good fit for their personality, for lack of a batter word and they usually give up and they finally leave the business altogether, which is good. I am just lucky, for were I grew up and the time I grew up, were very liberal. My parents were off doing their own thing, so that left me to do my own thing and that is were I figured out that sex is my thing. If it had been music, I would be a professional musician now, it just turned out that sex is my thing and I’m lucky that I did not grow up in a different place, were it would have been harder for me to find that aspect of mine. 

DJ DeMarko: I find that embracing ones sexuality is something that takes so much time but I think we as human beings never get a chance to learn how to embrace it until years after we think we will. I think for some, they may not embrace their sexuality until they are in their 30’s or 40’s despite having slept with multiple partners.

Nina Hartley: It is never to late to discover sexuality with in. I have a friend who barely discovered at the age of 69, what that was and he is getting married, so that shows, it is never to late. The one thing I like about sexuality is that it lives in the body and in the mind and until we are dead, we have both the body and the brain, so anytime we want to turn our attentions to sex, we can figure it out. Most of us spend our time and our energy away from it, or stuffing it deep down, or simply denying it, or even hating on ourselves because of that aspect of our nature, which never helps and it is never too late to have a happy sex life. Because as long as you draw breathe and have the desire to learn about this aspect of sex, it will be with us until we are dead, so you might as well embrace it, learn about it and make friends with it. 

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DJ DeMarko: Second question, a friend of mine, her and I always get involved in conversations of how the business started, who are the true pioneers of this industry. I am dying to know who were the ladies you looked up to in this business when you first got your start and what was it like doing shoots when you first started? I have heard some horror stories of police breaking in on sets, arresting everyone on site, constant, true harassment from so called people of authority. I would love to hear your aspect because I think you being a person who got us all here and opened a door that has swung wide open today, I think people forget the sacrifice all you ladies gave, to make things happen today, for us to do what we love to do more than anything.

Nina Hartley: Well, there was no police harassment in San Francisco, the police harassment was all in Los Angeles and it was indeed brutal. People were being busted on the set, They threatened to charge the women with prostitution, they also threatened these women by saying they were going to tell their parents and community what they had been doing and they really wanted to get the producers and directors on charges of pimping and pandering. Luckily I did not have that problem in San Francisco, because it is San Francisco. It was Hal Freedman who was busted and charged with pandering and he took it to the state supreme court and they unanimously decided 9-o in 1988, that pornography was protected by the first amendment and the police had to stop harassing people and that being a producer director was not the same as being a pimp or a panderer and since then, making pornography in California has been legal. Helping things to be less complicated, so since 1988 until 2013, it was legal to shoot pornography in LA and all you needed to do was get a film permit and have some insurance and that made it a lot safer. That of coarse since 1998, we have had an amazing set of testing protocols for HIV and other STIs, so now the incidence of STI’s in porn is way, way down. There has not been an onset transmission of HIV since 2002, a long time. So now we get tested every two weeks. In order to have what is called a “fresh test” it is a two week window. We have to get tested for HIV using a very sensitive, very special test called the PCR-RNA blood test and it is super accurate. So people now can say: “Hey, you show me your test and I will show you mine.” So physically since those days, porn is a lot safer than it use to be.

DJ DeMarko: I love it Nina, thank you so much for that insight. One thing I have been in this industry is a writer and a designer. Now that I am exploring the production aspect of things with a very close friend of mine, I am learning about all these variables that go into creating a production and one aspect is exactly like you talk about, the fact that performers need to be tested in order to maintain a professional and safe work environment. I think you would be happy to know that all those things that were created in your day and with the diligence of those minds like yours in the industry, has indeed trickled down from the massive mainstream companies and productions to the small content creators like myself as well.

