June 2016 Explicit Review: Lesbian Family Affair 3

June 2016 Explicit Review: Lesbian Family Affair 3


There are very few people who do not know the name Tanya Tate. One of the most amazing aspects I find in that term is that the actors who seem to know her best are the newcomers to this industry. No matter if it is new sensation Jasmine Summers or the beyond stunning Sydney Cole, Tanya understands that new beauty and a fresh passion for the business is indeed what makes this industry one of the most amazing in the world. Filly Films indeed has had different faces in the industry step behind the camera and make incredible films like the phenomenal Sasha Heart. To me though, no one compares to the amazing productions that come from mind of one of the most astounding directors in the business. From her love of Cosplay being captured on camera, to her sly and sexy setups of every scene and character, Tanya Tate indeed knows fantasy. Miss Tate seems to always take us fans on a “ride” we do not soon forget, even if it is a week, month or year since we last indulged in the spectacle that are her films. Lesbian Family Affair 3 is the trifecta that Tanya masterfully displays for all to see. As with the previous two installments, this interval of action invents new aspects in the girl/girl genre. As the lust for lesbian scenes that feature the  step mother MILF and the beyond tantalizing step daughter grows, Tanya continues to grow with it. Now most approach a film like this and see something that absolutely does not float their boat because of the theme of the series but as I found out in episode one of this trilogy, a beyond perfect production, mixed together with amazing performers and hand crafted scenes, produces something that even the biggest critic will enjoy. Tanya Tate simply sends us on a tour of desire and fascination beginning with simple introductions and ending with thrilling, heart pounding action and climaxes. As Tanya continues to make more and more films, I find that she is sharpening her scenes and movies to continue to be a cut above her last production. As each film is produced, I see Tanya tooling with things that do and do not work in a scene and movie. I see her approach always different to every scene she has previously done. There are no two scenes alike with Tanya Tate as a performer. Now she has taken the reigns and begun to apply that passion for what she does  behind the camera as well as in the editing room. This particular movie is filmed towards lesbian threesomes and to be honest, that is one of the hardest scenes to shoot, because if you do not have that mix of charisma, chemistry and sacrifice, the action just looks beyond staged. Give or take we are talking about entertainment but when a threesome is done wrong, one performer always looks left out, especially if it is a newcomer. The level to which these newcomers raise their game with the help of miss Tate is reflected in every sensual scene. The action is intense from start to finish and this film has that indescribable allure that will simply have you wanting more. I implore you check out Tanya Tate’s work if you are hungry for more, especially her directorial films, for you will simply see elegance, sexuality and amazing lust like no other woman can produce in front of or behind the camera.

Scene 1: Phoenix Marie, Rachel James and Tanya Tate



As any fan will tell you, Tanya Tate is an avid collector of comic stuff, Funko brand memorabilia and the sexiest collection of Disney yoga pants this guy has ever seen. With that being said, you can see an anxiousness of pure passion in Tanya’s eyes as she starts the scene with Phoenix Marie and Rachel James. Phoenix is the sexy Mom dragging her mischievous daughter into private in order to give her what for after she finds her showing off a bit too much skin at Comic-Con. The outfits are amazing as “Lady Titan” leads the way in this ultra sexy blue body suit, reminding all of us ancient comic book fans of day dreams with the amazing Julie Newmar. Phoenix is the Viking queen and indeed has the authority in this scene in every single meaning of the word. Rachel James does a fabulous job playing the “naughty” daughter who gets a little of the rough treatment from her Mom. Any fan who follows Phoenix Marie knows she is the definition of intense action. The way throughout the entire scene she simply dominates her co-stars and has them succumb to her every desire is simply jaw dropping to watch. No matter if it is Phoenix getting Rachel’s lovely derriere rosy red, or her luscious laps of Tanya’s gorgeous kitty, she simply makes every film she is in so memorable and this one is no exception. The setting for this sexy romp is this old workshop that just becomes apart of the magic. All three lovely ladies simply contort their bodies and actions so seductively for the fans. The way at which we see Tanya, Phoenix and Rachel take advantage of their surroundings is simply jaw dropping. The set-up is killer and as you watch each sexy vixen get the other undressed, you are just waiting with a patience but also a bit of curiosity as you wonder what the girls will do to the other next from start to finish. One of the loveliest shots is watching Tanya zip her suit down to reveal her cleavage as Rachel buries her face in between and even before the lapping begins you will simply be turned on instantaneously by their yearning for one another. This scene has some rough action for a girl/girl opener but it does not go past the point of no return. Phoenix displays her amazing fetish style a tad as the “dominant” lead but also gives up the reigns to Tanya and Rachel, something very few performers do well. Of all the sexy positions the one that will get your ass checked into the hospital with a coronary is the end angle of mistress Marie’s luscious booty high in the sky as Tanya and Rachel simply devour here alive from behind. It is not too often a scene can go from rough kink to girl/girl pleasure without loosing a few fans along the way. With Tanya’s direction and each woman’s indulgence in their characters, this scene simply flies high. It contained Tanya doing what she loves to do and adds a very lustful side to her direction. With a beginning like that, I didn’t think I would make it to scene two in one piece.

