June 2016 Lily Lane Interview


Don Juan DeMarko: Do you think that there is a bias in the industry as far as tattooed performers goes? Has it ever kept you from being booked by a certain company or director?

Lily Lane: I think that it does seem to play a huge part in bookings. Some companies I know don’t shoot girls with tattoos so that limits me to what companies I can shoot for. Most of the time , if it isn’t for Burning Angel, the times I’m booked are for special ” tattoo ” movies. Don’t get me wrong , not every time, but definitely most of the time.

Don Juan DeMarko: Do you think there is a certain role that most directors have told you that you would never be cast in but would love to be cast as, like say a MILF of Girl Next Door?

Lily Lane: Well realistically directors have certain roles that need to be cast and it would just be ridiculous if I was cast for the innocent school girl, or as a teen , or as my first time. It just totally makes no sense ! Rather leave that open for the performers that do fit that role! ”


Don Juan DeMarko: I know most people have a story behind their body art. Is there a favorite tattoo you have and if so, would you be willing to share the story behind it or its meaning.

Lily Lane: Honestly, my tattoos don’t really have meaning behind them. All are just designs I thought were neat! They are things that interest me . No crazy story behind them.

Don Juan DeMarko: Do you have a particular artist that you always use? Shameless plugs are more than welcome here. Lol. So if you want to give a particular artist a shot out and a marketing plug as a mention in our magazine, you could share that here.

Lily Lane: I started off with only one tattoo artist. I was super loyal to him ! I loved his work and he was a great friend so it was obvious he would be the only one doing my work. He was always crazy booked up in advance an then I realized I didn’t have Patience to wait for him to tattoo me so I ventured out and I found other artists that would later on tattoo me as well.


Don Juan DeMarko: Is there a certain tattooed performer you have not worked with and would love to shoot a scene with?

Lily Lane: Hmmm! They’re all lot of performers, both tattooed and not, that I’d love to work with! Kleio Valentien is definitely one of them!

Don Juan DeMarko: I would love to know what the world sees when they see you? As I have said, I have friends heavily tattooed that are indeed the sweetest of people but they are always looked at as anything but sweet when they are just the kindest souls. I would love to hear your take on what people see and also a line about what they should see when they see your beauty.

Lily Lane: People will always judge. Tattooed or not. Except I do think people with tattoos get judged a little harder! If someone didn’t want to take the time to get to know me because of my tattoos that’s great. That just shows me that that person isn’t someone I want in my life. If something that minor will stop someone from being their friend then there’s definitely no room in my life for someone so close minded and ignorant.


Don Juan DeMarko: I would love to hear about any type of great experience you have had while shooting with a company, perhaps a company most fans do not know of who cater to the tattooed look and do not let that be their final aspect when selecting a performer.

Lily Lane: Luckily I’ve had great experiences with all of the companies I have worked with so far !

Don Juan DeMarko: Do you see the industry becoming more tolerable of the tattooed performer in the future?

Lily Lane: Honestly? Who knows! You would think tattoos are so “in” now that the industry would be more accepting by now, but only the future? Lily Lane Honesty? Who knows! You would think tattoos are so “in” now that the industry would be more accepting by now but only the future will tell?


Don Juan DeMarko: Is there anyone that inspired your body art and if you are willing to share the story, I would love to hear about it no matter how big or small, basic or complex.”

Lily Lane: Nope. I said I would never get tattooed and obviously that changed. I just decided one day that maybe one tattoo would be awesome. And then that changes and I realized how much more I like my body with my art on it.”

Don Juan DeMarko: How old were you when you got your first tattoo and what was it?

Lily Lane: I got my first tattoo on my 18th birthday! It’s my tramp stamp! It’s supposed to be somewhat of a ” death bat ”

Don Juan DeMarko: Do you have a tattoos you regret getting? If so which one and why?

Lily Lane: Ummm…. Sometimes I regret the tattoo that’s on my left side of my chest. I should have waited and just got a full chest piece instead!


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