Nina Hartley: Well it is very important, you have to have a safe work place, so for people who are reading this, if you are a civilian, go to www.iknowmystatus.com and you can find a link in order to be tested that is very fast and very accurate. So that you will know and the so called free HIV test, were they do the cheek swab and saliva test are not accurate. Because they count on a test that has a six month window of accuracy, were the test we use, it has a two week window of accuracy. So it is really much better. So anybody can test like a porn star. So what I want to tell people, is that if you like someone and you are a grown up, you can wait a day or two to have sex and you can make a plan were you both say: Hey, lets go get tested together and then we will know. Because bottom line is that you can not get sick from a person that is not ill. Rather than not know, people say to themselves: “I don’t know, you look ok.” But with this test, now you will know. So everybody can do that at iknowmystatus.com it’s a great service, it’s a great opportunity for the civilian population to have access to something that is really, really great. Getting to the other half of that question and the people that I looked up to, you have to understand, that in 1984, there was no convention circuit, there was no internet, I did not know about that many other people in the business. There just was not that chance to meet someone to look up to. I started with Vanessa Del Rio and I knew who Seka was and the great Vanessa Del Rio, All Hail! So those are the people that I knew, I just did not have or really know anybody else and if you had seen any Swedish erotica back then you knew the name Seka, because she was just a big beautiful blond and Vanessa Del Rio was in one of the first movies that I ever saw, in that, I could tell she could act, she was well established, she could sing, she could do comedy, she could even do TV drama as well as being able to have a great sex scene. So the people I looked up to were Vanessa Del Rio and I admired Seka but I did not know her very well. 

Don Juan DeMarko: That is  amazing, I really find that fascinating as to who were the people that showed you the ropes…..

Nina Hartley: Wait, wait, wait. I did not say they showed me the ropes. Back then, it was a lot different that it is now. We did not have the luxury of someone showing you the “ropes” or anything of that nature. Those were women I looked up to and were friendly on set. See no one told you how to do things, no one told you this is how you open up to a camera, this is how you wash out your pussy or anything like that. It was not that kind of thing basically. I worked with Vanessa at the very end of her career, I think she retired in 1985 and I only got to work with her once actually and it was in a three way. They did not impart wisdom, they weren’t unfriendly but we did not sit around and say: “Hey girls, this is how you work it, or this a guy and this is how you handle his cock, or something like that.” It simply was never anything like that, no. 

DJ DeMarko: Wow, so it was literally like being thrust on stage and being told you got to figure this out on your own as far as performance goes and I wish you the best of luck figuring it out.

Nina Hartley: Pretty much. I had a little of an advantage though because I had been a dancer in college and I had also done theater in high school, so I understood about performance and the camera. Upstage, down stage. I am a performer and I was simply just so excited to be there, that I had very few unpleasant experiences when I was on the set and most of the guys I worked with were very nice and we had worked together many times over and over again, so I got to know them and it was a lot of fun, it’s always a lot of fun. 

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DJ DeMarko: I love the aspect of your sex positive activism. I myself love all aspects of change and organizations and theories that started as ideas, then became change. I would love to hear the insight that brought you to this stance and position you have on sex positive feminism. I would love to hear how you discovered this amazing part of your being because I think it’s growth has spread beyond the adult entertainment industry into the minds and hearts of many, many industries and people everywhere.

Nina Hartley: I always had this thought within me about sex, sexuality and sexual expression. The therapy generation of the 70’s so you know, was right there with things like bio-energetics, yoga, tai-chi and message and breathing mixed in with meditation. So the whole idea of the body was ascending in the 1970’s and I knew early on that I was a bi-sexual person and an exhibisionist and a voyeur, so I had labels for myself. So that is one aspect. I understood myself to be “not traditional.” I never dreamed of him, I dreamed of them. I never dreamed about being someone’s one and only and never wanted someone to be my one and only. That just seemed much too stifling for me and I was fairly young when I realized that other people don’t believe that, they figure strange, so I kept it to myself. Then the feminist movement came, it was was something were you could learn about pleasure, you could learn about your body, you could make friends with your body, you could make friends with your vulva. Take a mirror, take a look and really just advocating for women, who had become agents of their own destiny, agents of their own pleasure. It is one thing to get that message when you are 21 or 22, or going on 30 years old when you are messed up by your childhood and getting that message at the age of twelve when you are young and still forming your body. So I Got the positive messages very early on, as I was thinking about sex, wondering what is sex, what do I think about sex, what do I think about what I want from sex and I wasn’t having any. I did not have sex with another person until I was 18, I barely made out in high school and I did not date at all. So my sex positivism, it is just bolted onto the mainframe for me. Then my parents Buddhism helped me with the concept of compassion and understanding that people act the way they do and most people do bad things, do things badly out of conditioning and  ignorance, so just try to give people the benefit of the doubt. So my sex positivism has been there throughout my life. Had I not been pretty enough for porn, or not been exhibitionistic enough for a camera to be in the room, I still would be apart of the movement of birthing babies and women’s bodies and helping people have a better experience. So the body for the basis of self expression was always going to be in my life. It did not have to be pornographic, again, if I had not acted or loved people watching me, I would have been a private citizen, who studies sexuality and helped people with it. If I had not been “pretty” enough porn, I would still be some kind of swinger, I would still be some kind of non traditional, non monogamous person, because my non monogamy pre-dates my being involved in the pron industry. Investigating, acknowledging, accepting, and understanding their unique sexuality and finding safe ways to express it with people of like minds. No matter if you are A-sexual, monogamous, modest, you don’t have to be sexually active to be sex positive or experimental. You just have to know yourself, understand yourself, accept yourself, what ever that is. That is every person’s job, to do it for themselves. I have to do it for myself, you have to do it for yourself and they have to do it for themselves. I help when I can but it is still an individual journey and individual mandate but you can get help from other people if you need it. 