Scene 2: Katja Kassin, Marie McCray and Abbey Rain



The amazing, legendary performers simply keep coming at us in this film, with the delectable Katja Kassin taking center stage. This beauty that hails from the small East German city Leipzig puts on a display of her vast arsenal of skills when it comes to performance in this scene. Miss Kassin has been wowing us with her sexy German accent since 2003 and just as if it were the beginning of this glorious new millennium it is so cool to see that Katja has not lost a step, nor has she become anything less than the girl of our dreams still. Always known for her amazing curves and superb acting talent, Katja does not short change the fans at all when it comes to the price of admission to her shows. Katja has always been a master of sexy positions and seductive movements, that have indeed had her a fan favorite since the day she started. Adding on to the fantasy is one of my favorite performers Abbey Rain and one of the top red heads in the industry, the enchanting Marie McCray, who simply has one of the most unforgettable voices and personalities that the adult entertainment world has ever seen. The acting in this scene is amazing, the aspect of seeing Marie and Abby start things off as the hot younger gals who are too sexy for their own good is one of the better performances I have seen this year. It is apart of the fantasy that few fans realize is what brings them to the table, what puts the asses in the seats. Katja Kassin adds in her personal flavor to the scene as the Mother who is looking to get her daughters ready for the future and pleasing their husbands. Marie’s reluctance just carries throughout the entire scene as she plays the hesitant party beyond exquisitely. It does indeed take the opposite side of the coin to make that character work and Abby Rain adds something scrumptious as the sister who goes all in. Miss Kassin is the party that brings everyone to ease and leads the girls into high octane position after high octane position. I love how Tanya added in a set that has the mystique and flair for her love of comics. The thrown adds in some sexiness of it’s own as Katja uses her feminine expertise to put the ladies into the most sexy of positions. Abbey Rain’s gorgeous body steals the show as Tanya really did a fantastic job of putting her on full display for all of us perverts to gaze upon with day dreams. I see so much ahead in Abbey’s future and marking how well she acted out the intro, I do hope to see her in some large budget productions in the future. The review can not be complete with out Katja Kassin getting her due diligence. Katja does what she has always done best, put on a performance of a lifetime every time those bright lights illuminate her amazing body. From her words to her kinky positions, Katja just steals every viewers heart and mind and she does not give it back until the last sexy kiss is shared. As one of the most intelligent woman in the business, she shows exactly why she will forever have a home in this industry. I can not say enough about her and after you see her put Marie McCray in motion and sits upon Abby Rain’s face, you too, whether you know her or not, will instantaneously become a Katja Kassin fan.

Scene 3: Julia Ann, Sydney Cole and Tanya Tate

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Talk about the scene of all scenes. This scene not only gets the Explicit List choice of top scene in the film, this scene also gets the mention of being the best Girl/Girl scene I have seen in 2016. The legendary Julia Ann adds in her feminine whiles to the mix as the Mom trying to show her daughter how to be a better tennis player with a little tough love. Tanya Tate is the sexy aunt who just fans the flames of passion when Julia decides to show her daughter the ropes in more ways than one. Sydney Cole does the most superb job of going blow for blow with two of the biggest names in the adult entertainment industry. Sydney has the look of the girl next door but once the panties come off, the fans are treated to her bad girl side instantaneously. I can not express how amazing these three are in this scene, the box cover of this film sums it up with everything from the look on Sydney’s face, to the mischievous tongue on miss Julia Ann. They say the bench mark of an amazing film is that the lead up to the sex can be every bit as mind blowing as the action itself, that one simply can not contain themselves before the clothes even come off. That is how I would sum up this scene to a tee. One of the most amazing shots is seeing Julia Ann go in for the kill as she slides Sydney’s panties off, all while Tanya lifts up her sexy tennis skirt to allow miss Cole to worship her nipples in the most tantalizing ways. Julia Ann is hands down the best kitty licker in the business. As the action begins, things just start off wet and wild, especially once the camera pans in for a close up shot of Julia just licking and sucking like only she can. I sometimes try not to get too carried away with my interpretations but it is difficult with this scene, it is beyond intense and scorching hot at every angle. Julia Ann and Tanya Tate simply know how to bring a character to life without there being any type of clunkiness of mechanical movements with fellow performers. I think the one thing both do even better, is that they make every co-star feel this level of comfort that basically turns into an amazing scene always. This chapter has a little of everything, from food play to real orgasms by multiple ladies. For the fans who love seeing that on film, you are indeed in for a treat with this scene. Sydney Cole shows some amazing acting abilities in the way she lets herself be swept off her feet. It is not one hundred percent sensual or soft but has a nastiness and erotic charm to her actions and lines. She sells the innocent girl oh so very well in this movie and I see her being cast for many, many more similar roles after this film. As the action goes from lustful to down right heart melting the camera footage is just so well displayed. In films were the aspects of a girls kitty is overshadowed by another performers body or hair, these three ladies make it look sexy and fun. The positions are incredible and as all the action takes place on a kitchen island the viewer is just simply sucked into the world that Tanya Tate has created for us. It took me more than a few days to get past this scene for review, it is that freaking hot and one thing I know for sure, this scene has to be the mid season favorite for some trophies come awards season. The most intense aspect of this scene is watching Julia Ann make Sydney literally cream with pure ecstasy. As her body moves in this orgasmic rhythm, you see the volcano about to explode with her gyrations and moans of pleasure. Watching Sydney bask in Julia’s arms as Tanya does what she does best and releases one of the most incredible orgasms ever filmed is just too hot to describe with words. The positions play such a huge part in this scene as well. From amazing butt shots to face sitting, this is every person’s fantasy of a girl/girl threesome in the kitchen and just when you think, things can not get better, we are treated to Sydney returning the favor to Julia and my goodness, if there is anything Julia Ann fans can tell you, it is that she simply has a flair for the female orgasm. This is hands down the Explicit Choice for top scene in the film and in this writers opinion, it is also the best girl/girl scene of the year so far. No matter you niche or flavor there will be something you not only like but love in this scene.

