June 2016 Explicit Interview with Sarah Jessie

This month here at Explicit Inc. we wanted to show an appreciation for the tattooed starlets of the industry in a way few companies have. With the help of the amazing Dominic Ace we were able to grab an hour with one of the most sought after stars in the industry, the one and only Sarah Jessie. I myself had always heard so many amazing things about this lovely actress and just how sweet and kind she is. When I was approached with the task of showing the adult film world through the eyes of a inked actress, I could think of no one better to give the fans an insight that they just do not know but I feel they would love to discover. The thing I took away most from Sarah Jessie was just how down to Earth another soul in this world could be and that positivity along with charisma and passion are what fuels not just her acting career but her daily life. In this business far too often an interview goes unanswered for days, if not weeks on end, any writer in this industry can atone to that. The women of this industry simply have a demanding life. A life that simply never ends when it comes to furthering their careers and ensuring that the fans who are at the heart of this business are always kept a buzz with the next great scene and production. No matter if it was Dominic himself or the amazing Ivan Puba, every person I got to meet and speak with about Sarah Jessie could not go without saying just how much of a charismatic person she was. That she has such a great road ahead of her and that her dedication to her craft would indeed one day put her into a legendary status. So many marveled about how much they are rooting for her and that is truly a marvelous thing in this industry. I myself got to simply become swept up in that awe, for instance, Sarah was doing her make-up while we spoke about tattoos and the industry, showing a true dedication. As I was scrambling home in a down pouring rain and fumbled to get all my necessities set up for our interview, I found it such a thing of admiration that Sarah was able to be fully apart of such a great interview and perspective while she got ready to dazzle the senses of her fans and admirers alike and one thing I can say about Sarah, she indeed can dazzle those senses instantly because she has the cutest, most infectious laugh I may have ever heard and I could only imagine the way that fans and people of the industry alike would think the same upon meeting her . I can only hope that as time goes on and her star gets bigger and brighter, that others in the industry get to see what the keys to success in life are, for I found that and more than I thought, when I sat down to see the world through her eyes. After talking with Sarah Jessie, I must say she gave me some insight into this business that I never knew existed. She gave me some useful knowledge about how things are seen from a woman who I think every person she comes across must be truly changed after just speaking with her. For one thing is for sure, I know that I was after the dust had settled and I got one of the best interviews I have ever been apart of.

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DJ DeMarko: First off miss Jessie, thank you so much for granting Explicit Inc. this opportunity to sit down with you and discuss the topic of this month’s spotlight which is tattooed actors within this amazing industry.

Sarah Jessie: No problem, I am glad we were able to  get our schedules coordinated in order to talk.


DJ DeMarko: First off, I wanted to let you know that this story I am collaborating with you on is about the industry and it’s view of the tattooed performer. I myself have a few close friends in the industry and my first two questions are, is there any deep dark secret behind the meanings of your tattoos and second, how do you think the producers of the industry see the inked artist of today’s modern adult world? Do you think perhaps there is a kind of stereotype that exists for inked performers?

Sarah Jessie: All of my tattoos have a meaning behind them but I have so many, that it would simply take hours and hours to tell the meaning behind all of them and I simply wish I had that kind of time but yes, to answer your question there is meaning behind all of them. To answer your second question, um, yes there is a bit of a stereotype, because a lot of companies, they shoot the “young girl” look, no boobs, no tattoos, that is a look that is really in right now and I do not fit that role obviously and some companies try to cast me into the “MILF” roles but even then, I sometimes don’t get those roles because they say I don’t look like a MILF with all my tattoos. It’s hard to fit me into certain roles but I must say companies want to book me, it is not like they do not want to book me, because I am a good performer and I love what I do. I do a lot of inked movies and every company has their own “inked” girl movies, which is great because I have been in so many and that is just the way it is, everybody wants something different and that is just what the industry is.

Photo courtesy of The Puba Network


DJ DeMarko: Wow, that is amazing. Thank you so much for sharing that perspective. Do you think that directors don’t take into account a performers following and only see the ink that you so beautifully sport?