DJ DeMarko: As far as the industry goes what do you think of it’s state today. I’m beyond intrigued to hear the opinion of a woman who has not only changed this industry in so many ways but also as a woman who has seen the evolution and the pitfalls of so many aspects and genres within this industry. I think the fans and performers alike you love to indulge on your wisdom pertaining to were the industry has been and were that beautiful mind believes it is headed with the state of things as they stand today.

Nina Hartley: Well, first off, we could not even have imagined the internet and here we are today. I do know that they are making strives into virtual reality porn, they are working on that right now. Sex is in demand, that is just a fact and that is never going to change. How the product will be delivered, you know obviously the internet had a lot to do with that, I’m a fan of old fashioned magazines. I’m analog, even though we live in a digital age, I am really more analog. I am a lover of illustrations, I love looking at photographs that are actually in a book. I like looking at individual pieces of art, I don’t look at video very much at all actually, it doesn’t do much for me, I actually don’t really have an interest in virtual reality porn and the new venture of tela-dildonics as a provider of a business for people to be able to be with me that way but I am old fashioned, I believe in analog still. Being able to stream high quality video into your living room or bedroom that is something very new to me. 

DJ DeMarko: I have followed your work for a long time. You were indeed the first model I ever saw on film and in pictorial form when it comes to my passion of this industry. I guess you can say, it is you that sparked my love in the beauty of the female form and the growth of a woman in terms of being proud of her passion, desire and drive that is her sexuality and being. I would love to know what truly drove you to create you series of “How to” videos as I like to call them. I have guesses as to what it always has been but I would love to hear it from the creators mouth as to what sparked this amazing creation of yours that has truly changed so many people’s lives, not just the fans of adult entertainment.

Nina Hartley: Sex is such a combination of many things. one, it is a physical skill set, how do you *blank* a *blank*, like how do you change a tire, how do you change a spark plug, how do you dice carrots, how do you grease a piston. Those are physical skill sets that can be taught. There is a best way to skin a cat, or a rabbit or a deer and there is an ineffective way to do the same thing. So sex, is at a level of the same, a physical skill set. How do you pull someone’s hair in way that it makes your partner go oooooohhh, instead of ouch, f*** you? How do you spank a bottom that also makes a person go ooohhhh, instead of what the f*** are doing? That, I can teach that, that is indeed a physical skill set that I can teach and then there is the psyche part, as they would call it in nursing school, or the psyche social aspect of sexuality. So you have to take into account the mental state of the people involved and there are variables that you have to learn to sift through before you even get to “hands on bodies.” So when it comes to things like, how do you get someone into bed, I can’t tell you how to do that but what I can do is once you have both agreed that you both want to be there, then I can help you and that is really important because people don’t realize that porn is not sex ed, porn in entertainment and people that think anal sex happens that way, or that your girlfriend is not going to have any jealousy issues because she caught you with her mother, these are simply fantasies. The most important thing to keep in mind about porn is that 99.9% of it is simply the fact that it is a paid, professional scenario, it is a paid professional performance in a fantasy scenario. I.E. a live action cartoon and if you think about pornography as a live action cartoon, then you will not hold yourself or your partner to these unreasonable expectations of performance or appearance. It is a movie, if a penis magically appears in a performers anus, you have to know she went to work that day knowing she was going to have anal sex and she prepared, he knew he was doing an anal scene and he prepared. For us it is not a big deal. So the educational tapes are really important because part of sex is a physical skill set and that can be taught and if I can help someone to have a little bit more confidence in terms of how they think: if I can get someone to go to bed with me, I will know the first three things that I can do. That would be the confidence to approach somebody with no idea of what do I do know, I have no freaking idea, so I am going to go say hi to that person and maybe we will end up there. We as a society, we expect people to some how know what they are doing in bed. That it is as simple that if you love someone, you will just know and nothing could be further from the truth. We teach people how to balance a check book, we teach people how to take a test, we teach people all kinds of things in everyday life. What we do not teach them is how to be a quality sex partner. We fill them with fear, we fill them with ignorance, we feel them with danger, with fill them with insecurity, we fill them with anger, we fill them with pain and then say go off an have good time with sex and you know mother nature makes a sex drive and the desire for pleasure, really, really powerful as you can imagine. She really, really wants us to do this when it comes to sex. So when the anti-porn people say: “I don’t want to teach my kid sex education because it will “give them ideas” it is simply like: TOO LATE! Mother nature has that handled and as soon as a kid hits puberty, if not sooner, they will “have ideas” because that is how mother nature works. One million years of evolution or ten thousand years of culture? So, of coarse you know mother nature always bats last and you can fill people’s heads with lies, fear, ignorance, prejudice, etc. etc. and hoping that their kids won’t have sex, not knowing that they are still going to have sex, they are just going to do it in a dangerous way, in a dangerous fashion, in a dangerous place with people that are simply unsuitable. Or they will rely on drugs and alcohol to either get themselves in the mood or to “reduce resistance” on the other person’s part, which is simply nothing more than rape. So we can either do this the smart way or do this the stupid way, because if people’s religion and fears dictate a person’s path to sex they will usually approach it the stupid way, because we are American’s and we love that kind of control over people and if we went by that coarse all the time no one would ever have sex. There are people out there called A-Sexual, who never experience sexual desire and that is ok too. 