Scene 4: Jaclyn Taylor, JoJo Kiss, Kylie Sinner


The triumphant end to this amazing flick brings one of my favorite performers to center stage, miss JoJo Kiss. She is simply an actress who knows the ropes so well for a performer who is still learning them in a lot of ways when it comes to performance. She understands what makes a scene sell. In all the films and scenes I have watched with JoJo Kiss I find that I am never disappointed. It is not just her amazing body or youthful appearance either. It is the way that she gets into a role and makes every character shine. Within this film, she plays the seductive daughter trying to lure her mother into a quick sexual encounter in order to show her how to please a woman after her and Kylie Sinner begin to learn the basics from Jaclyn Taylor about beauty, elegance and the things that a woman should always do. The acting is superb in this film. Kylie is a little bit of a miss when it comes to her “on screen presence” as things start and she seems a little out of place as the action begins as well. Jaclyn just knows how to play the MILF role so well. I think it would be a travesty if this lovely lady does not get a trophy for how well she always performs when cast in the MILF role. Jaclyn is always spot on with her lines, she sells the aspect of a reluctant mother so well, which I think is the key to selling this fantasy to fans. She simply links everything together with the other performers and she never misses in all the films I have seen with the lovely miss Taylor. JoJo Kiss will simply have your heart pounding throughout as she adds her unique twist to her dirty talk and sexy moaning. JoJo has innovated something unique with the way she performs, it simply goes beyond words and is something you must see and hear yourself in order to try and interpret. One thing is for sure though, she does everything right and her passion for a great scene, sex and quality shine big time in this scene. All three ladies have magnificent bodies and that is indeed a huge selling point for this closing chapter. The sex does not look forced and the camera positions are researched so well as to what the fans want to see. You know you are in for a treat when the action begins and you are simply drooling before JoJo and Kylie’s clothes have even come off. Jaclyn’s sexy attire is a character within itself as it always is and as her character becomes more and more a willing participant in the sex, the steam rising from beneath your shirt collar will increase ten fold, I guarantee. JoJo takes control so well, she does not dominate Jaclyn but she gives off this enticing allure that only the true women of our fantasies can do. This scene is the shortest of the bunch but indeed has a lot of bang for your buck. The only aspect I was not too thrilled with throughout the scene was Kylie’s lack of participation but it does not take away from the scene one bit. Miss Sinner still has these tantalizing curves that will make your eyes pop out of your head and her fellow performers guide her through enough of the scene to salvage the lust factor. I think the scene could have used a couple more angles and up close shots but regardless the action is great and the acting is beyond wonderful and the key ingredient in this amazing dish of a scene. Tanya Tate simply outdoes herself with every film. I can not say that enough. In this writers honest opinion, Tanya makes the best girl/girl films. Yes, it is indeed true I am a fan of miss Tate’s but it is not my admiration that gains her my respect. It is the fact that like the behind the scenes footage shows, she is always apart of the scene, she plans out the sex and dialogue as much as she does the theme of the scene with so much detail. Her work is damn near flawless because of her dedication. Tanya simply puts forth the effort to give fans what they want and still keeping her vision true to herself, making a production that she enjoys as much as the fans. You can be rest assured Explicit readers, that when you see more than three woman having true orgasms on film, that is a movie you simply must own. These are the films that truly shine in this industry and I guarantee that no matter if it is the behind the scene clips or the sexy strip teases, every aspect of this production will have you drooling just like Phoenix Marie after she came, in one of the hottest scenes shot this year. I guarantee more than a few nominations and awards for this film are in its future and if you have not seen this film yet Explicit fans, get off your ass and see it by any means possible.

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