Sarah Jessie:  As far as that goes, they just assume they can’t book me because I have tattoos but my fans don’t see things the way they do, they just simply want to see me perform, they just want to see me work. Fans don’t think “oh she does not fit that role perfectly so she can’t be cast in it” and I think directors overthink that a lot. They don’t see sometimes that the fans are looking at my performance, not at my tattoos. Directors don’t look past that sometimes and that bothers me. It leads to directors casting people only because they fit that look and they don’t see that that person may not be a good performer and that they will make that scene or film the best it could be because of the fact they don’t have tattoos, so they simply book them anyway knowing they are not the best performer for that role, which does not make a lot of sense to me.

DJ DeMarko: I have to ask of coarse who is your favorite performer that is also tatted and is their a specific performer that you have not worked with that you are just dying to shoot with? Girl or guy.

Sarah Jessie: …..Hmmmmm,  This is a hard one, you are putting me on the spot here. (Followed by that most infectious laugh) I like everyone, it is so hard to choose just one. I don’t know, this is so hard because I have worked with everyone, well, not everyone but I think you know what I mean. I have seen and worked with some many, in many different types of films. Girl/Girl, orgies and other scenes, so this is really putting me on the spot. (Another infectious laugh.)

DJ DeMarko: Well this is a good thing, I do believe that this gives you the opportunity to go through all those amazing memories in your mind a re-live all of the adventures and success you have had in this amazing industry.

Sarah Jessie: I know, it is amazing when you stop and think about it. You are truly putting me on the spot here Don. I guess there are people that I would love to work with again. As far as girls go, I love working with Jessica Drake, she is such a sweetheart and she is so hot! Jessica is always real, always cool, she is one of those people when you meet her and say perhaps you have not seen her in a year, is still the as sweet as the first day you met her. I really like that about her. I myself hate fake people and she is one of the realest people in the industry. As far as other favorites in the industry I just can’t choose, maybe I will just go with option C and say all! (Cute infectious laugh) I love them all!

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DJ DeMarko: Do you have anything on the horizon that us fans simply can not miss, that will be must watch cinema, can’t miss films or a do or die for feature dancing. I think your fans would love to see what is ahead for Sarah Jessie no matter how far into the future that we delve.

Sarah Jessie: I am going to shooting a lot of upcoming content for my website, which is www.OfficialSarahJessie.com I also just got a gig as a spokes model for Social18.com the uncensored social media site which I think is just the coolest. I will be at Adult Con in their booth promoting, greeting fans and so much more. I will be at AVN with them as well as well as heading to Germany in a bit to continue growth for this amazing company that is not just about social interaction but also something people in the industry can make money with. I have a few shoots lined up in the future with a handful of companies. As far as conventions go, I will be heading to Exxxotica Chicago in July, the weekend of July 8th I believe to be featured and hanging out and meeting fans in the Inked Angels booth. Which is something that is an honor to be doing because Inked Angels gave me the award for Feature of the Year and every person with that company is truly amazing.

……..and with that, we concluded our interview. So much of this woman’s personality amazed me from the get go. After our interview, we talked about being on the same page and it was truly amazing how this beautiful woman seemed to read my mind and tell me answers to questions that I was just about to ask before I could ask them. I did indeed inform her that I thought she has ESP. On a very serious note, what earned her my respect was our conversation about no sleep and how much dedication it takes to reach the top in this business. We talked about sleeping till noon after spending a day and a half working on our careers to continue to enjoy what we love to do for a living. Sarah Jessie is indeed a living, breathing inspiration in this industry because she loves what she does. I could see in her heart that she loved this business so much, that she gives her all in every little way to not just make herself shine but also those she works with. Sarah Jessie proved to me that if you do what you love for a living, you never truly work a day in your life.

Sarah Jessie’s Links and content can be found at:

Her Official Site: www.OfficialSarahJessie.com

Her Twitter Handle: @sarahjessiexxx

Her Instagram: @sarahjessie420

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