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DJ DeMarko: I love it Nina, I simply love it. Because I myself have had so many friends always ask: “What is it that has women wanting to talk with you, to always want to be around you?” and I simply tell them, that since my inception and discovery of the amazing creature known as a female human being, I have studied every part of their being. Whether they are friends or they are lovers. I like to find out who they are, what they are and everything that lies in between that. So I simply say to my friends just like you described in your previous answer to the last question, if you want to be surrounded by a woman all the time, treat them like you would yourself, learn about them and you too can be surrounded by women all the time as well.

Nina Hartley: Well you have to actually do two things, you have to see women as full human beings, with the right to say yes and no. It helps to be interested and to learn about things that they like. You don’t have to learn about flower arranging or anything like that. If you don’t just look at her as the orgasm provider for him, then you will have the things that you desire. I tell this to people all the time, in our culture we amputate men from their hearts and we amputate women from their clitorises and we expect them to get along some how. We basically prevent women from having “casual sex”  because hey, women get horny and if they find someone who is cute we tell her not to endulge, we tell her only to have sex out of love for each other and that forces women to lie to themselves and that forces men to lie to women with sayings like: “Of coarse I love you baby!”  Then when they don’t discuss what love means to one another they run into major problems and that is very harmful, that in itself harms people. Then we act surprised when we see things like relationship violence and people that are simply miserable in a relationship and stay there because they know nothing else. I think we forget that men have emotions, men have hearts and that women have passions and desires and feel things like lust and our reactions always are: “What? Stop the presses!” Which it is just so important to people to simply discover themselves. 

DJ DeMarko: I think with all of this amazing knowledge and perspective I have I have gained from you in this just this interview, I would love to switch gears and ask about The Seduction of Nina Hartley. What is it like on a Jim Powers set? What was your favorite aspect of the shoot, not just in terms of the sex but also the production and it’s over all creation?

Nina Hartley: Oh the best thing was being on set with a bunch of cool ladies, so yay! That certainly works as a response doesn’t it. So being on set with all the cool ladies was really good, it was such a relaxed set we only shot two scenes for the day and when you only shoot two scenes in a day, it is super relaxed, you don’t have to rush, or worry about things happening too late because who wants to stay on a set for more hours than it takes to shoot a film? I really, really liked that about shooting this film. I like that a lot. I had worked with Erica Lauren before, she is awesome. It was just great, I got to endulge in Coralyn Jewel, everyone was just so much fun, it was the best time, THE BEST TIME!!! Let me tell you…the best time. 

DJ DeMarko: This set of questions is more geared to our readers passions and yearning for insight. Who has been your absolute favorite performer to work with over the years and why if you are willing to share.  Also, with so many scenes and films under your belt, is there a star you have not worked with, male or female that you have not had a chance to work with and you are simply chomping at the bit to get your hands on and shoot an amazing scene with?

Nina Hartley: Oh My, there are plenty that got away. Um, let’s see…. I never really got to work with Marilyn Chambers, sadly, I only got to work with Vanessa Del Rio one time. I only got to work with Sasha Grey one time, sadly. I only got to work with Amber Lynn one time, I only got to work with Ginger Lynn one time. I have never gotten to work with Asa Akira, I would love to do that. She is just something special. I have never gotten to work enough, at least to my liking, with Dana DeArmond, who is just amazing. You know, there are a lot of people that come to mind when I think of the “ones that got away.” I’m sure there is somebody, that if you said their name, I would say: “oh yeah, her, I would love to have worked with her.” In terms of one of my favorites, Dana DeArmond, she is just fabulous, she is such a great person, I had the best time working with her that one time and when I say “working with” I don’t necessarily mean being together, I am talking about just being happy to tag team somebody with somebody. So if someone is no longer submissive to women, then fine, we will top someone off together and do it that way. For there is always a way. What I like about being sex positive is that, if you are willing to discuss sex openly, then you can find something fun to do together and people think that sex has to go a certain way, that it has to go like a porno. The best thing is, you get to pick a side and you say these are the things you want and these are the things you want to do with me and here are the things I like about you and here are the things I want to do with you and something overlapped in there, is something that we both like and that is what we will do. But if you think sex has to go a certain way and you don’t like that, then we “can’t have sex.”  because you think sex has to go a certain way and I am not down for that, then it is not going to happen. But if you and I can discuss sex in terms of: “Hey, I like A,B,C and D and you like B,C and D, that means that I don’t get A, you don’t get B and we will meet together with C and D.”  and that in itself is ok. 

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Nina Hartley 15

DJ DeMarko: What scene best exemplifies you as an adult film star and performer so far in your amazing career?

Nina Hartley: One of my favorites, I can not truly say that one film defines me because I have been apart of so many productions and worked with so many amazing people that I can not simply choose one. But one I will always remember is this tasty little comedy called: “Splendor in the Ass.” from 1988 or 1989 directed by Girard Deliano, which starred Peter North and me and we are on a weight bench and I am wearing a red hat, red shoes and red gloves and little else and that was such a great scene, it was just everything that porn is supposed to be. Then of coarse, all of my educational videos and films, I really have to on those just because of general principle and there you have it! 

DJ DeMarko: Has the adult industry helped shaped you into a independent, empowered and sexual woman?

Nina Hartley: Well, my hopes and aspirations. I desire to start a series on hand job auditions. So if you think you want to make porn, then let’s see if you can handle and hand job to see if you can handle that. But I love hand jobs personally, that is just me. The aspect about the business that has shaped me is just having the freedom to play and touch bodies all day everyday just for my job, it is truly great. I am extremely happy for that when it comes to my career and life, that is that I got to play in this laboratory full of amazing people. So once again, there you have it and of coarse, the opportunity to travel all over the world because of this career choice, that is great as well. With that, I just have to say thank you so much young man and I wish you the most wonderful day. 


……and with that ended one of the most amazing experiences of my life. It is not too often a person becomes wiser upon meeting someone and as Nina and I talked, I felt a validity to my person and one thing that I came away with, is that there are son many people out there who think like we both do. I think it is not often enough, people like Nina Hartley get the recognition they deserve, for as this interview showed me, Nina is truly someone who has changed this world in so many ways.



Don Juan DeMarko

I have been in the adult industry since I was indeed a young history major out of college. I attended a "Public Ivy" located in Williamsburg, Virginia. I have a multiple degrees & certificates including one in graphic design that led me to this wonderful and amazing industry. I started as just a lowly consultant for a design firm in Los Angeles that led me to introductions with some amazing people in the adult film industry and the rest is history. I have fulfilled work and helped to write publications for some of the biggest names in music, sports and film but my passion, the place where I truly call "home" because it is where the heart is, lies within the adult entertainment industry. I am an XRCO Member and I always like to say the art of making "fantasy become reality" is indeed something that takes the effort of many people, from all likes & spectrums of this amazing world. It is indeed those people and the fans of this industry that drive me to always show the beautiful amazing side of this industry few know but many dream about.

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